Why Is Firestick Running Slow? Improve Firestick Performance

In this complete guide, You will learn how to improve Firestick performance and make it so quick that it doesn’t freeze while surfing or watching your favorite content online.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is the best and popular streaming device available to stream your favorite content like movies and TV shows, live channels including sports for sports lovers, and many other things to watch.

Since Amazon Fire Stick has only 1 GB of RAM, it is evident that you will feel the lag while accessing the Fire TV apps and installed applications. However, these apps will run very slow on the Amazon Fire TV devices as the device can not process that data at once due to the less random access memory in the machine.

So, it is necessary to boost your Fire TV Stick and find out how to solve the issue and improve the performance of the Fire TV Sticks.

I experienced this issue in my Fire Stick when I watched my favorite show, and I decided to open another app from the device. Then, as soon as I pressed the button to open the application, it was buffering and slowed down the process. It was lagging in short, and it took an adequate amount of time to reload, and it was not a good feeling at all.

So, It got me thinking that My Firestick is very slow, and I need to change it. But when I looked at the issue online, it was not a big problem and could be solved by the perfect guidance.

In this guide, you will have the perfect guidance to solve your issue rapidly. I have shared various methods and solutions to try on your Amazon Fire TV Stick to speed up your Amazon Fire TV device.

By following the mentioned methods, you will be able to solve the issue of freezing apps and the slow process of your Firesticks. So, I urge you to read the full article and each method until the end to find out different ways, and you can try another technique If the one mentioned here is not working for you.

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3 Reasons why your Firestick is freezing

Let’s look into the fundamental reason why we are experiencing the slow speed of Firestick. It is imperative to find out why we are having these issues to be easy for you to understand its solution and apply it to your devices.

Now, let’s see those reasons and try to understand them.


It is the most common issue and reason to get your Firestick stuck at any time because overheating directly indicates the overuse of any product. When you use them over and over continuously, they will get stuck at any moment during the running operations.

You may have the issue of lagging or slow loading of the apps and other tasks that you perform, and all these issues could happen due to the overheating in your streaming devices. Unfortunately, the overheated device is not suitable for any function. It will soon break down, so take care of your devices and give them appropriate rest to cool down.

You may be wondering why these issues are happening due to overheating. Let me explain it. When streaming devices or amazon devices overheat, it affects its processor, and when a processor is affected by the heat, it slows down the performance. Hence you will not get the perfect performance output from your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

High Numbers Of Bloatware Installed

When you buy a brand new gadget or intelligent device, you will notice that it comes with per-installed applications on the device, and these apps will occupy the storage on your device.

Likewise, when you purchase an Amazon Fire TV Stick, it will come with bloatware installed on the device, and sometimes users also install too many apps on the device that could result in freezing the apps and even slowing it down.

So, try to avoid installing too many apps and let your RAM work efficiently on your Amazon Fire Stick device. And you can also uninstall Fire TV Apps and uninstall unused apps. The results could be of buffering and slow-running applications.

Apps Running In Background

When you open an app on your device, the previous app will not be closed permanently if you open another app on the same machine. Instead, it will be running in the background of the processor or your device.

And other specific apps run in backgrounds like the ExpressVPN and Mouse Toggle apps. These apps will automatically run in the background when you minimize them and open other apps to run.

The main issue related to the background running applications is that they consume less RAM to be active in the environment. So when you have more apps running in the background, your RAM will be more occupied, and you will have less RAM to run the applications you need the most at the current time.

So, the advice is to close the apps permanently on the device or disable the apps you don’t use often. This will help your everyday tasks and programs to run efficiently.

How To Improve Firestick Performance

After reading the above section, now you probably know the reasons why this issue of slowing down and lagging is happening in your Firestick. So, now we will look into a more detailed part of the issue and dig out the existing solutions and working methods to solve this issue.

In this section, we will look into some of the best methods to solve the issue that includes,

  • Disable Unused Apps
  • Clear Data
  • Free the RAM
  • Disable Unwanted Firestick Features

Now, let’s move forward and discuss all the methods in detail.

Use Authentic Power Adapter Or USB

when it comes to electronic gadgets. Using original products will save you from many crises. Let me explain in detail.

First, to boost the performance of your Fire TV Stick, you will be required to use the original products and accessories to get the most out of your devices. And here, in this case, you should use only the original USB cable or power adapter that comes along with the box when you purchase it.

Because these cables and adapters can provide your Firestick the exact amount of power that it requires to run without interruption so, avoid using fake or cheap lines for your Firestick. And also, avoid using a USB port on your smart TV as it won’t provide sufficient power to the device.

That is why I’m mentioning to use only the original cables that Amazon gives you along with your box of the device.

And If you don’t have the original accessories, you can buy them immediately from the trusted seller online or offline. Amazon also sells its authentic products and cables you can consider buying from Amazon also.

Use Ethernet Adapter

You are maybe wondering that how using an ethernet adapter will solve the issue of slow Firestick? Did you know that a Firestick needs a solid signal to launch the application you want to use or stream your desired content online?

A Wi-Fi connection is an essential aspect when you want to stream your favorite shows. And if you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, there are high chances of you getting the slow app opening and buffering while accessing the apps.

So, If you are getting a low signal, there could be several other reasons for that, including some barrier between your TV and Wi-Fi router. For example, if you have your router outside your room from where you want to stream the content, it could also cause severe problems running the applications and processing the data.

Suppose you are experiencing these obstacles while accessing the app on the streaming device. In that case, you should use an Ethernet adapter immediately because a wired internet connection is way better than a Wi-Fi connection.

So, You can use an Ethernet adapter in your system, and you won’t require to use any Wi-Fi connection. Instead, you will get better and faster speed if the internet, and you will never have the issue of slowing down and buffering the application mid-way through the movies or TV shows.

And if you don’t know which Ethernet adapter is perfect for you and which one to buy, you should look into the links below and decide on your best Ethernet adapter for a seamless internet experience.

Restart Firestick

After using every possible original accessory, including power adapter and USB cables, and even after using an Ethernet adapter instead of a Wi-Fi connection, you are still experiencing the glitch and buffering while streaming your favorite content on Fire TV Stick. I recommend you restart your FireStick instantly.

As discussed earlier, If you use your Fire TV Sticks plugged all the time, It will get overheated. And when a device gets overheated, it will lag in all its functionality. So, when it happens, you should restart your Firestick instantly from the Settings. And If you are using the latest Firestick 4K or 3rd gen, the power button will do the work.

And the moment you restart your device, you will have a more focused firestick from now on. Because it removed all the temp files and cache files from the device, which makes it very fast, and you will probably not have any issues from now on.

It also fixes some bugs and kills the background running application on the device, making it even faster than the previous version.

If you want to look further in detail, You can read this fantastic article on quickly restarting your Firestick.

Clear Data From The Apps You Don’t Use

Unused apps are the biggest reason for the lagging nature of the Firestick.

So, it is imperative to understand that the bloatware will use the minimal space left on the device, and it will cost you your patience because the Firestick will lag and start to buffer due to the unused apps installed on your device.

And there are many apps available on your Firestick that you don’t even use, but you still don’t remove it from your device, and these apps will cover most of the storage of your device, and when you don’t have storage left in your system, it will lag in the operation you try to run.

Those operations will not run smoothly as you wanted them to run, like seamlessly without interruption of any lagging and buffering during the showtime of your favorite series online.

So, removing the unused apps from your system or device will help you make more space available in the system for other tasks. And when you don’t have any apps running in the background, it will also help you have a faster operation of the function you desire to run.

And when you delete all these data and app usage data, be careful because you may accidentally remove all the necessary files and downloads that could be important for you. Because this action is quite similar to the one when we reset Firestick, and all the data will be gone.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps

Some of the apps may collect app usage data, which is not essential to you, so you can even delete these app usage data.

This method is very similar to the one discussed above, about clearing the data, but that method will only delete files and settings you have saved in a particular app. But the app will be there and also use some part of your RAM continuously.

And when you have installed it in your device, that means it will even use your storage part as well. So, to get a solid solution to this issue, you might get rid of that apps ASAP.

And this action of yours will save your device from lagging and save RAM and storage space on the device.

So, let’s look into the steps of uninstalling an application from the device.

  • Open Settings, In your Firestick.
  • And select Application from the list.
  • Then, you will have two more options visible on your screen, so click on Manage Installed Apps.
  • Now, it will show you the whole list of the installed application on your device, and now you can select any of them and uninstall it.
  • After selecting the app you want to uninstall, you will have many other options to perform various other tasks but here, choose Uninstall.
  • It will warn you by showing an alert message, ignoring it, and clicking on Uninstall.

It is straightforward to uninstall any apps you want and the apps you are not using quite often. You better be cautious because one wrong move and all your saved data will be gone forever. So, it was highly recommended you take the latest backup of your data and files.

Factory Reset Firestick

If you are reading this section of the guide, it means you are still searching for the best solution for your issue. And there is the last method available for you to try to solve the issue of lagging and buffering.

The last method is to perform a factory reset of your Firestick to default. When you have a struggling Fire TV Stick that is not performing well, and you have also done the data monitoring in your system but do not find any solution, you better use this method to solve every problem you face.

This method will help solve lagging, buffering, less storage due to temp files, and device usage data using guest connections. You will fix the Fire TV’s performance for sure.

But first, you need to understand one thing: this method will delete all your permanent files from your device, including your downloads, saved settings, and other stuff. So, take a backup first and move forward.

Check out: How to reset Firestick in less than 3 minutes.

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to perform a factory reset.

  • So, open settings from your device’s menu.
  • Then, open My Fire TV from the list.
  • Now, scroll down in the list and select Reset To Factory Defaults.
  • Then, a warning message will show up on your screen, and you can ignore it and click on Reset again.
  • And then app notifications will appear saying your Firestick 4K is resetting to factory defaults.

So, you better leave your system there for quite some time to process, and during this process, it will restart several times, so do not think that you have done something other than the factory reset.

And when the process is done, you will see your Firestick with brand new system operations like a newly purchased.


Why does my Firestick lag so much?

There could be many reasons behind the lagging of a Firestick, including overheating, too many apps on the system, and some of that app runs in the background for long hours. And these types of issues may cause serious problems in your Firestick, one being the lagging in the system while accessing any apps or hovering over one app to another. So, solve these issues by the methods attached in this article. They are 100% tested and working fine.

How can I improve the speed of my Firestick?

If you really want to speed up the process of Firestick, you better solve your minor issues related to Firestick and the internal process. First, you need to clear the temp files and cache data, which can take more space in your small storage, and when you have less storage left, you will not be able to use more apps on the system. And then, you can uninstall the apps you don’t use frequently, and they are sitting there from the beginning. So, these minor effects will surely help you increase the speed of your Firestick.


In this article, I have tried every possible solution to solve your current slow performance issue in the Firestick. And for that, I have mentioned why they happen in your system and solved them, and I have also mentioned working methods for you to use them on your system.

After trying every possible method mentioned here, you still get the required solution to solve your current issue. There is only one solution left, which is to reset your Firestick to factory defaults.

Performing factory reset will surely help you solve your problem. Before performing that on your Firestick, you better get all your important data and downloads saved somewhere else so that you won’t lose them after the reset.

And If your issue is related to Wi-Fi, you can use an Ethernet adapter to get a speedy connection and solve your issue rapidly.

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