What Is Kodi URL Resolver | How To Install & Update?

In this guide, I have shared my understanding of what is Kodi URL resolver, and how to install and update URL resolver because many Kodi users don’t know about the URL resolver, I will share helpful information to help you make your entertainment even better.

If you have been searching for the answer for a while and have been facing disappointment only, don’t worry anymore. I have shared a fantastic piece of information to help you better understand the URL resolver.

And do not forget to read the full article until the end because I have explained some other things like how to install and update URL resolver so that it will be beneficial to you along with the main question.

The below-mentioned installation guide will work on any device, including Firestick 4K, Andriod, Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux, etc.

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So, stick with the article until the end to get all the information about the URL resolver and how it works because if you skip any of the parts from this article, you will not understand other elements in the report.

Let’s start with the fundamental question first.

What Is Kodi URL Resolver?

Like the other tools available for Kodi, URL resolver is yet another fantastic tool that will keep running in the background of Kodi when it processes, and it will scrap the links for you from different sources. Isn’t it amazing?

When you request to stream your favorite show, it will convert the scraped links into media files and stream your requested content like Movies, TV shows, Music, etc.

And the best thing about the URL resolvers is that they will scrap the links very fast and improve the user experience to enjoy watching your favorite shows.

In simple words, URL resolver works like Google or any other search engine available in the online market. When a user searches the terms in the search engine, it shows the different results from which user picks what suits best to them.

Just like that, When a user clicks on the movie or any other TV show, a URL resolver will start its work by scrapping the links for that particular content from different sources and will present it to the user.

However, this fantastic tool came up with the best Kodi addons like Exodus Redux and many other Kodi add ons out there.

One interesting thing is that when you click on any movies or shows from these Kodi add ons, you will see the same streaming links and URLs on all those different Kodi add ons and TV add ons.

And it happens because many Kodi add ons use the same URL resolver as their tool to scrap the streaming links from different sources for the users.

How To Install Kodi URL Resolver

Now, let’s see how to install URL resolver, but first, let make this clear that If you are using any third-party Kodi add ons that have the URL resolver work for them in the background, for example, Exodus Redux, Covenant, and many others, in that case, you don’t need to install the URL resolver, because you already have one.

And when you are having those addons installed in the Kodi, but still you are facing some issues and having problems scraping the links from the different sources, the reason for that could be the script is not installed correctly.

So, in this section, I will share important information about how you can install URL resolvers very easily on your system and can start enjoying your desired content.

The installation process is straightforward. It will be even more accessible for the old Kodi users as they have been using it for quite some time now. But don’t worry If you are new to Kodi and don’t know much about the installation process.

As I will attach screenshots at each step so that you can take them as a reference and can follow it to repeat them on your system.

And before we start our process of installation, we will be required to allow the system to accept the unknown sources that will enable us to install further add ons and URL resolvers.

We have to enable the unknown sources because Kodi does not allow its users to download third-party add-ons. However, with the help of the anonymous sources turned on, we can easily download third-party addons on Kodi.

Let’s see the process of enabling unknown sources.

  • Open Kodi, and press the gear icon or settings in the Home Screen.
  • Now system settings will show up on the right side, the bottom of the screen. Click on it.
  • Then, click on the Basic, and turn on the toggle to Advanced from the menu’s left side.
  • Now, hover over to the Addons and click on the Unknown sources to turn it on.
  • Then, a warning message will appear to give you the insight. Just ignore it and press OK.

Now, you have successfully enabled the Unknown sources in your system so that you can download third-party addons on Kodi very easily.

Now, let’s move ahead with the installation process, where you will get some great tips to install URL resolver In Kodi.

And if you don’t get any part of the process, feel free to view the screenshots attached with the steps/process from which you will be able to understand the process quickly.

Let’s start the process of installation of the URL resolver.

Open Kodi on your device and open Settings near the Power button.

Now, from the menu, open File Manager.

Then, from the list, click on the Add sources.

So, a small box will appear, click on None and type http://fusion.tvaddons.co/ and select Ok. Now, give this source a name. In my case, I am typing URL Resolver. You can give it the name you like. And then select Ok.

After adding the source and giving it a name, select OK, and the name will appear on the File Manager.

Now, head back to Settings of the Kodi and open Add-ons.

And scroll down the list and press Install from zip file.

A pop-up window will show up on your screen with lots of different sources, so select the name you typed in the previous step. ( in my case its URL resolver )

After selecting the URL resolver, three folders will appear, and choose Kodi-scripts.

Then, you will see other three files from which you need to select script.module.urlresolver-x.x.x.x.zip (x.x.x.x is the version).

After adding the addon, you need to wait for the process to be done, and when it’s done, you will receive a notification on the screen stating Add-on URL resolver installed.

So, now you are done with the process, and you can start using that add-on to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. And this addon will be added automatically to the list of your other add-ons, so all you need to do is open any addon and start watching your desired content.

How To Update URL Resolver

Sometimes you need to update the software and addons to continue to get sound work output without any disturbance. But when an addon stops working or you get too many errors while accessing it, it’s time to update it.

While using the tool, if you are not getting any scrapped links or streaming files from the script tool, you will need to update it to the latest version.

And the reason behind the old version getting too many errors is that your old version may get old coding and needs to be fixed, so the developer delivers the new performance, which will be updated to the latest items and has been designed to do tasks per your requirements.

But, when you are using Kodi, the updating process is an automatic one, but there could be a high chance of fixing the update manually due to some bugs issues. And that’s the reason you will not get any notification for updates.

Or, by mistake, you may have disabled the auto-update feature in the settings; this could be the second reason. But, like these, there are many other reasons available.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to update URL resolver manually,

  • Launch Kodi and open Settings.
  • Then, click on System Settings located at the bottom.
  • From the menu’s left side, choose Advanced or Experts and then open Addons.
  • From the menu’s right side, click on Manage Dependencies.
  • As you open manage dependencies, there will be different scripts available in the list, find and open the URL resolver from that list.
  • An update button will be located at the bottom of the list, so click on that button.
  • After clicking the update button, you will see some of the versions of the tool, so click on the first one that is on the top of the list.

And when you click on update, it will start downloading the update from the server. After a while, you will get a notification stating, Add-on URL resolver was successfully updated.

Now, after making an update to the add-on, you will not face any of the issues related to the URL resolver because updating URL resolver was all you needed.

However, enabling the auto-update feature in the Kodi or particular addons will save your time. Hence, you are not required to update each addon manually, which sometimes becomes tedious.

If you want to enable that option, launch URL resolver from dependencies and click on the update option; you can select the Auto-update option.

And once it’s enabled, you don’t need to re-enable it again ever in the future.


Can I enable Auto-update in URL resolver?

An auto-update feature is the best way o be up to date when updating URL resolver add-on. And you can turn on this feature on your add-on when you need it. To allow an auto-update, follow the steps. First, when you select manage dependencies, you need to click on the Auto-update button near update option. And when you enable that option, you will no longer need to update any future updates manually, and it will be updated automatically.

Why is URL resolver a must-have add-on?

When you want to watch your desired content on Kodi from your favorite add ons, the URL resolver tool/addon will help you achieve that because when you select any of your favorite movies or TV shows in an add-on, the URL resolver tool will start scraping the links from different sources for you, and it will present you with your asked query of content. Like this, URL resolver can be very helpful to your watching experience on Kodi. Hence it becomes imperative to have this tool on your side. And if you don’t know how to install it on Kodi, read this article until the very end,


The best media player Kodi has many add ons to add to it and the Kodi users can take full benefit of those add-ons by watching their favorite content on it. And if you are facing any difficulties watching your favorite movies and TV shows, If you are not getting the correct links of that content, install URL resolver on Kodi.

URL resolver will surely help you stream your favorite streaming file on the big screen, and you and your famous people can enjoy that together.

I have explained the URL resolver and how to install it on Kodi. And with all the necessary screenshots of the steps and installation process on Kodi that might help you while installing on your system.

In the end, I would advise you to go through the whole article slowly and read all the information on the article and the site because you will find fantastic blogs about the problems you are facing while accessing your Amazon Firestick.


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