40 Best Sites to Watch TV Shows Free In 2023

In the old days, if you wanted to watch TV shows online, you had to rely on cable networks. But times have changed!

Nowadays, people who want to save money and enjoy their favorite shows can do it online. Whether it’s reality TV, movies, or regular TV series, you can get all of it online from the comfort of your home. You don’t need any fancy TV networks anymore.

They’re all competing to bring you the shows and movies you love on your screen.

Some of these services come in apps you can install on your phone or TV, while others are websites you can visit.

Determining the Legitimacy of Online Streaming Websites

We have a list of websites where you can watch series online. Some of them are legal and safe, like Tubi TV and Pluto TV. But there are others on the list that we need clarification on.

These not-so-sure websites get their movies and shows from unknown places on the Internet. Sadly, we don’t have the fancy tools to check if those places are trustworthy.

To ensure you don’t run into any problems with the law, it’s best to stick to stuff free for everyone to watch.

Your Internet service provider and government are monitoring all your online activities!

Streaming copyrighted content may create some legal troubles for you!

Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

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Exploring the Criteria for Creating Our List

We made this list by looking at lots of things. We checked how many TV shows they have, how good the video looks, and how easy it is to use the website.

So, let’s dive in and see what’s on this list!

1. Tubi: Watch Series Online

Tubi is an excellent place to watch TV shows online for free, and it’s legal. They’ve got a bunch of videos for you to enjoy.

But if you do sign up, you get some neat perks. You can list your favorite shows, and if you start watching something on one device, you can finish it on another.

Tubi works on many devices like Android, iOS, and even FireStick, so you can watch online on whatever gadget you like. So, it’s easy and convenient!


2. FMovies: Watch Movies Online

Let’s kick things off with FMovies, one of the old-timers in online streaming sites. If you’re a fan of cutting the cord and love watching TV series without paying a dime, you’ve probably heard of FMovies. They’ve got a massive collection of free TV shows, and they’ve got movies, too.

FMovies is excellent at keeping things up to date. They keep adding the latest episodes regularly. When you visit FMovies, you’ll see a menu on the top-right side.

This lets you explore content by genre, country, year, rating, or quality.

And don’t worry, the ads here are not too annoying, so your movie-streaming website experience should be enjoyable. Happy watching!


3. Amazon Prime: Stream Tv Shows

Amazon Prime is a fantastic place to watch TV shows online without annoying ads.

You’re in for a treat with their Prime Original series like Homecoming and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, among others. These shows are unique to Amazon Prime, and people like them.

But that’s not all! Amazon Prime also has a massive collection of high-definition movies for you to enjoy.


4. YouTube

If you’re checking out this article, you’re already familiar with YouTube.

Here’s the thing, though. YouTube doesn’t organize its TV channels like other services do. You won’t find neat categories or menus.

You need to know the name of the TV show you want to watch. But here’s the good part – YouTube offers some of the best streaming quality, speed, and reliability. So, it’s worth a try if you know what you’re looking for. Enjoy your shows!


5. Noxx

Now, let’s talk about Noxx. It’s a place where you can watch TV shows online for free, and they come in super clear HD quality. Unlike some other streaming sites, Noxx focuses just on TV shows, so it’s a perfect spot for folks who love their television.

One thing you’ll notice about Noxx is its sleek and stylish design. It’s got a dark mode that looks nice.

Sure, there are some popup ads, but they’re less annoying than on some other sites. Noxx is new, so it has yet to have the most extensive collection of TV shows online, but they’re always adding more.


6. Yesmovies: Stream Movies

Let’s talk about Yesmovies now. It’s a great place to catch up on your favorite TV series, whether from the past or the latest episodes worldwide.

Yesmovies has a special section just for series lovers. You can pick the series category and look for the TV show you want to watch. It’s super simple.

The website is designed to be easy to use. They show little pictures (thumbnails) of the shows, so it’s easy to pick what you want.


7. Yidio: Watch TV Shows Online

Let’s talk about Yidio, which is another website you might recognize. Yidio is all about helping you discover different TV shows and TV series.

When you visit Yidio, you’ll see little pictures (thumbnails) and info from IMDb about these shows. Then, if you want to watch them, Yidio sends you to other streaming sites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or iTunes.

But here’s the cool part – Yidio also has a whole section where you can find exciting TV series for free.

Now, here’s the not-so-great part. The free stuff on Yidio might only sometimes be super accurate or updated.


8. Seez: Watch Free TV Shows

Let’s talk about Seez, a streaming service quite popular for watching TV shows and movies for free.

When you go to Seez, you’ll see a menu with different sections like Explore, Movies, TV Shows, and Collections.

The best part? There are no annoying popup ads when you click links or empty spaces, like on other streaming sites.

So, if you want a hassle-free way to enjoy your shows and movies, Seez is what you’re looking for.


9. 1HD: Watch Latest Movies

Let’s talk about 1HD.to, a new streaming website where you can watch TV shows episodes for free.

1HD.to only bothers you with questions like your name, email, or phone number.

When you visit this site, it looks like a fancy streaming platforms, like Netflix or Amazon. It’s got a sleek and easy-to-use design.

Choosing seasons and episodes of TV series is a breeze. It’s just a three-click process to start watching your favorite shows. I found the filter option helpful, which makes it easy to find the Movie you want.


10. Popcornflix: Watch TV Series Online

Let’s talk about Popcornflix, a treasure trove of TV shows that are often tough to find. These TV series used to air on cable TV, and you can even watch some classic ones from the 90s.

And here’s a bonus: Besides using Popcornflix to watch TV series online, you can dive into a massive collection of movies.

Once you make a free account, you can keep watching on your smartphone or tablet using their Android and iOS apps. So, it’s like having entertainment in your pocket! Enjoy your shows and movies!


11. Smashystream

Smashystream is your one-stop destination for TV series and movies. You’ll find popular hits, cult classics, and hidden gems, all regularly updated.

No more waiting for new episodes! The site is user-friendly, with minimal ads, ensuring a smooth experience. The main menu has three sections: menu, personal, and general, offering easy access to explore, search, check your bookmarks and watch history, set up your profile, and log in.

Dive into each show’s page for details on the cast, reviews, and seasons. Smashystream is the place for free TV shows and movies, offering a well-organized and convenient way to enjoy your favorites. Start streaming today!


12. BMovies

If you’ve been searching high and low for your favorite TV shows and haven’t had any luck, why not give BMovies a shot? BMovies is a hidden gem with a massive collection of TV shows.

Here’s the cool part – you don’t even have to register if you don’t want to. Plus, BMovies offers Bollywood, Hollywood, and top IMDB HD movies from different countries in stunning HD quality.

It’s a breeze and your new go-to for TV and movies. Give it a try!


13. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a bit different from your other choices for watching TV series online. It’s like old-school cable TV, but it comes through the Internet instead of the airwaves.

Like regular TV, you can flip through many different channels, more than 200 of them! Some of these channels are all about TV shows.

Here’s the twist: Pluto TV has a mix of shows that are playing live right now and shows you can watch whenever you want.

So, you can only sometimes pick precisely what you want to watch, like with other services. But they do have a Pluto TV Guide that lets you plan when to watch your favorite shows when they’re on live.


14. Primewire: Streaming Movies

Imagine if a streaming site looked like it was made in the early 2000s, like those old MP3 music free sites. This website is a goldmine for various categories of free movies and TV shows.

For all you anime fans out there, Primewire has got you covered. You’ll find many popular anime series to watch, even some that aren’t so famous.

There are different sections to explore, like genres (other types of shows and movies), the newest things that got added, and what’s the most popular.


15. FlixTor

Hey, we’re just beginning to talk about streaming services like FlixTor. FlixTor does something pretty cool—it’s like a robot that checks out popular streaming sites every hour to find the best shows and movies for you.

That means it looks for videos all by itself. You can filter them by the year they came out, how good people say they are (ratings), and what language they’re in.

FlixTor has different sections for TV shows, TV episodes, and movies, so you can find what you’re in the mood for. And if you want to be a VIP (a significant person), you can do even more stuff.


16. Peacock

Are you surprised to see Peacock on this list of free streaming sites? You’re not alone! This streaming service offers a whopping 40,000+ hours of content to watch without opening your wallet.

But there’s a catch: To use Peacock for free, you’ve got to be in the United States or use a VPN. Then, you’re good to go—watch TV shows online without spending a dime!


17. FlixHQ

FlixHQ is like a treasure chest of free movies and TV shows. It’s an excellent place to watch TV shows online without paying a dime. They have all kinds of TV shows, like action, comedy, drama, and more, so there’s something for everyone.

When you go to the FlixHQ website, it looks modern and fancy. You’ll see a prominent search bar at the top, so you can type in the name of the TV show you want to watch and find it quickly.

But if you need more clarification on what you want to watch, don’t worry! They also have different sections and categories to help you explore and discover new shows.

The best part is that FlixHQ is free, and they sometimes annoy you with lots of ads that pop up. You don’t even have to make an account to start watching. But if you do, it can make things even easier for you.


18. Soap2day.casa

Soap2day.casa is another website where you can watch TV shows online for free, and the best part is you don’t need to sign up or register. It’s pretty straightforward to use.

Here’s how it works: When you find a TV series episodes you want to watch, click on its thumbnail (the small picture), and a new window will appear.

In that window, you’ll see a button that says “Player.” Click on that button. Once you do, it will show you all the links to the episodes of that TV series.

First, it has many annoying pop-up ads that can be a hassle.


19. The Internet Archives

The Internet Archives is like a vast online library where you can find almost anything that has ever been on the Internet.

Inside this digital library are loads of shows and movies from different times. You can discover feature films, classic anime, old TV shows, and even stuff in the public domain (which means it’s free for everyone to use).

One cool thing about this place is that you can download TV shows to watch later when you’re not connected to the Internet. The type of downloads you can get depends on what the person who put the stuff there offers.

They have different formats like OGG or H.264, which is a fancy way of saying different ways to save the shows on your device.


20. SFlix

SFlix is the hottest free streaming site for movies and TV shows. The best part? No annoying ads! It offers high-quality, safe, and private links without any cost.

While creating an account isn’t mandatory, it comes with perks like a personalized watchlist and a watch history to keep track of your viewing. So, dive into SFlix and start enjoying free, ad-free entertainment today!


21. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a fantastic place to watch TV shows online for free, and guess what? No annoying ads or pop-ups to ruin your fun! You don’t even have to sign up.

MoviesJoy stands out because of its impressive collection of TV shows in super clear HD quality. You can filter TV shows by rate, release year, genre, and country.

The best part? They’re constantly updating their library. So whether you’re into the latest episodes or classic favorites, you’ll find them all here without fuss. It’s a binge-watcher’s dream come true!


22. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a paradise for anime enthusiasts. With a vast library of over 25,000 episodes from popular shows like Demon Slayer, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia, it offers endless hours of entertainment.

Its user-friendly interface and organized genre listings ensure a seamless browsing experience; high-speed streaming means minimal waiting.

What sets Crunchyroll apart is its accessibility. You can enjoy free streaming content with ads in 480p quality or opt for a 14-day ad-free trial.

However, for dedicated anime fans, a subscription is a must.


23. LookMovie

The Movie might sound like it’s all about movies, but surprise! It’s all free! LookMovie keeps its content super fresh, updating it daily. So, you can catch the latest TV show episodes shortly after they air, making it a top pick for online TV streaming.

When you dive into LookMovie, you’ll find TV shows in all sorts of categories like action, adventure, crime, comedy, horror, mystery, and drama – to name a few. They have a nifty filter tool that makes finding what you want a breeze.


24. 123Movies.Buzz

There’s a fresh and working 123movies proxy site where you can watch TV shows online for free! Here’s the deal, though: it’s a bit simple – it doesn’t have those fancy search filters like some other streaming sites. All you get is a trusty search bar. The good news?

What’s cool about 123 Movies Buzz is that it has a massive collection of TV series. So, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for.

And here’s the icing on the cake – when you hover your mouse over a show, it gives you all the info you need right there.


25. M4uFree

If you’re searching for free TV shows and movies, look no further than M4ufree. It’s your one-stop shop for entertainment.

Here, you’ve got options galore! You can search for TV series using criteria like browsing, genre, year, language, and even how you want to sort them.

So you can easily find what tickles your fancy. Their search feature is like a magic wand that helps you find any series you desire.


26. NetFilm

Netflix is a treasure trove of TV shows and movies with a library of streaming links. While we can’t confirm the exact number, one thing’s for sure – there’s a whole bunch of stuff to watch here.

But here’s the twist: NetFilm only keeps some of that content on its servers. Instead, it gathers links from other streaming sites that aren’t connected to it.

Now, when it comes to looks, NetFilm is a beauty! Its design is super fancy and user-friendly. It’s like a breeze to navigate through.

Everything’s neatly organized so that you won’t get lost in clutter. So, if you’re looking for a smooth and stylish place to watch shows and movies, NetFilm might be your ticket!


27. 5Movies

If you’re still scratching your head, wondering where to find a free series to watch, let me introduce you to 5Movies. It’s like a hidden gem for streaming.

Like WatchMovieStream, 5Movies might ask for human verification, but trust me, it’s worth it. This platform is like an all-you-can-watch buffet. Do you want movies? They got them. TV shows? Check. Dramas? Yep. Anime? You bet!

And they’ve got all these cool filters, too. Want to find stuff from a specific year, country, or genre? No problem, they’ve got you covered. Plus, they make it easy to find the latest and most excellent releases with just a click.

And don’t worry, there’s a search bar at the top, just like other TV series streaming sites. Plus, when it comes to streaming servers, they’ve got plenty of options to make sure you have a smooth viewing experience.


28. EuroPix Movies

EuroPix Movies has quietly built a decent following since its launch a few years back. You can watch all of them for free! And, true to their name, you can enjoy them in high-definition quality.

It helps you sort through the content based on when it was released, its IMDB rating, or the genre it falls under.

So, whether you’re into comedy, action, drama, sci-fi, or romance, you’ll find something that tickles your fancy here.


29. Putlocker

If you’re on the hunt for a spot to watch free TV shows without the hassle of making an account, Putlocker is a solid choice. It’s all about convenience and good quality.

What’s remarkable is that it has fewer annoying popups than some other streaming sites, so your viewing experience stays smooth.

So, if you run into issues like broken links or if it’s blocked in your country, you have three or more backup options to keep watching your favorite TV shows online.

It’s worth mentioning that while Putlocker has a good selection of TV shows, it’s less vast than some other streaming sites like YesMovies or Fmovies.


30. StreamLord

StreamLord is a fantastic place to catch the latest movies and TV shows for free. They’ve got high-quality streams that are super easy to access. However, unlike other streaming sites, they don’t sort movies into categories like genres or years.

What sets StreamLord apart is the lack of annoying ads. When we checked it out, we didn’t see any ads, even without creating an account. So, you can start watching your Movie with just a few clicks and no interruptions.

But here’s a word of caution – like many free movie sites, you’ve got to be a bit careful with ads. We noticed some that might not be safe during our test, like those pesky ones trying to get you to install antivirus software. So, while enjoying your movies on StreamLord, keep your guard up to stay safe online.


31. SolarMovie

Solarmovie is a fantastic streaming site to watch TV shows online for free in 2023. It’s super easy to use, and finding your favorite TV series is a piece of cake.

What’s remarkable is Solarmovie’s filter section. It helps you pick TV shows based on what you like. You can choose by genre, the country it’s from, or when it came out. And when you hover your mouse over a show, all the info you need pops up.

But here’s the best part: Solarmovie brings together all the TV show episodes in one place. No more hunting for different seasons or episodes. Everything is right there.

Plus, it has five streaming servers, so you have options. The best part? No annoying ads or pop-ups while you’re watching. It’s smooth sailing all the way.


32. TheFlixer

If you’re searching for a streaming site to watch free TV shows for free online, check out TheFlixer. It’s the next one on our list.

Here’s what’s cool about it: You can watch all the popular TV shows in excellent HD quality without signing up or registering. It’s hassle-free.

The TV series is neatly organized with all the seasons’ episodes. So, with just one click, you can dive into any episode from any season. No more jumping around to find what you want.

I like how they’ve put all the episodes in one place. Plus, there’s a search bar to help you find the TV series you’re looking for. It’s convenient.

And there’s more! TheFlixer also provides extra info like a show overview, a trailer link, the IMDB rating, and how long each episode lasts. It even suggests shows based on your interests.


33. Online Free Films

Looking for another spot to catch some TV shows online for free in 2023? You don’t even have to sign up. But here’s the deal: this place now has a small collection of TV shows. On top of TV shows, you can also watch movies here.

Now, let’s talk about the ads. If you’re using the right tools, you won’t have to deal with annoying ads. But if not, brace yourself for lots of ads and popups. So, it’s a trade-off.

The media content is sorted into Movies, TV Shows, and what’s trending. You can use filters to sort things by release year, genre, or alphabetically. It helps you find what you’re looking for.

And here’s a neat feature: they’ve got two servers for playing videos. If one server isn’t working well, switch to the other. It’s a handy backup.


34. Shush.se

Let’s talk about Shush.se, another excellent streaming site that’s getting much attention for streaming TV series online. It’s got a massive database of TV series in super high video quality, which is perfect for all you TV series fans out there.

People love this streaming site because the video quality is top-notch. It’s clear and sharp. Plus, the user interface is simple and easy to use. So, when you visit the streaming site to watch TV shows for free, it’s a breeze.

Finding what you want to watch is a piece of cake. Pick a series from their extensive database and choose the episode you want to see. As for ads, there are a few, but it’s a small trade-off for the great experience you’ll have. So, it’s worth a visit.


35. Movie4u 

Movie4u is my top pick when watching hit movies and TV series like Vikings, Flash, and Sacred Games.

This Streaming site is nicely put together; the best part is that it’s ad-free. You may occasionally encounter a popup or two, but that’s good for a free streaming service.

What’s remarkable is that they keep their database up to date with the latest episodes. TV shows are neatly sorted into New Seasons and New Episodes.

Movie4u is a great spot to catch TV shows online for free, where you can stream full episodes hassle-free.


36. Watch A Movie

The Watch a Movie website. It has some fancy animations, and the purple and black theme looks eye-catching. But it’s not just about looks; they have many astounding movies and shows in high-definition quality.

You can choose to watch the Movie or start with a trailer to taste what’s in store. Even more remarkable is their comment section, where you can share your thoughts. It turns watching a movie into an interactive and fun experience.


37. PressPlay

When it comes to streaming sites, PressPlay is a clear winner. The streaming site is not just functional; it’s also pretty, with excellent graphics that catch your eye.

The Home menu is neatly organized into sections like Home, Genre, Country, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, and Anime. You’ll quickly find what you’re looking for.

But wait, there’s more! The Home menu also has sections for trends and the latest movie updates. So you can always stay in the loop about what’s new.

And the best part? You won’t be bombarded with annoying pop-up ads while enjoying your streaming experience. It’s a win-win!


38. 123Movies

123Movies is a real veteran in the free stuff-watching game. Even though it has its share of restrictions and problems from time to time, it’s always there for you. The standout feature of 123Movies is how easy it is to use.

Everything is well-organized. You’ve got sections like Home, Genre, Country, and Movies neatly marked and split into categories. Plus, you can watch everything in HD quality.

But here’s the catch – you’ll have to deal with many pop-up ads. They can be annoying, but it’s a small price to pay for the content you get.


39. YMovies

YMovies is a hidden gem when it comes to free movie streaming sites. It has what it takes to become your favorite. The streaming site keeps things simple with a clean layout; you’ll find a handy search bar at the top.

The Home menu is neatly divided into sections like Home, Genre, Country, Release, Movies, TV Series, Top IMDB, and A-Z List. It’s easy to spot what you’re looking for. Here’s a cool feature: YMovies lets you bookmark your favorite stuff so you can return to it later. It’s a nice touch!


40. DailyFlix

DailyFlix is a hit for watching movies and TV shows for free. You’ll find all the latest and top-rated stuff in fantastic HD quality. What’s excellent about DailyFlix is that it’s easy to use and simple to navigate.

At the top of the Home menu, there’s a search bar. So, it’s a breeze to find if you’re looking for something specific.

The menu is nicely organized into New Posts, 2022, TV Shows, and more categories. Just click on a menu to explore all the available content.

DailyFlix covers various genres, from comedy to crime, animation to adventure, and action to more. If you’re a movie lover, you’re in for a treat with DailyFlix – all free!


Watching TV series for free online is a great way to enjoy your favorite shows without paying. Many websites offer this service, giving you lots of choices.

But, be careful! Some of these websites have annoying ads and might not always follow the rules. So, it’s essential to be smart and safe when using them.

In the end, the decision to watch series for free online is up to you. It’s a convenient way to enjoy your shows, but you should be aware of the potential downsides, like legal issues and safety concerns.

Just remember to use these websites wisely, and you can have a good time without opening yourself up to problems.


Is it legal to watch tv series online for free?

It depends. Some websites offer legally free content, while others may not. Always make sure you are using legitimate sources to avoid copyright infringement.

Do I need to sign up or create an account to watch for free?

Not always. Many sites offer free streaming without registration, but some might ask for it. Choose websites that align with your preferences.

Are there any risks when watching series for free online?

Yes, there can be risks. Some websites may have intrusive ads, and others may not follow copyright laws. Always use caution and consider the potential legal and security issues.


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