Top 17 Best & Free Sports Streaming Sites

Are you a sports fan looking for a way to watch your favorite games without spending the money? Well, you’re in luck!

I’ll introduce you to some fantastic free sports streaming sites you can access from your laptop, TV, mobile phone or computer.

What are Sports Streaming Sites?

Free sports streaming site is like a treasure chest for sports fans. They let you watch all sorts of exciting sports without paying a dime.

Some of these awesome sites even let you watch sports that don’t get as much attention, like chess and archery. So, whether you’re into the big games or the more niche ones, there’s something for everyone on these sites.

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Are All Streaming Sites Safe and Legal?

Not all websites that let you watch stuff online are safe and legal. Sure, big names like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video follow the rules and have the right to show the things they do. But there are sneaky websites that break the rules and show things they shouldn’t.

To keep yourself out of trouble and make sure you’re safe online, stick to the famous websites that everyone knows and trusts.

If a website asks you for money or shows you ads, it’s probably okay. Look for info about how they’re allowed to show the stuff they have and things like rules and privacy info. If you want to use a mobile app or watch on your smart TV, get the app from a place you know you can trust.

Don’t download stuff from places that don’t have the rights to share it – that’s a no-no. Be careful about pop-up ads and links that take you to weird places – those can be dangerous.

And if you’re not sure about a site, read what other people say about it to check if it’s okay. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Discovering Reliable Websites to Watch Sports Online for Free

So, knowing you can watch sports online is the easy part. See, some websites that let you watch sports aren’t that reliable. They might go offline sometimes, or they might not have good-quality streams for live games. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve checked them based on a bunch of things like how many sports they show, the variety of sports they cover, how good the videos look, how easy they are to use, how popular they are, and how many annoying ads they have.

Be ready for more ads on these sites compared to the legal ones.

Now, check out these live sports streaming sites:

1. CricHD: Best Free Sports Streaming Site

When you hear the name “CricHD,” you might think it’s all about cricket, right? Well, that’s not quite true!

CricHD is a website that gives you live links to watch cricket matches, but it’s not just cricket. You can watch lots of other sports there too.

And it’s not just videos. You can also see schedules for sports events, who’s playing against whom, league tables, and stats about the matches.

But there’s even more! They have sports IPTV channels, which you can watch anytime, day or night.

The videos you watch on CricHD are high-quality and look really good. And if you’ve got a good internet connection, the videos play smoothly without any problems. You can pick from different links to watch.

Most of the screen shows you what live games are coming up, when they start, where to watch them, and whether they’ve started.

2. ESPN: Best Among All Live Sport Streaming Sites

ESPN is like a superstar in the world of cable sports, and they have an official website called WatchESPN where they show lots of live streaming videos. On their website, you can watch football, basketball, baseball, and college sports.

ESPN can’t show every single game of every sport. They can only show the games they have special permission to show. Some of the super major sports on need you to use your TV provider’s info to log in, and others need an ESPN+ subscription. That subscription starts at $9.99 every month.

But don’t worry. They also have plenty of stuff you can watch for free. You can check out the news, interviews, and even replays without needing to log in or pay extra. So, it’s a great place to stay updated on all things sports!

3. Stream2Watch: Free Streaming Site

Stream2Watch is a pretty popular website where you can watch live sports streams from all over the world. They have a bunch of sports channels and events, so it’s like a treasure trove for sports fans.

This site features live sports streams for watching your favorite match. The cool thing about Stream2Watch is that it’s free!

Not all the streams might be completely legal or the best quality. Still, lots of folks find it a reliable way to catch live sports action.

4. Sportsurge: Stream Live Sports

Sportsurge is another website that many people know about when watching live sports. They’ve got a bunch of different sports from all over the world. You can watch football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more. The website is famous for being easy to use, and it has high-quality free live-streaming links, so it’s a great choice if you want to watch sports without hiccups.

One cool thing about Sportsurge is that they offer different links to watch from, so you can pick the one that works best for you. Most of the time, you don’t have to pay for the stuff you watch, but here’s the catch: not all the streams might be legal.

All in all, Sportsurge is a handy place for folks who want to enjoy live sports without spending a ton of money on cable TV or pricey sports packages. It’s a win-win for sports fans!

5. Facebook Watch: Stream International Sports

Facebook Watch is quite a unique place where you can do more than just watch sports. It’s part of the big social media site Facebook, and they’ve got live sports, along with other stuff like videos, series, and news.

So, if you’re a sports fan who likes to keep up with other cool things, this might be for you. You can watch soccer, basketball, MMA, and more on Facebook Watch. They often show live games and matches, and it’s all super easy to find right on Facebook.

One cool thing about using Facebook Watch for sports is that it’s part of the social network. So, you can chat with other fans, leave comments, and share stuff with your friends. It’s like being at a sports game with your buddies, but you’re all online.

Plus, Facebook Watch sometimes gets special permission to show certain events, so you know you’re getting good-quality, legal streams. It’s a win-win for sports lovers who also enjoy socializing online!

6. Bosscast: Best Free Sports Streaming Sites Among All

For folks who’ve cut the cord and ditched cable, is a real gem. It’s a live sports streaming site where you can watch your most-loved sports using live streams and live TV channels, and it won’t cost you a thing. is super organized. It seems like they’re really catering to the North American crowd.

What’s cool is they give you both the main link and a backup link for each event. So, if one is acting slow, you can switch to the other and keep watching without any problems. They’ve got live TV channels for sports too.

They have a chat option where you can talk with other people on the website. You can share text, media, and links with fellow sports fans.

Now, like most free live sports streaming sites all, you’ll come across some ads on But if ads don’t bother you too much and you’re all about North American sports, this website might be perfect for you!

7. VIPBoxTV: Live Sports Streams

VIPBoxTV is like a popular hangout for people who love sports. It’s an online place where you can watch lots of live sports streams.

So, if you want to see live games and tournaments from all over the world, VIPBoxTV is the place to be but you need to use VPN to open this site.

The best thing about VIPBoxTV is that it’s easy to use. All the streams are not completely legal or free from copyright stuff, so be careful.

8. FITE: Live Sports Streaming Site

FITE is the place to be for folks who love combat sports. They’re all about showing live and on-demand stuff like professional wrestling, mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, and kickboxing.

If you’re into combat sports, FITE has got you covered with a wide range of events, from the big pay-per-views to smaller local shows.

But what sets FITE apart is that you can watch it on different devices, like your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer. Plus, their website is easy to use, so you won’t have any trouble finding, buying, or watching live sporting events and older content.

FITE gives you options. You can either buy a single pay-per-view event or subscribe to premium channels for even more stuff to watch.

They often team up with big names like WWE, AEW, and various MMA groups to offer special content and live shows. That’s why FITE is the go-to place for combat sports fans.

9. Cricfree: Watch Live Football and Cricket

Cricfree is a pretty popular place online, especially for cricket lovers. They’re all about showing live sports streams, whether it’s the long Test matches, fast-paced One Day Internationals (ODIs), or the exciting T20 games.

Cricket is their main thing, but they also share links for other sports like football, tennis, and basketball, although cricket is still their main focus.

What’s cool about Cricfree is that best free sports streaming site. So, if you’re not into paying for cable or fancy sports packages, it’s a good choice.

But here’s the catch: not all the streams on Cricfree might be completely legal, and the video quality might not always be the best. So, enjoy it, but be mindful of these things!

10. Live TV: Live Streams of Sports News

“Live TV” means watching television in real-time. It’s the old-school way of watching, where you tune in when a show is broadcast, and you watch it as it happens.

With modern technology, “Live TV” also includes streaming services and apps that let you watch live television over the internet. These services have all sorts of channels, from sports news to sports streams and entertainment.

They each offer different channels and shows to suit your interests.

Plus, they often come with cool features like cloud DVRs and on-demand content, so you get the best of both worlds: the flexibility of live sports streaming websites and the excitement of watching things as they happen.

11. Footybite: Streaming Sports

Footybite was a website that lots of soccer fans liked because it let them watch live sports online from all over the world. But here’s the catch: it was kind of in a legal gray area. This means some people thought it was breaking the rules.

The website had links to all sorts of soccer leagues and tournaments, like the English Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League. Fans could click these links to watch games as they happened.

The problem was that the website didn’t always get permission to show these games. This caused worries about breaking the law by using the website.

Sometimes, the website got into trouble, and it didn’t work for a while. Other times, the quality of the video wasn’t very good, or the game you wanted to watch wasn’t there.

Eventually, the people in charge took legal action against websites like Footybite, and it had to close down. They told the fans to try legal and official ways to watch soccer instead.

12. Crackstreams: Live Sports Events

Crackstreams was a website that got quite famous for showing live sports streams without permission. They had all kinds of sports like football, basketball, hockey, and MMA.

The problem was, it was not really legal because they didn’t have the right to show these games. This was like copying someone’s work without asking, which is not okay.

People liked Crackstreams because it let them watch sports for free, without needing cable or a paid service. But here’s the thing, using it could get you into trouble because it was kind of breaking the rules.

Because of these legal issues, Crackstreams often had problems. Sometimes it stopped working, and sometimes it got taken down by the people who own the rights to the sports.

This can happen to websites like Crackstreams because they don’t have the proper permissions to show the games. It’s important to be careful and use legal ways to watch sports to avoid any trouble.

13. FuboTV: TV Streaming Service

You might have heard about Fubo TV if you love watching sports online. It started as a soccer streaming service but has grown into a big platform with more than 220 channels. These channels show not just sports but also movies, entertainment, and news.

Fubo TV has a lot of sports stuff. If you’re into soccer, they also show the UEFA Champions League, which is a big soccer event.

But here’s the thing, Fubo TV isn’t free. You have to pay for it.

14. FreeSports: Watch Live TV Channels

Next up on our list is FreeSports, a fantastic website for watching live sports. It covers various sports like football, Formula 1, tennis, and more.

When you visit FreeSports, you’ll see a menu on the main page. It’s sorted into different sports categories, like basketball, football, hockey, and more.

You can even find schedules for upcoming matches if you scroll down. They also have a cool feature called Discord, where you can chat with other fans, get match updates, and more. Plus, there’s a search bar to search videos at the top to find specific games quickly.

When you click on the menus, you might encounter some ads. These ads could take you to suspicious or questionable websites, so you need to be careful. Enjoy watching your favorite sports, but watch out for those ads!

15. Paramount+

You can catch all the sports excitement on CBS Sports, like NFL and UEFA matches. They also have sports highlights, replays, and expert analysis on CBS Sports HQ. But that’s not all! You can also watch thousands of episodes, live sports, and exclusive original shows all in one place.

If you’re a fan of movies, they’ve got you covered with lots of iconic films, from classic award-winners to recent hits. You can even enjoy exclusive original content. They’ve got popular Comedy Central and MTV shows, plus past and present TV series.

To give it a try, you can start with a 7-day free trial. After that, plans begin at $4.99 per month with a few ads or $9.99 per month without any interruptions from ads. There’s also an option to get Paramount+ with Showtime for $11.99 per month.

16. RBTV: Live Sports Channels

RBTV is a top choice for sports streaming, especially for football and other sports. It’s got a super easy-to-use design and lots of different sports to watch. When you visit the site, you’ll see categories like Football, Basketball, Tennis, Motorsport, and Rugby on the main menu.

You can click on these categories to see live matches, games that have finished, and upcoming matches. The website even shows you live scores right on the main page, so you can keep up with the action.

If you’re a big sports fan, you’ll love RBTV because it lets you watch live matches for free. You can see games from the Premier League, La Liga, NBA, NCAA, and more.

There are a lot of ads on this site. They pop up all over the place, like when you press a menu button or when you’re watching a live stream. So, just be ready for those ads while you enjoy your sports.

17. SonyLIV: Live Sports Matches

SonyLIV is a website where you can watch live sports like soccer and cricket, as well as entertainment shows like WWE and UFC. It’s a great place for sports enthusiasts and entertainment lovers. However, there’s a catch.

Sometimes, depending on where you live, you might not be able to access SonyLIV. In such cases, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to make it work. A VPN helps you connect to the website as if you’re in a location where it’s accessible.

What makes SonyLIV stand out is its lack of pop-up ads. Pop-up ads are those annoying little windows that suddenly appear on your screen while you’re trying to enjoy a game or show.

Most free websites are filled with these pop-ups, and they can be really irritating. But with SonyLIV, you won’t have to deal with them. That’s a rare and pleasant surprise, especially on a free website.

The best part is that you don’t even need to create an account or sign up to use SonyLIV. Many websites require you to register and provide your personal information, but not SonyLIV.


In conclusion, the world of sports streaming has opened up a realm of possibilities for sports enthusiasts. The “Top 17 Free Sports Streaming Sites” offer a diverse range of options to catch your favorite sports online without the need for a cable subscription or expensive packages.

These websites provide a cost-effective and accessible way to enjoy live sports, but they also come with their own set of considerations, such as potential legal issues and intrusive ads.

While these free sports streaming sites offer convenience and variety, it’s essential to approach them with caution.

Users should be aware of the legal implications, as many of these sites operate in a legal gray area. They may use unauthorized sources for their content, which can potentially lead to copyright infringement issues.

Moreover, the prevalence of ads on many of these websites can be frustrating, disrupting the viewing experience. Staying cautious about these ads and ensuring your online safety through measures like ad-blockers and VPNs is advisable.


Is it legal to use free sports streaming sites?

Using free sports streaming sites can be legally questionable. Many of these sites operate in a gray area, potentially infringing on copyright laws. To avoid legal issues, consider legitimate streaming options or use authorized sources for sports content.

Why are there so many ads on free sports streaming sites?

Free sports streaming sites often rely on ads to generate revenue. While these ads can be intrusive, they help support the site’s free service. You can use ad-blockers or premium versions of certain sites to minimize ad interruptions.

Can I access free sports streaming sites from anywhere in the world?

Access to free sports streaming sites may be restricted in some geographic locations. To overcome these restrictions, you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to connect to the sites as if you’re in a location where they are accessible.


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