Solved: Kodi couldn’t connect to network server [2024]

I think you are facing the error that Kodi couldn’t connect to a network server, and many of you are facing this issue while adding sources. But don’t worry about this issue anymore because I have come up with a working solution that will provide you with the best method to solve this issue.

Suppose you were looking for its solution on the internet but couldn’t find the best solution. So, in that case, you will get one here for sure, as I have spent many hours finding it essential so that you can quickly solve it and continue enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows.

One day, I tried to install an Add-on, but the error continuously came up while adding the source link. I tried adding that link many times, but it didn’t work, and I finally moved on the internet to find its best, especially working solution.

Because there are solutions to this issue available, but none are working correctly, I invested a lot of time researching. Finally, I have a solution that you all can use to fix the issue.

And fixing this issue in under 2 minutes will let you enjoy your favorite content on the big screen without any disturbance or errors.

So, If you are looking for a working solution, you should keep reading this complete guide until the end to find the best solution available on the internet. And this solution will work on any of the mentioned operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Andriod. But I am using Firestick 4K and using the latest Kodi 19. Leia.

Why Isn’t Kodi Connecting With Servers?

The problem of Kodi not connecting with the servers is one of the rarest issues that one faces in hundreds of users. Because usually, the users don’t get any issues related to Firestick and network server error messages because they already follow some of the instructions that will make them stay away from the problems.

There are quite a few reasons behind this problem, but one could be that a repository that a user tries to install has been shut down. Or the network is not working correctly. It could be an internet connection network or any other. And the possibilities are there that a repo link is also not working in your particular country.

The Kodi users may face the network server issue frequently and get to the problem where it’s written on the screen that they couldn’t connect to a network server, and it is happening because the repository link is shut down.

The reason behind the shutdown of a repository is because the addon they have in their repository provides false or copyrighted content like movies, TV shows, music, and many more, and they do not possess any legal rights to use that content on their platform, so the government bans or shuts down that repo completely.

And when you try to reach that repo link, you would probably get the error message that Kodi couldn’t connect with the network servers.

Another possible reason for the repo shutting down could be the high number of traffic on the platform that causes the repo to shut down as the repo can not handle more than a specific amount of users.

So, following the methods mentioned below, you can solve the problem completely.

Fix Kodi Unable To connect to the Network Server

After learning about the possible reason for this issue on your Firestick, now you can move further and read the solution part as the last part will help you understand the solution better, and you will be able to implement the methods on your system very well.

So, we will discuss each solution discussed earlier in this article with much more detail and clarity to help you solve your problems at a much faster rate.

And make sure that you are reading all the methods and solutions mentioned here in this article because every process is essential and will provide you solutions If the one way fails to provide it.

So, let’s start with the methods to fetch working solutions.

Check Internet Connection

This is the most common method to start searching for a solution because sometimes what it needs is a good internet connection and not the restart Kodi or Re-install Kodi methods.

Checking your internet connection correctly could save your time looking for other solutions and methods. So, do check it before moving further with any plans.

And the issue may occur because of the slow internet connection, or you are running out of data usage. So, whenever you try to add sources or links, it will fetch the internet connection, and if it is not working correctly or getting too many interruptions during the request process, it’s simple, you will get errors.

There are many things to check for an internet connection checking guide. First, let’s discuss a few of them here, which are most important to check.

  • First, you need to check your Wi-Fi connection is working well or not.
  • If it isn’t working well, check for any obstacles between your W-Fi router and TV, for example, a Microwave or any other type of equipment that can cause problems in providing a good speed Wi-Fi.

After using every method to solve any issues related to your Wi-Fi connection, you can use a reliable source of internet connection by switching from wireless to wired connection for better speed of the internet and non-stop entertainment.

Check Mistakes In Source Links

Considering you have applied all the methods and fixes to solve your Wi-Fi issues and don’t get any of the strategies to work for you.

Then, you can check your source links and mistakes in it because when you are using Firestick or Android TV box or Android smart TV, you can not copy the source link and paste it in the section.

You will need to write it word by word in the section, so there are high chances of spelling mistakes while typing the source link.

And when it happens, Kodi can’t connect to the network server error will appear on your screen.

To solve this error, you will need to check the URL first and try to solve any mistakes if any remain to be solved.

And if you have added the source already in the section, follow the steps mentioned below for further details.

Open Kodi on your device and click on the Gear icon or settings button.

Then click on the File Manager.

You have to highlight the source you want to make changes in and then press and hold the select button to open the menu. From that menu, select Edit.

Then, you will get a new window in front of you, where you can see your current URL and check the spelling mistakes, and If you found one, select it to make changes to the section.

And when you are done editing your URL link, you can click on the Ok button to save your changes.

So, now you will not get any error messages like before, as you have sorted the misspelled link in the section or box. Then, quickly go to the Add-ons section to see if you can install it from the Zip file.

Check URL

Even after re-typing the URL, you still face the issue and error message, which means the repository is not working now and has been shut down. As we discussed, the repos and possible reasons for including copyrighted content on their platforms went down.

So, it is highly recommended that you check the repos before installing them on your system to save time, further protecting you from the issues occurring to you.

And if you want to check the repos and their working conditions, all you need to do is copy its URL, paste it in a new tab or window, and press enter.

Then look for any index page or welcome/home page of the repo. If you can visit those pages, the repo is currently active, and you can move further with that repo.

Conversely, if the repo is not working, you will get a message on the web browser like This page is not reachable.

This is how you can check any repositories before adding them into your system and save a lot more time.

But, even after checking the repo’s condition, you still face the error message on the screen. So look for the last method/solution to solve your issue.

Re-install Kodi

After checking Wi-Fi with network configuration and by running windows network diagnostics utility, and after re-typing the URL in the section, you still face the error message. You need to read this method.

Because now it seems to have a problem with Kodi, not the URL. And when Kodi users use the Kodi for many hours, it generates and saves cache files on the system.

And these cache files or temporary files may cause problems in the Kodi, including Kodi not working error or couldn’t connect to the network server as well.

In general, re-installing Kodi will solve every issue you are facing because to re-install Kodi, you will be required to uninstall Kodi. When you uninstall Kodi, everything is on your system will be erased, including the downloads, data, files, etc.

So, you better prepare for it and take an essential backup of your files that you can use later on after re-installing the Kodi on your system.

Let’s uninstall Kodi from the system.

Launch Kodi and open Settings from the Home Screen.

Then, click on Application.

Now, look at the list of menus and select Manage Installed Applications.

Then, from the list, select Kodi.

Now, hover to the Uninstall button and apply the select button.

Then, a warning message will appear, so select Uninstall again in the box for confirmation.

The Kodi is now uninstalled from your system, and If you want to use it again, you will need to get Kodi back on your system by reinstalling Kodi.

And to re-install Kodi, look at the complete guide: Install Kodi on Firestick.

So, when you are done installing Kodi again, try to add a source link again on the system, and this time you won’t see any error messages on your screen.

And now you can easily add any Kodi add ons you want on your system to start enjoying your desired content.


Why Is Kodi not working correctly?

There could be many reasons behind Kodi not working correctly. Still, If we talk about this situation, Kodi users are getting errors, and users cannot connect to a network server. This is happening for various reasons, including slow or disturbed internet connection, wrong URL links or misspelled URLs in the section, and many others. This could be the reason Kodi is not working in your system.

How does Uninstalling Kodi will almost solve all problems?

Yes, there are high chances that uninstalling the Kodi from your system will surely help you solve your problems related to the Kodi, and it will also increase the speed and performance. Because when you perform an uninstallation process on your device, it will erase all the saved data along with cache files and temporary files that could be why you are facing the issues. So, performing uninstallation will surely help you solve all the problems.


I have mentioned almost all possible methods to solve the error of Kodi couldn’t connect to network server. And all the solutions given in this complete guide are working, and you can trust them to use in your system at any time.

And by following all the methods, you will surely solve the issues and errors you are facing on the Firestick 4K, Windows, Android, or macOS and start installing your favorite Kodi add ons and builds.

If any of the addons are not working in your country and you still want to access its content, the easiest and safest way to access it is by using the best ExpressVPN. You can also try their free trials and check their service free of cost.

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