Solved: Amazon Firestick Remote Draining Batteries Rapidly [3 Ways]

Do you like any interruption while watching your favorite content? Well, you like it or not, the amazon firestick remote’s battery can spoil your mood, so I am here to share unique solutions on how to fix amazon firestick remote, draining batteries rapidly.

I have faced this battery draining issue, and seriously it annoys me a lot, draining batteries all the time, and you don’t know what the heck you need to do to fix that.

I was very disappointed with the amazon fire stick remote and with its battery life. Like me, everyone has gone through the same problem of fire tv remote batteries draining out.

Now, I have the best solution for the firestick remote batteries draining rapidly, and I will share this article with all of you guys today, so please read along to know all the solutions.

I recommend reading the entire article to check out all of the possible remedies for your Amazon Fire Stick remote batteries. There are many other ways available to solve this issue, but I have mentioned the one that will work for you.

The problem may come into your life, but you have to hustle, my friend, and don’t give up.

Why Is It that my firestick remote eats batteries?

It is the most asked question by many people and firestick users on Social Media, Reddit, Quora, and other forums. But no one has the answer to this burning question, why amazon fire stick eats batteries? Everyone wants to know its truth. But no one has the answer.

So, I have tried my best to provide you its an answer which will satisfy you and from now on you can solve this issue on your own.

By the way, Amazon also hasn’t answered this hot question. When they launched their first version of the fire stick, we found no issues like this, but as they move forward, we now have this critical issue that immediately needs the solution.

However, there could be a number of reasons for the battery draining issue with the Amazon Fire TV Stick control. Running it for days without resting it, the amazon fire tv remote is damaged, and you don’t know, or you have dropped water inside your amazon fire stick remote.

Some people have been using the same batteries for one year, and we don’t have an answer for those whose batteries drain out quickly. Everyone is using amazon, and many of them have reported the issue but haven’t heard back.

People, on the other side, are claiming that new batteries are not lasting for about one week. Also, they have to change it quite often. And in the worse case, some of them have reported using their new batteries only for one or two days, seriously?

This issue needs solutions ASAP.

The best solution for firestick remote batteries draining fast

I have discussed the causes that create the issue of the amazon fire stick remote draining batteries fast, and now I will discuss its standard solutions that you can use to avoid the problems.

Here I will mention three to four solutions to avoid fire tv device draining batteries faster than expected. And these solutions are tested by myself so that you can try these with your remote control.

If you find one of the solutions is working for you and solving your battery draining issues, you can skip the article. However, I encourage that you read the full post because it will be beneficial to you in the future.

Now, let’s talk about real solutions down below.

1 Resetting the remote

The first method is prevalent, and to start from this method will be a good idea as it will check if your remote has any settings change. We have another term called factory reset. Understand it with the resetting remote control.

If you feel that your firestick remote is delaying transferring the signal to the TV, you have to try this method to solve this issue.

Take your amazon fire tv remote in your hand, unpair it from the device for 3-5 minutes, and wait for that. Then pair it with the device again to use it.

Here we have given the rest to the fire tv stick that it needed for a long time to run properly and provide the best-undelayed work output to the users.

To reset your amazon fire stick remote.

  • You have to press and hold three buttons for 20 seconds from the remote, and these buttons are the left button, back, control, and home button.
  • You have to hold all three buttons until you see the light blink and remove the batteries from the back.
  • And then, wait for a while and replace the batteries in the remote.

You will feel the big difference when comparing your remote’s condition before applying this method by following this exercise.

This difference will make a kind of difference where you will feel the sudden change in the working of the remote, and you can do all the activities with the remote very quickly.

So, this is the best and simple method of all the processes. All the techniques are straightforward, and you have to make that little effort to bring new changes into your amazon fire stick remote to stop draining batteries unnecessary.

Purchase a universal remote for the amazon fire tv stick

Would you please look into this method If the previous one mentioned above did not work for you? If it did, you don’t have to follow these upcoming methods, and you can leave from here and start enjoying your fire tv remote and movies with your loved ones.

In this solution, you don’t require to do much work. All you need to do is buy a universal remote that can work with your firestick device and connected devices.

Please consider that all universal remote doesn’t come along with Alexa built-in, so you have to make sure to check for the Alexa built-in feature when you buy the amazon firestick remote.

The universal remotes are a bit costly as you can use this remote to pair with other devices. That is the biggest reason why we say it is a universal remote.

Logitech makes some perfect universal remotes, and one of them is Logitech Harmony Elite. This is the best remote available out there to buy. You can dramatically connect this remote with other 15 devices; can you believe that?

Yes, you read it right.

The cherry on the top is that it comes with a built-in Alexa feature so that you can effortlessly search any movies and tv shows by using your beautiful voice.

The remote is well equipped with the feature, and one of them is you can see in its touchscreen display which device is connected with the remote right now. You can even use this remote with WiFi and Bluetooth devices to communicate with the devices. You can also control your home via the innovative home feature, and the list of features goes on and on.

2 Remove batteries when not in use.

This method is more like advice or suggestion to remove batteries from the remote when not using it. It will save your battery from draining out fast because when the batteries are inserted into the remote and when you don’t use them, it still consumes the power.

And this power is considered a waste of energy as you can not do with that power.

I’ve tried this method myself, and I have saved a lot more powers and batteries this way, so it is a highly recommended method to use.

And if you are thinking of purchasing a new remote like a universal remote, that is also a good option as you will have more options to choose from, and it will provide you with better features to play.

3 Use the official remote app.

This method will be the most appealing to the youth as they tend to use their smartphones more than older adults. Here I am talking about its official remote app from which you can handle all the operations you were operating with physically remote =.

It’s a better option for only one reason: you will no longer need the alkaline batteries and remote batteries as you will no longer use a physical remote.

You can download its official remote app from where you download all your applications on the phone.

Using its app is more convenient because you can use your phone’s keypad to search, and it will be a faster option than typing on a virtual keypad on the TV screen from the physical remote.

And the most common thing you would ask for in the app is that you can use it in the darkroom of yours where the physical remote won’t stand a chance to beat your smartphone and its remote app.

If you don’t know how to install its official app and use it, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open your phones app store and search for the Fire TV Remote
  • Install it by pressing on the install or get button
  • When it’s done, please open it
  • Now you will be at the app’s Home Screen, so connect to the same WIFI you are using on your TV.
  • Then Fire TV’s name will be there, so click on it.
  • A code will appear on your TV type the same code on your phone to connect it.
  • After a while, it will be connected.

Now, you can use this app instead of the physical remote that comes with the fire tv device, and you can almost perform all the same tasks with this app as your physical remote.

Use quality batteries only.

When it comes to using a battery in the amazon firestick remote, you have thousands of options available in the market, and you have to choose only one.

So choose wisely and choose brands only. Brands that are popular in the market and have a good reputation for running days without resting.

It is recommended that you use only AAA size batteries for better results and long-lasting batteries. And when you purchase this fantastic device, you’ll get one pair of batteries with it, but as people are complaining about that batteries, then you should change it ASAP with a third-party battery.

Use rechargeable batteries

I hope you are not having the issue of firestick remote batteries draining out fast. If you do then, there is one more solution available to solve that problem.

Use rechargeable batteries instead. By doing this, you will no longer be required to change the batteries often, and you can recharge it when it’s down.

It will probably solve the issue 99.99%, but even IF you are still getting that issue, you should keep trying all those mentioned above in this article.

And when you are buying rechargeable batteries, then you should look for the trusted brands only. If you wrongly buy those cheap rechargeable batteries, your problem will worsen instead of getting a solution.

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Buy one of these mentioned below for better results

And after the rechargeable batteries, you should also buy the charger for the batteries to charge when it’s low on charge.


What is the exact issue with firestick batteries?

A lot of Amazon firestick users have complained about the battery draining issue. And firestick uses disposable batteries, not rechargeable. If you contact amazon to complain about the same issue for the original remote, you will not get a satisfactory answer. As a result, many users are searching for remote solutions or considering purchasing replacement remote. So the issue is that the battery is draining out quickly for many users. To solve this issue, please read all the methods mentioned above in this article.

Why are firestick remote batteries draining quickly?

I found no such issues in the remote when Amazon released the original edition of their Firestick. After the first generation remote, the next-generation remotes came with this issue, which is so annoying. For some users, the battery would work for 3-4 weeks, and others, it would last only 4-5 days. Yes, that much drastic change in the battery of the fire sticks remote. There could be any reason like your using method, or there could be an in-built problem from the factory, and many more.

How to fix the battery draining issue?

As mentioned in this article, no proven solution exists, but we can solve this issue with many methods available. These methods are easy to perform, and you can solve this problem. To get the solution, you need to follow the procedures I have mentioned above in this article. Some of them are removing the batteries from the remote and replacing them with rechargeable batteries, Using only quality and reputed brands of batteries only, removing them when not in use, and many other solutions are available. Still, you have to check which is suited for your amazon fire stick remote.


At last, I have to say that this is a factory issue and you can not do much to solve this issue on your own, But If you have already purchased the firestick then you have to do something to run its remote, I can understand.

For that only, I have come up with a possible solution that you can apply to its remote and start enjoying your favorite movies and tv shows.

The simple solution would replace its original batteries with rechargeable ones, which will surely help you stay long in the remote. And If you are buying those rechargeable batteries, then don’t forget to acknowledge its charger. Without that charger, you won’t be able to charge those batteries.

Have Fun.


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