How To Install Real-Debrid On Firestick 2023

It could be a tough task for someone completely new to the world of Firestick to install and setup Real-Debrid on Firestick, but I will show you the exact steps and process on how to install Real-Debrid on Firestick easily.

This is the perfect place for you to understand the process of installing Real-Debrid on Kodi, and here you will get the researched content on how to install Real-Debrid on Kodi or any other tools and addons.

Before writing this complete guide on the installation process, I spent many hours researching the topic to provide you with the best and right process that will work for you and not waste your time online.

As it had wasted my time when I was researching about the topic and had come across many solutions and processes, but many of them did not work for me, so I have spent many hours on building this process for you so that you don’t have to look for anywhere else for the process.

So, keep reading this article until the end to know the entire process, and most asked questions about the topic to know better and implement these steps on your system very well.

And I will also share the process to integrate the Real-Debrid account with Kodi and other apps from Firestick 4K. So, this article will be beneficial to you if you really want to learn about the process of installation and integration to Kodi.

Now, let’s know more about Real-Debrid.

What Is Real-Debrid?

Real-Debrid will provide you with the fastest streaming links and download links for your daily content needs if you love to stream online. The Real-Debrid subscription-based platform will work on almost every OS, including Windows, Mac, Kodi, Firestick, and many others.

There are two different ways available to enjoy the Real-Debrid and its facilities. Either you can use their websites to stream links and download content or integrate it with third-party apps on Kodi.

Whichever you will use, one thing is guaranteed: pure entertainment. It is just like premiumize, so if you know how to use it, you won’t get any problem using Real-Debrid.

Real-debrid is an important tool to have if you are looking for great buffering free high-quality content. For example, a Real-Debird user can download their favorite content like movies and TV shows from torrent websites at high-speed and high quality.

It offers different plans for different users according to their needs, and If you are not sure about this in the first place, you can buy their 15-day plan to check out the service. If you like the service it provides, you can extend your plan anytime or buy a new plan like 1-month, 3-month, or 6-months.

Real-Debrid Plans and offers.

Install Real-Debrid On Firestick

You are in the most important section of the article, the installation guide of Real-Debrid. Before moving ahead with the process, you should get the latest version of Kodi on your system because I am using the latest version, and if you are not using the same, the process and steps might seem different.

So, for better process implementation on your side, get the latest version of Kodi. All the steps of the process are quite easy to implement. Still, if you ever feel difficulty in following the steps, you can see the screenshots attached with the process. It will help you make the process seem easy for beginners.

Let’s start the process of installing Real-Debrid on FIrestick.

Whatever device you are using, launch Kodi on it, and from the Kodi Home Screen, click on Settings.

From the settings, go to the System and click on it.

After that process, you can see a standard button on the bottom left side, so you need to change it to Advance or Expert.

From the left menus, select Add-ons, and the right side section, click on Manage Dependencies.

Note: Right now, I have Installed Exodus Redux on the system, which is why you see the ResolveURL on the screen, but you may see URLResolver in that section. It depends on what addon you have installed, and the steps are no different for the different addons, so still, you can follow this process, select URLResolver instead of ResolverURL.

Now, scroll the list down and select ResolveURL from the list.

As you select that option, a new window will open, and from that window, click on Configure.

After clicking on that button, a new pop-up window will open, so click on Universal Resolver from that list.

Now, scroll down and select Priority under the Real-Debrid.

And, you can see the Priority value at 100, so change it to 90.

After changing the value on that section, do not forget to click on the Save button. Otherwise, the system won’t save it.

Now, the same menu will appear, so click on Configure button, and then you need to open the Real-Debrid section and select Universal Resolver in it. And then, scroll down the menu and select (Re)Authorize My Account.

Note: First, get in the Real-Debrid account to save some of your time. Otherwise, the code will disappear after three minutes.

After that, a new window will be open with a time limit of three minutes and a code which will ask you to verify the account.

So, from the mobile phone or PC, open, then enter the code that appeared on that screen.

After entering the code, click on Allow button.

It will send a notification saying Real-Debrid Resolver was Authorized. And this notification will appear on the screen.

Then, go back to the browser and type any name you want.

So, the integration process of Real-Debrid to Kodi has been completed, and now you will get the fastest streaming links. From the Real-Debrid premium account, you can watch your favorite content like movies and TV shows without any disturbance.

How To Use Real-Debrid

You can fetch many important details about the streaming from the Real-Debrid website, and that information will help you stream better content online.

If you are a newbie and don’t know what to do with the Real-Debrid account, don’t worry; I will share the details on how you can use the Real-Debrid account effectively to get the best Real-Debrid streams.

Integrating Real-Debrid on Kodi and Firestick will allow you to get the best fast streaming links, but the integration process is not the job here.

So, now we will know the service better and learn the system and other parts to use it.

Let’s start the process and know how to use Real-Debrid.

Visit the Real-Debrid website and from the menu section, click on the Torrent section, where you will get two other menus/boxes.

The first menu will ask you to enter the URL of the Torrent file, and in the other menu, it will ask you to enter Magnet links. And when you press enter after entering both the links, it will take a few moments and give the Download link.

Now, let’s talk about another option on the menu list: download. So, when you open that section, you will get to see a box with download limits, so enter your URL of the things you want to download o stream and enter.

You need to enter one link per one line of the box, and it also supports the password feature, so if the file is password-protected, it won’t matter.

Now, let’ see how to use real-debrid.

After the integration of Real-Debrid is completed on Kodi, you won’t see any major difference in the Add-ons nor any other new options. And to use the service, you will be required to open any addons like Exodus Redux, Maverick, The Magic Dragon, etc.

After that step, you need to find links to movies or other content and select it. After that, you will see a box is appearing at the position of scrapped links.

Then, you can see the links with a new term called RD at the starting of the links, so this is the link that Real-Debrid gives you. Then, as soon as you click on that link, your movie will start streaming without any disturbance or issues after a few seconds.

And Real-Debrid also provides the highest content resolution in 4K, and it does not come for free.

How To Get RD on Amazon Firestick?

As we know that a Real-Debrid provides the best streaming links, and you can use it on a web browser to get those content or stream content easily at high speed. But the users who use it on different devices like Firestick, Nvidia, Shield, Google Chromecast, and others may have to face some troubles working in it.

Using a web browser on a TV with a remote will not give you the best user experience of a web browser and what you are seeing on it. The same thing becomes very easy if you connect your TV with a mouse toggle, Bluetooth keyboard, or simply a mouse.

But many users won’t use these tools in their journey with the Firestick, so don’t worry about that. So we have other solutions for that as well.

Real-Debrid can be associated with Kodi add-ons, and there are lots of addons available on the internet. And by using the Real-Debrid on those addons, you will get high-speed links to enjoy your favorite content.

And if you are using a Kodi on Firestick, it will require you to jailbreak the Firestick 4K to continue enjoying the links, and in case if you don’t know how to jailbreak Firestick, read out the latest article on how to jailbreak Firestick.

When you are done with the jailbreak process for Firestick, you need to sideload Kodi on Firestick as Kodi is not available on Amazon Play Store.

So, when you are down with everything at their place, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to install Real-Debrid on Firestick.

There are many free applications like Cinema HD, which will allow you to integrate the RD with their system. However, if you want to know more about the process of integrating RD with third-party Firestick applications, you can read the below-mentioned guide.

Integrate Real-Debrid with FireStick Apps

Now, we will learn how to integrate Real-Debrid with any other free application available on the internet, but we will use the Cinema HD APK because it is widely popular, and everyone is aware of this app as it provides various types of content, including TV shows, movies, music, documentaries, and many more.

You can use all the steps of the integration process with any apps you want, but for the mass, we are using the Cinema HD app.

Once you are done installing the particular app, in this case, Cinema HD, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to proceed further.

Launch the Cinema HD application or any other app of your choice and open the section, Your Apps & Channels.

After that, select the three horizontal line menus located on the left side of the screen.

Then, select Settings from the menus.

From the list, select Login to Real-Debrid located under the premium account section.

After that, there will be a screen like Kodi with the code.

Now, use your phone or PC and visit and you will be asked to enter the exact code from the previous step, so type the code in the box and click on Continue.

Then a new screen with a window will open, so click on Allow in that window.

That was it, and now you can notice the Real-Debrid Authorized written under the premium account section. Like this, you can use these premium services in as many apps you want, and there are many free streaming apps available to integrate RD and stream faster.


I hope you have read all the information and process about installing Real-Debrid on Kodi/Firestick and integrating Real-Debrid with free streaming apps, so now we will look into some of the most asked questions about the topic, so you can easily get an idea of the questions that are making trouble in your mind.

And after reading all the questions here, you will surely have your doubts cleared in your mind, and you will be able to use the service better than before. If you have other questions not mentioned here in this section, you can always ask them in the comment section, and I will surely revert with an answer.

Is It possible to utilize Real-Debrid on Firestick?

You can easily use Real-Debrid on Firestick by integrating it with Kodi Leia and all the installed add-ons on Kodi like Exodus Redux, Covenant, and others. You can even use it with third-party applications and other free streaming apps on Kodi like Cinema HD, Cyberflix, and many others. In short, yes, you can use Real-Debrid on Firestick to get the most out of your streaming experience and get the best watching experience of your favorite content online.

What does Real-Debrid cost?

Real-Debrid has many plans and offers for their services for different users. However, no one has similar requirements, so the plans are also different with the different costs. For example, it will cost you $3.70 for 15 days and $4.93 for 30 days. And if you want plans for more than one month, it will cost you $11.09 for three months and $19.71 for six months. In addition, you can visit the Real-Debrid website for further information and detailed plans and offers for the services.

Is Real-Debrid compatible with various devices?

Real-Debrid is compatible with different devices simultaneously, but there’s a twist. You can only use the service on multiple devices if you are connected with the same WiFi network on all of your devices in which you want to use the service. Otherwise, it won’t work. So, for example, if you are traveling and want to use the service out of your home and WiFi network, it will not work on the device. So, the only way left is to use it at different times and not simultaneously on multiple devices.

Is It safe to use Real-Debrid?

Yes, Real-Debrid is safe to use, and it is trusted by many companies worldwide because it provides the best services of streaming links and downloading links at high speed. However, you will not experience any buffering while streaming your favorite content. You can also stream the fastest links when integrated with the free third-party apps on Firestick.

Is it required to use VPN in Real-Debrid?

Whenever you were using the streaming links and scrapped links to watch your favorite content, you should do it with the help of a VPN because VPN will make you safe in the restricted zones. While using Real-Debrid to stream movies and TV shows, it is advisable to use ExpressVPN to be on the safe side. The RD service scraps the links from different sources every time you request to watch anything on the platform. It will scrap those links, and sometimes it scraps the links of copyrighted content and pirated content that could lead you into legal troubles, so using ExpressVPN is the best solution and method to enjoy your favorite content online.


I have explained the best and easiest way to install and set up Real-Debrid on Kodi and Firestick, and I have also shared the details about using Real-Debrid on Firestick in an effective way to make the most out of the paid service.

So, I was hoping you could read the full guide to understand the process of setup and installation on Firestick, and I have also shared some of the most asked questions about the topic for a better understanding of the whole topic.

While using the Real-Debrid service, it is highly recommended to use a VPN service to hide your original IP address and stream content safely because, without ExpressVPN, you will not be safe in a world full of hackers and bad people.

And you need to use a VPN service because Real-Debrid itself provides scrapped links from different sources every time, and these links may contain copyrighted content that RD itself doesn’t know about, so it is better to be on the safe side and use ExpressVPN.


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