How To Install Icdrama Kodi Addon in 2024 – Step By Step

I know you love drama/Movies. Who doesn’t? And everyone in this digital world has gadgets and systems in their home or office where they can enjoy their favorite content with loved ones.

So, Icdrama will make your day if you have it on your device. It will be even better if you love Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean Movies or content. You can enjoy content from these various countries and can stream high-quality resolution content on your device.

I know you are waiting for the step-by-step guide on how to install the Icdrama Kodi add-on, and that is why I have crafted this amazing and to-the-point process of installing the Icdrama add-on.

This process is quite simple and will take less than 5-10 minutes ( considering that you have a high-speed internet connection ) but you could feel this process tricky If you lose concentration between the steps I am going to tell you so make sure that you read this helpful article till the end.

I will attach every screenshot of the process of installing the Icdrama add-on for your added comfort and some users could be first-time users so taking into consideration that as well.

This complete guide on Icdrama can be used on any device that supports Kodi. For example, Firestick, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android TV or any other devices that supports Kodi.

Before that, safety is the most important thing!

Your Internet service provider and government are monitoring all your online activities!

Streaming copyrighted content may create some legal troubles for you!

Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

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You may wonder what it is Icdrama addon.

If you are a PRO at Kodi and know what Icdrama addon is then you can jump over this section and move to the installation guide where you will find the easy step-by-step instructions on how to install the Icdrama Kodi addon.

And If you are a new user like I was 5 years ago, you will find some really important and useful pieces of information about what is Icdrama Kodi addon so stay with me till the very end.

The Icdrama has a website called, and you can find really interesting content like Anime, Movies, and TV Shows of all sort of entertainment from Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean countries.

Like the website, Icdrama has a Kodi addon as well and you will find all the same content from the website in this Kodi addon

Since the website shut down users were very disappointed as this source of free content was the one and the only source to get those type of Asian content so now the Icdrama Kodi addon is here to provide the same content to the users.

The Icdrama Kodi addon enables users to get the latest Movies, TV Shows, and content for free from China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

So what can Icdrama do to provide your desired content for free? It simply scraps links from different sources and provides you with one place.

How To Install Icdrama Kodi Addon [Step-By-Step]

If you are a true lover of Asian content, you must read this full article and should never miss a single piece of content from this useful instruction guide on how to install the Icdrama Kodi addon.

First, we need to make some minor changes to Kodi which is to enable the installation of a Third-party addon on Kodi.

Please follow these small steps to enable the installation of a third-party addon on Kodi.

1: Open Kodi on your device and go to the ‘settings’ located between the power and search buttons.

Click on settings

2: After this, in the bottom right corner you will find ‘system’ settings. Click on that.

Click on system

3: Once you click the system, from the left side click on the Add-on and then from the right side click on the unknown source and turn on the toggle.

Turn on the toggle

4: When you will turn on the toggle, you will get the warning message. It is not as important as per my thinking, you can ignore it and can press YES to end the process of enabling the unknown source.

Click on Yes

Now you have completed the process of enabling the unknown source which will help you install the Icdrama Kodi addon.

So let’s move towards the installation guide of the Icdrama Kodi addon. I will describe each step with the description as well as with the screenshots so, at any given point If you do not understand any point, you can see the below screenshots for better understanding.

Follow the step-by-step guide on how to install the Icdrama Kodi addon

1: Launch Kodi and from the Home screen of Kodi, select Settings.

2: Now you’ll see File Manager at the top left corner, click on that.

3: No, you have to click on Add Source, and you’ll find that on the left or right side.

4: As you click on the Add Source, a new window will appear, In that window, click on None

5: Then you have to enter the source URL, which is, and then click OK

6: After typing the source, give that source a name. How do you want that source to be called? Give it a name like Icdrama for better recognition and then click OK and save it.

7: Now you’ll be able to see the source, and the name appears on both side.

8: Now head back to the main menu and then click Add-on from the left side column.

9: Then click on the package installer or box icon at the top left corner near the settings

10: A new screen will appear from that screen’s menu. Select Install from the Zip file

11: A new window will appear and then select the source name that we had added earlier

12: Now select the where x.x.x. Is the version and it may vary.

13: After some time, you will receive a notification showing “azhusband repo installed” and this notification will appear at the top-right corner.

14: As the notification appears on the device, just select Install from the Repository

15: It shows all the repository saves on your devices and you have to find azhusband-Kodi-repo from the list and open it.

16: As you select the repository from the list, a new screen will appear with two folders from that folder select Video add-on.

17: Now you have to select Icdrama that appeared on the screen

18: And then from the next screen, click on the Install button located at the bottom right corner

19: As you click on Install, a window will appear click Ok on that window to start the Installation

20: It will then start installing the addon on your device, once it is installed, you will receive a notification showing “Addon IcDrama is installed“.

That was all!

Now you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite Asian content from anywhere in the world. Isn’t it cool?

So, Kodi has successfully installed the Icdrama addon, and you can access this addon from the video addon section on the Home screen located on the left side.

Once you open Icdrama, you will be able to access the Movies and TV Shows all in Asian languages like Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean

The User Interface is quite good, and you will find a search button for the ease user to find your favorite content quickly.

Keep it updated

The main part is to keep it updated because the developers often add some new features to the addon, and the old version could get you into trouble and all the links are not verified and could contain malware.

This can damage your security and the devices you use. Hackers can easily send the malware to your device, and you could lose your important data.

That is the main reason I recommend using a VPN, which will help you stay underground and hide your original location.

If you don’t own a VPN yet, it is the best time to have it because you are going to access the unsafe and unverified links from the Icdrama addon, and ExpressVPN can save you from legal troubles.

Icdrama Not Working?

I have personally checked the Icdrama before writing this complete guide however, if you find Icdrama not working, then try to update the version and get the latest version of Icdrama that might help.

How To Update Icdrama Kodi Addon

  • Open Add-ons from the Home screen of the Kodi
  • Then click on the box icon near the settings
  • Now click on My Add-on sections
  • Then to find the Video add-on, scroll down and select it
  • As you click on the video add-on, you will find all the add-ons you have downloaded in Kodi, so find Icdrama and select it
  • As you select the Icdrama from the installer section, you can find the Update button at the bottom of the section. Click on that.
  • Now a new window will open from that window, you can select the new version at the top of the table. Select it.
  • Now wait for a while as it is updating, and you’ll receive a notification showing Addon Icdrama Installed


If you are an Asian content lover, you’ll love the Icdrama as it has Movies, TV Shows, and Anime all in one place.

This simple guide on installing the Icdrama Kodi addon will show you the best and easiest way to install and update the addon on Kodi.

You should not forget to use a VPN while using the addon. It will give you extra safety and will save you from hackers and law authorities, as there is not very safe link available on the addon.

Have Fun!

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