Why Kodi Disappeared And How To Reinstall It in 2023?

I felt hopeless when Kodi suddenly disappeared from the Firestick, and I did not know what to do next. If you also have experienced a similar type of feeling recently and don’t know what to do next to solve this issue, read this article until the very end. You will get all answers to your questions.

When users install the Kodi app on their Fire TV Stick, sometimes they will not see the Kodi logo on the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen due to the Kodi issues. So, this is what you are looking for, and I have installed the latest FireOS on your system. This guide is for you.

In this complete guide, I will share a detailed solution to solve the issue of Kodi disappearing from Firestick. This guide is compatible with various versions of Firestick, including Firestick 4K, Fire TV Cube, Firestick 2nd, 3rd gen.

So, you have any of the mentioned Firestick devices, and you can follow the steps mentioned in this article very well. And If you are wondering why this type of issue is happening with you and your Kodi devices.

There are multiple reasons for this issue, and further in this article, we will cover each of them with details, so be ready for the solution you can use to solve your problems in under 1 minute.

How To Search For Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick in 2023

First of all, see in your Firestick’ssettings what operating system are you using? Is it the latest FirestickOS or not? If yes, you will not be able to see any of the installed applications on the Home Screen of your Fire TV. So, If your apps are fresh install on the system, there are high chances you won’t see them on Home Screen.

And the reason for this issue is that they have changed the layout and user experience of the apps, which is one of them. So, you won’t see any apps on the Firestick home screen.

To find the disappeared app on Amazon Fire TV Stick, you need to open all app’s functions on the system. That’s where you will find the app you are looking for.

And If you are using some of the apps frequently, you can bring those apps’ icons to the home screen for your convenience and open those apps rapidly.

If you don’t know how to bring the Icon to the home screen, don’t worry about that and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Launch Firestick on your system and from Home Screen. Open Apps in the list down on the screen. Or you can use the shortcut to hold the Home button and select Apps.

Now, you will see the screen where all the installed apps rest, and you can find the Kodi icon I that list.

Then, hover to the Kodi app and press the Menu button from the remote, and a small menu or list will appear, so select Move To Front from that small list.

Now, you can go back to the Home Screen by pressing the main menu button, and you will see the Kodi icon there on the screen, ready to be launched.

So, this shortcut will always help you launch Kodi in seconds, and you don’t need to repeat this process every time you want to launch Kodi. And you can use these steps or procedures to bring any Apps to the front, and it will save more time than expected.

So, If you have recently installed Kodi and looking for ways to entertain yourself with your favorite movies and TV shows, you probably will need all the add ons ready to be installed on your system so that you can watch your desired content.

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3 Ways To Get Back Kodi Disappeared From Firestick

Now, you know how to bring any Apps icon to the Home Screen, so you will never have to worry about the shortcuts and disappearing apps. But the question is, what If the app is not listed on that list, then how to proceed further and find the Kodi icon?

There are many Kodi users out there who have got this issue as well. So, if you are also facing this issue, read the complete guide to know the best solutions for the Kodi disappeared from the Firestick.

Don’t worry much If you are facing this issue, because together we will solve this issue in less than 5 minutes. And these methods are verified and tested by many users, so you can trust this method and invest your time in this guide. It will not waste your necessary time.

Clear Caches

If you are using a computer or laptop, you would know about the catch files. These are the temporary files of the app you use stored on the system. So, these files may have thumbnails, temp files, logos, and so on.

And suppose you are using Kodi for a while and suddenly experiencing this issue of disappearing the Kodi icon from the system or Home screen. In that case, you should look at this method of removing temp files because these files can cause the issue you are experiencing.

To remove the temp files, follow the process.

  1. From the Home Screen, open Settings.
  2. And then, open the Application from that section.
  3. Now, you have to click on Manage Installed Apps.
  4. Then, you have the installed app on that list, so look for Kodi in that list, and select it.
  5. And you need to select Clear Data.

Now, It will delete all the temporary files from your system and then go back to your Home Screen and see if the issue is solved or not.

If the Kodi appears back, you can use it, but If it doesn’t, you need to look for another method, so continue your reading.


When deleting the cache files, make sure you are not deleting your Add-ons, skins, builds, and whatnot. Make sure you have sufficient data back up as well, in case If something happens and all data is erased.

Uninstall Kodi And Reinstall Kodi

If you are reading this section, clearing cache files did not help you solve the issue. Don’t worry about the problem, and we have another best method in which you will be required to uninstall Kodi and then Install it back on your system.

Before moving forward with the process, make sure you have taken back up all the necessary files and add-ons, including skins as well. After the uninstallation, you will not recover your old data, so it is essential to take a complete backup of your system and data.

We will uninstall Kodi from the system, and then we will re-install it on our system.

If you don’t know how to uninstall a Kodi, follow the below-mentioned steps, and you can also see the attached screenshots for a better understanding of the process.

Now, launch Settings in the Firestick’s Home Screen.

Then, select Applications.

And then, open Manage Installed Application.

Then you have many apps that are installed on the system. Now select Kodi from that list.

Then, select Uninstall button.

Then, it will show you a warning message about the uninstallation, and you can ignore it and select Uninstall button again.

Now, you have uninstalled the Kodi app from your device. But you will require it to install it again on your system. So, let’s check out the process for the same.

But before moving forward, You need to jailbreak Firestick and enable unknown sources in your device to download the third-party application to enjoy your desired content.

After performing both the tasks, you will require to download the Downloader application to sideload third-party applications on your device, and it’s the free and the best sideloading app out there to use.

So, after doing all the necessary downloads and enabling sources, now is the time to re-install Kodi in our system.

Launch downloader in your Firestick.

You might be asked to allow permission to use media and other files on the system when you launch the downloader.

Now, you are inside the downloader app. Go to the box icon from the Home screen and press a select button to open the keyboard from your remote.

After opening the keyboard, type https://howtofirestick.com/kodi.apk and press Go to proceed further.

As soon as you press go, it will start downloading automatically, so wait till the complete download.

Then, a window will appear in which you can see the Install button when the download completes. So, click on the Install button.

It will take some time to process after you press the Install button, and when it’s done, you can launch Kodi on your system.

So, when it’s done, you can bring the Kodi app icon on the Home Screen by following the first method to access it quickly.

You can start installing your favorite add-ons to watch your desired content, including movies and TV shows. And If you are using an older version of Kodi, you can update it to experience some new and exciting features with improved user experience.

Deregister & Re-Register

After deleting cache data and temp files, and even re-installing the whole Kodi application, still, you are getting the same issue. So you can use this method to solve your problem.

In this method, we will deregister the device and then will re-register it. And the best part of performing this method is that it will not delete any data and files from your device. Instead, it will just deregister your device from the account.

It is a 100% secure and safe method to use, and If you are reading this section, that means you got no luck with re-installing the Kodi app on your device, and now you are looking for another method that might work for you to solve your problem.

So, it’s the best method to use to solve your problem without deleting your single files from your system.

Let’s start the process of De-registration.

Start Firestick, and go to settings from the Home Screen of Firestick.

Then, select My Account.

There, you will see the very first option as Amazon Account. Select it.

Then, it will give you the open of deregistration, so select De-register.

Here, a warning message will appear, so again select De-register.

And it will be de-registered instantly. So you rapidly go back to settings, My Account, then Amazon Account, and select Register again.

Now, you will see a six-digit code on your screen, so quickly visit amazon.com/code and type that exact code here. Then, before entering the code, be ready with your Amazon account and log in details.

After entering the six-digit code, press continue, and the screen will reload, and you will see your apps back on the screen.

So, now go to your Apps & Channels and select See All to watch all installed apps on the system. And you can bring those icons back on the Home Screen.


How to get back disappeared Kodi in our system?

Many methods and solutions are available on the internet to solve or get back Kodi in your system. For example, you can reset Firestick, uninstall & re-install it, try deleting temporary and cache files, try to deregister your Firestick from the Amazon account, and then register it again. So, there are multiple solutions out there that you can try, and all of them are true and tested.

Why is Kodi not working correctly?

Suppose your question is why Kodi is not working, then my friend. In that case, you are in big trouble, because now you have to search for solutions that are not readily available on the internet, and if they are, it will not provide you with a satisfactory answer. So, for example, If your Kodi is disappeared and you want it back severely, you can follow this article and the methods mentioned in this article.


It does not feel good when you install an app, but it doesn’t show up on the big screens; it just disappears from the system, and when it happens for the first time, you as a Firestick user would not know anything about this issue. Use ExpressVPN for safety.

So, In this article, I have mentioned many methods that you can try after each one fails to provide the best solution, and these methods are working very well for users around the globe.

And if you want a quick method that can provide you the accurate results, you better uninstall your app and re-install it on your system. It isn’t like that, and you have to follow this method only. So you can follow any steps you want from this article.


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