How to Install YouTube TV on FireStick in 2024 – [3 Ways]

Do you feel confused when you try to install YouTube TV on FireStick? No? Don’t worry! Our expert team at Howtofirestick has done the hard work, and we have given you a complete guide on installing YouTube TV on FireStick that will help you solve this issue.

In the following tutorial, we will share with you all the potential ways that you can use to get this YouTube TV on your FireStick device.

This is why we highly suggest you read till the end so that you don’t miss any of its elements because you may miss something vital or face a problem at installation.

Without wasting a moment, let’s get started!

How to Install YouTube TV on FireStick

YouTube TV was excluded from the Amazon App Store in 2018 as things started hanging out between Amazon and Google.

Since they eventually came to terms, YouTube TV is now formally available on Amazon Store, making everyone happy.

In this guide, we have performed three ways to install YouTube TV on FireStick. If anything goes wrong again between Google and Amazon, you will also know other methods to install.

However, since YouTube TV is not accessible in all nations, you will require a VPN such as Express VPN to use the streaming service.

It protects your IP address and allows you to connect to another country’s server (e.g., US). It will enable you to stream YouTube or browse the internet from the US.

Before that, safety is the most important thing!

Your Internet service provider and government are monitoring all your online activities!

Streaming copyrighted content may create some legal troubles for you!

Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

You must get a Good VPN for your Firestick device!

I use ExpressVPN, the Fastest and most Secure VPN available!

Why I use ExpressVPN?

  • Fastest & Most Secure.
  • Easy To Install On Any Device.
  • Risk-free 30-day Money-back Guarantee.
  • 3 Extra Months Free On Their Annual Plan.

So, before moving further, let’s see how you can install Express VPN to your FireStick!

You can get Express VPN from the Amazon App Store. If you can’t, you can follow the steps below to reach Support for a link to the APK file and download the APK file through a third-party app.

Follow these steps to install Express VPN to your FireStick:

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV> Developer Options on your Fire tools.
  • Turn “Apps from Unknown Sources” on.
  • Navigate to the search icon and search for Downloader. Select the Download option from the results.
  • Select the Download button to get the Downloader app. Choose Allow to give Downloader access to your media files, photos, and files. Click OK to continue.
  • Select “Allow” to let the Downloader access photos, media, and files.
  • Insert the URL of the ExpressVPN APK installer and click on the Go button. You can contact the ExpressVPN Support Team for the URL.
  • Insert the URL to download the ExpressVPN APK.
  • Choose Install to finish the installation.

After a successful installation, you have to initiate Express VPN using your email and password. Now, you can connect it to the VPN server location. And you’re good to go!

Now that you are safe let’s move to the installation tutorial of YouTube TV!

In this tutorial, we have considered the following three ways to install YouTube TV. Follow whichever way seems easy for you:

  • Method 1 – Install the official YouTube TV FireStick application through the Amazon Store.
  • Method 2 – Get a third-party Live YouTube TV app on the FireStick.
  • Method 3 – Access YouTube TV with a FireStick browser.

1) Install YouTube TV on FireStick authoritatively from the Amazon Store

As we stated above, YouTube TV is now officially accessible on FireStick, and you can get it from the Amazon Store if you stay in the United States. Though Live TV streaming through YouTube TV apps don’t support Live TV streaming outside the US.

If you want to enjoy YouTube TV streaming outside the US, please refer to Method – 2.

Let’s begin with the first one!

1: From the main screen of your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Fire TV, open the Search title. Go to the top-left corner and pick the lens icon.

2: Search for YouTube TV by typing in the title of the app. Click YouTube TV when you see it in the search results.

3: Pick the YouTube TV symbol on the following window.

4: Now, snap. Get if this is your first time downloading YouTube TV on FireStick. If you have downloaded and installed it before, click on the Download icon.

5: Wait till the YouTube TV app is downloading.

6: Once the process is over, Open, and run the app. You might also access the YouTube TV FireStick app later from the Your Apps & Channels segment.

7: Sign in with your YouTube TV credentials if you have one. Click the ‘Try It Free’ button if you desire to sign up for the services.

2) Access the third-party Live YouTube TV app on FireStick

Note: This is a third-party application. It ran just as well as the original YouTube TV app when we examined it. However, we cannot ensure that it will continue working the same way.

You can skip this segment if you have previously installed YouTube TV on Amazon FireStick using the first way.

If you desire to get the YouTube TV FireStick app outside the US, you can download this third-party APK. If you have already subscribed to YouTube TV, you may use this application outside the USA using a VPN. To subscribe to YouTube TV, you will still require a US-issued Credit or Debit card or a Paypal account with the USA profile.

Follow these steps to install and use YouTube TV on FireStick:

1- Go to the FireStick Settings from the main screen. Settings will be on the top in the menu bar.

2- Then, select and open the My Fire TV option on the next screen.

3- When you see that window, choose Developer Options.

4- Here, you have to check if Apps from Unknown Sources is On. If it is OFF, click on it one time to turn it ON.

5- Click Turn On to enable the Apps from Unknown Sources.

6- Go back to the main screen of your FireStick. Choose the Search option that looks like a magnifying glass in the top-left corner of the home window.

7- Move ahead and look up the app called Downloader. Click this application when it pops up in the search results. Follow the on-screen directions and install Downloader. The app requires to side-load YouTube TV on FireStick.

8- Now, Open the Downloader app. If any notification is displayed, get rid of them. Click on the Home tab in the left menu. Click on the textbox with https:// on the right side.

9- Enter the following URL when you see the pop-up on-screen keypad: OR you can also utilize the smaller version of the URL and click GO.

10- Now, wait for the YouTube TV APK to download.

11- Click on the Install tab when you see this pop up after the download process of YouTube TV APK is over.

12- When the installation of the YouTube TV app is completed, you can click OPEN and start using it. Let’s say we click on DONE right now and then delete the YouTube TV APK file. We will run the app later.

13- If you have clicked DONE above, click Delete on this prompt when you see it.

14- Click the Delete option once more.

15- Now, exit from the Downloader application and go back to the main screen of the FireStick. Select the second row on the main screen named Your Apps & Channels. Move to the left and click See All.

Note: See All option arises only if you have more than 20 apps installed on FireStick. If you don’t see that option, go to Your Apps & Channels to the right, and choose the Live YouTube TV app.

16- Go to the last row on this list of apps that you see. Click on the YouTube TV app logo.

17- If you first have the app moved to the home screen of FireStick for easy and quick access, press the menu button on the Amazon Fire TV remote that has three lines. Click on Move in the pop-up window on your TV. Move and put the app in the first row on the top.

18- Select the resolution you want on the next screen. Let’s go with the default 1080p.

19- Choose Allow when you see this pop-up.

20- Click on the Sign-in tab to your YouTube TV account. Click TRY IT FREE if you haven’t set up an account and want to test the YouTube TV service.

21- On the next screen, you will notice an activation code. As per the directions on your TV screen, go to on your device. You need to Sign in to your Google account on which you took the YouTube TV subscription. Insert the code on the FireStick window in the browser.

3) Get YouTube TV via a FireSick browser

You can also use the Silk Browser to access YouTube TV on your FireStick. This browser arrives preinstalled with FireStick. If you’ve uninstalled it, here is how you download it and tune in to YouTube TV:

1. From the FireStick main screen select the Search icon on the top-left corner

2. Type in Silk Browser

3. Click ‘Silk Browser’ in the search results

4. Snap the ‘Silk Browser’ icon on the following window

5. Click on the Download icon to download and install the application

6. Now, open the Silk Browser and access

How to Setup YouTube TV

After you’ve successfully set the YouTube TV app, you must sign-in to your existing account to start viewing the content.

Follow the steps given below, and you’ll have the app set to use:

1: Open the YouTube TV app to start it

2: Choose to Sign in if you have a YouTube TV account or Try It Free

3: Steps to follow, and you will see an activation code

4: Open the browser on your mobile or laptop and go to

5: Enter the Code on your FireStick

6: Select Next to perform the activation of your subscribed account

You are now ready to enjoy on-demand, live streaming, and the latest movies and TV shows on your FireStick.

Here are a few easy steps to install YouTube TV on Fire TV Stick for the full-on action of the entertainment world without missing out on the live stories of your local news or games.

YouTube TV – Watch Live TV with Ease

YouTube is a trending video-sharing platform in which you can see all types of videos. Including movies, songs, How-tos, funny, DIY, and the list continues.

The best element if this platform is free of cost. It doesn’t need any subscription, and you can watch anything for free.

YouTube TV is the first cable-free Live TV app used to watch all sorts of shows directly on your FireStick without a cable link.

While it does enable you to see your favorite vloggers, YouTube TV is a paid streaming app that combines live TV from mass networks, as well as original shows. It is comparable to other live television streaming services, such as Sling and Hulu.

Along with existing programs from leading newscasts and cable networks, YouTube TV also gives viewers unlimited cloud DVR storage.

You can enjoy more than 60 networks, such as CBS, FOX, ESPN, and HGTV. Regional network coverage is offered to more than 98% of US homes. You also have the choice of updating with premium add-ons like Starz and Showtime.

Currently, this service is only accessible in a few regions of the US, so you can type the zip code of your field to verify whether the service is available or not. Because if you just bought its service and then found that the service is not available, you may lose your cash.

Follow this link and insert postal code to validate availability: YouTube TV.

How Much Does YouTube TV Cost?

YouTube TV is a paid subscription service, just like YouTube Premium, which you can cancel if you are not satisfied with the service.

Currently, it costs $64.99 per month. It provides a maximum of 6 accounts per house. And, each member can have their own login and individual DVR library. A maximum of 3 people can run the channels at the same time.

YouTube TV does allow a free trial, which can be withdrawn anytime without any charge. However, there is no information on the period of the trial on the official website.

Innovative and cool features of YouTube TV:

  • Limitless DVR Storage: The subscribers can record as many programs as they want and have the recording for up to 9 months.
  • Cable-Free: As there is no requirement to connect any long cables or lines to watch channels on your TV, you can manage your favorite live TV channels anywhere you go.
  • Flexibility: YouTube TV is perfect for someone who often relocates, say at least once in a year or so. Now, they don’t need to look for cable TV providers every time they shift to a different area or state.

If you’ve read the full guide and still have some inquiries in your mind that you are looking for, here are some frequently asked questions that we assembled from the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Do I Need A Smart TV To Use YouTube TV?

A. Of course not, as many options are available these days; you can convert the regular TV into a Smart TV. For instance, you can buy Amazon FireStick or Roku to install this app on your TV without upgrading your TV.

Q.2 Can you watch YouTube TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

A. YouTube TV will now be accessible on any Fire TV device, including Fire TV Stick 4K, the second-generation Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, Toshiba and Insignia Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and more. YouTube TV is a bonus live TV streaming service that allows over 70 live channels, including regional ones, with an unlimited DVR.

Q.3 What are the new channels on YouTube TV?

A. The service providers have added Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network, CMT, MTV, Nickelodeon, TV Land, BET Her, MTV2, VH1, Nick Jr., TeenNick, Nicktoons, and MTV Classic on YouTube TV.

Q.4 Can I record live TV on YouTube TV?

A. Yes, you can record any show that is telecast on YouTube TV. The recording doesn’t use space on your device, but you must be connected to the internet to watch recorded shows.

Q.5 Do you need the Internet for YouTube TV?

A. YouTube TV is an online streaming service that enables subscribers to watch live tv on phones, computers, and other cooperative devices. It definitely needs a high-speed internet connection.

We hope this tutorial will be useful when you try to set up YouTube TV for your FireStick. Don’t forget to secure it with a VPN so that you don’t get into any trouble!

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