How to Install Ola TV on FireStick in 2023 – Easy and Quick Steps

Read the following guide to install Ola TV on FireStick.

Ola TV APK is one of the most popular live television apps that offers several channel options. IPTV Droid makes it. This streaming application is much easier to navigate, and you can see all the live channels that are telecast across the world.

Ola TV offers free services. You can watch the programs without any subscription plan. If you are searching for a Live TV app for your FireStick, then Ola TV would be the most suitable choice for you.

This app needs both VLC Player and Wuffy Media Player to work well on FireStick. It doesn’t run with other media players, including MX Player.

Right after the installation tutorial of Ola TV APK on FireStick, we have given the directions to install these two media players also for your convenience.

How to Install Ola TV on FireStick

Ola TV is a third-party app for Android programs. It implies that you cannot get it from the Amazon Store. You need to sideload it on your FireStick and other Fire TV devices.

You can do so in two ways:

  • Install Ola TV on FireStick Using Downloader
  • Install Ola TV on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

Here’s a guide to install Ola TV on FireStick using Downloader.

Install Ola TV on FireStick Using Downloader

Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

1- Go to the FireStick Settings from the main screen of your Fire TV.

2- Move to the right side with your remote and select My Fire TV.

3- On the following screen, when you see the below options, choose Developer Options.

4- You now require to turn ON the option Apps from Unknown Sources if it is OFF.

If it is already ON, you need to skip this step.

5- You will see a warning note when you turn ON the Apps from the Unknown Sources tab.

Ola TV is a safe app, so you can keep the option ON for now.

Get Downloader App

We’ll install the Downloader app now. We will use it to sideload the Ola TV on FireStick.

6- Return to the main screen of FireStick.

Navigate to the main menu bar on the top, move to the top-left corner, and pick the Search option.

7- When you see this screen, start typing Downloader.

As you type, you would see Downloader in the search list.

Select the Downloader app. On the next window, follow the onscreen instructions to install the Downloader app.

8- Open Downloader when the installation process is over.

You’ll see some pop-ups when you run the application for the first time.

Installing Ola TV on FireStick

Now, you’ll be on this main screen of the Downloader app.

On the right corner of the Downloader app main screen, pick the text box with https:// and click on it.

9- Insert the following URL in that textbox using the onscreen keyboard: and click on the GO tab.

10- The APK file of the Ola TV app will now start the download process on your device.

Wait till the system downloads the app.

11- When the APK file has been downloaded, you’ll see the installation message on the screen. Select the Install option.

12- The installation process will start immediately.

13- As soon as the Ola TV app is installed, you’ll see the following message.

Now, you can click Open and start utilizing the app. But let’s select Done for now. It will allow you to go back to the Downloader app and delete the Ola TV APK file you just downloaded. By deleting the file, you can save some space in storage.

14- On this pop-up, choose Delete.

15- Select the Delete option again.

You have successfully installed Ola TV on your FireStick. In the next segment, we will understand how to install Ola TV on FireStick using ES File Explorer. If you have already followed the steps mentioned above, you can skip this section.

How to Install Ola TV On FireStick Using Es File Explorer

You can use ES File Explorer to get the third-party applications on FireStick. Just like Downloader, it also sideloads Android apps with the inbuilt downloading option.

1: Launch ES File Explorer.

2: Go to the Downloader tab.

3: Click the +New symbol.

4: Type on the path box and type Ola TV on the title case. After inserting the information, select Download Now.

5: Now, wait till the Ola TV apk file to download.

6: Click on the Open File option.

7: After downloading, you can select the Install tab to begin the installation process.

8: Select the Install option again.

9: The Ola TV app starts to install.

10: Select Done when the installation gets over.

That’s it! You can start streaming your favorite live TV shows.

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How to Access and Use Ola TV on FireStick

As we stated earlier, as Ola TV doesn’t have an inbuilt media player, it needs two external media players to stream the web content.

You need to install VLC Media Player and Wuffy Player. You’ll need both platforms. Some videos will work with VLC, while the others need Wuffy.

Read the following two sections before start accessing the Ola TV app:

  • How to Install VLC Player on FireStick
  • How to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick

Let’s explore both methods!

How to Install VLC Player on FireStick

You can download and install VLC Player from the Amazon App Store. Here’s how you can do it:

1- Go to the FireStick main screen and pick the Search icon in the top-right corner.

Search for VLC Player and select it in the search results.

2- Choose the VLC Player symbol when you see the following screen.

3- Click on the Get option if you install this app for the first time or Download if you have installed it previously.

You don’t have to open a VLC player. Ola TV will use it whenever needed.

How to Install Wuffy Player on FireStick

Wuffy Player is a third-party app. So you can’t get it through the Amazon Store. You can install Wuffy Player utilizing the Downloader app.

Here are the steps:

1 Return to the FireStick main screen and this time, pick the Search option.

2 Start typing Downloader. You will notice the Downloader app in the search results. Select it.

3 On the following screen, click on the Downloader app icon.

4 Hit the Download tab.

5 The system will automatically download and install it on the device. Once the process is over, click Open.

6 Choose Allow when the app asks permission to access the media files on your device.

7 Click on the ok tab to close the Quick Start Guide.

Note: If you already have the Downloader app on your device, you don’t need to follow the above-mentioned steps. You can now follow the steps to get Wuffy Player.

8 Then, click on the URL box using the ok/Select button on your remote.

9 Type the given URL to download Wuffy Player on your FireStick:

Once you have verified the URL is accurate, select the Go tab.

10 Wuffy Player will now begin to download.

11 Select the Install option when you see this screen.

12 Wait for a while until the installation process is completed.

13 You will see a message when the system will install the Wuffy Player.

You can launch the app now by selecting Open.

However, there is no requirement to open it now. You can utilize Wuffy Player with other FireStick applications as their default player.

Using Ola TV on Amazon FireStick

If you use Ola TV more often, you can move this application to the FireStick main screen.

Touch the menu key on your FireStick remote, the one with three lines.

Select Move when you see a pop-up at the bottom-right corner of your device.

Utilize the UP navigation key on your remote and drop the app symbol in the first row.

Let’s see how the Ola TV app looks!

This is how the home screen of the Ola TV app looks on FireStick:

It has many sections for Live TV streaming and a couple of choices for on-demand films.

To run live TV channels, pick the desired category and browse the available channels in that section.

If you are scanning for anything particular, the app has a search function. You can use that option in the top-right corner of the home screen.

To access the menu options of the app, select the hamburger menu symbol on the upper-left side of the main screen of the Ola TV FireStick app. You might require the Mouse Toggle app to access the menu. With Mouse Toggle, it’s easy to navigate the app.

Here is the main menu:

  • Live Channel
  • Movies
  • Latest Channel
  • Featured Channel
  • Settings

We hope the guide mentioned above will help you install Ola TV on FireStick comfortably. There are many live TV streaming applications available, but Ola TV has more high-level traits. Let’s take a look at some!

Features of Ola TV APK

  • It has a user-friendly interface with quick navigation options that allows you to find your favorites instantly.
  • You can watch the popular and latest content in high-quality streaming. It also gets updated periodically.
  • The application has the option to blend with external video players like VLC Media Player.
  • Ola TV offers numbers of Live TV Channels to run in good quality.
  • The application also offers loads of channels from all over the globe that gives you unlimited entertainment.
  • Ola TV app provides you a reliable streaming experience with its stable connection among multiple servers at different locations.

Wrapping Up

Ola TV is the ideal option for all movie fans and Live TV fans who uses FireStick. You can access a wide variety of entertainment content.

The best element about this app is you get it all free of cost. There are hundreds of channels to discover on Ola TV. Ola TV brings all your preferred Live IPTV channels to your FireStick. If you are a Relax TV fan, you must try this app as it has a similar interface and characteristics.

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