How to Install Mouse Toggle on FireStick – 2023 Update

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on installing Mouse Toggle on FireStick/Fire TV.

Mouse Toggle is a utility application that allows a mouse-like pointer on your Fire TV Stick screen. You can manage the pointer with your Amazon Fire TV remote. Mouse Toggle is a helpful tool for FireStick apps that are not completely remote-friendly.

All the apps you install from the Amazon Store are compatible with the remote. However, some apps are mainly created for touch devices and do not allow remote assistance on your TV.

But don’t worry! You can install the Mouse Toggle app for your Fire Stick or Fire TV and operate such apps with the mouse pointer. The Mouse Toggle app also works well with apps that are remote-compatible.

Let’s learn how to install the Mouse Toggle for FireStick/Fire TV!

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Install Mouse Toggle for Fire TV Stick/Fire TV

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A well-known, independent, third-party developer created Mouse Toggle. The official Amazon Store does not support it. It means you must sideload the app onto your FireStick. And to do that, first of all, follow these set of directions:

1- Navigate to the FireStick/Fire TV Settings from the main screen and open the My Fire TV option.

2- Now, select the Developer Options tab.

3- Please make sure the Apps from Unknown Sources option is ON.

Quick Note: Do not forget to allow ADB Debugging, or the Mouse Toggle application will not run.

4- When you turn the Apps from Unknown Sources ON, you’ll see this message. Click Turn on.

You can now sideload the Mouse Toggle app on FireStick.

We’ll learn how to install the Mouse Toggle app in two ways. The following are the popular installation methods:

#1 – Install the Mouse Toggle app using Downloader

#2 – Install the Mouse Toggle app using ES File Explorer

#1 – Install the Mouse Toggle App Using Downloader

Now that you have dealt with Apps from Unknown Sources let’s install the Downloader app.

5- Touch the Home button on your remote once. You’ll see the main screen of your TV.

6- Go to the top-left segment of the main screen to choose the Search option of FireStick.

7- Type Downloader and click on it.

8- Select Downloader from the given search results.

9- Now download the Downloader app to sideload the FireStick Mouse Toggle application.

10- It will take a moment to install the Downloader app.

11- Once installed, open the Downloader app and clear out the pop-ups that you encounter on the first run.

Click the URL box

12- Type the given URL using the onscreen keyboard:


If Mouse Toggle doesn’t run for you from that URL, use the following URL:


The first URL commonly works on all devices. However, few users have reported having issues with older devices like FireStick 2nd Generation.

13- Click GO when you have typed the URL and wait for the Mouse Toggle for Fire TV APK to download.

14- After the download process for Mouse Toggle APK is over, click on the Install tab.

15- Wait till the installation is over.

16- Select Open on the app Installed window to operate the Mouse Toggle app.

That’s it! You’ve got a Mouse Toggle in your FireStick/Fire TV.

Let’s move on to the second method! If you have previously applied the Downloader method to get Mouse Toggle on FireStick, you don’t need to follow the second one.

#2 – Install the Mouse Toggle App Using ES File Explorer

We will now utilize the ES File Explorer app to install Mouse Toggle on FireStick/Fire TV. If the Downloader process doesn’t work, this will be your savior.

Let’s install ES File Explorer first from the Amazon Store:

By using the Search option on the FireStick main screen, search for ES File Explorer

Click on ES Explorer in the search results

Online directions will now help you get ES File Explorer on FireStick

When that’s over, follow the given steps and install Mouse Toggle:

1- Launch the Downloader on ES File Explorer, as seen in the image below.

Or, on the left list, go to Tools > Download Manager.

2- Click on the +New tab.

3- You will see this ‘Download’ dialog screen.

4- You need to enter this path:

Whether or not you type any title wouldn’t matter

Select Download now.

5- Now, choose Open file.

6- Click on the Install button on the next screen.

7- Click the Install Again tab when you see this window.

8- Wait for App installed notification.

You have successfully installed the Mouse Toggle application on your FireStick.

How to Set up and Access Mouse Toggle FireStick App

You can access all the apps you install on FireStick from the Your Apps and Channels section. Here is how you can get there:

  • Touch and hold the Home key on your FireStick remote for around 5 seconds.
  • When you see the menu window, click on Apps.
  • There you are in Your Apps & Channels segment.

Now move to the bottom utilizing your remote, where you will see the Mouse Toggle app. Remember, all the installed apps stay at the bottom of Your Apps & Channels. One more thing to remember is that the recently installed apps do not arrive on your FireStick main screen.

To bring any app to the main screen, choose its icon in the Your Apps & Channels division, and touch the menu button on the remote. Now snap Move and take the icon to one of the top lines.

Let’s see how you can access the app!

Accessing the Mouse Toggle App

First, for the Mouse Toggle app to run, ADB Debugging must be ON. This is how you can turn it ON:

FireStick Home screen > Settings > Device > Developer Options > ADB Debugging

Launch the app from the Your Apps & Channels segment. This is how the application looks like. There is only one screen.

Make sure you Allow the mouse service option. If you want the mouse service to work on the FireStick start-up, keep the second alternative turned on. We suggest keeping it on. Mouse Toggle is just a 2 MB app, and maintaining it always does not alter the device’s performance.

When the mouse service is allowed, the Status at the bottom left of the screen should start.

If the Status is held on starting, you may be required to turn ADB Debugging OFF and back ON. You can click the ADB SETTINGS key within the app to turn it off and on.

That’s pretty much it on the interface. Let’s now understand how to use a mouse pointer with any app.

How to Use Mouse Pointer to Run Any App

We will use Showbox HD as an instance as you cannot navigate this app with the FireStick remote. Here is the Showbox HD main screen:

As you notice, there is a list in the top-left corner. We can’t reach it without the mouse toggle. What if there’s no mouse pointer on the TV screen yet? So, how do we bring it?

To reveal the mouse pointer, all you require to do is immediately press the Play/Pause key on your Amazon FireStick remote twice.

We did that and moved the mouse pointer over the menu. Now, we must touch the Select switch on the remote to pick the menu.

The following list appears. We can now use the mouse pointer to navigate and click any item we want on the menu.

We clicked Movies, and it took us to the window holding the list of films. Again, we can use the mouse pointer to start any movie.

Please also remember that the mouse pointer goes after a few seconds when left unused. Just touch the Play/Pause key on the remote twice to take it back.

How to Deactivate Mouse Toggle to Resume Normal Remote Functions

If you need to turn off the Mouse Toggle pointer and start utilizing the FireStick remote as usual, here is what you may do:

Touch the Play/Pause key on your remote once and press any key on the navigation circle (up/down or left/right).
Hold the Back button on the remote once, followed by any key on the navigation ring.

Is the Mouse Toggle not Working? – Here’s a Quick Fix Tip!

First of all, you should make sure ADB Debugging is ON.

Now, as we stated earlier, if Mouse Toggle is still not running, follow this:

FireStick Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options and turn off ADB Debugging. Now, turn ADB Debugging ON. This trick works nearly all the time.

On some devices, you may be required to adjust the Display settings. Go to Settings >> Display & Sounds >> Display >> Video Resolution and select 1080p 50 Hz. It won’t change your streaming experience.

Final Thoughts

Mouse Toggle is an excellent app on FireStick if you plan to use Android apps that are not fully cooperative with your remote.

There are many great apps you wouldn’t want to avoid just because they are not remote-friendly. Mouse Toggle is an ideal solution in that case.

This compact app works in the background, and you can summon the mouse pointer whenever you want it. We believe every FireStick user must have this app.


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