How to Install Morph TV On FireStick Like A Pro in 2023

Here’s how you can install Morph TV on Firestick or Fire TV within 5 minutes!

Imagine you and your friends watching your favorite movie on Fire TV, and as your favorite part comes…

An advertisement arrives!

Sounds annoying, no?

Well, you won’t have to worry anymore. Morph TV is your savior!

With Morph TV, you get to watch your favorite TV shows and movies with HD quality, and that too without ads!

Wait, there’s more…

You won’t have to pay hefty subscription fees to stream any movies or series, meaning you can watch almost everything for FREE!

So let’s see how you can install Morph TV on Firestick or Fire TV!

How to Install Morph TV On Firestick

To download Morph TV on Firestick, you will require a Firestick/Fire TV (Obviously!) with a good WiFi connection.

You can install Morph TV in two ways:

  • Install Morph TV Using Downloader
  • Install Morph TV Using ES File Explorer

Most people prefer using Downloader, but don’t worry! We will go through both methods.

Let’s get started!

Install Morph TV Using Downloader

Downloader application, as you might have guessed, allows you to download third-party applications on your Firestick/TV.

Follow these steps to install Morph TV on Firestick using Downloader:

1. Go to the home screen of your Firestick, navigate to the Settings option on the top menu.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

2. Select the My Fire TV option.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

3. Then choose Developer Options.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

4. On the next screen, take the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

5. Change the toggle to ON.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

6. Return to the main screen and look for the Search icon set on the menu bar.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

7. Type the word ‘Downloader’ and initiate the search.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

8. From the search results, select the Downloader app. The application icon is orange and has a downward sign, as displayed here in the image.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

9. Tap the Download tab. The system will start downloading the app. After the process ends, it will install the app automatically on your device.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

10. Wait till the process ends.

11. Then, select the Open tab to run the Downloader app.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

12. Select ‘Allow’ when the device asks you permission to grant access to photos, media, and files to the Downloader app.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

Click OK to drop the Quick Guide pop-up.

13. On the main screen of the Downloader app, you will find an address bar. Click on it using the OK/Select switch on your remote.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

14. Insert the given URL correctly:

Select GO, and the system will start downloading the Morph TV app on your FireStick.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

Smart Tip – While you access the on-screen keyboard, we recommend using Mouse Toggle App to ease typing and selecting tabs.

15. Wait until the download process ends.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

16. On the next screen, select the Install option.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

17. The installation process will begin right after this.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

18. After a few moments when the installation is finished, click on the Open tab.

Install Morph TV on Firestick

There you are!

You can enjoy your favorite TV series and movies in high quality without any ads.

If you want to install Morph TV using ES File Explorer, follow these steps to do so.

Install Morph TV Using ES File Explorer

Like Downloader, ES File Explorer is a helpful tool to sideload apps on Firestick with ease.

To get Morph TV on your Firestick/TV, you need to download Es File Explorer to your device using Amazon Store.

Let’s do it!

(If you already have this app on your device, skip to the next segment to install Morph TV.)

  • Navigate to the search option on the main screen of your Amazon Firestick.
  • Search for ES File Explorer with the help of a keypad on the screen.
  • From the search results, select the app.
  • Follow the on-screen directions and get ES File Explorer on your device.

After you successfully install it, follow these quick steps below to install Morph TV on FireStick with ES Explorer:

  1. Run ES File Explorer.
  2. Move down and select Downloader Icon on the right side of the screen.
  3. Tap on +New on the following screen.
  4. When you see a dialogue box, insert this data: Path: Name: Morph TV (or any other suitable name you like) and choose the Download option.
  5. Wait until the app downloads Morph TV on your Amazon Firestick.
  6. Once the process finishes, select the Open tab on the next window.
  7. Select the Install tab when you see the following screen.
  8. Again, choose the Install option. Let the system install Morph TV, and you’ll see a notification prompt when it’s over.

And Congrats!

You’ve successfully installed Morph TV on your Amazon Firestick/Fire TV.

Psst: Morph TV is not updating the content right now. Check other Best Firestick apps.

Why Morph TV?

  • Tonnes of movies and TV programs.
  • Supports Trakt integration, enabling you to manage your Watchlist and Favorites.
  • In-built subtitles feature saves your time looking for the subtitles elsewhere. Most of the content available in the app has subtitles by default.
  • Allows Torrent streaming.
  • Elegant and smooth interface.
  • Inbuilt Chromecast support allows you to stream your favorite shows and movies on your TV or PC.
  • Lets to download your favorite shows or movies to watch offline.

Being a lightweight application, it’s a perfect match for your FireStick.

Now you know the unique features of Morph TV and the process of installing it, let’s see how to use it!

Using Morph TV on FireStick or Fire TV

Don’t worry if you find the interface of Morph TV slightly different from other apps. It’s super easy to use.

Since the newly installed apps do not feature on the main screen, you need to go to the Your Apps and Channels category to run Morph Tv for the first time.

Follow these quick guide to do so:

  • Press the Home button on your remote of the Amazon Firestick for about 5 seconds.
  • When you see a pop-up on your screen, select Apps.
  • Move down to the end of the screen and click Morph TV. You can start the app from here.

Move App

  • If you want to take this application to the main screen, hold the menu button on the remote.
  • Then, select Move from the menu on the bottom right side of the TV.
  • Drag the app and leave it in the first, second, or third line to arrive on the main screen.

Let’s take a tour of Morph TV!

The following is the main window of the Morph TV on your FireStick. You will see the following options on the home screen:

Home screen of Morph TV

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Downloads
  • Settings

Note: If a new version of the app will be available, the system will show you an Update button pm this screen. You can continue using the old variant, but we recommend updating the app for a better user experience.

When you select a particular option on the main window, it opens up a new set of categories on the next window.

This is what you will see when you click on the Movies option:

Movies in Morph TV

  • Trending
  • Popular
  • Search
  • Favorites
  • Watchlist

Again, when you press on any one category, it takes you to the next screen, where you will see associated results.

If you want to stream your favorite film, you can search it using the Search option given in the main menu.

The Favorites segment includes the movie you have selected as favorites. The watchlist stores the records of the film you have seen.

WARNING: Your FireStick/Fire TV is now all set to stream your favorite media. But, before you continue, we would like to remind you that your government and ISP can see whatever you stream online. You can solve this issue by using a good VPN service.

We recommend trying Express VPN as it is one of the best VPNs around the market.

Want to install Express VPN? Here’s a quick guide!

How to Install Express VPN to Firestick/Fire TV

  • Turn ON your Firestick/Fire TV and connect it to WiFi.
  • Open the main screen of your device and find the search option on the top menu bar and select it.
  • Type ES File Explorer in the search panel and generate the search.

  • Choose the ES File Explorer application from the results. It will redirect you to the app information screen.
  • From that page, click on the Download tab. The system will download and install the app automatically.

  • Once the installation process ends, the Get option will switch to Open. Tap on it to run the ES File Explorer app on your device.
  • Start the app and insert the login details that you generated while subscribing to ExpressVPN. Then select the Sign in tab.

  • Tap the Power symbol to connect to a VPN server.

That’s it! Now you have a secure connection with the fastest and best VPN.

Note: You can’t sideload the apps from ExpressVPN anymore. You need to purchase a monthly subscription of $9.99.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Morph TV

1 – What is Morph TV?

A. It is a clone app of Morpheus TV with the latest updates. You can watch tons of movies and TV shows in HD quality without paying a single penny.

2 – Can I download Morph TV APK on different devices?

A. Yes, Morph TV APK works smoothly with many devices, like Amazon FireStick, Mi Box, Android TV Box, Android smart TV, Nvidia Shield, Android Mobiles, and many more.

3 – Can I watch downloaded movies and TV series offline?

A. Yes. It’s one of the coolest features of Morph TV.

4 – Can I check the ratings of the content in the app?

A. Yes, the Morph TV app lets you check the IMDB ratings of every content available so that you won’t have to switch to another app or website.


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