How To Install Kodi Bae Repository 2024

If you are looking to install famous Add-ons for Firestick, you need to check this complete guide on how to install the Kodi bae repository because the Kodi bae repo is the best repository with almost all your desired add-ons like Exodus Redux, SportsDevil, cCloud, and many others.

Some of the add-ons are hard to find on the internet from safe sources. Still, in these Kodi repositories, you will get all the famous and popular add-ons of all time. For example, the Kodi bae repository works well with Firestick, Android TV box, etc. With that add-on on board, you can watch and enjoy your favorite content, including movies, TV shows, music, documentaries, and many others.

Despite being famous for such a long time, still, some users don’t know about its installation process, so if you think you are one of them, you should read this complete guide on Kodi bae repository installation.

I have shared every step with minor details to understand the process better and easily implement it on your device.

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Kodi Bae Repository

A Repository is a happy place for users who love free apps that anyone can find in one place easily. Something similar to this happens in the Kodi Bae repository. It has many famous add-ons that are very popular among users and streamers.

Famous addons like Exodus Redux, Covenant, SportsDevil, and many others are available in this Kodi repository for users who love to stream all day long.

Before Kodi Bae, there were few repositories in the market but did not survive the impact of the Government authorities and had to shut down their activities.

The Kodi Bae repo is the most trusted Kodi repository and is not associated with any illegal activities, and does not host suspicious links on the platform. That is the biggest reason most users use this repo and like it.

Other repositories will give you the same addons as Kodi bae does. Still, there are no guarantees on the quality of addons and the risk that comes with them, so you should not trust any other repos and use only the Kodi bae repository for the best video add ons.

So, I highly recommend you install and use Kodi Bae Repository and look ahead to installing the repo for the best Kodi addons.

How To Install Kodi Bae Repository

Now, we are at the important section of this guide, which is to install the Kodi Bae Repository on Firestick so that you can have a better collection of add-ons at your fingertips.

If you are an active user of Kodi for PC or Mac, you would have come across the installation process of the repository in that system. Still, when you want to install Kodi Bae in the Firestick, it is a completely new process as it does not require you to download the Zip file.

You will be required to enter a URL source, and you will be able to install Kodi Bae easily on Firestick within five minutes.

So, let’s start the process of installing, and don’t forget to read all the steps mentioned below.

Before we move ahead to the installation steps, we need to adjust so that you can install third-party applications and repo on Firestick easily.

You will be required to turn on Unknown Sources in the settings. Without it enabled, you can not install any third-party applications on Firestick. It, by default, comes as disabled to make Firestick safe but to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to enable that option and install other applications to enjoy your favorite content.

So, read the process given below to turn on Unknown sources.

  • Open Settings after launching the Kodi on Firestick.
  • Then, open System from the settings menu.
  • Now, you need to toggle the Basic to Experts or Advance button.
  • After that, from the left side’s menu, select Addons.
  • And from the right side, unable to find Unknown Source.
  • A message will come on screen, you can ignore that message and click on Yes.

Once we are done enabling Unknown Sources, let’s move ahead with the Kodi Bae Repository installation process.

Now, visit the Settings from the screen and press File Manager.

Then, click on Add sources from the screen.

After that, a box/window will appear, so click on None.

And type in the box and press Ok.

I am typing the name as Bae for ease and click on Ok.

Then, you can find Bae is listed on the File Manager.

After that, revisit Kodi Home Screen and click on Add-ons.

And select the Box icon near the Settings icon.

And scroll down the menu and select Install From Zip File.

Then, a new window will be open, where you can find different sources, so find Bae in that list and select it.

In the next step, you will see other folders in the list, so click on ZIPS (Look at the screenshot)

So, in that list, you will find all the repos, so find KODIBAE.ZIP and select it.

After selecting it, wait for a while, and after some time, you will receive a notification saying Kodi Bae Repository Installed.

That was it. Now, you have successfully installed Kodi Bae Repo on Firestick. And if you want to access any of the content from the repo, go to the Install from Repo and select Kodi Bae Rep; then, you will find many folders with different addons on the list. So, open the folder you want and start installing essential add-ons on Firestick to enjoy content from the addons.

After installing the best Kodi Repository on Firestick, now it’s time to learn how to update the popular Kodi repositories and Kodi add-ons.

Update Kodi Bae Repository

Kodi Bae is the most popular repository and the best working Kodi repository of all time keeping it updated is what you need to watch your desired content.

You are not done yet after installing the Kodi Bae repo on Firestick. Instead, we need to check for an update for the repo, and If an update is available, we should get that latest update of the Kodi Bae repository to use the latest features and new options in the repo.

And when you update the repository, you will get the latest versions of add-ons, hence new features in addons and repo.

So, read the given steps to update the Kodi Bae Repository to the latest version.

  • Launch Kodi and open Add-ons from the menus.
  • And click on the box icon near the Settings icon.
  • Then, open My Addons from the screen.
  • It will then show you the full list of repositories, so click on the Add-on repository.
  • And, you will get the list of installed addons so, click on Kodi Bae Repo from the list.
  • Then, an update option will be available on the screen, and do not click on it. First, check for the version of the update under the name Repository.
  • Now, click on the Update button and a box will appear with the versions of Kodi Bae Repo, so select the one which is new and not similar to the one you have currently.

After a while, it will do the new update on the system. You can also enable the Auto-Update option by clicking on the button located near the update button to get the latest update when it is available.

You can install add-ons and popular Kodi add-ons to stream movies, TV shows, and much other stuff you like. And the repo is managed by lazy Kodi.

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Now, we will look into some of the most asked questions about this topic so you can understand the whole process very clearly and you can easily implement it on your system very well.

Will Kodi Bae Repository work for free?

I am very excited to say that Kodi Bae Repository is absolutely free, and anyone can install it on their Firestick device. However, you will not charge a penny for installing add-ons to streaming your favorite content from Kodi add-ons. Kodi Bae is one of the best repositories when compared with other repos out there in the market. You can install some of the best and famous Kodi addons from this repository for all your content needs. The Kodi addons include Exodus Redux, Covenant, Yoda Addons, etc.

Will Kodi Bae Repository work in 2024?

Kodi Bae Repository is the coolest repo available online compared with other repositories. It works magic in 2024, and you will love it because of what it offers you in terms of addons and other services. You can install Repositories on Firestick in under five minutes by following the steps and processes mentioned above in this guide. You can also update it to the new version of the system by following the update process mentioned above in this guide. I have been using this repos for many years, and I am delighted with what it offers the lovers of streaming.


I have shared all the details regarding installing the Kodi Bae repository on Firestick. It will provide you step y step road map to installing the repository on Firestick in under five minutes.

If you are searching for installing Kodi Bae on other platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc., you can follow the above-mentioned process and steps to do that easily. These processes will work on any platform.

And you may require to download the Zip file separately because in Kodi, the downloading time will be a bit higher, and the speed will be low, so choose the steps according to your convenience.

This famous Kodi repository will provide you with the best and popular Kodi addons so that you never miss your favorite content.

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