Solved: How to Install Google Chrome On Firestick 2023

In this article, we will look into how to install Google Chrome on Firestick, as many Firestick users cannot find the perfect procedure to install it on Firestick.

So, I have explained each step for the procedure, and anyone can read this article and follow the steps to install it on Firestick in under five minutes. It’s straightforward, and you will love it as well.

To install the Google Chrome app on Amazon Fire TV devices, read this entire article until the end and understand the process and methods to install Chrome browser. If you skip any part or steps of the process, you will not make it to the end of the process. It will not help you complete the process also.

So, it’s better to read the complete article step by step and look at the screenshots when needed to understand the whole process. It is not a complex method that requires any technical skills, and it’s just a Firestick app installation guide.

The best thing about this guide and mentioned process is that you can use it to install on any Firestick device, including Firestick 4K, Fire TV 2nd & 3rd Gen, and Fire TV Cube.

However, If you have any other devices like the Android TV box, you should look for the different processes and methods as this one will not be helpful to install the Google Chrome browser on Android devices.


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Google Chrome Web Browser

The Google Chrome web browser is available for almost all the OS and devices globally and is the best web browser of all time. Considering its hard competition in the industry, Google Chrome shines like a star on the internet.

Unfortunately, Google Chrome isn’t available on the Amazon App Store. Yes, you read that right. It is not there, but don’t worry, I will help you get it on Firestick for free.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is an excellent device for streaming your favorite content online, and when you hear that the best web browser is not officially there on the app store, it makes you throw your device right away from your window.

Please don’t do that, and I will help you get one on the Firestick. So, read this fantastic and complete article until the end.

So, to get the Google Chrome on Firestick, we will need to perform the sideload process, and most of the Firestick users are aware of this much easy process to sideload any apps on Firestick.

It’s effortless because of the Downloader app that allows you to download apps not available on the official app store.

And when you are done installing the Google Chrome APK on Firestick, it is effortless to use it on Firestick. It works pretty similarly to any mobile devices, tablets, or other electronic devices in which Google Chrome fits.

Google Chrome is very useful, as you can do all the tasks you usually do on a web browser, mainly Google Chrome. SO, you will be able to surf the internet, and you will be able to access your saved bookmarks on Firestick by signing into your Google account.

And you can also use the Chrom on Firestick to use other features like downloading third-party applications and using your Facebook and other social media sites on Chrome. In short, this is a fantastic app to have on Firestick to open tons of possibilities to have more fun.

Install Google Chrome On Firestick

Now, we know that we need to sideload the app that is not available on the official app store, and if you don’t learn how to sideload any third-party apps on Firestick, read this section of the article, where you will get to know every detail about the sideloading third-party apps and installing Google Chrome on Firestick as well.

Before we move ahead, we need to jailbreak the Firestick to get all the third-party applications on Firestick and, after that, enable Unknown Sources in the system that prevents the third-party apps from getting into the system. After allowing the unknown sources, your system will allow you to sideload any apps you want on your device.

So, jailbreak the Firestick and enable the unknown sources in the device.

When you are done with the jailbreak process, let’s move ahead and enable the unknown sources in the device to install Google Chrome APK on Firestick. And If you don’t perform that process, it will not install any third-party app on Firestick.

Look at the below steps to start the process.

  • Launch Fire TV, and from Home Screen, open Settings.
  • Then, look for My Fire TV in the settings and open it.
  • After that, click on the Developer Options.
  • It will show you many other options along with “Apps From Unknown Source,” so select it.
  • As soon as you select that option, you will receive a confirmation asking box, so click on Enable in that box to finally enable Unknown Sources.

Finally, it’s been successfully enabled on the system, so now we can move ahead to the installation part.

After completing every necessary process to install a third-party application on Firestick, We will install the Downloader app on Firestick.

The downloader app will allow you to sideload third-party apps on Firestick, and it’s a critical application to get those apps on Firestick, and it’s free.

Now, let’s apply the below steps to install the Downloader app.

Open Fire TV Home Screen, go to the menus, and select Apps.

From the sub-menu, click on Categories.

All the categories will be there on the screen, so select Utilities from the list.

After clicking on Utilities, the Downloader app will be seen on the screen, so select the app’s icon.

Then, click on the Download button to start the process of installation.

And the app will start to download on the system, so when it’s done, press the Open button to start the app.

When you open the Downloader app on your Firestick device, it will allow you to save the downloading, so press the Allow button.

After permitting the app, a new box will appear with a quick tour guide, so you can ignore it and click on the Ok button.

Then, you will be transferred to the app’s main screen, where a box will be there with a search bar in which you can type your queries. So, select that search bar, and a virtual keyboard will appear.

Now, use that virtual keyboard to type and click the Ok button.

Then, the app will connect with the server to find that APK and download it automatically.

And when it’s done downloading, and Install window will appear there, so select the Install button to move ahead.

Now, Google Chrome will start installing on Firestick, and it will do it in a few seconds. After the app is installed on the system, click on the Open button instead of Done.

Then, the downloader app will again come on the screen with some information about the app that we just downloaded on Firestick. So from the appeared screen, click on the Delete button, and it will again ask you for permission to delete. So, click on Delete again.

We have deleted the backup files of the Google Chrome app on Firestick to save some storage on the device as the device itself has low storage. And when it gets full, you will undoubtedly face many problems due to the entire storage system.

So, all the processes to install Google Chrome on Firestick have been completed, and you can launch the Google Chrome app on Firestick to start surfing the internet quickly.

Use Google Chrome On Firestick

When you are done with your installation part, and wondering how to use Google Chrome on Firestick, don’t worry much. I have explained a detailed piece of information further in this section to teach you how to use Google Chrome on Firestick like magic and make the most out of your app.

And when you sideload any third-party application on Firestick, its icon will not be on the Home Screen for sure, so the first thing we need to do is to bring the app icon to the front on the Home screen, from where you can rapidly access the app.

Now, hold and press the Home button for some seconds to open a new window from where you need to select the Apps.

Then, it will show you the list of all the installed applications on the device, so scroll down the list and find Google Chrome on that list, and when you see it, go to that app’s icon and click on three horizontal lines to open a small menu of different options. So, you need to select Move To Front option from that option to bring your app to the front on the Home Screen.

After bringing the app to the front, now it’s time to launch it, So open the app, and it will come up with a welcome notification on the screen, so select Accept & Continue.

So, after opening the app, you will feel that the app is not working perfectly with the Firestick remote. It’s because the app is not made for Fire TV use where a remote controller can operate it, and that could mean that the version of the app would require a touch screen device to work it perfectly.

But, as you guys know, Firestick does not support any touch screen facilities, so w will need an app called Mouse Toggle to launch Google Chrome and use it effectively.

This app will help your remote convert it into a virtual mouse, and it will be easier for you to use the app effectively.

And it’s better to install it on Firestick and know how it works. For example, the Google Chrome app goes and clicks on the Play/Pause button two times to launch the virtual keyboard.


Is Google Chrome on Firestick work the same as another device?

Google Chrome applications are so versatile that it fits on almost all types of devices, including phones, tablets, PC/Laptop, and Firestick as well. But as we all know, If you want to install it on Firestick, you will need to perform many processes and steps to install it on Firestick. And Google Chrome is not made for use on Firestick, so the use of the app will be slightly different compared to the other devices available. But there’s always a solution available to every problem in this world. So, use the Mouse Toggle app to solve the issue of Google Chrome not working smoothly on Firestick.

Why do I need the Mouse Toggle app?

Google Chrome application is not officially made for use on Firestick, so when you sideload it on Firestick with the help of the Downloader app, you will get it on Firestick. Still, it won’t function as a normal one, and all the app workings will not go as smoothly as other apps on other devices. So, to solve this issue, the Mouse Toggle app will be a lifesaver here because it will work as a virtual Firestick remote to operate the app instead of an actual remote. This is how the Mouse toggle app will be required to use the Google Chrome application on Firestick.


Google Chrome on Firestick is the best solution to surf the internet on Firestick, and not only surf the internet, but you can also watch other content from various websites and download your favorite movies and other stuff that you like to do on a web browser.

And you can do all these things on Firestick by following this guide and process and steps mentioned in this article to install Google Chrome on Firestick. Google Chrome is the best web browser of all time, and despite being the best in the business, it will occupy most of the device’s RAM and make the machine run slow.

A slow Firestick can cause various problems and issues in working, including glitches and errors. And still, if you want to use this web browser, you can check out the section in this article where I have explained the details on how to use the Google Chrome app effectively on Firestick.

Since you are using this app to surf the internet and download your favorite stuff from unprotected websites, you should not forget to use ExpressVPN. It will surely help you surf anonymously and protect yourself and work as a shield online that no one can break.

And If the app isn’t working correctly on Firestick, use the Mouse Toggle app on Firestick to effectively use the Google Chrome app. You can also read the FAQs section, where you will find the most asked question related to this topic, and if you have any other questions about Firestick and the installation guide, you can ask me anytime. I am waiting for all your questions.


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