How To Install Genesis Reborn Addon On Kodi In 2023

The world is becoming advanced daily, and the digital space is booming with content creators and content consumers. Obviously, it also works on demand and the supply chain. Let’s unfold this new guide on installing the Genesis Reborn Kodi addon, which is kind of the empire for content consumers.

If you are a Kodi user and want to take more advantage of it, by the way, more entertainment than you ever expected, then Genesis Reborn is the addon you should have in your life and Kodi as well.

Everyone has a child inside them who is always hungry for entertainment, and I will feed that child inside you very well today by helping you set up the Genesis Reborn addon on Kodi.

By Installing the best Kodi addon on your device, you’ll be able to watch Movies, Series, TV Shows, etc., for free.

What is Genesis Reborn

You must be wondering why Genesis has Reborn at the end. Let me tell you why. Genesis was previously known as Genesis Video addon, but unfortunately, they shut it down for copyright issues.

Now, developers have given Genesis a Rebirth, meaning it is again started as a service but with a new name, “Genesis Reborn.”

Only the name is new, but its services are still the same, including Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Documentaries, etc.

The speed of scraping the links was way faster than other Kodi add-ons at that time. Hence, it provided the best streaming experience to its users with no buffering, but as I talked earlier about the shutting down of the add-on, it was because of the copyright issues or something other than that.

So, today you can watch free Movies and TV Shows, etc., on the Genesis Reborn, but it may not perform well as the old version as the developers are not working hard on the new version or updated version. So you can keep this genesis Kodi addon as an option for watching your movies and tv shows.

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How To Install Genesis Reborn Addon On Kodi

Enough of the intro as the addon is already popular and known to most Kodi users for watching free movies and just chilling. So let’s quickly move towards the step-by-step guide of installing genesis on Kodi. Do not miss any of the steps while installing the genesis addon on Kodi.

If you have already turned on the unknown source on Kodi to install a third-party Kodi addon, then you don’t have to follow the first four steps of enabling the unknown source, and If you are a first time user or new to Kodi, then please follow all the steps and do not miss any one of them.

1. Launch Kodi on FireTV and open “Settings” from the Home screen near the power button.

2. After that, Open “System Settings” located at the bottom right side.

3. Now, you’ll be able to see a panel on the left side, from there, “Select Add-on.

4. Now, turn on the toggle showing the “unknown sources,” and further, you will be asked to press “yes” to enable the unknown source

Now, enabling the unknown source on Kodi has been ended successfully. If you don’t understand any of the steps, please follow the attached screenshots to understand better.

Now, I am going to show the exact process of Installing the genesis reborn addon on Kodi. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Launch Kodi and then click on the Settings button from the Home Screen.

Now select File Manager from the top left side.

After opening the file manager, click on the Add Source from the left or right side.

Now a box will appear, so click None in the box.

Further, it will ask you for the source URL. So I am attaching the source URL. Just enter the URL in the box.

Further, it will ask you to enter the Name of the source, and I am giving the name Genesis to remember the source easily.

After typing the source name, press Ok, and you will add the source.

Now go back to the Home Screen and click on Addons from the left side.

Now click on the Box icon near the settings on the top left side. It is also called a package Installer.

Then you need to select Install from a ZIP file.

Now it will open a new window. From that window, you have to select a folder of a name that you typed in step 6. In my case, I have types, Genesis

When you open the folder, you need to select the Kodi UK from the list.

After that, in a new window, you’ll see two files, and from there, select ( x.x.x. is the version number )

Now, wait for a while until you receive a notification regarding Kodi UK Repository Installed.

After the notification arrives, select the Install from the repository section.

Now, find the Kodi Uk repo, click on it, and then go to Video Addon and click on it.

Now it will show all available video addons on Kodi, then select Genesis Reborn from the list.

After clicking on the Genesis Reborn, click on the Install button located on the bottom right side.

After clicking on the Install button, a new box will open. It would be best if you pressed Ok to start the process of installation.

Now wait for a while, and you’ll receive a notification stating, “Addon Genesis Reborn Is Installed.”

After the notification arrives, you are now ready to explore the Kodi Addon and see what it offers in terms of entertainment. You will be able to enjoy Movies, Series, Documentaries, TV Shows, and many more.

Genesis Kodi not working

Some reported issues claim that Genesis Reborn is not working. So, in that case, there are some solutions available to fix the genesis reborn addon. All of these solutions are working absolutely fine so define the type of issue you are facing.


VPN helps you in many ways. VPN with genesis works magic, and it provides the added benefit of protecting your IP address from your ISP and law firms. When you surf anything on the internet, your ISP can still track you and look into your performing activities over the internet.

The risk of facing legal troubles when not using the VPN is very high. These third-party Kodi addons or apps offer links to torrent or some pirated files that may lend you to legal troubles. If you have not Installed any VPN on your device yet and are using these online streaming apps and addons, then my friend needs to install a VPN ASAP.

Update Addon Frequently

The easiest way to avoid any problems in the genesis addon is to keep the addon updated every time. When you face an older version of genesis not working, it could mean that developers who had launched a new version of it the addon have discontinued the older one. So keeping it updated can save you a lot of time.

You can enable the auto-update to keep the genesis addon updated and enable the auto-update to simple steps. Settings> Addon > My Addon> Video Addons> now enable Auto-Update from below menu.

Uninstall and Reinstall

In some cases, you need to uninstall the genesis reborn and then reinstall it. What it does is that it will fix your Kodi addon, and you will start receiving the update of the new version. Suppose you were not receiving any updates. Due to some minor errors by the malware, you don’t receive any new updates.

Features of Genesis Reborn Kodi Addon

  • It is free and available to install
  • Low buffering issues on the Genesis Reborn Addon
  • Best-in-class streaming experience of Kodi Addon
  • Great user interface and easy to operate
  • Stream unlimited free movies. series, tv shows, etc

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This is the simplest way to Install Genesis Reborn addon on Kodi in just a few minutes. I hope you all have understood every step of installing the addon on Kodi. If not, then take the help of the attached screenshots.

If you are an old user of Kodi or Genesis, then it should not bother you to install it. Still, If you are a new user, this complete guide will help you smoothly integrate this amazing free addon on Kodi and enjoy its superb streaming experience of movies, tv shows, etc.

Feel free to comment down below If you have any questions regarding the Genesis Reborn addon. Do not forget to share with your friends so they can also take advantage of this complete guide on installing Genesis Reborn addon on Kodi.

Have Fun!


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