How to Install CatMouse APK on FireStick in Two Minutes in 2024

In the following tutorial, we’ll show you a step-by-step guide to installing CatMouse Apk on FireStick. We’ve also included screenshots of every installation step to make this process easier to follow. The method also works on all Amazon Fire TV devices like Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Pendant, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube.

CatMouse APK is a search engine for movies and TV programs that are available to viewers and previews in an excellent, user-friendly UI. With this great APP, users can access thousands of high-quality media content unavailable on other online streaming platforms. Anyone can utilize this application on Android, Amazon Fire Stick, iOS, Android TV, etc.

Visually, CatMouse is beautiful, and the app is easy to navigate. It emphasizes the familiar design with all the tabs at the top of the screen.

Beyond a broad range of classifications, CatMouse allows you to check out entertainment in hundreds of languages. So, there’s no language barrier when streaming high-quality videos.

Furthermore, if you integrate Real-Debrid, you can access even higher-quality HD streaming links. You will also find the CatMouse APK app on our list of best FireStick apps.

Now, without any delay, let’s see how to install CatMouse APK on FireStick!

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How to Install CatMouse APK on FireStick

The installation process of CatMouse APK on your Fire TV or FireStick device is very easy. All you need to do is simply follow the simple directions given below with screenshots. You will be able to set up the application run it on your device in no time.

So, let’s begin the process of installing CatMouse APK on FireStick so that you can access the treasure of TV shows and movies quickly.

We will install CatMouse APK on FireStick with the Downloader app. We will get to that later, though. First things, first!

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

CatMouse is a third-party application for FireStick. So, it won’t be available on Amazon Store. We have to get it from an external source. As a requirement, we have to allow the Apps from Unknown Sources option on your FireStick.

Let’s get started!

– Switch on the FireStick device. On the main screen, go to the top, where you’ll see the menu. Choose Settings.

– When you see the following set of menu details, move to the right and click on the My Fire TV option.

– Select Developer Options.

– Then, check the state of the Apps from the Unknown Sources option. Snap it if it is currently OFF and switch it ON.

– When you try to turn the option ON, FireStick shows a warning note. Proceed and select Turn On.

Now you are ready to install Cat Mouse APK on FireStick.

Install CatMouse APK on FireStick

We will utilize the Downloader application to install this app. So, follow the steps given below, and you’re good to go!

1- The first thing you need to do is to get the Downloader application. It is available on the Amazon Store. Let’s get it done!

On the home screen of your FireStick, go to the main menu. Choose the lens symbol. Now, type the Downloader app and get it utilizing the guidance on the TV screen.

2- Now, you should open the Downloader app.

As you can see, there is a text bar on the right where it requires you to enter the URL. Click in the empty field.

3- You’ll see an on-screen keyboard. Use it to type in the given URL:

Click on the Go tab.

4- You have to wait until the Downloader app downloads the APK files. Don’t worry! It won’t take long.

5- Downloader will automatically control the CatMouse APK on FireStick the minute it is installed. Proceed and click on the Install option when you see the following message.

6- Wait for a moment till the installation process is over.

7- The application will be installed when you’ll see the app installed notification. While you can select Open and start using the CatMouse app on FireStick, we recommend clicking on the Done tab for now. We will explore this app later in this article.

8- Choose Delete so that you can delete the CatMouse APK. It is of no use now. Plus, by doing so, you can free up some storage space.

9- Click on the Delete again tab when you see this:

Great! You have successfully installed CatMouse APK on FireStick.

Your FireStick/Fire TV is now all set to stream your favorite media files. But, before you begin, see this!

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  4. Click on the download tab to install the ExpressVPN on your FireStick.
  5. After installing the VPN, select the “open” button. It will let you set up and access ExpressVPN.

Now, let’s see what are the features of CatMouse APK so that you can use it for better streaming!

CatMouse APK Features

CatMouse APK has a lot of useful features available for you to enjoy the best quality content. You can find some of them here!

  • High-Quality Streaming – CatMouse APK allows you to stream media files in 4K, Full HD, and HD quality so that your streaming time becomes the best with CatMouse APK.
  • Clean UI– The CatMouse APK has a user-friendly and clear UI. Users can use this application smoothly without any difficulty. Even a non-technical person can use this app easily. This is one of the best traits of this application.
  • Loads of Movies, TV Programmes, and Web Series – Anyone can access hundreds of films and TV shows with CatMouse APK.
  • Use Subtitles – CatMouse APK lets you add subtitles in many different languages. So you don’t have to worry about the language barrier to watch your favorite movies.
  • Can Download Any Media File –  You can also download your favorite movie or TV show and stream it in your leisure time.
  • Bookmarking TV Show Episodes – If you are streaming TV programs and series, you can bookmark your recently seen episodes easily through this app.
  • Ads Free Streaming – CatMouse APK does not contain any annoying advertisements. So your streaming experience won’t be damaged by the ads when you enjoy movies.
  • Can Use In External Media Players – CatMouse APK carries inbuilt media players; you can use your preferred media player to see your favorite show on CatMouse APK easily.
  • No Need For Registration or Subscriptions –  You don’t have to go through any registration or subscription process to access CatMouse APK.
  • Multi-Platform – You can use this app on any device, such as Amazon FireStick, Android TV, etc.

Now that you know the features let’s see how you can access CatMouse APK on FireStick.

How to Use CatMouse APK on FireStick/Fire TV

If you did not select the Open tab after the installation, you might always use CatMouse APK later by going to the Apps section on the FireStick.

For that, hold down the Home button on your Amazon Fire TV Remote for a few moments. Select Apps on the following screen.

Go down and select the CatMouse app.

After installation, opening the CatMouse app displays photos, media, and file access, then reveals the Welcome note. Select the Allow button to start using the application.

You may be required to remove a couple of pop-ups first. Choose Proceed.

That’s the home screen of the app. The app covers Divisions for Recently Updated, Premieres, Trending, Most Popular, New Shows, Most Watched, and more. Besides the Search option, you can filter your search by the Year of release.

The first window will present TV Programs. Go to the menu in the top-left corner to switch it.

You can now select Movies in this drop-down list to search the set of films.

Use Real-Debrid With CatMouse APK

As stated, you can add Real-Debrid to CatMouse APK for additional streaming links.

Real-Debrid is an unlimited downloader that combines high-quality link options to media content on CatMouse. These new links would provide better playback with less buffering.

CatMouse APK is also involved in our Best Apps for Real-Debrid Users list.

The following screenshot guide will tell you how to set up Real-Debrid within CatMouse APK.

NOTE: You must disconnect the VPN on your streaming device before following the steps. Once the pairing and set up process of Real-Debrid are over, you can activate your VPN. 

1. Register for Real-Debrid Account.

2. Select the settings symbol (3 horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner).

3. Go down and click on the Settings option.

4. Scroll down and choose the Login to Real-Debrid option.

5. Save the code provided on the screen, you see.

6. Open the Internet browser on any gadget and go to

7. Type in the code from above and select Continue.

8. Your Real-Debrid application is now confirmed!

That’s it! You are now logged in to Real-Debrid in CatMouse APK!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the CatMouse APP Different?

CatMouse APK grants access to lots of movies and TV shows free of cost. It is a significant benefit for users who don’t have a budget to buy a subscription to stream their favorite films.

Is Cat Mouse APK Free?

Yes, of course. You can access this CatMouse APK for completely zero cost. Even there is no Hidden Chargen in CatMouse APK.

Is CatMouse APK Legal?

Yes. This CatMouse APK is 100% legitimate. You can install and utilize this fantastic app without any difficulty.

Is CatMouse a Terrarium TV alternative?

Many users are considering the CatMouse app as a clone of Terrarium TV.

Is it required to root the Android device to utilize the CatMouse app?

No. You do not require any root access in your Android gadget to install CatMouse APK. You just need to allow unknown sources permission to install the application.

Does CatMouse allow subtitle functionality?

Yes. CatMouse APK provides a subtitle feature. You can add subtitles in various languages.

Does this application support external media players?

Yes. You can integrate external media players. We recommend using MX Player for better results.

Is there any required permission to install CatMouse APK on FireStick?

Yes, you have to be permitted to install apps from unknown sources on your device. You can follow the initial steps given in this article.

Summing Up

CatMouse APK has emerged as an excellent streaming service for those who are in search of a quality APK for FireStick. What strikes us the most about CatMouse APK on FireStick is its capacity to pull the best streaming sources from the top links on the internet. 

CatMouse APK is also a good replacement option for Terrarium TV due to the amount of extensive streaming links and Real Debrid service usage.

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