How to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 19.0 Leia 2024

That’s a good move to click on this article’s link to learn how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi, and I’ll ensure you won’t regrate your click. Before you start reading this complete guide on installing Ares Wizard on Kodi, I want you to know that you will not face any issues if you follow this step-by-step guide and read it till the end.

I have also attached my screenshots to help you understand the process better, and it will be an easy task for you if there’s any graphical representation available.

I knew this because when I was new to Kodi and its add-ons, I found it hard to install add-ons.

If you are an old user of Kodi and its addons, then you must be aware of the process of installing Kodi addons and how to use them, but If you are not, don’t take much stress; I will teach you every step of to use ares wizard and how to install it in under 5 minutes.

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What Is Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard add-ons were very popular among internet users as they proved to all-time demanding movies, TV shows, music, and even video games. It was a superb, high-quality video streaming addon with great features, but it was shut down due to legal issues.

Now, ares project has created a new repository link, but many things have changed over time.

Now, the new ares wizard no longer supports videos, music, or other add-ons. You can only use these add-ons as the maintenance tool.

You know what? It is still worth using as a maintenance tool because it helps you make your Kodi cache optimized for a better and smoother streaming experience, and it indeed provides that for sure.

In short, Ares Wizard is an all-in-one maintenance tool with Kodi builds, add-ons, Maintenance Tools, and many others.

As I have already mentioned here, it is no longer like the old version, and it does not have any video streaming capabilities anymore, but it can help you as a maintenance tools for Kodi. You can select Aes Wizard as your other maintenance tool.

So, If you are here to enjoy your desired content on Kodi add-ons, you will not get that in these add-ons, but if you are here to get some maintenance done, you should read further about how to install the ares wizard on Kodi.

How To Install Ares Wizard On Kodi

Now you know what to expect from the new ares wizard. Let’s install Ares Wizard on Kodi in less than five minutes.

I have also attached screenshots of every step you will take to install the ares wizard on Kodi.

You should take important steps before installing the ares wizard on Kodi, which is to enable unknown sources.

This will allow you to install all the third-party add-ons or builds on Kodi easily, and you can enjoy your desired content smoothly, but here, no content, only maintenance.

Kindly follow the steps below to enable the unknown sources successfully.

Open Kodi and select the settings icon or gear icon from the Home screen.

Now click on System Settings to open it.

Now, If you can’t find the unknown sources on the screen, try turning on the toggle from the bottom left side.

Now click on the Addons section and select Add-ons.

After clicking on the Addon section, click on Unknown Sources

A pop-up will appear; click on Yes to enable the unknown sources.

Now you have successfully enabled the unknown sources to install the ares wizard addon on Kodi.

To start installing the ares wizard on Kodi, follow the below steps with screenshots attached to it for better understanding.

Please go back to the settings page or home screen and open File Manager.

After opening the file manager, you will see the Add Sources button on the left and right sides. Just select from any of the sides. It really doesn’t matter.

Now click on None from a new box.

Now, you have to add a file source URL. Type and press OK. Below, you will find space to enter a name, so type it as you like (I am typing Ares Wizard).

Click Ok.

The Name you just typed in that box will appear on that same page.

Now go back to the Home Screen of Kodi and select Addons from the screen.

Now, you have to open the Box icon, generally called Package Installer, near Settings.

Now scroll down and select Install from the zip file.

A new pop-up window will open, then select the name you typed in the File Manager section.

You must choose the zip file, so select (0.0.69 is the version; it could be different when you start the process).

So wait for a while after selecting the zip file, and when it is done, you will receive a notification saying “Ares Wizard Add-on Installed.”

Now ares wizard is installed on your device, and you are ready to use it. “Successfully installed ares wizard.

See, ares wizard download process was quite simple.

The Features Of Ares Wizard

  • If you feel that you are not getting the performance on Kodi, then installing Aes Wizard may help boost your performance, and it will also help you in performance optimizations.
  • Now you are stress-free of the data loss tension because you can back up your data on Kodi using ares Wizard.
  • Ares wizard firestick installation is also a smooth process
  • Kodi users also use this add-on as a management system
  • If you are an old Kodi user, you would know that you can also test internet speed on this addon
  • It works perfectly on a Fire TV stick or Amazon Fire tv
  • It also helps you optimize Kodi cache size

Ares Wizard Not Working?

If you find that Ares Wizard is not working on your fire stick or your devices, then there are a few things to check If it is working properly or not.

Like, check if your add-on has a new update or not. If there is an update, I highly recommend you update to the new version.

If there is no update available, then make sure that you are using ExpressVPN to stay protected.

If both steps are not working, uninstall, and it will work.

How to stop buffering using ares wizard

We hate buffering, and we hate it even more when it buffers during our showtime. And it happens because many cache and temp files are stored in the system.

These cache and temp files slow down the work process; hence, you often feel buffering.

There are hardly three to four steps to follow. Launch Ares> Go To Maintenance Section> Delete Thumbnails, Cache Files, Temp Files, and Packages.

Does Ares Wizard Still Work In 2024?

Yes absolutely. Ares Wizard is still working in 2024, but it has changed from its old version, and now Ares Wizard works as a maintenance tool and backup tool.


If you consume content for hours, then you should use and install Ares Wizard because after watching hours of movies and tv shows, it collects temp/cache files, thumbnails which slows down your device, and you start experiencing buffering, which is not good for consuming content.

After reading this complete guide on how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi, if you have any questions, comment below. I would love to hear what you feel and think about ares wizard Kodi addon. I will try to answer all your questions.

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