How to Reset Firestick Remote In 5 minutes

This guide will teach you how to reset the Firestick remote in less than five minutes. It is a problem that many Amazon Fire Stick remote users face in their everyday lives.

The Amazon Fire Tv device is a smart streaming device, and almost every online streamer would know about this device for sure.

If you have purchased this fantastic Fire TV device, the most common problem you have to face is that its remote will stop working or any other issues related to its remote will come up.

So, it is better to know how to reset the Firestick remote quickly because If you don’t know how to do it, you will no longer be able to watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, and many more to come.

Some of my friends struggled to reset the Fire TV stick remote, and they did not know how to solve this issue. I have worked with this issue, so I have done complete research about the same and have come up with the best method to reset the Firestick remote in less than 5 minutes.

The solution mentioned in this article is 100% true and working correctly, so you can try this on your Fire tv devices and Fire tv remote.

But you need to know what will happen If you reset your Amazon Fire TV remote, so for that reason, you need to read this entire article and do not miss any of the essential sections. Otherwise, you will not perform this method on your Fire stick device, and a working fire tv remote will remain a dream.

Firestick remote working at 100% capacity is a dream of many, and here in this article, I will make your dream come true because I know the exact formula or method to reset the Firestick remote easily.

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What Happens If You Reset Your Firestick’s Remote Control?

You may wonder when a user needs to follow this method of resetting the Firestick remote. So, let me clear some things to understand the issue. A user must follow this method to solve their Amazon Fire Stick remote not working.

So, follow the certified method of un-pairing the Fire tv remote from the TV. It will immediately remove the connection of the Fire stick remote and TV. Then a user will require to set up a new relationship between them.

I have two methods to teach you to solve the problem in this article. The first one is simply restoring the Fire TV remote and making some changes in the settings. The second option is to do a factory reset on the television. It will delete all the files, including the saved settings, apps, files, and everything else from the Fire TV device.

As it deletes all these files and apps, you will now experience this app on the platform much faster due to the deleted cache files, boosting the apps and system to work more quickly. When you remove the apps from the device, it also terminates the data and saves a download backup.

So, this is the fastest way to operate your Fire TV Stick, and you can also have free storage by removing those applications.

And, when you do a factory reset on a device, you will have to reset your Fire TV stick again, so remember all the steps In case you have forgotten.

Reset Firestick Remote

Here goes the first method. In this one, we will be unpairing the remote and then pair it again to check its function and working routines. So do not forget to read along and stay tuned until the last word.

Let’s start the procedure.

You need to be on the Fire stick home screen and press the Menu+Left+back, all three buttons simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds.

After that, you need to wait for 1 minute, then remote your Firestick from the TV.

After removing the stick from the TV, remove the batteries from the remote and wait for another 1 minute to cool things down.

So, after the waiting time, Now is the time to put your Fire stick back into the TV and put your batteries back inside the remote.

After staring at your Firestick, the Home screen will appear, then Hold and press the Home button for 30-40 seconds.

Now, wait for another 1 minute until the process is being completed. So, it is time to check the remote, If it’s working or not.

Now, your remote should work completely fine, and if it is not working, then the second method is for you.

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How To Do Factory Reset Of Firestick?

If you are reading this second method, It means the first one did not work for you. Don’t worry about that. I am sharing the second method with you, which will work for you. So, be ready to do a factory reset of your Firestick.

A proper backup of your data and saved settings is advisable because, after the factory reset, you will no longer have access to those files and save settings on your device. So, it’s better to have an full backup of your device and data.

Now, let’s move forward.

  • Start your Amazon Fire TV stick, and you will see the Home Screen
  • Now you have to press and halo the Right Navigation Key + Back Button for some time
  • Then, you will see a notification regarding your Firestick turning off
  • Now it will take time to delete all the files, so please wait for a while

When it is done, You will be asked to set up your Firestick from scratch. It is not that complicated process. You have to follow the steps shown on the screen and do as they ask you to do. After that, you’ll be asked to pair your remote.

Following this method, you will probably solve your problems like overheating, black screens, home screens not being available, etc.

Once you are done with the resetting, you will be required to jailbreak it again, as you have done the factory reset, so you need to do it from zero.

How To Connect A Firestick Remote With TV?

If you cannot use your Fire Tv Stick remote, connecting the Firestick remote will be a good idea. This is another suitable method If you have unpaired your remote from the TV. To use a remote, you have to sync it, So let’s see how to do that.

  • The first thing to do to connect your remote with the TV is download the Fire TV remote app from the application store on your device.
  • When the Fire TV remote app is downloaded on your phone, now is the time to connect your mobile phone to the same WI-Fi network that you are using on your television, and after connection to a WI-FI, launch the remote control app.
  • So, when you are launching the application for the first time, you will see a notification on the screen, so press the Sure button and move forward.
  • In the next step, you will see your Firestick’s name appear on your screen, so press on it.
  • And In case you don’t want to connect to the sameWi-Fi as your TV, then you can connect via an Amazon account and Sign in to your account.
  • As soon as you press on your name, you will see a four-digit code on the screen, so do not press on the Ignore button as this code is essential, and we will require this code later in the steps.
  • Now, from the remote app, type the code from the previous step and pair the remote app with Fire TV Stick.
  • After entering the code, you will see some information, ignore it and press on Enable.
  • And it’s done. Now, you have successfully paired your Fire TV remotes app with the TV. You will see some navigation keys and other keys to perform the action you want to perform on TV.

Now, close the remote app from your phone and use the physical remote instead. It will indeed work like magic. For individuals who don’t want to lose their important data on the smartphone, this may be the best option.

Orange LED Is Blinking on Firestick Remote

After following the same procedure mentioned in this article, some of them complain about their remote’s orange LED blinking.

This could be possible only because the Wi-Fi connection you are connected with is weak or you are not receiving the proper signal to perform the task.

So, to fix this issue of orange LED blinking. First, you need to reset your router. By resetting the router, you are making the router fetch the signals and work appropriately because there could be many issues like slow internet speed, WIFI bandwidth issues, etc.

And yes, there would be any obstacles that may cause the router and WIFI to cause this problem. This obstructive item could be a microwave oven or other gadget that interferes with the signal.

So, please make sure that you do not have any obstacles in the path of a router, and If you find any, please remove it ASAP and turn that orange LED off anyhow.


Why is Firestick Remote not working?

The Amazon Firestick and its remote are famous streaming products among online streamers, and almost everyone loves them. Still, when any problems related to its other parts and remote come up, people tend to dislike it. There could be many reasons behind Firestick remote not working. One of the most important factors is its batteries. So try to change its batteries and replace them with rechargeable batteries. You can also buy a replacement remote to have a backup whenever you are finding difficulties with the remote.

How to pair Firestick remote?

First, unplug the Firestick from the power socket. Then Insert new batteries into the remote, and turn on the Fire TV Stick. Wait for the Home Screen to be present on the screen. Check, If your remote’s been automatically paired or not. If not, then press and hold the Home button for 30 seconds. You will get a notification saying your remote was successfully paired.


Resetting the Firestick remote is easy. You can do it in under five minutes. So, in this complete guide of resetting the Firestick remote, I have mentioned all the methods to perform the reset.

The methods I have mentioned are the best and quickest of all other ways to solve the issue. So, do not miss any of the forms or steps to reset your Firestick remote and start enjoying your favorite content.

And If you don’t want to reset your defaults, you can also sync the remote with the TV very easily. Furthermore, I have also mentioned the solution for the orange LED blinking in the remote and how to solve it. So If you are facing that issue, you can also check for the answer in the article.

And After reading the full article on how to reset Firestick remote and still have any questions or doubts, please mention those in the comment section below.

Now, go and enjoy your Movies.

Have Fun.

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