How to install new tvaddons repo on Kodi – 2023

You will get some cool information about TVAddons Repo today, so stay tuned and read until the very end to know more about this amazing TVAddons Repo.

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TVAddons is the coolest and best repository available in the market for Kodi users to benefit from the same.

It has great benefits for its users as the user can install anything and everything from the repo. And it’s very easy to get something from the repo.

I will show you how to install new tvaddons repo on Kodi for your entertainment or your daily need for content.

If you are new here and don’t know what I am talking about, don’t worry. Just read along, and you will get it easily. What is it?

Now, I will talk about the tvaddons repo and install it, but we need to know something about the VPNs before that happens.

VPNs will help you start streaming safely and protect you from ISP throttling and potential bad hackers who steal your data and do online fraud.

You have to be very careful while using these free add-ons because sometimes these addons do not have their own content to show.

So they scrap the links from the internet to stream your favorite content.

But that link could be the pirated links and may harm your device and your online reputation.

So, it is better to use a trustworthy VPN because nowadays, VPN protection is a must.

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Now, without further due, let’s talk about what is tvaddons repo?

And why everyone should have this repo in their system.

What is the TVAddon Repo?

TVAddon Repository is a kind of; you can say, a reservoir of add ons. Take as many addons as you want.

TvAddons Repo has an unlimited number of popular addons of live tv add ons and not only live tv add ons, but you can install many other add ons as program addons, video add-ons, music add-ons, subtitles, pictures, services, and many other add ons to use.

And if you think that this many add ons are available for free, then something must be wrong. But I suppose you might be wrong.

Let me help you out in this situation.

Every addon in this repository is free and genuine and working perfectly fine in 100% condition. And you also don’t need to update any of the addons you install because it is already up to date.

However, this stunning repository was once shut down due to some issue, and many people were sad because of this shutdown as they could not install new or any addons for their use.

This issue led to flooding developer’s mail inbox requesting them to reopen this amazing repository for the people and developers who have listened to the public. Now we have a great and latest file of the tvaddons repo back in Kodi.

Want to know what you can watch through this amazing repo?

TVAddons repo lets you install stunning and famous add-ons like Netflix, Tubi, YouMusic, Indigo addon, Free Live TV, Cat Tv, Big Buck Bunny, and many more.

And there are many new add-ons also available for you, including TellyAds, Subloader, DiasporaTV, MMA, and so on.

I hope you now understand what TVAddons Repo is and what amazing things you can do with it.

Now, let’s move forward with the process of how to install TVAddons Repo on Kodi.

How To Install New TVAddons Repo

I hope now you know why you should install this amazing TVAddons Repo on Kodi. Right?

So now I am going to show the process of installing the same on Kodi. Excited?

This process will let you install TVAddons Repo on Kodi 18.8 Leia. But before that, you have to enable unknown sources in Kodi to install any third-party add ons on Kodi.

Enabling unknown sources in Kodi will let you install other add ons. Without this, you can not install other addons.

So, please follow the step-by-step process explained below to enable unknown sources in Kodi. And if you do now understand any of the steps explained below with the text, you can also refer to the attached screenshots to better understand.

I have made sure that you guys get what you are finding. After all, we all want to chill on weekends and spend time with our loved ones by watching favorite movies and TV shows together.

And yeah, Do use a VPN. There are tons of VPN providers available in the market, but ExpressVPN is King and knows its job very well.

Start Kodi on the device you are using and press the Settings icon from the Kodi Home Screen left corner.

After that, select system Settings from the right side below.

From the bottom left side, toggle basic to advanced, as shown in the screenshot.

So, now from the left panel, click on Add ons and then click on Unknown Sources on the right side.

Now, a confirmation box will appear. Click YES in the box, and you are good to go.

So it’s done. You have successfully enabled unknown sources in Kodi so that you can install addons or third-party add-ons.

And you can now move to start the process of installing TVAddons Repo on Kodi. Would you mind following each step to complete the process?

Now, assuming that you have closed the Kodi.

Start Kodi and hit the Settings icon from the left corner ( Look into the screenshots )

Now, press on File Manager.

After that, click on Add sources.

A box will appear. Click None in that box.

After clicking on the None, write the address to the source, which is, and click OK.

Now Type the Name of the source as Fusion or name it whatever you want to. Just remember it.

After that, press OK, and you will see the name will appear there, which means you have completed the step.

Now, Go back to the settings icon and hit Add ons.

So, press Install from Zip File from the list.

Now, a new window will open. Select a folder that you gave the name earlier in the steps. ( In my case, it is Fusion )

After that, open Kodi Repos, then hit English. And then select ( x.x.x. is just a version number, and it may differ when you install it on your device )

After that step, wait for a while. Give some time to process the step and wait. Then you will receive a notification stating, “TVAddons Repo Installed.”

You are good to go now. You have successfully installed the TVAddons Repo on Kodi.

Now you can install from Repository to TVAddons Repository and start downloading your fav addons from the category.

Update TVAddons Repo To New One

First, let’s discuss why you need to follow this step strictly.

When you install TVaddons Repo in your system, your job is not done there. You have to update it or addons to get very new updates.

Because sometimes user gets an unknown error while accessing the addons or video add ons. And it happens because you don’t update Kodi addons or add-on repositories.

So, now let’s start the installation process step by step to update TVAddons Repo.

  • Open Kodi and click on addons.
  • After that, hit the package installer icon or click on the box icon near the settings icon.
  • Now, Press the My Addons section.
  • So, from the next screen, open the add-on repository
  • Now, look for TVAddons Repository and open it
  • So, one option will appear, from there click on Update
  • A pop-up window or new window will appear from there. Choose your version and wait until its downloaded

After a few seconds, your repository will be updated, and it will show your new version under the name of the TVAddons repository.

Every month you have to check for an update and do so if there is an update.

There’s a shortcut also available for this process of updating it every month.

You can turn on the Auto-update feature to get updated automatically.

For that, an auto-update button will be there near the update button. Just press that, and you don’t need to stress out every month to update it.

Fusion Addon Repository

Now, let’s talk about the world of Kodi addons and popular Kodi addons, Old repositories are shutting down and expire sometimes, and new ones replace them. This fusion repo is here for you to install on your device. I am giving the fusion installer info for the new ones who recently joined and read this article.

We are checking this fusion repository frequently and will update it here if something new comes up. And install fusion TV, and the process has been already mentioned.

Kodi fusion repo name: Fusion TV

Kodi Fusion Repo URL:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

If you have questions related TVAdons Repo or any other technical questions, then I recommend you first look into these questions and look for your answers and if you don’t find your answers to your questions, then comment down below. I will surely try to answers those questions.

Is It Free?

TVAddons Repository is completely free to use, and you can download as many addons as you want without spending any money on the addons.
And If you prefer to choose a paid account like Real-Debrid or many other paid accounts, you have to pay the price.

Does It Still Work?

Yes, of course, it works completely fine. It was shut down before and wasn’t working in the market, so people were very sad about it and requested developers to re-open it, and guess what? The developers have launched It again in the market.
Now, it works better than ever, and everyone is happy.

Can I delete it?

This is the TVAddons Repo, and everyone loves it. If you are fed up and don’t want to have this on your device, you can easily delete it.
If you think you have downloaded enough addons and now want to remove TVAddons Repo, you can delete it. It will not affect your downloaded addons if you delete TVAddons Repo from the system.

Do I Need VPN For TVAddons?

Repository and addons that are not from the Kodi and harmful, then you must use a VPN. Without using the VPN, if you use these services, then you’ll be unprotected.
These services may offer copyrighted or pirated links, and if you are consuming that content, you may get into legal trouble.
And sometimes, you may get viruses from these links that possibly can damage your system or data.
ExpressVPN will save you from all these problems and will not let anything happen to you.


If you love to watch movies and TV shows but not getting a live TV channel for free, then TVAddons Repo will surely help you out.

From this repository, you can download your favorite Kodi addons and watch unlimited live tv channels and Movies, Sports, TV shows, Documentaries, and much more content. This is one of the best repositories on Kodi to download your favorite addons and enjoy your desired content.

The above-mentioned process to install TVAddons Repo is quite easy, and for further ease, I have attached screenshots of every step so that you can find help at any given point.

If you are facing any problem in installing or updating the TVAddons Repo, I would suggest you leave a comment below to answer those questions.

Now, let’s enjoy it!


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