How to fix SportsDevil not working in Kodi 2023

I know some of you have issues with the SportsDevil Kodi addon. Let’s find out how to fix SportsDevil not working on Kodi.

I love to watch sports. And everyone whose reading this article also loves to watch a favorite sports event on Fire stick with their friends and family.

One day, I started the SportsDevil addon, one of the best video add ons to watch live sports with my friends on weekends, but it ruined our weekend as I was getting the error of no stream available.

We were not able to watch that night, and this is why I have spent a couple of hours into extensive research to know about the sportsdevil addon and why I was getting that error.

And I have done some pretty interesting research and have come up with exciting solutions and other procedures that you guys need to follow if you are also experiencing the same error.


If you know whether the sportsdevil addon is working or not, you also need to stick with this article till the very end to find out the best answer.

So, let’s start the process.

But before we proceed further, we need to know that if this sportsdevil addon is closed or not.

Yes, that is the question that we need to look for, and we’ll try to get the answer first.

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Is SportsDevil Add-on Closed?

Something is going on with Sports Devil as many users and our blog readers have sent emails regarding their issue.

And this issue is there because the Sports Devil is not updated for years, which is the biggest reason for SportsDevil not working.

So, do not worry, as your favorite sports addon is still working and running fine, but it may require some changed or an update to run it better.

Some of the links are not working fine in this add-on, so users cannot stream any content or movies from these video add ons.

And some of the sections or categories of the sports devil add-on are also not working perfectly fine, and users are going nuts.

The add-on is still working on Kodi 19.0 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton version. But the old repository HTTP:// is not running well and is shut down right now. But you can download this from the new repo, EzzerMac.

Are there any other addons for sports?

The demand for sports is increasing day by day and youth are involving in sports and taking part in sports more often. And this demand is leading to an increase in sports addon demand.

You can literary find tons of sports add-on that can provide your desired content, and you can watch many different sports in that addons, including Football, Tennis, Hockey, etc.

This Kodi addon can be a bottleneck if you are new here and don’t know about sports addons, so If you want to know more about sports addons, then I have made an extensive new article for you guys.

How to secretly watch free live sports TV online?

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How to fix SportsDevil not working?

I am happy that you are reading this exclusive article, and it will be helpful to you. So, here we are in this section for some issues and their answers and methods to fix them.

Without any issue or problem, no one could be happy. We need issues and disputes to be busy. Without that, life would be boring. So, today we have some issues to look for, and I hope you get satisfactory answers to those issues.

Talking about the Sportsdevil add-on, It is still working and delivering a great service to its user to watch Highlights, Live Channels, Live TV, Live Events, and many more.

But the add-on is not updated for many years, and the URL not working issue is not covered in this article. As a result, you can watch a limited number of channels and sports in the add-on.

So, let’s jump into our first solution.

Update SportsDevil

One of the common issues of SportsDevil not working is that users are using very old and outdated versions, so they cannot enjoy the streaming.

I know there are no updates available for the sportsdevil, but some users are using an older version of the Kodi addons to update the sportsdevil addon.

Would you mind following the below steps to update the version?

Open Kodi, and from the Home screen, please select Add-ons from the left corner.

Now select the box icon or package installer located near settings.

So, from the list, open My Addons.

Now, please select video add-ons from the next screen.

So, Click add ons list will open now, and select SportsDevil from the list to move further.

On the next screen, a button of Update will be there, so select it.

Now a pop-up window will open with various add ons versions, so select the first one from the window.

Please wait for a while, and after some time, the notification appears as “Addon sportsdevil installed.

That’s it. The addon is installed now, and restart the Kodi and relaunch the sportsdevil addon.

Now, this is the time to look into the addon, If it is working or not. Live channels and sports channels are working or not?

We do have other methods ready to try If that is not working.

Reinstall SportsDevil

Now, let’s try another method to fix the issue and start our favorite sports addon, the SpoertsDevil.

We’ll see this method step-by-step guide, and please follow each step to make this method successful and I’m pretty sure that this method will work. Let’s see if it works or not.

We will re-install the SportsDevil addon on Kodi videos, and we will see If it is working or not.

These methods are trial and error methods as sportsdevil has not issued any updates for very long, so we need to try these types of methods to get the new version.

In this article, I have already told a new repository EzzerMacs. We will use that repo in this method because the old repo is not working properly, and we might get the results from the new one.

To re-install the addon, first, we need to uninstall the sportsdevil addon from the operating system.

Uninstall SportsDevil From Kodi

To do that, please follow the below-given steps.

  • Launch Kodi, and from the Home screen, please select Add-on
  • Click on the box icon
  • From the next screen, please select My Addons
  • Now, open Video-Addons
  • From that list, find SportsDevil and click on it
  • Now click Uninstall from the menu
  • When a notification arrives, click Yes

Now we have successfully uninstalled a sportsdevil from Kodi operating system. So we’ll move on to the next step, which is to click install SportsDevil on Kodi.

To perform that particular step, we need to follow the below steps. Make sure that you are also following each step to complete the process.

Install SportsDevil On Kodi

  • Open SportsDevil from Kodi Home screen Click Settings icon
  • So, open File manager
  • And click Add Sources
  • After that, click None and write
  • And give that file a name of SportsDevil or anything you like
  • Then click Ok, and it will save that source file
  • Now open settings and click Add-on
  • And now click install from Zip file
  • Now find the name you typed on the file ( SpoertsDevil in my case )
  • And select file
  • Wait for the notification about the installation
  • Now open/Click Install from repository from the same page
  • From the list, select new repo EzzerMacs Wizard
  • Now select Video-Add ons and then press on Sports Devil from that list
  • And click install button and select Install when asked
  • Now wait for few seconds, and you will get a notification stating sports devil Addon installed.

That is one of the best methods to solve the issue of SportsDevil not working. Hope you guys have followed each step to reinstall the sportsdevil Kodi addon.

And if you are not getting any results after following the complete above-mentioned method, we have another try left for us. Let’s see that method.

Clear Cache

So, because you didn’t solve your issue with the help of the above-mentioned method.

Now we will clear cache files from the system, which will help us to boost the addon, and it will start working again.

Cache files are the temporary files saved on the system while you stream videos, and thumbnails of the videos have also been downloaded.

And this is a rare issue and causes in the system with low storage devices like Firestick, Google TV, Android Boxes, etc.

We will require a famous Ares wizard addon to run this method because it is lite in size and works almost fine with all Kodi versions.

If you don’t know how to install ares wizard on Kodi, please look at the steps first.

Now moving forward with ares wizard installed

Open Kodi and select Add-ons

Select Program Add-ons from the left panel and select Ares Wizard from the left side to launch the program.

Then select Maintenance from the panel.

Now select Delete Cache/ Temp Files.

Then delete thumbnails as well to free the storage.

Now you are good to go, and all the cache files have been removed from the system, and you can now launch sportsdevil and try to watch any live sports channels or movies to check if it’s working or not. If it is not working, then we have another method to try.

Let’s try that.

Use a VPN on Kodi

If the sportsdevil is working, but you cannot stream any content from that addon, then the cause of that action could be the restriction of that channel or links to that area. So to overcome that issue, we need to use a secure ExpressVPN that will solve your problem easily.

Also, there are many other uses of an ExpressVPN, and one of the most famous and helpful is that you can watch geo-restricted content from the premium sites and apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and many others.

You can also avoid ISP throttling, in which internet service providers slow down your internet and restrict your bandwidth.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

Why is SportsDevil not working on Kodi?

SportsDevil addon is working on Kodi, but the issue is that it has not been updated for very long, which is why SportsDevil is not working on Kodi. The solutions are mentioned in the article with each screenshot to understand and follow the steps properly.

Will sportsdevil work again?

The sportsdevil Kodi addon is still working fine on Kodi, and users are trying to update the sportsdevil to fix the issue sportsdevil web request failed. And I have mentioned every possible solution in this article for you guys to reinstall sportsdevil and update it.

What can I watch on Sportsdevil?

Sportsdevil addon is an amazing tool to enjoy sports, and streaming live sporting events is fun on this sportsdevil add-on. You can stream Movies, TV Shows, Live TV channels, and different sports, including Football, Hockey, Tennis, and many more.


So far, we have discussed many important things about the sportsdevil not working on Kodi and why a VPN is important while using these services and addons on Kodi.

I hope you get the result by applying these methods in your system and enjoying your sports channels with your friends and family.

I have checked all the methods myself, and you do not need to worry about any methods because, yeah, it is working in 100% condition, all you need to do is follow each step mentioned there perfectly, and you’ll get the results.

And If not, then let me know the type of problems you face after applying every method in the comment section.


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