How To Fix Kodi Not Working? [ All Problems Fixed ]

In today’s guide, we will look into some major problems and how to fix Kodi not working. This has become a real issue for many Amazon Fire TV Stick users.

No one likes their device or software being shut down for no reason, especially when watching something exciting on your screen. I feel like destroying my TV with my own hands when Kodi stops working.

I’m sure you were feeling the same way, but not anymore. I have come up with some great solutions for Kodi not working. These methods will be 100% genuine and will work for you and Kodi to solve the issue.

One day I was enjoying my favorite show with my friends, and suddenly it crashed. I was not able to perform anything on Kodi or to watch other shows at all. It annoyed me so much that I left the Firestick device away for a few months because I could not watch any content like videos or music on it.

And my solution-searching journey began. Today, I am writing about all the possible solutions for Kodi not working that I have found on my solution journey.

So, this guide will surely help you solve your issue with Kodi and Firestick. But before moving forward with all the solutions, let’s talk a bit about why this issue is becoming a headache for every Kodi user?

Understanding the issue will be easier for you if we know why this is happening, and it will also help you effectively implement the solutions.

There are thousands of factors that exist to cause any problems in the Kodi version and Kodi add ons. But we will try to solve every problem that a Kodi user faces in their lifespan.

So, read every method and solution mentioned in this article to solve Kodi not working.

Before that, safety is the most important thing!

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Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

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Why Is Kodi Not Working?

This section will learn why Kodi is not working and other specific problems associated with the issues. Understanding the case is very important. Without that, you will not get the solutions and why that particular solution is the only way to solve the problem.

And all the possible problems are mentioned below that can cause a nuisance to your Kodi and Fire TV Stick.

Not all problems are the same for everyone, one might face different issues compared to other Kodi users, so it is necessary to understand each situation.

Let’s look into the list of problems that are causing the issue of Kodi not working.

Older Version

Being up to date in this digital world is vital. And the fundamental problem could be the older version of Kodi being used every time. Software developers are working well to bring you some fantastic features on the new software, but if you don’t update your old version of the software with the new one, there will be issues related to the softwares.

Because they work hard to solve all the bugs and glitches on the software that are holding you back from experiencing the new possibilities, you need to be updated whenever there is an update for the Kodi version.

ISP Throttling

Internet Service Provider may affect your watching experience on Kodi as they may slow down your internet speed depending upon how frequently you are streaming content and for how long you are busy on the internet watching your favorite shows. And this could happen to you anytime, so you need to be prepared with an alternative to the internet connection.

Too many Kodi addons on the system

This could be a significant reason behind Kodi not working, and you should look into this matter as soon as possible because from here, things could get even worse. Firestick devices have less storage, and If you install Kodi addons and other video add ons on the device, Kodi crashes are higher.You can not watch anything on the device. So, do not fill up your little storage with the Kodi add ons.

Timing Issue

This is a fundamental thing to understand: everything on Kodi and Firestick works on perfect and current timing, so if you have not set your device’s timing to the present time, some of the features or complete Kodi may not work. And you won’t be able to enjoy your content on the device.

Increased Cache data

When you use the application on your device, it generates data stored in particular folders. This data is unnecessary to the device, and in fact, it chokes the device up so that you won’t be able to run it smoothly. You are required to delete those files from your device ASAP. It may lead you to Kodi crashes, so do not wait to release those cache files from your device.

That was it, and now you know why your Kodi is not working correctly and is crashing now and then. After reading these issues on your Kodi addon, I hope you can now fully understand their solutions.

Methods to solve the issue of Kodi not working

Now, We will discuss each method and will try to solve the issue of Kodi not working. So, please read each technique that I will share here. It will surely help you watch your favorite content on the big screen without any restrictions and problems.

The methods mentioned below are working 100%, and they will be beneficial to you.

Kodi keeps Crashing, pausing, or Freezing.

When you launch Kodi, and If it crashes while loading on the device, or If it’s pausing for a little too long, or If it’s freezing on the go, then this method will help you solve each problem with one solution.

And If you do not solve your problem by applying one method, then do not hesitate. There are other ways or solutions available for you to try and solve the issue of Kodi not working.

So, now we will look into the perfect problem-solving method to solve Kodi’s keep crashing, pausing, or freezing.

Clear Cache and remove data

In this part of the article, I will share details on how you can clear cache and remove other unnecessary files holding more space on your device, resulting in Kodi crashes and other issues.

These temporary files stored on your system helps you load application faster, but If you have more files than required, it may start problems for the design and apps.

And you should also know the face before performing this method on your system that it will remove all your Kodi add ons and builds that you have installed on the device, so it is advisable to get a complete backup of your data before performing this step.

So, it is better that you remove those files, and If you don’t know how to do that, I will teach you.

Important note: The steps mentioned below are applicable only for the Android devices, Firestick, and set-top-box. It will not work on Windows/Mac/Linux or anything else. And here I am using Firestick, so steps for Android TV might be different.

Let’s get started with the best steps.

Open the home screen Kodi, and then select Settings.

Then select an application from the menu list available on the screen.

And then select the Manage Installed Application from the list.

Now, scroll down and click on Kodi from the list.

Then, select the Clear Cache option.

And then, click on Clear Data to remove unnecessary files and data.

So, once you are done deleting all the cache files and data, go to the Kodi Home Screen and restart Kodi. And look for the problem has been solved or not. If not, then follow our following method to solve the current situation.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is the most common issue that occurs in Android devices. However, it may also be an application on other devices, so you better check them on devices other than the android system.

So, follow the below steps to disable hardware acceleration on Kodi.

Start Kodi on the system, click on Settings.

Then, click on the Player Option shown in the menu.

Now, click on the Gear Icon at the bottom left side and toggle it in Experts mode.

Then, click on Allow Hardware Acceleration in the processing tab and turn it off by toggling it.

Once done, as per the steps, restart Kodi and look for the problem still exists. Try to open any Kodi addons and play videos and look for the issues of pausing or freezing in the Kodi Addons.

And If the problem continues, move to our following method, updating Kodi.

Update Kodi

If you are still facing the issue of Kodi crashing, pausing, or freezing, then this method might help you.

In this method, we will update your current software with the new one available in the market to solve all the issues related to the app, and It will fix their bugs, so it will help you solve the problem fast.

And updating to the new Kodi version will fix the bug issue and provide you with the best and unique features that you can use on your device.

Let’s check the current version of your Kodi on the system.

Start Kodi and click on the Settings icon shown in the menu.

After clicking on the settings, select System Information from the list.

Now, you can see the new or current situation of the system on which it is currently running. And If an Old version is in your system, you should update it as soon as possible.

Update on Windows/Mac/Linux

If you want to download Kodi for operating systems like Windows, macOS, or Linux, you must download it from their official website. You will find the latest version of the software on their website, and you can also choose the operating system while downloading it from the site.

Update On Firestick

If you want to use a Firestick, then you will need to jailbreak your Firestick to download the downloader app on the Firestick. The downloader will help you get the new version.

Being on the updated site of the software can help you perform well on the platform, and you will probably not have any issues with the Kodi.

Update on Android devices

If you are using an Android device like a TV, it is straightforward to update the software. All you need to do is go to the Play Store, where you will find all your installed apps on the system, so search for the Kodi and update it. Reset Kodi.

Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection could be a significant reason for not working your Firestick properly because If your Firestick does not get a proper signal, it won’t work efficiently.

Most of the users use wireless connections instead of wired connections. So, a WiFi network will not be the same on every house corner, obviously changing. And If you use a WiFi connection in your house, it will not provide you with a better internet connection.

So, all you need to do is check your internet connection or WiFi connection, to be precise. And look for your WiFi’s strength, whether it’s good or not. If the internet is not flowing properly and getting a low signal, you should use a wired connection.

Since every user now uses a Firestick in their home, a wired connection would be a problematic option without the HDMI cable. So, first of all, buy a new wired adaptor to connect your wired connection.

If you face the same problem of Kodi not working even after using a wired connection, check your ISP provider and the other problems related to your ISP. Becuase your ISP can shut your internet.

They do so because you may continuously be streaming videos and other stuff for hours. But you can solve this issue as well by simply using a secure VPN service. It will not expose your IP address.

There are other benefits of using a good VPN service like ExpressVPN, that it will protect your original identity and never revealing it to the outer world or hackers and ISPs. And If the Kodi addons are not providing the content you want to watch, and then you can use a VPN service to manage the geo-restricted location’s content from anywhere.

VPN Isn’t connecting

If you have already purchased the ExpressVPN and it is not working or connecting, you should read this guide until the end. And this issue is not very famous, and not everyone is facing this type of issue very often. So, solving this issue might also solve the main problem of Kodi not working.

Now, I am mentioning all the possible ways below to solve the problem of VPN not connecting.

Active Internet Connection

This should be the first requirement of doing something online, and an active Internet connection is a must. So, If your internet connection is not working or the WiFi you are using is out of the connecting range, your VPN will not work anymore. It needs a Wi-FI connection to run.

And having an internet connection only won’t help you to run a VPN. You will need a super speedy internet connection so that things won’t get slow during the operations.

Restart Router

If you feel that you are not getting enough speed of the internet, then you can also restart your WiFi router to give it a restart so that things will work from the initial base, and you might get a speed boost compared to earlier speed.

If you are getting any benefits by doing so, you can also use manual settings in the router to make changes. You can also connect your internet to VPN via manual settings.

Change Server

If your VPN is still not connecting, then you try this method of changing the server. It might help you. When too many users use the same server, it slows down, so changing the server might help you connect with a better connection.

Restricted Permission

Allowing permission to access the connection is vital. If you are using Kodi on Android devices for the first time, it will ask you for permission to use a VPN service in your Kodi or device, so you have to grant the consent; otherwise, it won’t work for you.

If you deny the permission by any chance, clear the cache and data of the VPN and then connect it again. So this way, you can solve your problem of VPN not connecting.

Buffering Issue of Kodi

This could be the most common issue that a Kodu user faces while watching their favorite Movies or TV Shows. When you install any Add-on and try to watch something on the addon, it may buffer, and you won’t be able to watch it peacefully. The reason behind this issue might be the internet speed or some fraudulent links of content you want to watch.

Because these addons scrap the links of the videos and other content from the unverified hosts, this may lead you to buffer a Kodi. Many users are using these links simultaneously, which makes the linkage very slow and a Kodi buffer.

To solve this problem of buffering, you can use a premium subscription of services like Real-Debrid. In this service, you won’t get fraud links and the issue of buffering.

All you need to do is integrate the Ral-Debrid with any addons that you want to watch Movies from, and you are done. Real-Debrid will provide you with the best links and unlimited downloads so that you can watch buffer-free Movies and TV Shows of your liking.


Why is Kodi famous?

Kodi is a popular media player and is available in almost all the countries all over the globe, it helps you enjoy your favorite Movies and TV Shows on the platform. You can also install your favorite Addons on Kodi that will further help you to watch your desired content on the platform. And this is the biggest reason behind the popularity of Kodi that every Firestick user nowadays uses a Kodi to watch their desired content.

How to enjoy Kodi to the fullest?

There are thousands of Kodi builds and addons available in the online market, you can install those addons on the Kodi and start streaming content online. It is the thing you can do very easily today to stream your favorite content for free.


As we know, Kodi media player is a difficult thing to find any solution to a problem. , In this article, I have provided a full-proof solution to all of the issues that a Kodi app user may face in their lifespan.

I have also mentioned the solutions for Windows, macOS, Android systems, etc. so that you can solve your problems accordingly. In between, If you face the problem of Kodi not working on any devices or design, follow the mentioned steps and look at the attached screenshots for a better understanding of the solution.

If you find any of the mentioned methods helpful, do not forget to mention that in the comment so that I can know that my article has helped the users who are actively looking for the solutions.

So, If you face other problems related to Firestick, you can visit my other blogs on this website, and you will surely get the solution over there.

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