How To Fix Cast To Firestick Issue In Mac/Android/Windows?

In this guide, we will be looking at the crucial steps you need to perform to cast to Firestick. These steps will be beneficial If you look to cast to Fire TV on an Android device, iOS device, or Windows.

I will share the simple steps of screen mirroring with you to follow those steps to start the screen mirroring right away.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the most popular streaming device that enables you to enjoy your favorite content over the internet. But all days are not the same, and you may need to enable display mirroring to enjoy your desired content or to look at the content on the big screen from your device.

Depending on your grasping skills, if you do not understand the tech, you may need to read all the steps twice or maybe more than that. But the steps will be easy for the youngsters, as they always hang out with their smartphones.

This guide will be only helpful to those who have Fire TV Stick 4k, Cube, Firestick 2nd and 3rd Gen, and lite.

And if you want to use any other devices not mentioned in this article, I have to say that you will not be able to use this article for devices not mentioned here.

So, for that, you have to search for another article on the internet. Now, let’s move forward with the complete guide on the cast to Firestick.

And we will move forward by understanding what this option does and why you should use this option of screen mirroring.

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What Is screen mirroring?

Screen mirroring is the term used to share your device’s screen with the TV. And the devices could be anything from your Mobile and Operating systems like Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

If you want to cast your screen to the TV screen, two main methods or possibly ways are available to do that. One is to use a wire connection, and the other is to use a wireless connection.

When you want to use the wired connection, you have to use an HDMI cable, and you need to insert that cable into the TV. And when you want to use the wireless connection to cast your screen to the Fire TV device, you need to connect with a WIFI connection.

One of the main advantages of using a cast to screen is that you cast your screens and music/audio files from your devices to the TV. Isn’t it interesting?

This process will surely let you enjoy your content, like personal videos on the big screens of TV. Further, you can also use this option to watch your pre-downloaded movies and video content on the TV.

So, casting to a TV screen is very easy when you have an android phone or Windows PC/Laptops. They can easily connect with the Fire TV and start casting immediately, but when you have an iOS device or use Macbooks, it might be challenging to connect to the Fire TV, but it will not be impossible.

If you use a Mac or iOS operating system, you need a separate third-party app to cast your Screen to TV. But If you are using an Android device or Windows PC/Laptop, it will be straightforward for you to cast the Screen to TV as it won’t require using any third-party apps to use this option.

Windows and Android devices already have the feature to cast the screen in-built, so you don’t have to manage things separately.

Use ExpressVPN for safety.

How To Cast To Fire TV stick From Different Devices

Now, you know what screen Mirroring is and how you can make the most out of it. But now, we will see how you can perform that process to enable screen mirroring. This article will start the process and different steps to connect your devices to cast to Fire TV Stick.

I have mentioned steps for each device and operating system to understand every step and process method. So, If you are using any particular device, I have already divided them into short sections to find your specific device and operating system and start following the steps and process.

Now, I will mention activating the screen mirroring in the Firestick, and this process is advisable to follow if you are using Android or Windows devices.

So, When you are done with activating your Firestick for casting, you can move forward and follow the different processes that I have mentioned below.

Enable Mirroring In Fire TV Stick

If you have a Firestick and have been using it for some time, you might know about the casing option coming along with the Firestick for Windows and Android devices. And to use this option, you don’t have to use third-party apps or jailbreak Firestick.

PRO TIP: If you are using a wireless connection method, then it is required to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network, so please make sure that you are 100% associated with the same Wi-Fi network for better results.

Let’s get started with the steps of activating Screen mirroring.

In the first step, we will connect the device and Fire Tv Stick to the same Wi-Fi for better results. Do not forget to follow this step as it is essential to get connected with the same Wi-Fi. So, connect to Wi-Fi by selecting the settings from the menu.

After that critical step, you need to open the Display and Sounds section from the menu.

Now, you will see an option of Screen Mirroring, so enable it by selecting it.

Then, you will see some of the instructions and Fire Tv Stick’s name on it.

So, now for the further steps, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the methods according to the device you use.

Screen Mirroring From Android Devices

Now, we will see how you can share your entire screen with the smart TV by using the simple steps mentioned below. So, all you need to do is keep reading, and you will surely know how to cast your Screen to Firestick.

Here we will use the steps in which I have used an Android smartphone; some of the steps could be different according to your smartphone and android system and versions. But it will not have significant changes as the Android operating system is straightforward to use and understand.

Let’s get started with the process.

  • First of all, you need to be connected with the same Wi-Fi network on both of your devices, like your mobile phone and Firestick.
  • Then open settings in your smartphone.
  • After opening settings, you need to search for the cast option in the settings.
  • Or you can use the short-cut key placed in your shutter, so slide down your mobile’s shutter and enable the cast option.
  • You will see the searching motion in your phone by enabling the cast option, so your device is now searching for a machine to pair and share the screen.
  • So, once you get your TV’s name on the search list, click on the title, and then you will be able to share the entire screen with your TV.
  • That was it. I know it was easy, but If you find any difficulties connecting with your TV then do not forget to mention it in the box, I will surely help you.

Now, Let’s see how to mirror iPhone with the Firestick.

Screen Mirroring From iOS devices.

After learning how to cast to Firestick by using an Android device like Mobile or PC/Laptop, now it’s time to learn how to cast to Firestick by using an iOS device like iPhone or iPad.

As you know, iOS does not support any android screen mirroring, so for iOS. We will require AirPlay for Mirroring.

On the other hand, Firestick does not come with an AirPlay that connects with iOS devices, making it a very complex situation to connect an iOS device to Firestick. But it is not impossible.

All you need to do is, install an App called AirScreen that will provide you with the required feature of AirPlay for iOS devices to get connected with the system.

And the fantastic thing is that you won’t require to sideload this app as it is already available in the Amazon Store. So, search AirScreen on the search bar and download the App on your device.

So, once you install an AirScreen app on the system, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Now, open the AirScreen App on the Firestick, and open Help from the side menu.
  • Then, select an iOS button shown in the list.
  • On the next screen, you will see the AirPlay button on the list. Select it.
  • Now, go to your iOS device like iPhone, open the Control Centre, and click on the mirroring screen.
  • Then, you will see your TV name on your iPhone, so select it.
  • After a while, your iPhone’s screen will be visible on the big screen with the Help of Screen mirroring.
  • Those were straightforward steps to follow, and the Airscreen is a free app for only basic features. And for their high features, you have to purchase their subscription. It depends on your requirements.

Now, let’s see the steps to cast the Screen to Firestick by using Mac.

Screen Mirroring By Using Mac

Now, we will look into the steps of connecting Mac to the screens of the Fire TV stick. And Macbook is also an Apple product, so that the steps would be similar to the iOS system, but not all the steps will be the same.

Like we downloaded the Airscreen App on the iOS steps, we will require you to download it in these steps, so if you don’t have that app on your Mac, I recommend you download it and follow the steps mentioned below.

Now, I assume that you already have AirPlay App on your system, and I am moving forward with the steps, so follow along.

  • First of all, open the AirPlay App from the list of Apps in the menu.
  • After opening the App, please select the macOS from the list shown on the menu.
  • And then, select the AirPlay option from the list.
  • Now, you will see an Instruction page, so kindly stay on that page.
  • So, now you have to connect your MacBook to the same Wi-Fi and open the Control Centre in the system. From that list, open screen Mirroring.
  • Now, the system will search for the option to get connected with the TV. Once you get your TV’s name on the MacBook, select it.
  • As soon as you select the TV’s name in the Macbook, It will share your screen with the Fire TV Stick.

So, this display mirroring mode is very useful in any device to cast your Screen to Firestick. And this wireless display will surely help you enjoy your video content from the device on the big screen.

As we discussed, you can connect your Android mobile phone, Windows PC/Laptops, iOS mobile device, and macOS to Firestick to cast your entire screen on the TV. And doing this enables you to share any form of content you want to enjoy on the big screen. So, it is a beneficial feature to have on your system.

Screen Mirroring By Using Windows 10

After looking at almost every operating system to cast a screen to FireTv, now it is time to look into connecting the Windows PC or laptop screen with the FireTV.

If you are using any other version of Windows, then you have to download additional software as we did in the iOS and macOS systems. So, you need to search for it on Google and get it done separately for the software.

It is because the older versions of Windows do not offer the feature like casting with other systems.

So, open your Windows 10 system and follow the below-mentioned steps.

First of all, connect your PC/Laptop to the Wi-FI you are connected with n Firestick. And then, open your notification section from the right corner of the operating system.

After opening the notification section, click on the Connect button.

Now, after a while, you will see some of the available devices near you to connect with, so find your TV’s name on it and click on the title to connect.

Now, after syncing, It will connect your device with the TV, and then you can enjoy your entire screen on the big screen.

That was it. I know it was straightforward methods and steps to cast to Firestick, ut it was also necessary to follow. So, I have included everything in this guide to release your screen with the big screen.


Can I cast iPhone to Firestick without using Wi-Fi?

As I have discussed in the earlier section of this article, two methods are available to cast any device with big screens. And using wireless connections such as Wi-Fi is the one method. But in any case, if you want to connect your iPhone with Firestick without using Wi-Fi then you have to use the second method, which is by using a wired connection such as an HDMI cable. To use this method on iPhone, use Apple lightning to the adaptor. This cable will help you build the wired connection with both devices.

Can I share my personal iPad’s screen with the Firestick?

Yes, you can share your iPad’s screen with Firestick the way we did it with the iPhone’s screen. All the steps and procedures will be almost the same. Both are from Apple and have similar interfaces and systems. And do not forget to use the Airscreen app on iPad, and it also supports the AirPlay app on iPad. So, do use these apps and enjoy your content on TV.

What is the major problem while casting to Firestick?

To enjoy your favorite content on the big screen, you have to cast your device to Firestick, but for doing that, you first need to connect both your devices with the same Wi-Fi network. If you are not associated with the same Wi-Fi on both devices, you will face significant issues while casting your screen to Firestick.


I have mentioned all possible methods and steps straightforwardly to understand each step with utmost clarity and apply the steps to your device.

In this article, I have covered all the major systems on which you may use the Screen Mirroring option, and these systems are iOS or Mac, Android mobile device, and Windows PC/Laptops.

And I have also mentioned the steps and process of each system separately to understand it well. If you are using Mac or iOS devices, you will need to download AirScreen app on your system from Amazon Store. It is a free application to use, but If you want to use their pro features, you will need to pay money.

Unlike the iOS system, the Android system is straightforward to use and cast screens to Firestick, as it is an open operating system, and they have more features in the system to use and connect.

So, connecting the android phone’s screen, follow the steps mentioned above, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite content forms like videos, music, images, and many more things on the big screen.

I hope this article has helped you achieve your goal and solve the issue; if you are still getting any queries, you can ask me in the comment section. I will try my best to solve it.


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