How to fix Amazon Firestick frozen problem – The Only WAY

Is your amazon fire stick frozen? And don’t know how to fix amazon firestick frozen problem. Then you’ve come to the current place. Here you will find many methods to unfreeze your amazon fire stick.

One day, my wife and I were watching our favorite show together, and suddenly It froze. It isn’t going anywhere, and it just broke our heart as we were about the finish that episode full of surprises.

I was freaked out, and I had to fix that issue ASAP. After spending hours researching every possible solution, I am here to provide you with the best solution available to improve the amazon firestick frozen problem instantly.

So that you don’t have to surf the web for hours and get the different solutions directly on your computer screen.

The amazon fire TV stick device is a prevalent device to stream your favorite content and have a great time watching it with your loved ones.

So, if you experience any of the problems like freezing the logo or stuck at the home screen, then the mentioned methods and solutions will work for you ultimately.

And don’t forget to read the entire article to know the methods and solutions for your amazon fire stick device.

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Why is the Amazon Firestick getting frozen?

As we are heading towards what causes the amazon fire stick device to freeze, we will see different causes so that you can understand each of them and If you’re doing any of them, you may avoid it, so run your fire stick smoothly.

Below are the significant causes mentioned for the frozen amazon firestick device.

Low-Speed HDMI

Using a slow-speed HDMI can cause the amazon fire stick frozen issue as it transfers the data at a low speed and may freeze the device. So, use a high-speed HDMI cable to move your data and use the amazon fire tv device. The HDMI port can transfer the data at high speed, and the USB port can not do the same work. You can even use an HDMI extender to extend its reach.

Using Duplicate Accessories

Firestick users tend to use duplicate accessories instead of the original ones that come with the firestick remote. Doing that will spot you from utilizing its total capacity to provide a sound work output. These cheap accessories will not give the entire work output, which could be the reason for your amazon fire stick frozen problem. Always use the original cables and stuff that comes along with the firestick device and firestick remote control.

Lot’s of apps on the fire stick device

Too much in anything would cause a problem as the firestick comes with 1 GB of RAM and only 8 GB of storage on the fire tv stick, which is low storage compared to the app sizes and amount of app you install on the fire tv stick. So, do not overload the device with apps that you do not use often. It will unnecessarily slow down your fire stick, and the app will take more time to open and run on the device.

Installing unused addons/builds on Kodi

This issue is similar to the one I have mentioned above, which states that installing too many apps and addons on a fire tv stick will slow down your device and freezes the amazon fire stick. These addons and builds are enormous, and the amazon fire stick has only 8 GB of storage so, it will freeze the device. So, installing the new addons will lead you to the amazon firestick frozen issue.

Now, you know the issues that cause the amazon fire tv stick to freeze. Now is the time to understand how to fix those issues on the fire tv stick to continue watching your favorite movies and shows.

How to fix the amazon fire stick frozen issue

The methods and ways I will mention below are tested and used techniques to trust the process, and if you use any of the methods and it doesn’t work on your fire tv stick, then don’t worry. You can move to the following techniques. These methods won’t harm your amazon fire tv.

plug and unplug fire stick

Everything needs a restart from time to time to work efficiently. When you feel that your amazon fire tv stick is not working correctly and it is freezing, all you need to do is unplug it from the device.

By doing this, all the background apps and other activities will shut down, and you will have a completely refreshing experience from the device.

After a while, plug it in, and usually start as you do every time. You will surely get a faster response rate as all the background apps are closed, and the cache is cleared by unplugging it from the device. It is a highly recommended process to do to unfreeze firestick easily.

The amazon official has said to let it rest for some time after using it heavily for days. Firestick also needs the rest as we do.

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to act.

  • If the apps you use are not responding or taking more time than expected, unplug the device from the socket.
  • Take the firestick out from the HDMI port and leave it for 1 minute
  • And when you feel comfortable plugging it in, all you need to do is plug it into the HDMI port and start the device.

Pro Tip:
When you are not using the fire tv stick, do not forget to put it on sleep mode or unplug it from the socket. This is because it gets the power from the socket even if the TV is not on. And getting power continuously may damage the fire tv device.

Restarting using firestick remote

This method will help you unfreeze the firestick by rebooting the device. When you or your children can not reach the power source to unplug the fire tv stick, this method will help you.

You have to follow the entire process if you are stuck at the home screen and nothing moves. In this situation, you are not left with many options to restart the device because it isn’t moving anywhere.

So, restarting it from the remote directly will help you. This is a straightforward method to follow, and your kids can also perform this method, so do not skip it. It will not affect your data on the device and will not delete anything from the device.

To perform this method, you need to press, and hols play + select button simultaneously.

Holding the buttons for a few seconds will give you a message on the big screen that shows that it is rebooting.

Now, you can leave the held buttons and wait for the magic to happen, and it will restart automatically.

When it’s done restarting, you will see the screen is starting again. And do not rush to create all the apps instantly because doing that will likewise cause a freezing action. So wait for a while after restarting, then open your favorite app to watch movies and a third-party app.

Uninstall third-party apps and clear the data

This is the best method to practice if you are facing a fire stick frozen problem. Removing the third-party apps or clearing their data will smoothen the entire process, and the system will work smoothly as there will be no data to freeze the process.

These apps do have glitches and bugs, which may affect the running process in the device and can so down the process.

To show the process, we will clear the data of Cinema HD, one of the biggest streaming apps on the internet.

Every internet and streaming lover knows the cinema HD and has installed it on their device to enjoy live streaming of movies, matches, TV Shows, live sports, and many more.

Check this out – How to install cinema HD

Now, kindly follow the below steps to uninstall the cinema HD.

From the home screen, open Settings.

And select Applications from the menu.

Then, click on Managed installed applications from the list.

It will now display all the applications that have already been installed on the device. From that, select Cinema HD because we want to clear the data of the same.

By clicking on the cinema Hd, you will get the options like clear cache, clear data, and uninstall.

And when you choose any of the options shown, you will be asked to click on OK for confirmation.

Now, it will act according to the option you have selected. If you choose to uninstall, it will remove the program from your smartphone.

Then try to launch other apps on the device to see if it is still frozen. And if it is still freezing, then try other methods mentioned below.

Factory Reset Firestick

Resetting or formatting everything from the device would be one of the best methods to follow. It will erase all the saved data and settings from your device, and you will get all new appliances and start from scratch.

Note: Before doing a factory reset, please make sure to get the full backup of your apps from the App Store and third-party apps as well. It will be more accessible If you backup the settings saved on your device.

This is a strongly recommended solution as you can also avoid buffering and overheating by performing a factory reset.

Let’s get deep into the factory reset and follow the below-mentioned steps.

Now, close all the apps running in the background and open settings.

Click on My Fire Tv from the list-menu

And click on the reset button.

After selecting it, you will get a warning message regarding the consequences of moving forward, But ignore it and press reset.

Now the process of reset will begin, and it will erase all the data.

And when it is done, you will be asked to enter your sign-in email and password to get inside the device and start using it.

Now, it has become a new device, so you will be required to do all the settings from scratch and download your favorite Kodi addons and builds to continue enjoying your favorite content.

The firestick logo isn’t moving anywhere.

This is yet another problem that may not occur while using the fire stick, but it will only happen when you restart it. And while you are doing this, your device may be stuck at the fire stick logo screen, and you will not be able to perform anything by the remote, nor can you restart it.

In this critical situation, don’t hesitate and follow the below-mentioned steps to fix it.

  • When you realize that you are stuck at the logo screen, remove the device from the HDMI port and socket.
  • And leave the fire stick device unplugged for 10 minutes and then plug it in.
  • Now start the device and when the amazon logo comes, leave it for 20-25 minutes doing nothing or until the following screen appears.
  • And If you have waited for a long 20 minutes and nothing has happened on the screen, remove the HDMI extender or adapter.
  • Use a high-quality and high-speed HDMI cable for smooth connection and deliver enough power that the device requires.
  • Make sure that you use a power adapter to supply the firestick and not use a USB port. By doing this, you will provide enough power to the firestick to start again.
  • By applying all the solutions yet, you are stuck at the logo, then check If your TV is HDPC-compliant or not. If it is not, then leave that TV alone and try on another TV.

How to fix firestick frozen remote not working

This will be the final solution, as suddenly your remote stops working. In this case, you cannot access anything from the device, and you cannot reset the settings.

In this critical and devastating situation, you’re left with the only option available in the world to use the remote application.

Note: Make sure that you have already paired your smartphone with the Fire TV before it gets stuck because, after that, you can’t do anything at all.

  • Open the remote app on your phone.
  • Now click on the settings in the remote app to firmly launch settings
  • now go to My Fire TV and select the Restart button
  • Then press on Restart from the pop-up box

Now, you are ready to go when it’s done restarting, and then you can access your controls.


What is causing my Amazon firestick to freeze?

It may occur as a symbol of overusing it constantly or having more files on the device than it can handle. When it happens, you check your remote control If it’s paired with the device or not. If it is paired, then start it again. It will work again.

How to fix Fire Stick not responding?

A simple hack to get this straight is to press and hold the select and play button together for 5 seconds, or from the menu, go to settings, then device and choose restart. By following this method, you will be able to restart your device with a simple click, and it will help you stream your favorite content easily.


I have mentioned all the possible solutions to fix the issue of Firestick frozen, and these methods are the best in terms of effectiveness and working.

So, please follow each mentioned step in the methods and do not leave any of the steps unfollowed because each step is necessary to fix amazon’s frozen firestick.

I hope you get the solution for your amazon firestick and start watching your favorite content on the screen with your family and loved ones.

Make a comment below. If you face any problems regarding this frown firestick issue, I will try my best to recommend the best solutions.



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