How to Cast Android, iPhone, PC & Mac to Firestick From Any Device

Hey there, fellow screen enthusiasts! Let me share a little secret with you: the magical world of casting to your Firestick. Trust me, I’ve been down this road more times than I can count, and I’m here to guide you through every twist and turn!

Getting Started with Firestick Casting

First off, let’s talk about setting up your Firestick for casting. Whether you’re team Android, a die-hard Windows user, or an Apple aficionado, I’ve got your back. For Android and Windows 10/11 devices, you’re in luck! They come with built-in casting abilities. But if you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need a trusty third-party app to bridge the gap.

Why Cast to Firestick?

Picture this: you’re squinting at your tiny phone or laptop screen, trying to catch the details of your favorite show. Sounds painful, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Casting to your Firestick allows you to enjoy everything from YouTube videos to your personal photo collection on a gloriously large TV screen. No more eye strain or craning your neck!

The Magic of Casting Firestick

Casting is like having a superpower. With a simple tap, you can ‘throw’ content from your small device onto your big screen TV. And it’s not just for streaming; you can cast saved videos, photos, music, and more. Just make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and you’re good to go!

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How to Cast Android, iPhone, Mac & PC to Firestick In 2024?

If you have got your VPN then let’s proceed and learn how to cast your any device to firestick in 2024.

Same Wi-Fi for FireStick Casting

Alright, let’s get your Amazon Fire TV Stick and your casting buddy (your smartphone or laptop) on the same Wi-Fi wavelength. Here’s a quick guide on checking your connection on the FireStick:

1. First things first, go to Settings from your fire TV home screen.

2. Now, pick My Fire TV.

3. Click on About.

4. Give that scroll wheel a spin down to Network. There, you’ll find the name of your Wi-Fi connection, also known as the SSID. Just make sure it matches the Wi-Fi your phone or laptop is hooked up to. That way, your gadgets can chat and share stuff seamlessly. Easy peasy!

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How to Mirror Your Android Devices to FireStick in Two Simple Steps

Casting from an Android phone to a FireStick is a piece of cake. Just follow these two simple steps:

Step 1: FireStick Mirroring Mode

Grab your FireStick TV remote and press and hold the Home button for a solid two seconds. A menu will pop up.

Navigate to Mirroring and select it. Boom! Your FireStick is now ready to mingle in Mirroring mode, and your Android phone should spot it in the network.

Step 2: Connecting from Your Android Device

Pick up your Android smartphone and head to Settings.

Now, the setting’s name might play hide and seek depending on your phone’s brand. Here’s the scoop for some popular ones:

  • Samsung: Look for Smart View under Wireless Display Application.
  • LG: Find Screen sharing under Connected devices.
  • OnePlus: Hunt down Cast under Bluetooth & Device Connection.
  • Xiaomi: Search for Cast under Connection & Sharing.
  • OPPO or Realme: Locate Screencast under Wireless Transport inside Connection & Sharing.
  • Vivo: Track down Smart Mirroring under Bluetooth and device connection.
  • Google: Seek out Cast under Connected devices > Connection preferences.

Once you’ve picked the cast setting on your device, find the name of your Fire TV device and select it.

Congratulations! Your phone screen is now doing a mirror act on the FireStick. In my experience, it works like a charm – you can even flip the screen and adjust the volume. Just a heads up, though: your phone needs to have its screen awake and unlocked for this magic to happen. Sweet and simple, right?

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Windows 10 Casting to FireStick: A Step-by-Step Guide

Casting your device to a FireStick is pretty straightforward, but the steps might vary depending on what device you’re using. If you’ve got a Windows 10 laptop, chances are it supports Miracast, a nifty technology that lets you share your screen wirelessly.

First things first, make sure your FireStick is in Mirroring mode. If it’s not, put it there before diving into the steps.

1. Now, grab your FireStick TV remote and press and hold the Home button for about two seconds. A menu should pop up. Go ahead and select “Screen Mirroring Icon.” With that sorted, let’s move on to your trusty Windows PC or laptop.

2. Click on the Notification Icon tucked away in the bottom-right corner of your screen. It’s highlighted in the image for easy spotting.

3. If you see a compact notification panel with just a few options, give it some room by clicking “Expand.”

4. Next up, hit “Connect.”

5. Look for your Fire TV name in the list. If you spot it, select it to kickstart the casting magic. Can’t find your Fire TV name? No worries. Click on “Find other types of devices” at the bottom, and you should locate your Fire TV there.

6. Here’s a cool part – tweak the projection mode based on what suits you:

  • Duplicate: This mirrors your PC or laptop screen on the TV.
  • Extend: Treats your Fire TV as a second monitor, extending your screen.
  • Second screen only: Shuts off your PC or laptop screen, using only the TV.

If you ever feel like ending the casting party, choose “Disconnect” in the same PROJECT panel or hit “Disconnect” in the small overlay at the top of your screen.

And there you have it – casting made easy with your FireStick and Windows 10. Enjoy the wireless wonders!

How to Install & Setup AirScreen on FireStick

Casting stuff from Apple gadgets, whether it’s your MacBook or iPhone or ipad, isn’t as simple as it is for Windows. But don’t worry, there’s a nifty solution! You just need to grab an app called AirScreen on your FireStick.

Now, here’s the cool part – Apple gadgets (that run on OS X or iOS device) are buddies with AirScreen’s AirPlay tech, making screen mirroring a breeze.

Great news – getting the AirScreen app on your FireStick is a breeze since it’s right there in the Amazon App Store. No need for any tricky sideloading. Let’s walk through the simple steps:

1. Navigate to the Search Bar: On your FireStick home screen, look for the Magnifying Glass icon in the menu bar. Give it a click, and then scroll down to hit Search.

2. Type in AirScreen: Using the on-screen keyboard, type in “AirScreen.” As you type, you’ll see suggestions – go ahead and select AirScreen from that list.

3. Find AirScreen in Apps and Games: Among the search results, you’ll spot AirScreen in the APPS AND GAMES category. Click on it.

4. Get the App: Once you’re in the AirScreen info page, hit that “Get” or “Download” button. Let the magic happen as your FireStick fetches and installs the app.

5. Open AirScreen: After the installation dance is done, click “Open” right on the same screen. Now, get ready to set things up.

6. Confirm Your Wi-Fi: When AirScreen launches, it might ask you to confirm your Wi-Fi. No worries – just click “Confirm” to keep things flowing.

7. Close the Setup: Finally, there might be a Cross button or something similar on the screen – go ahead and click it. You’ve successfully wrapped up the setup.

And there you have it! The AirScreen app is now comfortably chilling on your FireStick, ready to turn it into a screen-mirroring powerhouse. If you ever need to revisit the setup or tweak things, AirScreen is just a click away. Enjoy the wireless wonders!

Casting your Mac or iPhone to your FireStick is a breeze, just make sure both gadgets are riding the same Wi-Fi wave for a smooth casting experience. Here’s how:

Cast or Screen Mirroring Mac to Fire Stick

1. AirScreen is ready to roll on your FireStick so no extra steps here. Sit back and relax.

2. On your Mac, head to the top menu and click the Control Center icon. Now, pick “Screen Mirroring.”

3. Look for the AS-AFTMM[AirPlay] or the name displayed on your AirScreen app’s home on FireStick. Give it a click to start mirroring your trusty MacBook screen onto your FireStick-powered TV.

Screen Mirror iPhone to FireStick

1. Ensure you’re on the home screen of AirScreen on your FireStick. All set? Great.

2. Grab your iPhone and swipe down from the top-right corner to unveil the Control Center. From there, select “Screen Mirroring.

3. Look for AS-AFTMM[AirPlay], click on it, and watch the magic happen as your iPhone screen dances onto your FireStick-connected TV.

4. Your iPhone is now sharing its wonders on the bigger canvas.

Whether it’s your Mac or iPhone, AirScreen makes casting to FireStick a walk in the park. Enjoy the seamless magic of screen sharing!


To sum it up, casting to FireStick from any device brings a whole new level of entertainment into play. Whether you’ve got an Android smartphone or a Windows laptop, the whole process is easy-peasy and quite satisfying.

Just follow the simple steps, make sure you’re on the same Wi-Fi, and boom! You’re in for a seamless and immersive viewing experience on the big screen. Enjoy the show!

It is making your FireStick a versatile hub for all your digital content. Upgrade your entertainment game effortlessly with the power of casting.


How do I cast to FireStick from my Android device?

To cast from your Android device to FireStick, ensure both are on the same Wi-Fi. Press and hold the Home button on the FireStick remote, select Mirroring, and choose your Fire TV from your Android’s Cast settings.

Can I cast to FireStick from a Windows laptop?

Absolutely! Put your FireStick in Mirroring mode, click Connect on your Windows laptop, and choose your Fire TV. Adjust projection preferences for a customized experience.

Why is casting a game-changer for FireStick?

Casting transforms FireStick into a versatile hub. Be it Android or Windows, casting enables seamless sharing of content on a larger screen, enhancing your viewing experience and making FireStick a powerful entertainment centerpiece in your home.

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