[Fixed] Failed to install a dependency on Kodi

Failing to install a dependency on Kodi is the most faced error on Kodi, and almost 45% of the users get this error message due to many reasons, and we will learn about those reasons in this article.

Kodi is one of the best streaming platforms globally, and most of the users are streaming their favorite content on Kodi by using the different Kodi addons. And this platform provides the desired content to the users for free, which is why users love it.

One day, I enjoyed my favorite show on the platform, and when I was done watching it, I closed the app and went to bed. The next day when I started the app, it wasn’t starting as a normal app, and I was getting the Install dependency error message.

So, I started my journey to find the perfect solution for the install dependency error and have spent several hours behind proper research about the problem.

After spending several hours, I finally realized the best solution that I will share in this article, so keep reading this article until the end to find out the easy ways to solve the failed to install dependency error message.

All the methods mentioned in this article will be compatible with the Firestick 4K, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Fire TV Cube. If you use any of the mentioned platforms, you can read this article and all the methods and processes to solve the issue of dependency error.

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Solution: Failed To Install Dependency On Kodi

Now, let’s see the methods and solutions for the problem of dependency error messages, but it would be great if we first try to know what the exact problem is and why it’s happening in Kodi?

So, let’s understand what dependency means. For that, we need to go back to the basics. So, Kodi is a media player used to play offline content, but it also helps users stream online content from the installed Kodi add-ons. And these online content includes Movies, TV Shows, Music, and many other things.

All these Kodi add-ons get those content by scrapping the links from the different sources on the internet, and these add-ons do not work on their own. Instead, they need a dependency to get things going.

Add-ons use this dependency to scrap the links to watch their favorite content online at high-speed. And to provide better service, these addons sometimes use more than one dependency in the system.

So, when any dependency is not working well or has not been installed correctly, you will face the issue of Failed to Install a Dependency on Kodi.

And that is the exact reason you will not be able to stream any content from that add-on, or the add-on itself will not work properly.

So, now we know why this error even comes in the system and Kodi, so we will try to solve this error by the methods I have discovered, and here it goes.

Clear Cache

The first method is to clear Kodi cache files of the addons that will help us keep the addons in working condition.

When you perform this method and clear all the cache files, it will temporarily remove the files stored in the system and hold the space on the storage, and other files include thumbnails, download failed files and other files that may harm the system.

All these files together cause the problem in the Kodi addons to work properly and generate the issues we are facing right now.

So, there are multiple ways you can remove these temp files from the system. For example, if you use an Android system or Amazon Firestick, you can do it directly from the Settings.

But for the Windows and Mac users, there are no ways to remove those temp files directly from the Settings, so we will look into both the methods for different OS because not every user uses the same OS.

So, let’s start clearing cache files from the Firestick 4K.

  • Press on the Settings.
  • Then, click on Apps from the menu.
  • After that, click on Manage Installed Apps.
  • It will then show all the apps installed on the system, so find Kodi and select it.
  • Then, click on the Clear Cache option from the menu.

The steps mentioned above/processes are most manageable and performed on the Firestick 4K/ Fire TV Cube.

And like this process, you need to open Settings in the Android system and click on the Clear Cache option to get the procedure done.

Clear Cache With The Help Of Addons

So, clearing cache files was easy for Firestick; however, you will not find any option to do that in Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other OS, and that is why we will use an Add-on to make things happen. Ares Wizard is the add-on we will use in this process.

Ares Wizard is the best tool/add-on to make all these types of tasks, including clearing cache files, deleting data, ignoring buffering, and many other things.

Check out the process here to install the best Ares Wizard.

So, once you are done with the installation process of Ares Wizard, you can move ahead and follow the steps to clear cache files.

First of all, launch Ares Wizard in the system.

When the addon screen appears, click on Maintenance from the menu.

After opening the maintenance menu, you will have many options on the screen, so select Delete Cache under the section of Cache.

And then, a notification will appear saying cache has been deleted, so click on the Ok button.

So, it will delete all the cache and temporary files stored on the system, and this Kodi cache will help you solve the issue of dependency error on Kodi.

The size of the cache files may differ in every system as every other system have different addons installed on it. And while deleting all the files, do not forget to delete thumbnails and packages. It will further help you make the addon and Firestick a bit speedy.

It will also help you make your Firestick and content bufferless in the system; hence you will have more storage on the device.

Clear Data On Kodi

If you are still facing the issue of dependency error on Kodi even after clearing cache files and temp files from the system, we need to look for other methods to solve the problem.

In that case, we have to follow the method of clearing all the data on Kodi by using the Ares Wizard addon on Kodi. You can compare this method with uninstalling and installing an addon, but we will not perform that step here in this system today. Instead, we will clear data on Kodi using the Ares Wizard add-on.

If you don’t want to use Ares Wizard to clear data, you can use the Fresh Start method to do it properly.

And if you want to use an uninstalling method to solve the issue, do not forget to follow a proper approach to Install Ares Wizard on Firestick. You can also update the Kodi to the latest version to fix any bug and glitch issues in the system.

But, if you are someone who wants to use the Ares Wizard method, follow the steps given below.

Click on Addons from the main menu to open program add-ons, and then click on Ares Wizard to open it.

After opening the Ares Wizard, please wait for a while to load the entire screen, and when it’s done loading, click on the More option from the menu.

Then, various other options will be available on the new screen, so select Erase All Data from the list.

Note: By clicking on the Erase all data, you will lose all the system settings and saved data on the addon, so make sure you have a proper backup of the data stored at the safe place to use it after the process is done.

So, when you click on the Erase button, it will again ask you for the confirmation, so click on Yes to confirm it.

In the next screen, you will see a window from where you can choose the systems and files that you want to save from being destroyed by the action of Earsing data. These files could be of Add-on settings, sources, etc. So, when you are done choosing the option to save, you can click on the Proceed option.

Then, it will process your request and take a few moments to get it done. Then, when the process completes, every data from the Kodi will be removed, including Ares Wizard, so you will be required to install it again on Kodi.

Repair Kodi Database

Let’s say you don’t want to remove all the data from your system, including system settings and add-on data, and you should use the method to repair the database. Instead, a database combines different system files that save the settings and other add-ons profiles necessary to run add-ons smoothly.

If Kodi’s database is compromised, then you will face many problems while accessing the Kodi to use the addons and other apps in the system. Unfortunately, problems may come, including failure of add-on installation, failed to install the dependency, and many other issues related to Kodi.

And the best thing about this app is that it does not depend on Kodi to repair the addon quickly.

So, follow the process to repair the Kodi database.

Open Kodi on Firestick and open Settings from the menu.

After Settings, open File Manager.

Then, it will give you the list of added sources in the system, so select the Profile Directory folder from the menu.

And then, open the Database from all the folders available in the list.

Then, go to the Addons27.db and right-click or press and hold the select button on the Firestick remote.

And when a different option appears, press on the Delete option.

Then, a confirmation box will appear, so select Yes on it.

The process is completed, so close the Kodi app and wait for a few minutes. Then, after a few minutes, relaunch Kodi and then reinstall the addons on which you were facing the problem of dependency error.

You will probably resolve the issue after following this guide and this method on your system correctly.

Note: When you repair the database on the Kodi, it disables all kinds of addons from the system. So, after all the steps, you will require to enable the addons by visiting the My Addons section from Settings.

Manually Install Kodi Dependencies

If you have followed all the ways and methods to solve the problem you are facing in Kodi, the only way left to solve the failed dependency error is to manually install Kodi dependencies and try to fix failed to install error on Kodi.

This method is the best one as you won’t lose your Kodi data from the system, and it has simple steps in the process so that you can get the process quickly and implement it on your system. It will be easy for you to follow this process as I have attached all the necessary images and screenshots related to each step.

We need to install a few dependencies to make all the Kodi add-ons run in perfect conditions, including URL Resolver, TVAdd-ons, and Metahandler.

Look into the process below to install dependencies on Kodi manually.

  • Launch Kodi, and from the menu, open Settings from the menu.
  • And click on System from the menu.
  • Now, click on Add-ons located at the sidebar in the screen, and from the right side, select Unknown Sources.
  • And a confirmation window will pop-up, so click on Ok in that window to move ahead.
  • Then, visit Settings back in the system, then click on File Manager from the menu.
  • And hover to the sidebar in the screen also click on the Add Sources.
  • Then click on None from the window opened on the screen.
  • And it will ask you to enter a valid URL in the box, so enter http://fusion.tvaddons.co and select Ok to move forward.
  • Then, the coming screen will ask you to name that URL, so name it as you want it. I am writing Fusion.
  • After typing the name in the box, click on Ok to save that name in the device.
  • As soon as you save the name on the device, revisit Home Screen and click on Add-ons from the menu.
  • Then, click on Package the Installer.
  • After that step, press on Install From the Zip File.
  • Then, the system will show you all the list of different folders saved in the system, so look for the Fusion or whatever name you gave in the previous step.
  • And after that, other folders will appear, so from that list, click on Kodi-Repos.
  • Then, click on the folder named English.
  • It will show you all the Kodi repositories available in the system, so click on repository.xbmchub-x.x.x.zip.
  • And wait for a few moments until you see a notification on the screen saying, “TVAddons.Co Add-on repo installed”

Now TVAddons repo has been successfully installed on your system, but we need to install other vital dependencies on Kodi to help you scrap more quick links to watch your desired content online.

Let’s start the process to install those dependencies on Kodi. So, follow the below-given steps to install URL Resolver and Metahandler.

  • Open Settings and click on Addons.
  • And, press on the Package Installer option from the screen and choose the option of Install from the Zip file.
  • After selecting that option, click on Fusion from the shown list on the screen.
  • Then, you will see different Kodi Scripts on the screen.
  • It will show you Kodi scripts on the screen, so install the scripts shown in the box.

This is a tiny process to install and will be installed quickly on the system.

After installing both the dependency on Kodi, make sure you open Add-ons in which you were facing the problems related to the Kodi dependencies and check for the issues in that Addo-ons again.

It will probably not come into existence after following all these methods.


Will clearing cache files help you solve the issue?

There are many methods and ways available to solve the failed to install dependency error on Kodi, but not all the processes will help everyone to solve the issues. But clearing cache files would help many Kodi users solve the problem and start enjoying their favorite content again. This method removed all the unnecessary files and data of the Kodi add-ons from the system, so all the add-ons will become light and will not have the unwanted data stored on the system. These unwanted data and files will cause many problems If not removed every one or two months. This add-on daily files up all the data and stores it. It also requires space in the system to be stored. So, clearing all these files and cache memory will surely help many users solve the problem quickly.

Why am I seeing the errors of failing to install on Kodi?

No system is complete in all means of workability. However, there will be some flaws in the system that will require your attention every day, and it happens in Kodi as well. You will face many problems and issues related to the Kodi addons, and they failed to install errors on the screen. It is happening for various reasons combined in the system and does not have one particular reason for the issue. But If you clear cache files and temporary files from your system regularly, there are high chances that you will not face any of the problems in the future. For example, you are experiencing the failed to install dependency error in Kodi, and to solve that error, try our best solutions and methods mentioned in this article above. It will surely help you solve the problems as many users have already solved their problems by using this method.


Finally, we are here at the last section of this complete guide on fixing the failed install dependency on Kodi. And to solve that error or issue, I have explained some of the best and proven methods that will help you solve the problem very quickly If you follow the steps mentioned in the article carefully.

However, if any particular method isn’t working for you or in your system, do not panic and start to doubt the capability of the methods. Instead, simply another way mentioned in this article and has tried to solve the problem.

After trying all the methods in your system and still, your problem isn’t solved, the last thing you could do is uninstall Kodi from the system and reinstall it on Firestick. Performing this activity on your device will help you delete all the unwanted files from your system that were causing the problem in the system.

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