3 Methods To Fix vshare.eu Pair Error on Kodi

This will be the best guide explaining how to fix the vshare.eu pair error on Kodi. So, If you are here to find the solution to the same problem, you have come to the perfect place.

I have spent hours finding the best solution for you because nowadays, the solutions available on the internet are filled with missing information. No one is telling you the full-proof solution to fix vshare.eu Kodi error.

That is the primary reason I have crafted this article, especially for those who haven’t been quite successful in finding the solution.

Kodi’s popularity increases day by day. Kodi users use Kodi software to enjoy their favorite content on Kodi or another streaming device.

By following the mentioned stream authorization method, you will solve the stream authorization error that you find difficult to solve.

Before moving forward, Let’s learn more about the http://vshare.eu pair error and why it occurs in the system. It is essential to understand the problem from its roots so that you can better solve the issue.


So, http://vshare.eu, or you can call it video share, which is the complete form of vshare is the vshare server that hosts millions of content like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Documentaries, etc. It is the best server to stream your desired content and watch it with your friend and family.

Many popular Kodi Addons like Exodus, Neptune Rising, Nemesis, and others use the vshare server to scrap the links. And that is why it’s very popular amongst Kodi Addons.

So, the addons users use on the media players do not have their servers or other partners that provide the content you search on them. That means the movies or shows you enjoy on the platform would be brought to you by the scraped links.

Python, a programming language, is used to get the links to your favorite content you want to watch. With this link, you will be able to enjoy your show, and the media player will also be successful in delivering you the right content by scraping the links.

Vshare is one of many other video-sharing platforms, and the links are scraped from the internet using a programming language.

What are the leading causes of Error?

As we know, Kodi is the best media player available in the world, and it is so popular that day by day, its users are increasing. And the developers are working hard to give the best service to consumers.

As a result, they often launch updates to their current software to be in the market up to date and fix the bug issues and glitches. If these bugs and glitches stay unsolved, the errors will start coming, and the users will no longer be comfortable using the software.

Likewise, the Vshare also works on the updates, and all but somehow, users are facing some errors. So, we will look into the major causes of the issue.

Unnecessary Search On Web Browser

When you are surfing over the internet, helping Google earn some extra cash via advertisements, you will see many ads in between your search, and some of them will be the ones that you don’t want to see, but you have to see.

If knowingly or unknowingly you click on that ad, a new tab will open, and you will be redirected to the new page on the browser, where you will not find any values but the malware.

Like this, when you search for your favorite content on the media player, you will see these types of ads and links. If you open it, it will only lead you to the Error of https://vshare.eu pair error.

So, you mustn’t click on any ads, no matter how good they look. It will only harm you and your system as you will get these types of system errors.

404 Error

It is the most common issue or Error you will see on the internet. You get this 404 error code because of the reasons that may include the difficulties in finding the links, or the content you want to watch is deleted, so you will not be successful in getting the links on your web browser; hence 404 Error code will appear.

And If you think that this code should not appear in your web browser, then you can copy that page’s link and paste it on your mobile phone browser to check If it’s working or not.

But, if you click on the link and if it works, then you can enjoy your favorite content with your friends by pairing it with your smart TV.

Temporarily Blocked Website

If you want to access the website in the country where that same website is blocked, you will not be able to open that website anyhow. In this situation, you might have a vshare pair issue.

But the simple and most used solution for this issue is, use an ExpressVPN. The VPN service will surely help you open that blocked website in the restricted country.

All you need to do is pair that IP address with http://vshare.eu/pair, and that was it. Now you will be able to do active streaming of your favorite content.

Poor Internet Connection

Having a poor/low internet connection could be the most common issue you may face. So, before you start your streaming preparations, you better check the internet connection first and test it. If you feel that the speed is low, try to resolve the issue, and once you get the required rate to stream your content, you start the process.

Also, check the WiFi network for any obstacles between your TV and the WiFi router. If you find any of the challenges, remove them ASAP. And do not forget to use the same WiFi network.

How To Fix http://vshare.eu/pair Error

Now, we will look into some of the best-explained methods to solve the issue of vshare.eu pair error. If you find that one of the mentioned methods is not working for you, do not disappoint. You can try another one, as I will mention more than one method to solve the issue.

You will surely get the solution in one of the mentioned methods. So, let’s start with our very first method.

1 Solving The Issue By Direct Authorization

Now, we know that your web browser contains pop-up ads and captchas. Here vshare uses the captchas to avoid any security breach.

So, we will learn how we can authorize it with the help of a mobile phone or PC. And when you are doing it, and check that you are attached to the same IP address, and connect with the same WiFi network.

Note: If you find that Vshare is not working in your country, I would recommend you first connect with the best VPN service provider that is ExpressVPN. It will help you video stream authorization content.

Follow the below-mentioned steps.

When you are connected with a full-proof VPN service, you can open Kodi from your Firestick device.

Now, visit the Addons space, and open an Addon from which you want to enjoy your desired content. After opening the Addon, you can search for your desired content or click on any link you want to enjoy.

Then, the Addon will immediately start looking for the links on the internet for you from the different servers all over the globe. So, you need to look for the share link and click on the server.

After selecting the link, you will see an Error like “video stream authorization required to play content.”

If you are looking to use a web browser on your Firestick, minimize Kodi for a while and open a web browser. If not, then open http://vshare.eu/pair URL on your mobile phone or PC/laptop. And connect devices with the same WiFi network to be in the same IP address.

So, after launching this URL on your FireTV web browser, select the active streaming button.

After the selection of the button, you need to solve the captcha.

Then, it will show your IP address, so make sure that it is the same that you use on your FireTV.

After checking, select pair vshare.eu

Then, select the active streaming.

After selection, you will receive a message like “your device paired successfully.”

It’s done. Now, check whether the issue has gone or not. So, start playing your movies and tv shows and check if it’s working or not. It will indeed work, and it is the simplest of all methods you can try. Although it is a bit time-consuming, it will surely solve your problem.

But, there’s a disadvantage of this method that its authorization will last for only 4 hours. After every 4 hours, to have to repeat all the steps to authorize it again. The measures will not change, but you have to perform all the steps to approve it.

And, if you feel that it will be too much for you authorizing it every 4 hours, then I have good news for you. I have mentioned other methods to authorize it to avoid the issues you are facing right now. So, let’s check them out.

2 Fixing the issue by hosters and captchas

So, In this method, we will solve the issue by disabling those websites that may have captchas in them. By doing this, we will only be left with those websites that do not have any captchas, so we can easily avoid the issue of pairing.

By disabling the captchas, you will not receive any links that have captchas, even vshare, or any other servers. It might provide you with broken links or slow-speed links.

So, let’s start the process.

First of all, open Kodi from your Amazon Firestick.

Then, select the Addons section from the menu

And, select video addon from the scrolling list

The list of all installed addons will be there, So, select the one you want to use.

Then, go to the very last of the list and select Settings from the list.

And select playback settings.

You have to disable the hoster with the captcha option, so click on the toggle button to disable it.

If you see any warning messages, I would suggest you ignore them and disable the toggle. So, now is the time to check If it’s working or not. Go to the main Home Screen or on the addons and start streaming your movies.

That was it. Now, you can stream any content you like without a pairing error.

3 URL Resolver

In this method, we are going to use an exciting Addon named Universal URL resolver. You can predict its function from its name itself. Yes, it resolves the URL and lets you enjoy the perfect URL that works for you.

It will disable the URL that is not useful and can lead you to an error. It also undermines the URL while getting links from all over the internet.

So, to perform this method, you need to install the Addon first and then proceed.

Let’s install the Addon.

  • Open Kodi on Amazon Firestick
  • Then Go to the Settings located next to Power Button
  • Now, select FM ( File Manager )
  • Then click on add source, after that select None
  • Now, type https://fusion.tvaddons.co/ and You can give it the name of the Universal URL resolver.
  • Then, you have to go to the Settings and click Addons
  • And, click on Install from ZIP File and select Universal URL Resolver
  • You have to open Kodi scripts and select script.module.urlresolver....zip ( .. is the version )
  • And, wait for a while, and after some time, you will see URL resolver Addon installed.

Now, you have successfully installed the URL resolver Addon in Kodi. So now, we will move forward with the solution.

  1. Start Kodi on your Fire TV Stick
  2. And select the Gear Icon near the Power Button and open System Settings
  3. From the bottom left side, select Expert Mode
  4. Now, click on Add-ons selection and then click on “Manage Dependencies.”
  5. Then you will have the list of all the addons installed on your Kodi device, so select URL Resolver.
  6. Then click on the Configure in the URL Resolver Addon
  7. And then, it will present you with the list of Link Resolvers.
  8. All you need to do now is disable vshare.eu from that list.

And it is done already. Now you will not receive any links from vshare.eu/pair, so you can search the content you want to enjoy.


Which is the best VPN to use in this situation?

There are many VPNs available in the digital world, but not every VPNs are the best. You have to look into their benefits and features and how they will help you be anonymous over the internet. I would recommend you use ExpressVPN. It will help you surf the internet safely, and it will also give you access to websites that don’t run in your country. It will also help you to download your favorite content from the best torrent sites.

What If all these methods don’t work for me?

One simple reason for all the methods not working could be the WiFi connection. For example, If you are not connected to the same WiFi network from your device and ISP, problems may occur. Like this vshare, do not get your internet connection and instrument if you are not connected with the same connection. So, always use the same network connection on all Kodi devices to solve your problem and get going with the methods as mentioned earlier.


I have mentioned all the possible methods to solve the vshare pairing issue and I hope you get these methods correctly and you solve your pairing issue by following the steps mentioned earlier.

And do not forget to use a secure VPN service that will almost save you from every possible security breach. So, follow these methods and the screenshots attached with it to understand the process better.


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