FireStick Remote Issues in 2023 : Trick to Fix it Like a Pro [Simple Steps]

Find the best possible solutions for your FireStick remote issues and fix them in minutes with this guide below!

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the most adopted streaming device available in the market these days. One of the leading causes for its fame is the given remote included buying the appliance.

With the latest upgrade of the Fire TV came, the remote also had a few modifications. The modifications include features like added mute, volume, and power control buttons to this unique device.

However, users of this remote and other variant of the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remotes have encountered some issues with the remote.

Here, in this article, we have covered a few common problems and their quick solutions, especially for you!

Let’s get started!

What Prompts a FireStick Remote to Stop Working?

Many elements can affect a FireStick remote to stop running or block one from ever running in the first place. The most typical concerns include difficulties with the batteries, obstructions that obstruct the remote signal, and other electronics resistance.

The most common causes for a FireStick remote to stop working

Batteries: The most apparent reason that FireStick remotes stop running is battery issues. Inappropriately entered batteries, low battery charge, and other related topics can all make a FireStick remote to stop working.

Pairing: If you haven’t paired the remote with your FireStick, it won’t run. Replacement remotes always require to be paired before you start using them.

Compatibility: If you’ve bought a replacement remote for your FireStick, make sure they’re cooperative.

Damage: Outside damage, such as water damage and internal defects because of failed segments, can induce your FireStick remote to stop running.

Distance and Obstructions: Fire Stick remotes work on Bluetooth system, not infrared, so they have a theoretical reach of about 30 feet. The actual scale is typically lower. While you don’t require a direct line of sight within your FireStick and remote, obstacles can drastically decrease the range.

Tricks to Fix your FireStick Remote

Let’s see how to fix each of them in minutes!

Re-insert or Change Batteries

One of the most common issues people reported with the FireStick remote is that the “Fire TV remote abruptly got disconnected.” The cause for this can be the batteries of the remote.

Fire TV remote only manages to be working with the fresh batteries. We recommend that you only use the certified AA batteries with the Fire TV remote.

It is because cheap batteries are first, not cooperative with the remote, and secondly, they might leak a chalk residue on the terminals of your remote. This creates a blockage between the battery and the terminals.

Here’s how to rule out the batteries as an obstacle when your FireStick remote stops functioning:

Take out the batteries from your FireStick remote.

Please give attention to how the batteries were installed previously and make sure they weren’t upside down. If they were, reinstall them and try the remote over.

Here’s a Tip! See inside the battery section, and you will notice a design that reveals which way to install the batteries.

If the re-insert didn’t work well, try placing new batteries. If your remote still doesn’t run, try the batteries from a different company.

The batteries apparently aren’t the reason, if your remote still doesn’t operate well.

Unpair and re-pair the remote

The FireStick device and remote may get unpaired because of a glitch. In such circumstances, pairing them over will resolve the problem.

Don’t know how to unpair your Fire TV remote? Follow these steps, and you’re good to go!

How to Unpair the Fire TV stick

1. Locate the “Menu,” “Left Directional Key,” and the “Back Button” of the Fire TV remote.

2. Push and hold all the buttons mentioned above for 15 seconds.

3. By performing this, you can unpair the Fire TV remote from the Fire TV stick.

4. Also, you can reset your Fire TV stick to factory settings. It will also un-pair the Fire TV remote.

How to re-pair the Fire TV stick

Now that you have unpaired the remote, follow the steps given below to re-pair your Fire TV stick remote to the Fire TV:

1. On the Fire TV list, go to “Settings.”

2. Proceed to the “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.”

3. Under the “Amazon Fire TV remotes,” choose “Add new Remote.”

4. Now, press and hold the home button of your Fire TV remote for 10 seconds. It will start the pairing mode of your remote. It will get auto-paired with the Fire TV stick.

Many users alleged that they could fix the Fire Stick remote by following this method, not an operating issue.

Did You Check the Compatibility?

This topic isn’t for those who are encountering issues with their out of the box remote. It is for the users who have purchased the remotes individually.

There is a decent variety of in-house and third-party remotes that run with FireStick & Fire TV devices.

FireStick also supports Amazon and third-party game controllers utilized as remotes to cooperate with the device. Any Amazon official product that simply states its compatibility with FireStick will go with your device.

But, if you are considering getting a third-party remote or game controller, make sure you discover it is designed to run with the Fire TV or FireStick device.

There are also some affordable models of the remote with the same design and layout. These products quickly pass off as real but ultimately do not work. Before you purchase an Amazon FireStick remote, confirm the authenticity of the vendor.

Damaged FireStick Remote

If your remote is still not running, then there is a possibility that the remote is damaged. If that’s the problem, the only alternative is to get a replacement remote. The great news is that the replacement remotes are available at affordable costs at the Amazon store.

Just go and look it up on Amazon!

You will discover lots of options. You may also get a customized remote with extra, dedicated switches for Netflix and other applications.

Some remotes also have a volume button. All these remotes can be third-party remotes marketed by different dealers. So before you buy, check out the ranks of the merchant.

Distance and Obstruction Problems

FireStick and Fire TV remotes utilize Bluetooth instead of infrared, so you don’t require a direct path of sight between the remote and your device.

You don’t even need to aim the remote at your device as the adjustment of the remote has nothing to do with the intensity of the Bluetooth signal.

Bluetooth devices like the FireStick remote have a theoretical limit of about 30 feet, but many things can decrease that range. Any obstacles between the remote and the FireStick or Fire TV can reduce the scope of the remote.

The Fire TV Phone App – Ultimate Backup

For those of you who want things as comfortable as possible, Amazon also has a Firestick or Fire TV Remote application that you can install on your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, or any tablet.

This app transforms your smartphone into a remote and allows you to interact with FireStick just as you would do with the real remote.

Go ahead and try it out! Check the below links to download the app!



After the installation, you will need to pair the Fire TV remote application to your Fire TV stick.

How to pair the Fire TV remote app with the Fire TV stick

1. Please ensure that you have turned ON your Fire TV stick before performing the pairing process.

2. Now, join the same Wi-Fi network on the phone to which your FireStick is connected.

3. After that, initiate the Fire TV remote app. Please wait for the time till it scans your FireStick device.

4. If it misses discovering your FireStick, apply your Amazon credentials to sign in to your Amazon account. It will create a code on the TV screen.

5. Type the code that you see on the screen in the Fire TV remote app, and your Fire TV remote app will be paired with the Fire TV stick.

Final Thought

That’s all! Now you can fix the issues you have with the remote and keep using your device hassle-free!

We hope all your problems related to the FireStick remote get solved. Just make sure you try each action several times. Want to read more about Amazon Fire TV hacks? Click Here!


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