5 ways to FIX Firestick Keeps Rebooting: Complete Solution In 2024

Let’s look at the different reasons why Firestick keeps rebooting. I can relate to your situation when having a Fire Stick with you but have not enjoyed your favorite content due to Firestick’s rebooting issues.

It sometimes becomes very frustrating and annoying at the same time, and you want to dump your Fire Stick into the bin. But wait, don’t make that silly mistake.

Your Fire Stick is a great device that opens many doors to enjoyment when you feel low. So, please do not throw it away. Instead, look for the solution in this guide. It won’t take more than eating your favorite scoop of ice cream.

In this article, I will share a working solution to fix this issue so that you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows again. This issue may happen suddenly, and If you are a new user of Fire TV Stick and don’t know what to do in this situation, you better keep reading this article until the very end to find out the best solution.

You won’t believe this story. One day I was watching an exciting and romantic movie with my wife, and can you guess what we were doing after 10 minutes?

Searching for the solution to the issue of Firestick keeps restarting. Yes, my Fire Stick got stuck, and we were in the middle of the climax. The whole mood of watching a movie together got spoiled.

So, I don’t want you to experience that type of situation, and that was the main reason that hooked me to my laptop screen to find a working solution, and here I am.

What Is The Issue Behind Firestick Keeps Restarting?

There could be different reasons affecting the firestick rebooting activity, and one of them is overheating. And overheating can cause a big problem in almost any electronic device. So, when a Firestick is on for many hours, and you are using it continuously, there are high chances that it will be affected in some way or the other.

However, It could be the opposite as well. If you haven’t used it for a while for long time, You should check its power adapter and look for any other unusual thing that you can notice. And once the adapter is not working, you may have a problem because it only provides the necessary electric power to the device.

And another reason could have a damaged HDMI cable because If you have a broken or damaged HDMI cable, you will not be able to watch your favorite content on your TV from the Amazon Fire Stick. Or you have a big software update pending in our system, and it may cause issues related to the software and restarting.

How To Fix Firestick Keeps Rebooting Problem

As we discussed the possible reasons for the issue happening in the Fire TV Stick, now it’s time to discuss those issues and methods in detail to understand them better.

If you want to restart Fire TV Stick or perform a factory reset, you will need the step-by-step procedure to complete that task, And read the full article.

I have spent a reasonable amount of time searching for the best working solution for you. So, do not read the first method only. Who knows, you may need other ways in the future, so it is better to read the full article in detail.

Here, I am writing for some of the methods for you to look deeply into the roots of the problem.

Use Original Accessories

This method is not a method, but it should be a habit.

What do you expect those accessories to do when you have expensive electronic gadgets and use cheap and unofficial accessories to run those gadgets?

It will only damage your expensive gadgets for a long time. If not, it will surely damage the parts of your devices, which means you will have more problems at the end of the day. So do not be lazy and start using only original accessories manufactured in a quality factory by the brands. It will also save you lot’s of money in the long term.

And when you buy an Amazon FireStick, you will find its original parts in the box that you get along with the product itself. Those parts have some power limit on which they can function very well, and If you do not supply those required power or supply less or more energy than required, it will damage the whole system and expensive devices. Make sure you are providing an adequate power supply to the device.

So, that is the main reason the manufacture suggests you use only that power adapter that comes along with the box. And by doing that, you will save your Firestick from overheating and many other issues related to using fake accessories.

And If you have accidentally damaged your original power adapter, you can buy it from Amazon whenever you need them.

Switch USB Cable

This is another method to solve the issue of Fire Stick restarting. When you are using an original power adapter, that doesn’t mean that you have solved the problem. If you use a USB cable that does not have more life to run ahead, the issue may occur.

Because every USB cable have their lifespan to run for a particular period, and after the millions of data transfer that you perform with the help of that cable, you better change that cable after some time or after they are broken. Please do not use them by applying the tapes on the edge of the data or USB cable from which it has been worn out.

Using a good and new USB or power cable will provide you with smooth data transfer and an excellent content-watching experience without any issues or interruption.

Replacing Power Adapter

You can relate this method with the first one discussed earlier in this article about using only original accessories. The power adapter is the primary source of power in any device, and an inadequate power supply will cause many problems in the system.

Using the original power adapter for many years shows that it will be damaged due to overheating and overusing. So, I would highly recommend you buy another original adapter from your trusted seller.

You can see the specification of an adapter online and choose accordingly because a wrong adapter may affect your whole system. And If you don’t know, let me tell you that a Firestick runs on a 1 Amp, and If you buy a 2 Amp adapter, it won’t affect it much.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that If you are using a 2 Amp adapter, you should put that in a port or HDMI port that supports 2 Amp. Otherwise, it will surely damage your system.

Don’t Use Extension

An extension is not the 100% trusted source of power, and when you use an extension, you are constantly exposed to the threat of losing your expensive devices connected through it.

An extension uses low-quality materials and short wires to have a required electricity transfer to the device. When you are not getting an adequate power supply from the source, It will affect the system incorrectly.

So, users should use only power sockets to use their expensive devices like Firestick. I know It may not be costly for some of you, but If it is damaged mistakenly by avoiding these types of indications, you will have to pay the price by not enjoying your favorite content when you want to enjoy it. Like this, it can be costly for you.

And when you use some of the cheap extensions available in the market, it will cause your Fire Stick directly to reboot, and it may cause other serious problems as well.


If you are an old user of Fire Stick and know about using universal remotes on FIrestick, You would know about the HDMI-CEC. So, If you have the latest TV at your home, you probably have this feature in your TVs.

And It doesn’t mean that the old TV owners don’t have this feature. In some of the old TVs, you will find this feature. This feature will help you connect your TV with multiple remotes at the same time.

If you have a Firestick remote with you, you can use it to control your TV’s activity, but it is a fact that most people have been unable to use this option as it creates Firestick rebooting issues.

So, if you want to know whether this option is enabled in your system or not, follow the below-mentioned steps.

From the Home Screen in your FireTV, open Settings.

Then, select Disply&Sounds

And when you see HDMI-CEC Device Control in the menu list, press the center button of your remote.

If it asks for confirmation, press Yes.

Important Note: If you have already enabled this option in your system, you can literarily skip these steps and move forward with the other steps mentioned below.

Get Rid Of Old Version Of Firmware

This step is essential to update Fire TV Stick. An old version of Firestick may contain various bugs and glitches like rebooting and many others that can affect your system and watching experience.

And, the company itself suggests its users be up to date when a new version of software comes out. Because when they launch a new version, they get rid of the old problems and other glitches that may cause pain in your viewing.

Another compelling reason to update to new firmware is to have unique features and user experience as well. If you want to check your version status, If it’s updated or not, follow the below-mentioned steps to check it in under 2 minutes.

Open Settings on the main screen or Home Screen and open My Fire TV.

Then, the About option is in the menu. Press it.

And, scroll down and select “Check For Updates.”

It will then process your command and take a moment to process, and when you see an update or new version available, click on update to proceed.

And if you don’t see the option of update over there, you will see the text like “Firmware is already updated.”

So, Once you click on the update, it will then start to download that new version, and it will automatically install all the necessary changes from the updates.

And when you are done installing the new version, try to run it for a while and check all the options if it’s working correctly or not. Suppose you are getting any issues or problems while running any task in the Fire TV or not.

These are the mandatory procedure to follow after a successful update of Firmware, and look if Firestick keeps rebooting again or not.

Factory Reset

If you have tried everything on the Fire Stick and still got no luck, don’t worry. We have a perfect solution to solve any problem related to Fire Stick, but it should be used in the last when you don’t have other options left to try.

I am talking about the factory reset option that could be a soft reset as well.

You have tried almost everything to solve your issue, including using HDMI-connected devices and removing connected HDMI devices. These HDMI ports can be the best friends to you if you use them wisely. And other methods like using the best power outlet from the power adapter as well.

But still, facing the problem?

Let’s solve it in just two minutes.

Before performing any factory reset, I recommend you take your backup of essential data and files that are very important and useful to you because you won’t be able to revert your files after the factory reset.

Check Out the complete guide on How to perform a factory reset.

Now, follow the below-mentioned steps to perform a factory reset.

  • Open Settings from Home Screen by launching the Fire TV.
  • Now, open My Fire TV.
  • Then, scroll down the list and select Reset To Factory Defaults.
  • And click Yes, when asked for permission.

As soon as you press Yes on the permission, it will start the process to reset your beloved Fire Stick, and slowly It will delete all the files and data stored in the system, and you will get a brand new Firestick from the factory.

And when the process completes, you will be required to set up the Firestick from scratch, as It will not store anything on your Firestick.


Is It necessary to unplug Firestick at night?

When you turn off the TV at night, you have your Firestick plugged in the TV all night, thinking that it’s safe. Let me tell you that it is not safe because your Firestick still has the voltage from the power supply. In this case, the chances of your Firestick getting damaged are very high due to the unregulated voltage at night sometimes. And If suddenly voltage increases, it may damage internal parts of the Firestick, and you may have permanent damage to your Firestick. So, It is highly recommended that you eject your Firestick from the TV every night.

Will factory reset fix my issue?

The factory reset option is not recommended to the users who have not taken their backup and have their downloads and data on the system. It is recommended that one understands its nature and knows that everything will be vanished after the factory reset, including your issues. Factory reset will reset everything, including your settings, so you will be required to set up the Firestick from the beginning, and It will surely solve your issue of Fire Stick keeps restarting.


Amazon Firestick is one of the most popular streaming devices in every household globally. It is popular because it provides various kinds of entertainment to their audiences to enjoy their desired content and quickly find their favorite movies and TV shows on the platforms.

But, sometimes unwanted errors and issues cause actual pain in the heart of viewers, and these issues would not go away quickly, so you will need this type of article to guide you properly.

Firestick keeps rebooting is a common issue and can be solved by following the steps and methods mentioned in this complete guide. I have also attached some screenshots for your reference to understand each step with better clarity.

Every method mentioned in this article is tested with our trusted users and team so that you can trust these methods to apply to your system. After using all these methods in your system, If you don’t get any positive results, It might be possible that your device is damaged significantly. It would be best if you had further assistance from the company Itself to contact the support service of Amazon well.

So, I hope you get all the necessary help from this article to solve your Firestick rebooting issue.

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