Explained: ADB debugging on Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you are looking for a perfect guide on enabling ADB debugging on Amazon Fire TV stick, you have come to the exact place where you will get all your answers quickly with extra information that will help you improve your viewing experience on the Fire TV device.

I can understand, Some people do not find the option for debugging in their Fire TV devices, but they want to sideload android apps from PC.

So, I have made this complete guide to teach you how to enable USB debugging and turn on the ADB option without using your Fire TV remote.

Many users were asking about this question, so I thought to make a separate article on this topic, and here you will get all the solutions related to the main problem.

So, I would like you to read this article and find all the solutions for the USB debugging feature available on FireOS and new Fire TV sticks.

If you are using the older version of the Fire TV Stick, you might not see that option on your Fire TV Stick.

ADB Debugging

There are a lot of discussions going on about whether to turn on the USB debugging option or not. And that is the main reason why I am explaining this article.

So, the answer would depend on you because you will not find somewhere else. So, you should enable ADB on your Firestick device.

What is ADB Debugging?

First, let me tell you what is USB or ADB debugging? So, it is used for the developers to sideload applications from PC or Computer to your Fire TV device.

It is a developer options that are used to sideload apps or install apps on Fire TV device. A strong connection is made between Fire Stick and PC to use that connection to install apps on the Firestick ADB connection.

The primary use of this option was for the developers to fix the bugs and make ready to upload apps on the Amazon store. But the services and some people have started taking advantage of this option to sideload or install apps on Firestick through the android debug bridge, so they don’t need to use the downloader app to install apps on Fire TV devices.

There are many things available that you can do with this option. Like it is used to make custom launchers or to make your mouse toggle work. So If you are using any of the apps, you should turn on the enable option for the ADB debugging.

Plus, it is not harmful, or it will not harm your divide if you turn on the option of ADB debugging, nor it is beneficial for you to turn on the opportunity so, it is clearly up to you and your decision If you want to turn it on or not.

And, If you decide to turn on the ADB debugging option, then below is the method or steps to enable the ADB debugging option in your Amazon Firestick.

How To Enable The ADB Debugging Option?

We know that developers use this feature, and it is not a mandatory option for everyday users. So, that means that this option will be disabled as you receive your Firestick device, and it could also hide the choice somewhere in the settings, so you will have to find that option, but do not worry, I am here to teach you how to enable that option.

So, If you want to enable the ADB debugging option and try the mouse toggle work or other work that can be done by turning on the ADB option, you are at the right place, at the right time.

I will show you how to do it quickly and won’t take much of your essential time. So, I will teach you to enable USB debugging on Firestick, so follow each step mentioned below.

You can also refer to all the screenshots attached with the steps to understand the process quickly, and the screenshots will also help you allow USB debugging.

So, follow the below-mentioned steps If you want to enable the USB debugging on your Amazon Firestick.

Launch Home Screen and open Settings.

Then, open My Fire TV.

Now, please scroll down the list and select Developer options.

Then, you will see an option for ADB debugging, so select that option and turn it ON.

That was it.

I know it was pretty simple steps. Now you can see the status of ADB debugging will be ON, and before that, it was OFF.

Now, you can use the option of Mouse Toggle, or you can sideload or install apps through ADB devices or the same network.

And, If you guys don’t have access to the Firestick remote, then do not worry. Now, I will teach you the process of enabling ADB debugging without a Firestick remote.

Turn ON ADB Debugging Without Remote

So, here is the process of enabling ADB debugging without a Firestick Remote. This process will teach you how to enable ADB debugging without Firestick Remote.

Someday, when you will be enjoying your favorite content and suddenly If your Firestick remote stops working, then this process will help you enable ADB debugging without a remote.

Without the controller or remote, you can not do anything on a Firestick device or other device. The small is the most powerful tool to operate your devices.

Here is the best solution If you don’t have a remote and want to enable the ADB debugging option on your Firestick.

The enabling process is straightforward and won’t take much of your day, as we will be going through the application instead of remote.

Now, let’s start the process of enabling ADB debugging without a Firestick remote.

First, get the app from the store. To download the Fire TV app, open the store and search for the remote app, and then click on the download or install button to get the app.

  • As soon as you get the app on your device, Launch the app. It may ask you to ALLOW for permission. So follow that particular step as well.
  • Now, you have to connect your cell phone and Fire TV device with the exact WI-FI network, and soon you will see your TV name on your cell phone.
  • So, a Code will show up on your Tv, enter that code in the mobile phone and pair the remote app with the TV.
  • The remote is now paired with the device successfully. Now, you will see the navigation keys over the remote app, and there will be a settings icon on the top of it. So, open it, and click on FireTV Settings.
  • After opening the settings, now open My Fire TV from the remote app.
  • So, scroll down to last and select the Developer option.
  • And, you will see ADB debugging option over there, so click on it and turn it ON.

That was it. It hardly took 5 minutes to process these mentioned steps on my device. Now, USB debugging is enabled on your device, and you can use it as you like to use it.

You can also use its Voice ADB commands that will help you use your device efficiently. And you can even download the apps from unknown sources.

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How do I turn ON ADB debugging on a Fire TV device?

In this article, I have explained each step on how to turn on ADB debugging on your Fire TV device. And it won’t take more of your time. Open Settings, then open My Fire TV. Now, Select the Developer option and then turn ON ADB debugging. These four simple steps will let you turn on the ADB debugging.

Is It safe to enable ADB Debugging?

It is strongly suggested that you do not set your mobile phones on ADB debugging. When your mobile phone is in the mode of USB debugging, A PC connected to your phone can read your activities, perform or run commands, and Install apps on your device. This could be very dangerous for the people and users that have high confidential data on their devices. So do not use this option on your mobile phone. Use it on your Firestick device, and you can set it on in just 5 minutes. I have explained all the possible ways to enable ADB debugging on Firestick with and without a remote.


Now, I hope you have all the answers to your concerns about ADB debugging. After reading this complete guide on ADB debugging, you turn it on your Fire TV device.

And, in such cases, If you do not have a Fire stick remote, you can also enable ADB debugging. So, don’t forget to read that section in this article where I have explained in brief how you can enable ADB debugging without a Firestick remote.

This is a straightforward process to follow as it would not take more than 5 minutes of your time, and you can easily do it on your own.

After following all the process and steps, still, you have any doubts or questions then I am here to answer it all of your concerns. Do not hesitate to ask your questions no matter how silly they are.

And, I am always open to your priceless suggestion on my guide, like how you want me to explain the content or the current methods of presenting the concerns are good or not. I here to talk all your suggestions so please let me know If there’s any concerns or suggestion available.


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