Error: Firestick Home Is Currently Unavailable [Solved]

In this article, we will look into the error in Amazon Firestick while watching it. It says Firestick Home is currently unavailable. This error makes the whole day go wrong because you can not do anything once it comes on the screen.

So, we will look into the possible and trustworthy methods and ways to solve this error.

I watched a fantastic action-packed movie with my friends, and we were at the climax; something big was going to happen, and suddenly, we saw an error on the screen that said, “Firestick home is currently unavailable.” And we were like, what is this going on?

You can not move back once it comes and are stuck at the screen. So, it was a terrible experience with the Firestick for the first time.

I saw myself talking to the customer executive to solve this issue, and contacting customer support was the thing that I hated the most, and I was already getting bored.

Since that incident happened with us, I have invested crucial time in researching this error’s solution.

After spending many hours on the internet, I can proudly say that I have found the exact solutions that work to solve this unavailable error of the fire stick.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is the ideal streaming gadget for watching your favorite shows and movies. You can almost enjoy anything you want on a Fire TV device.

You can enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, Documentaries, and many other modes of entertainment.

The Amazon Fire Stick works very hard to provide this type of content, and the company has made this product so competitive that other competitors can not beat their service. Still, the Amazon Fire Stick also has bugs that need to be fixed, and it also gets down sometimes.

A message like “Firestick home is currently unavailable.” comes on the screen because of the bug issue, and it causes the Fire TV Stick to malfunction.

But you don’t have to be concerned about this problem. I have thoroughly researched the issue and developed the best Fire TV device solution to solve the unavailable case.

So, do not leave the article by reading just the first method. I have mentioned various techniques and ways to solve the currently unavailable error.

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What Are The Main Causes Of The Issue?

Various reasons can cause the issue on your Amazon Fire stick to show the “Firestick home is currently unavailable” message.

This problem may come from the Internet connection issue, Wi-Fi router issue, Amazon account registration issue, or Old software issue. We will look into each issue profoundly and give you the exact solution for your Amazon Fire Stick.

Internet Connection

The biggest reason we are living right now is that we eat.

Like that, the Amazon Fire TV device also needs to eat, but it consumes an internet connection. Without the internet, you can not access anything.

So, if your connection is slow, or you are losing internet connection very often, then it could be possible that your internet connection would be weak in your area.

Another possible reason for the slow internet is the bugs or glitches in the software that make the system work slow and lead to the error message on display.

Amazon Account Registration Issue

You will require an authorized entry in the Amazon Fire TV App to access all the content on the platform. You can not access that content without registration on the Fire TV device.

So, If you have done something wrong while registering on the Fire Stick, You might not get all the software updates you should get on an average day.

Slowly, the apps will stop working on the old software versions, or they might slow down and hang a little bit, so you will not be able to perform the tasks smoothly. So, this could be the reason for getting the message “Firestick home is currently unavailable.”

Old Softwares

The company regularly launches new versions of software to stay up to date and fix any bugs or glitches.

When you update your old software with the new ones, you have fewer chances of crashing your apps because the new update will fix all the bug issues and give you a unique experience of operating your apps.

If you wish to continue using your old version of the software, then one day, when all the bugs in the software will not let your Fire Stick run on TV, you will get the same error message.

Too Many Apps

Firestick has got only 8 GB of storage, and nowadays, too many apps are available on the internet to download. It will make the storage go full in no time.

And if you feel that your firestick is getting so or not behaving the way it should be, you have to check for the storage capacity, whether it is complete or not.

If it is complete, try to uninstall the apps you don’t use very often, and this way, you can save your Fire Stick from getting that error message.

Faulty HDMI Port

A faulty HDMI port can ruin your movie-watching experience. This will connect the HDMI cable to your TV via HDMI port, and If it is defective, you may get an error message.

How do we solve: the “Firestick home is currently unavailable” message?

As we discussed the possible reasons for getting that error message, we will now look into the deeper side of those reasons and try to get a solution.

Before we move forward with those different methods to solve the error message, First try to unplug your Firestick from the port, wait for 60 seconds, and plug it back into the port.

Now check If it’s working or not. If not, then proceed with the methods I have mentioned below.

Find A Working HDMI Port

We have seen that a faulty HDMI port will not help you get going. So If you are getting the error message, try changing your port and moving to the port where you can use the HDMI cable.

Performing this action will surely let you solve the problem of a home currently unavailable on Firestick. If your HDMI port is not working and has some serious issue, get a skilled worker to fix your HDMI port in your TV.

Check Your Internet Network Settings

Everyone needs food to be alive. In this case, Firestick requires an active internet connection to run.

If your internet connection is slow or not reaching your Fire TV device, the problem of the error message may occur.

If your internet connection is slow, but you don’t seem to have any problem with your internet service provider, try to check the network settings and Wi-Fi network. Adjust the network settings and do what is needed to regain the WiFi network/WI FI connection settings.

In the next section, I will teach you how to reset your Fire Stick.

Reset Your Firestick Soft-Sided

We’ll reset your Firestick to solve the “Firestick home is currently unavailable” error message in this method. It will surely help you delete the cache and reboot your RAM of the Fire Stick.

This is the quickest method to restart your Fire Sticks anytime you want.

From your Fire TV Stick remote, press the PLAY button and SELECT button, both simultaneously, and hold them for about 30 seconds. This will restart your Firestick.

Restart Your WIFI Router

If you feel that your error message and problem are coming from the internet service provider and WiFi network, restarting your Internet connection might help.

If you reboot your WIFI router, it will cool down and will get the time to retake a fresh start. Especially If you are using an old router and leaving that router ON for a long time might cause the problem as the old routers are not used to take that much load at once.

So, let’s fix the issue.

  1. First, unplug your router from the power source or port, and also unplug any connection between the router and modem, For example, switches and all. Now, please wait for a few seconds for the router to refresh its memory. Unplugging the router from the power source will let your Firestick know that Internet has gone, and the router is now offline.
  2. Here, your router and modem are two separate parts, so put your modem back in the port, and wait for a few seconds for the modem to power on. And if it does not power it on automatically, select the power option to turn it on.
  3. Now, you have to wait for several minutes while your Internet service provider (ISP) analyzes your modem and provides the IP address.
  4. So, it is time to put your router back in and wait for it to turn on. If it is not turning on, select the power option to turn it on.
  5. Now, your router and modem both have restarted, so check for the issue and error message If it is still there or not.

Re-enroll your Firestick

Your Fire TV Stick may not be registered correctly. This may cause a problem in your Firestick watching experience.

So, to solve the issue, you will require to de-register the firestick first and then re-register it again.

It is an easy process to follow, do not make faces while reading this because it will only take minutes to follow the steps, and you are done before you know it.

By following the steps given below, you will have the refreshed settings in your Firestick that will help you solve the error message of “Firestick home is currently unavailable.”


From the Amazon Fire Stick Home Screen, open Settings.

Now, select Account.

Then, select Amazon Account ( under the Account, it will say”Hello” followed by your name )

Now, click on De-Register. It will show you a warning message

So, you have to select De-Register again, and you are done.

As soon as you follow all these steps, unplug your Fire Stick from the HDMI port, wait for a few seconds, and insert it back into the port.

Now, you will be asked to register with your Firestick, so complete that process and check If the issue has been resolved or not.

Update Fire TV Device Software

Amazon delivers the software update regularly for the Firestick to make it even more efficient. As a result, you must stay updated whenever an update is out.

It is necessary to continue enjoying your daily content, and it is better to have improved software, new features, and fixed bugs on the Fire TV App.

And when you decide to perform a software update, it is highly recommended that you connect with a high-speed internet connection or Wi-FI network.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to perform a software update on your Fire TV device.

First of all, Open your Settings.

Now, open My Fire TV from your Fire TV menu.

Then, select Check For Updates, so the device will search for any updates, If available.

If it’s available in the system, it will be downloaded automatically.

And when it’s done downloading, Click on Install System Update to start the process of installing the new update on your Firestick.

After some time, you will have your software updated.

Now, let’s look at the process of a factory reset of your Firestick device to solve your issue.

Factory Reset

I am assuming that you are still getting the error message “Firestick home is currently unavailable” Because you are still reading this method.

Yeah, No worries.

This method will surely solve your problem, and you will enjoy your favorite content again on the device.

Important Note:

Performing a factory reset on your device will lead you to lose all your Data, Apps, Settings, etc., on your device. So this should be the last thing you perform on your Firestick device to save your device from the problem.

So, the process of performing a factory reset would take almost 5-6 minutes, and do not hesitate If your Firestick takes more time or steps than mentioned below.

From the Firestick menu, open Settings.

Now, from the menu, select My FireTV

And scroll down to the Reset to Factory Defaults and click on it.

A pop-up warning message will show up saying that this action will reset your FireTV stick to its original settings. So, click on Reset If you agree.

When it is done, You will require to add all the details from the beginning in your Amazon account to configure it. The details will be your log-in details, Wi-Fi information, and the log-in details for the apps you install.

When you are done with all the necessary details and log in, check for the main problem we have performed the factory reset. The error message “Firestick home is currently unavailable” will be gone.


Why do I see an error message on my Amazon Fire TV Screen?

Suddenly experiencing an error message like “Firestick home is currently unavailable” can break your heart. You see this error on your TV screen, and there could be several reasons for this issue, for example, your Internet connection or WI-Fi network is slow or some changes in the network settings are required, HDMI port is faulty, Old software versions or too many apps on the system. Like all these mentioned issues can bring the error message on your screen.

How to solve the error message on Firestick?

The issue of the error message “Firestick home is currently unavailable” is accurate, and it is hurting like never before to Amazon Firestick’s daily users. There are no proven methods available to solve the issue. Still, we can try some proven strategies that users claim are working, so I have mentioned all the techniques in this article to solve the error message.


The Amazon Firestick is a powerful little streaming device that lets you enjoy your favorite movies and shows on your smart TV with your friends and family.

And whenever you get this kind of error message on the screen, it hurts. But we have tried our best to solve the current issue of the home screen unavailability.

So, follow each step to solve the issue correctly and start enjoying your favorite content on the device again.

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