Coolest Kodi Repositories In 2023 [ Updated List ]

In this complete guide on Kodi repositories, you will get all the information about Kodi and its repositories straightforwardly to understand each thing very quickly and continue enjoying your favorite content on Kodi.

Kodi is the most famous and valuable media player all over the globe, and everyone is aware of it and uses it in their daily life to enjoy their favorite content like Movies and TV Shows.

You can use the Kodi application on Firestick 4K, Windows, Mac, Android TV, and other devices that support Kodi in their system. And using Kodi without Kodi Addons and Kodi Builds is worthless. You will also require Best Kodi Repositories to use those addons and builds on Kodi.

So, keep reading this guide until the very end to learn about the Kodi repository. You can also check out the best Kodi Addons to install on your system and enjoy your favorite content on the go.

If you use the mentioned Kodi repos in your system, you can access the addons for Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Other Programs, and many more things that will make your free time fun time.

But, before moving forward, If you haven’t installed Kodi on your device, check out the latest post on How to install Kodi on PC or Firestick. And after installing the famous app on your device, now it’s time to move forward to know about the Kodi repository and Kodi addon.

There are hundreds and thousands of Kodi add ons available on the internet market, and many of them also have been taken down by Government authorities. However, still, the market is booming with innovation and entertainment content for Kodi users.

And If you have directly landed on this article and don’t know about the Kodi repositories and how to install Kodi repositories, you better stick to this article until the very end to find out the answers to your burning questions.

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What’s Kodi Repository?

Now, let’s know about the Kodi repositories in detail to understand how it works. It would be helpful to you in the future if you face any issues related to the Kodi repository.

Kodi repositories are data centers where Kodi addons and Kodi builds have been saved for the use of Kodi users. You can access these free Kodi addon and Kodi builds for your personal use and enjoy the content from them. You can also have access to many video addons that you can use for streaming purposes.

These repos work like the cloud PC and Kodi as a medium to download that data from the cloud PC. And when you search for any files on these repos, you can download them using Kodi on your system.

Every repository has its data and system stored in this type of cloud. And it is possible to find the same addons and builds in the other repos on the internet, so it is highly suggested that you have access to more than one Kodi repo for convenience.

Best Kodi Repositories

I will share all this information with you in this article, so it is essential to stick to it until the end for your benefit.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, thousands of Kodi addons are available for Kodi users, and some may contain harmful viruses that can harm your device. So, it is advisable to use the best VPN available in the market, ExpressVPN. It will surely help you surf the internet safely and will protect you from harmful viruses.

So, I have tested all the below-mentioned Kodi repositories so that you can use them comfortably. Now, follow the below-mentioned Kodi repos for further information about them.

1 The Crew Repository

You may not have heard about this Kodi repo in a while because it is not that famous like other Kodi addons out there. But it can work for you, and it can provide some excellent Kodi add ons and video addons.

You can easily install Kodi addons, and the best addons in your system and this repo also offers some wizards and builds that you can find in the program addons menu in the system.

Suppose you are a fan of video addons like me. In that case, this Kodi repository will offer some of the best video addons like DC universe, Marvel universe, The Crew, BumbleBee TV, LiveStreamPro, and many others.

You can also find some incredible themes in the program addons like BreezWizard, The Crew Wizard, and others to look for.

And you can easily download some of the addons from The Crew Repository that are available to download. Still, it is a fact that you will not get many repos in the addons repository to download.


2 EzzerMacs Wizard Repository

Now, let’s talk about yet another Kodi repository that isn’t famous much among the Kodi users. Still, I will not be surprised if it becomes famous because it has got some cool addons that you can use to enjoy your daily need for content.

It has different addons that you can use from the other categories, so it has a versatile collection of addons for Kodi users, and I’m sure you will surely love this collection.

And If you are looking for content like Movies, TV Shows, Music, and many others, you should try this repo out, and you won’t regret it.

You can also install addons that are famous among users, and these addons will provide you with the best quality video content. These addons include Kratos, SportsDevil, The Magic Dragon, and many more.

And if you want to watch some live TV channels and programs, you can also watch them by installing the best Kodi addons for live TV channels. Still, I would not recommend you do that from these repos because addons are not that stable, and they may crash or do anything unwanted to your system.

EzzerMacs repository offers excellent maintenance tools and to delete caches and restore the settings to default.


3 Kodi Bae

If you have been using Kodi for a while and are an old user, you may have heard about the Kodi Bae repository. You can even call it an official Kodi repository. It is the best and most famous Kodi repo available on the internet that you can have on your system.

You will get the best quality content in this Kodi repo because the developers and founders have chosen quality over quantity. You will surely get excellent content to enjoy with your friends and family.

And since Kodi Bae provides only quality content and add-ons, it is evident that you will not get many collections of addons in this Kodi Bae repo. But, the quality of the existing Kodi video addon will be the best in the industry.

You will only find very famous and popular Kodi addons in this repo, and these addons include Exodus Redux, cCloud. Ultimate IPTV, and many more. So, if you are looking for a great time pass and fun activity with free content to enjoy, you can surely try this Kodi repo out, and you will not be disappointed.

And you can also choose the category of entertainment like Music, Movies, Documentaries, etc. So, it does provide the best service to Kodi users.


4 Diamond Wizard Repo

In the list of popular Kodi repositories here, we have Diamond Wizard Repo, the most extensive repo available on the internet. Because it contains almost every addon and builds that you can think of, and they even got the addons that you haven’t heard the name of. So it is the biggest and most popular repos on the internet.

And you will not only get video addons in this repo but Music, Subtitles, Programs, Services, and many other things that you will surely love and maybe look for to enjoy with your loved ones. So, you can use this Kodi repo to get the most out of your daily content needs.

In the video addons section, you will get literary hundreds of options to choose from the list that includes Vortex. TV Tap, Golden Age, and many others. And all of these addons are working 100% fine and have no issues related to broken links and slow speed. You will get a fantastic watching experience in these add-ons.

The size of this repo is small, and you can use it on both Kodi 18.8 Leia and Kodi krypton 17.6 so that you will never have to miss anything from this excellent Kodi repository.


5 Cy4Root Repository

Cy4Root Repo is not so popular in the repo industry, but you will get what you want. So, it could be possible that you may not have heard about this repo before. It was launched recently and is gaining Kodi users’ attention.

Despite being new in the market, it offers some good video addons that you can install on your system to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows. And by watching these free video addons from the repo, you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.

If you are using this repo, one thing is sure that you will get the addons like Descent and Laplaza, which comes only in the Cy4Root repo, not anywhere else. And you can also download other addons like SportsDevil, Adult Swim, etc.

So, If you are looking for live TV channels and want to watch the live channels, Cy4Root repo provides you with the best live TV channels add-ons that you can install on the system and can easily manage your live sports or other media. Addons like TV Tap, Lola TV, etc. You will also get the Subtitles, Music, Documentaries, and many more from this repo.


6 Supremacy

If you are looking to install Kodi repositories, you can have a Supremacy repository in your system. And If you eat, breathe, sleep sports, this addon is only for you.

You can stream high-quality sports from this addon as it has got all the best sporting channels and videos in the system so that you can enjoy them easily. But it is similar to Kodi Bae as it only provides limited numbers of addons in the repo, but all the addons will be of high quality.

Not only sports channels, but you will also get other live TV channels and IPTV services along with this repository. And the addons you will get if you install Supremacy on your system are Supremacy Sports, Planet MMA, Electra Vault, SportsDevil, Sublime, etc.

It also provides you the programs, services, Subtitles, and many things other than sports. All in all, these are the best Kodi repositories out there in the market that you can install on your system to enjoy free and fun content.

So, it is confirmed that whether you are a sports lover or not, you will get all types of entertainment here so that you won’t need to look somewhere else.


7 Ghost Kodi Repository

If you are looking for perfect entertainment, Ghost Repo is made for you because you can easily stream your favorite content like Movies, Web Series, TV Shows, Music, and whatnot. All you need to do is complete the repository installation on your system, and you can quickly start enjoying your favorite and desired content on the go.

You can also watch Sports, IPTV, Movies, Live TV If you get the perfect addons for that. So, overall it is quite a good entertainment package for you.

Some of the most popular addons like SportsDevil, YouMusic, Exodus Redux, and many others are available in this repo so that you don’t need to look for them somewhere else when you have this repo with you.

And not only addons, but Ghost repo will also provide its users great builds; however, these builds are not perfect enough. Still, you can change their skins and user experience. Builds like Franks, Iconic, Fire & Ice, InnovatiON, Doomzday, etc.


8 Super Repository

A super repository is a lifesaver option for those who want everything in one place. So, if you are that one person who fits in the category of lazy, you can use the super repository for yourself as it provides the best addons in one place so that you don’t need to look for them somewhere else.

So, Super repository is one of the best repos available in the market that provides the best addons and some sub-repos.

You can find over 1750+ addons in this repository, from which 1000+ are only video addons. You can also find some tv addons that you can install from zip file manager. When installing them on your system, these repository zip files and Kodi settings are the most important things to look for.

The super repository is a well-known repo on the internet. Everyone happens to know it because their developers are working very hard to improve its content and addons list so that the users can fully enjoy their time with the super repository.

You will also get some famous add-ons like Skynet, FilmOn, DramaGo, and many more that will provide you with the best video addons. And you will also get some cool skins and user experience with this repo.


9 T2K Repository

Have you heard of a multi-source Kodi repository? Well, If you haven’t, here it is. T2K Repository for Kodi is a multi-source repo from which you can have multiple addons from different categories like Music, Movies, Videos, TV Shows, Programs, Services, etc.

And in particular, you will also get the video addons like T2k Music, BeatIT, etc. But you may get streaming issues with the repo because it is prolonged and will not stream flawlessly when you need it the most. So, all you have to do is wait patiently, and it will load the things up for you.

Overall, this is a good repo with all the things you need to watch and enjoy your evening, and when you feel the need to change the skin and user experience, you can do it very quickly, as they provide builds. You can find those builds in the program addons section like Floating Super Lite and many others.


10 Fusion Repository

The Fusion repo was first known as TVAddons repo, and it used to be very famous among its users. But the authorities took it down for years. After several years it came back with a new name called Fusion repo.

The best things about the fusion repo are that it provides the GitBrowser. GitHub is the most crucial hub of all the repositories. So, after installing the GitHub browser, you can very easily download any addons that you want from GitHub.

And If you don’t want this in your system, you can download any addons and repo on your device. It also had an IndiGo repo that will give you access to watch movies and tv shows. It also gives you access to some foreign repositories as well.


11 Brettus Repository

If you are the one who loves to watch cartoons or anime, or If you have got the kids at your home, this repository is made for you guys only. As it provides the best anime shows, and it also provides Movies, TV shows, etc. So, overall this repo has some cool addons that can give you the best anime content available in the market.

It is straightforward to find any addons as they have separated the category of the same addons for the users. Hence it becomes clear to find had enjoyed the content with the one you love the most in this world.

When you have brettus repo by your side, you can easily enjoy Movies, TV Shows, Music, Documentaries, IPTV Services, and Live channels as well. And it comes with its scraper of links which provides you the best links compared with other repos out there.

And it is possible because right now, they are not experiencing much traffic on their repo, so it is the main reason for providing the quick links. You can also enjoy old Movies & TV Shows from this repo.


12 Magicality Repository

When blamo repo got shut down, thousands of use got disappointed because it was the only way to get Neptune Rising Addon. But, soon enough, in no time, the magicality repository was launched and became very famous among the users.

This repo works the same way as the Neptune rising addon did. It is even more relaxed and fast, so users are enjoying this newly launched repo very well. You can find some cool addons like Magicality, SportsDevil, etc.

And this new version provides its users with the best quality and services of Live TV, IPTV Services, Sports, Movies, etc. And if you are a fan of animated cartoons, you can even watch them here in the addons section. So, this repo will be an excellent choice for you if you still miss the blamo repo that got shut down.


13 Kodil Repository

Kodi repository is yet another biggest platform of addons hosted on the repo for the Kodi users. All you need is a repository zip file to install it on your device. You can start enjoying free movies and different addons like tempest Kodi addon, Dejavu Kodi addon, Crew Kodi addon, Revolution Kodi addon, Boys Kodi addon, etc.

And you can also get different addons categories like Videos, Music, Programs, Services, etc. And it is an excellent alternative to Ares Wizard, and due to the shutdown, users were finding its option, and here is Kodi Repo as its alternative.

You can easily find 450+ video addons and 100+ programs in this repository, and there are many other addons available in another category that you can access. This repo also provides the best experience of Movies and TV Shows. It also gives the chance to enjoy Live TV channels, Live Sports, and IPTV.

The developers of this repo are still filling the space with more addons to find everything in one place.


14 AJs Repository

The AJs Repository has been launched recently, but it has failed to become popular among the users, and it is trying slowly to climb up the repo market. You can find a decent amount of addons in this Kodi repository, but If you are looking for something famous and trendy add-ons, you better look elsewhere.

It will host some excellent addons, but it will take time to perform that task, so meanwhile, you can check other best Kodi repositories to start enjoying and watching movies. You can look into this Kodi repositories list and install the Kodi add-on that You can install on a Fire TV Stick.

This repository offers only ten video addons and one program. I know that shallow figures are improving the numbers, and you will see the best numbers in the future. Still, I have included this repo on the list of best Kodi repositories.

You can also have 20+ builds on this repo and other maintenance tools to delete cache, Thumbnails, packages, etc.


15 AndroidABA

This is not a shared repository, and it’s different from what I have already discussed with you guys in this article, as AndroidABA does not offer any addons in its warehouse.

But you can get some very popular repositories quickly installed on your device without the help of sources. Isn’t it crazy now? So, AndroidABA provides its users with some great repositories like Kodi Bae, Super Repo, Fusion, etc.

So, If you are bored adding every source file of addons, you can surely try this repo out. It will help you install the different repos instantly without adding a source for each repo.



Can I own a repository?

You can do anything you want, and it’s just you will require proper knowledge to do that. And if you have the appropriate expertise and systems, you can own a repository very quickly. For that, you will be required to have proper and working addons on your side. So, you need to develop an addon on yourself, and then you can make your repository. It will take some technically n=knowledge, and If you don’t have a passion for computing, then it will be tough to do that.

How to delete repositories from Kodi?

If you want to delete all the repositories on your Kodi, you will be required to install an addon called Fresh Start Addon. By using this addon, you can delete all the repo on your Kodi. And If you don’t want to use it this way, you can uninstall and reinstall the Kodi. It will delete everything. So, if you are still looking for another way to delete all the repo, follow the following steps. First of all, open Kodi and go to the Addons section, then click on the Package Installer, then click on My Addons, and then Addon repository. Now you will see all the installed repo on the device, and you will be able to delete them one by one.

Why are Kodi repositories not working?

Suppose you are facing the issue of the repository not working. In that case, it is not a big issue as there are thousands of other Kodi repositories available on the internet for you. So, you can download them on your system quickly and remove the one which is not working. And I have mentioned all the Kodi repositories that are in working condition. If I find any of the mentioned repos are not working, I will surely update the article.


Now you know why Kodi is the best media player to have on your side, as you can easily install the repositories and addons on your system to enjoy your desired and favorite content. Without the addons and repo, you will enjoy the stuff on your device, and you can not want anything other than that.

But, If you install an addon on your device, it will allow you to stream your favorite Movies and TV Shows, Live TV Channels, Music for free that you can enjoy with your loved ones. And Kodi is a massive platform, so you will get thousands of options in repositories and addons to choose from according to your requirements and preferences.

I have mentioned the list of best Kodi repositories above in this article to read and install for your enjoyment. You can have different add-ons as per the requirement; for example, if you love to watch sports, you can install sports-related addons to find the best content and live channels for sports.

However, If you decide to stream the content from these addons, It is highly advisable to use a secure VPN while accessing these files and addons. It will help you stay protected from potential hackers and ISPs. It will also save you and your data from being leaked online. Use ExpressVPN for the best safety.

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