How to Connect Firestick To New WIFI Without Remote [Easy Steps]

Today, we will learn an excellent technique that every Amazon firestick lover should know: how to connect firestick to new WIFI without remote.

The amazon fire tv stick is the most popular streaming device available for users to enjoy their favorite content like Movies, TV Shows, Music, Web Series, and a lot more.

So, you have come to the exact place where I will be delivering the methods to connect the fire tv stick to new wifi without the remote. Please read along to know the accurate techniques, and this will surely help you solve your problem.

Many methods are available to solve this issue, but they all are fake and don’t work on your fire tv stick remote. If you want to know the perfect solution for this issue, you should not leave this article without reading each headline and content.

I have tested all the solutions myself, and I have come up with this article where you don’t need to find the answers and try yourself If it’s working or not. I am here to deliver you the exact solution which will work like magic.

Connecting firestick to new wifi without remote

As we discussed earlier, amazon firestick is the best streaming device globally, and users love it to stream their favorite content. Still, sometimes it creates troubles for the users, and one of these troubles is: Firestick remote not working.

Fire tv stick creates many issues when connecting to a new wifi network or accessing another fire tv app because it doesn’t have too many physical buttons.

So I will share the three best solutions to the current problem with you, and these solutions will be enough for you to solve this issue.

Use HDMI CEC and connect fire stick to brand new wifi.

CEC in HIMI CEC is known as Consumer Electronics Control, also known as universal remote like many others.

If you have lost your fire tv remote or accidentally damaged it to the extent that it will not work again, then using an HDMI CEC would be a great idea to solve that issue.

This remote control is only used in HDMI-supported devices, and fortunately, the fire stick device is also running on an HDMI port.

But there are many disadvantages of using that as well. Using an old version will not benefit you because CEC-controlled HDMI was first launched in 2002 with the old version of 1.3.

But, you have an option to enable and disable the CEC support in the firestick. So, if you have already enabled the option, you can use this feature in the amazon fire stick device.

Now, I will share some points to learn how to enable that option on your firestick.

Follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Home Screen and open Settings.
  • Then, please visit the Display & Sounds area.
  • Now, come all the way down to HDMI CEC device control, and select the middle button.
  • Now, it will ask for confirmation, so press on YES or Enable whichever option appears.

So, you have successfully enabled the CEC option on your firestick and now, is the time to buy a universal remote from the store near you.

Every TV brand manufacturer has named it differently, so you have to check what is in your TV.

I have attached some of the TV brands and their name below for you to check quickly.

  • Hitachi: HDMI CEC
  • LG: SimpleLink
  • Panasonic: VIERA Link or HDAVI Control
  • Philips: EasyLink
  • Mitsubishi: Netcomend
  • Samsung: Anynet+
  • Sony: BRAVIA sync
  • Toshiba: CE-Link

Use Another Phone To connect Firestick Without Remote.

Now, You will require this second method only If you haven’t succeeded at the first method. So, feel free to use this method to connect your amazon fire tv stick without the remote control.

In this method, we will require a second smartphone to move forward and start the procedure.

So, be ready with two smartphones, from which one will be used as Hotspot, and the other will be used to download the amazon fire tv app. This method is widely used to connect a firestick to wifi without a firestick remote.

Here are some of the important things that are discussed; follow those steps to know more.

  • Take out your first smartphone, open settings, go to the Hotspot section, and enter the SSID and Password, same as your old wifi network.
  • After setting up your name and password, now is the time to turn on your Hotspot and Fire TV as well.
  • As soon as you start your Fire TV, it will connect to that Wi-Fi network connection, so now you have to connect your second smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, you will be connected to the exact Internet Protocol Address, so please open the digital Stores to get Firestick Remote Application.
  • After step 4, you can control Firestick from your smartphone. Now, open settings and network settings. Then find the new wifi network that you want to connect with.

All the settings have been made, so now you can turn off the hotspot. You will no longer require that. But always remember your SSID and password. Without that, you can not connect to that network.

Buy a New Firestick Remote

This is the last and final method, and this isn’t like a method but a way to solve the current problem. If you are not satisfied with the second method, you should try the third method to solve your issue of connecting the firestick to a new wifi network without a remote.

Many shops sell this firestick, and if you don’t want to go outside to purchase this excellent streaming device, you can order it online on amazon itself. They sell this firestick remote with a bit more features in it.

They sell the remote with new features like the voice command feature. You will also find the volume buttons on the new remote from amazon, which was missing on the remote that comes with the Firestick in the box.

I hope you understood how to connect to a new wifi connection from your old wifi connection. The same wifi network or same network won’t help you solve your problem.

As soon as you get the new remote, connect it with your Fire TV, and BOOM!

You will be able to enjoy your favorite content on your smart Tv via smart streaming devices like amazon firestick.

So, Wireless internet connection and firetv remote app have their highs and lows, Use it and experience it on your own.


Is it possible to use my smartphone to operate the Firestick?

In this digital world, everything is possible If you believe in yourself and technology. You can almost do anything from anywhere in the world if you have a smartphone in your hand. For example, Elon Musk is becoming richer and richer day by day. Why? Because he knows how the world will be in the future and what things will require in that future, so he’s working on it.

Now, let’s talk about our question here. Yes, you can use any smartphone to operate your firestick streaming device to stream desired content but make sure that you are connected to that same wifi connection.

Can I change the remote for Firestick?

Yes, you can change the remote for the firestick without any doubt. You will get the new firestick remote with extra new features that will blow your mind off, and you will seriously love it. The new features will be dedicated volume buttons for you to control the volumes and make the settings of the volume high or low as per your need whenever you need them. Also, they have the most intelligent AI voice controller in the remote that is Alexa. You can control almost anything with the help of the Alexa voice controller.

Amazon itself sells these remotes separately, and you can easily order them online from their official website or application on your smartphone. So, it will be a profitable move for you if you replace your old firestick remote with the brand new firestick remote.

What If I lose my Firestick Remote?

Anything could happen with you in this unexpected world. Literary anything. So, If you lose your favorite streaming device’s remote, then you should immediately buy a new one. But this time, buy an HDMI CEC-enabled remote which will help you stream your desired content like a boss. And also, check that you have enabled it on your TV as well. Otherwise, it won’t work for you.

How to download the firestick remote app?

This is the simplest thing to do in the world right now, and If still, you are looking at this question’s answer, then my friend, do something and improve yourself and try to read more on technology every day.

Let me still make your doubt clear with a simple explanation. This app can be downloaded in an android or iOS app. You can get it from their applications stores from where you download other apps on your smartphone. Search on the search bar placed on the store and type the name of the app you want to download. In this case, type the firestick remote app and then you will see an Install button, then click on that button to start the process and wait till it’s done.


In this article, I have tried to show you the best solutions or methods to the hot and burning question of connecting the firestick to a new wifi network with a remote help new wifi network remote help. And yes, mentioned all the three ways are working, and I have tested myself to say this with complete confidence.

In the first method, we had discussed enabling the CEC in the TV or purchase CEC enabled firestick remote. In the second method, we discussed the SSID and the password.

Both these methods will work for you and If you find any difficulties in these methods, simply try the third one. It will surely solve the problem and maybe permanently.

As discussed earlier, the third method or buying a new remote will be the best option for you if the methods mentioned above are not working for you.

The new remote will completely change the way you feel the firestick, and it’s small because it comes with unique features that will give you more comfort than the old remote that comes with the original firestick box.

A last, Just enjoy your firestick and let me know If you are having any difficulties operating any of the features or anything else about the firestick. I will surely try to help you out and will give you an authentic solution to your problem.

Have Fun.


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