25+ Best Torrent Sites In 2021 That Still Works like a charm!

A torrent is a computer file containing data related to files and folders that are to be distributed, and an index of network locations of trackers. The popularity of torrents has risen significantly in the past few years, due to its humongous data bank and availability. Following is a list of the Best Torrent Sites that still work and are safe to use right now.

There are many torrent hosting sites today; some specialize in a specific area like movies and tv shows; others are open to all files. Torrents have been in existence since before Facebook and YouTube were even born. If you are no stranger to Torrents, you should know about some of the Best Torrent Sites that shut down in the past few years.

KickAssTorrents was one of the most popular torrent sites in the mid-2010s, with over 1 million users per day in 2015. Although, it was shut down in July 2016. After KAT, some of the major torrent sites shut down following its lead. Torrentz.eu and ExtraTorrent.cc are some of them to follow its lead.

Following is a list of safe, working and the best torrent sites right now:

It is strongly advised to use a secure VPN while using any of these websites.


Best Torrent Sites in May 2021

1. ThePirateBay

Best Torrent Sites

In existence since 2003, ThePirateBay is one of the oldest and most popular torrenting sites. It is and has been one of the most popular and reliable torrenting sites since the beginning of the torrenting era. It has one of the greatest and oldest databases of torrents of every category, making it the Best Torrenting Website today. There are very few to none alternatives online of ThePirateBay. The consistent speed of most of the torrents and the biggest torrent database makes ThePirateBay the Best Torrent Site.

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Alexa Rank: 281

2. iDope.se

Best Torrent Sites

iDope is the new kid on the block. iDope was launched after the discontinuation of KAT, as it says on its home screen, “A tribute to KickAssTorrents. Despite having a massive database of over 18 million torrents, iDope has a very clean and simple user-interface, which gives immense user-satisfaction even if you use it on your smartphone. The placement of iDope so high on the list must be surprising to many of Torrent users, but there are a few reasons. Some of those reasons are availability over devices, good health torrents, minimal website design, and a potential successor of the KAT.

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Alexa Rank: 44585


Best Torrent Sites

Founded in 2008, RARBG is the first choice for many (including me) when it comes to downloading movies. RARBG has created a significant impact on its consistent new additions. It has made its image for high-quality torrents. The movie is a department that RARBG specializes in, but in addition to its high-quality and healthy torrents, RARBG also has a vast library of tv series and web series, under its label of rartv. Although it is blocked in some of the countries, you can use a secure VPN to access the site.

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Alexa Rank: 553

4. 1337x

Best Torrent Sites

Launched in 2007, 1337x has risen to become one of the top torrent sites worldwide with its huge database of torrents and an easy-to-use interface. It provides the users with a wide variety of torrents from different genres, be it Games, TV/Web Series, Movies, Software, Applications, Documentaries, etc. 1337x has gained the trust of its users over the years with consistent addition of new torrents across formats. You can find files of every quality on this torrent giant.

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Alexa Rank: 304

5. TorrentDownloads.me

Best Torrent Sites

Active since 2007, TorrentDownloads has grown and established itself as a leading torrenting site accessible today. With an index of over 16 million torrents, TorrentDownloads has risen to popularity impressively. That is so because of its easy-to-use interface and versatility over all kinds of torrents. It displays top torrents of the day on its homepage distributed in their respective categories. It gives a feel of the old ExtraTorrent when you see the indexing of the torrents.

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Alexa Rank: 6105

6. YTS.mx

Best Torrent Sites

YTS is an unofficial successor of the now-defunct YTS or YIFY group. It rose to popularity thanks to its availability of new and popular movies around the world in more compressed and smaller sized files. It specializes in Movies, but unlike RARBG, it compromises with the quality ever so slightly, to reduce the file size. Despite having files of a lower codec than RARBG, YTS is as much popular as RARBG in some countries (if not more).

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Alexa Rank: 259

7. Torrentz2

Best Torrent Sites

Torrentz2.eu was launched after the original Torrentz.eu was shut down. It is a clone website of the original Torrentz.eu (as it says on its homepage Torrentz2.eu is a clone, copycat, successor and replacement of the site Torrentz.eu”), which was one of the oldest and most popular torrent sites since the very beginning of the Torrenting community. Torrentz2 does not host any torrent files, but it remains one of the popular meta-search engines for torrents.

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Alexa Rank: 1236

8. ExtraTorrent

Best Torrent Sites

Another clone in the top 10. The original ExtraTorrent was shut down on May 17, 2017; the closing notice read “ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently, and it does not have any proxies or domains online.” However, a clone site went online and gained popularity. It has the same interface and BitTorrent system as the original site. The original ExtraTorrent was reportedly The Biggest BitTorrent System. ExtraTorrent is catching up slowly to the best in the business today and living up to the reputation of the old ExtraTorrents.

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Alexa Rank: 13858

9. Zooqle

Best Torrent Sites

Zooqle is one of the freshest names in the torrent universe. It has gained its share of users in the past couple of years, with it providing a wide-scale availability and torrents you can choose from. Zooqle has verified files, which makes using the site more convenient. Having Zooqle so down below on this list just expresses the fact that the torrenting community is wide awake and blooming.

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Alexa Rank: 4922

10. Torlock

Best Torrent Sites

Torlock is one of the leading torrenting sites on the internet. It was launched in 2010. Torlock has an extensive database of verified Movies, TV/Web Series, Music, Anime, and E-book torrents. Torlock has launched a program that offers the users $1 for every fake torrent they can find on the site.

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Alexa Rank: 9613

11. NYAA.si

Best Torrent Sites

NYAA is a dedicated anime torrent site. Despite fierce competition from its alternative pirate streaming sites, NYAA is growing consistently.

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Alexa Rank: 857

12. Katcr.co

Best Torrent Sites

KickAssTorrents was shut down in 2015. It was the most popular torrent site at that time. While the majority of users found alternatives in ThePirateBay or 1337x, KAT was still dearly missed by some users. Katcr.co is an unofficial replica of KAT.cr. The interface and the construction of the Website are almost the same as the original KAT. Katcr.co has worked hard to resurrect many pages and as much data as they can from the original site.

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Alexa Rank: 5778

13. Demonoid

Best Torrent Sites

Demonoid is one of the oldest and very first torrents hosting sites. Launched in 2003, Demonoid is not a new name in the torrent world. Demonoid has seen its ups and downs over the years, as it once went offline after the disappearance of its administrator Deimos. Demonoid had a special place in the heart of its users. When it went offline, many had thought that the site would not go online again.

But a new Demonoid website was launched by the staffers of the aboriginal community in early 2019. The new Website has the same look and feel like the original site but has started over with a completely new user database.

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Alexa Rank: 52262

14. Rutracker.org

Best Torrent Sites

Rutracker is one of the top torrent sites on this planet. Developed in Russia, while the site doesn’t get a lot of attention in the west, it has a vast number of active users, with over 15 million registered users. The Website was blocked by the Russian authorities forever a few years ago, although it didn’t make much of a change in its user base and the site is still up and running satisfying a huge number of users.

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Alexa Rank: 530

15. EZTV.io

Best Torrent Sites

The original EZTV was shut down in 2015 after a hostile takeover, and the new owners claimed the ownership of the brand. EZTV is a dedicated TV torrenting site. EZTV is one of the best choices when you’re looking for a TV series. While it is blocked in some countries, you can use a secured VPN to access the site.

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Alexa Rank: 1495

16. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrent has been around for over a decade now. Despite some desperate blocking efforts, LimeTorrent is still growing strong. It has changed its domains in the past few years in response to the blocking efforts. LimeTorrents is one of the top torrent sites.

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Alexa Rank: 244416

17. TamilRockers


TamilRockers is almost a decade old torrent hosting site. Originated in India, TamilRockers keeps blooming despite several enforcement actions. TamilRockers is highly prevalent in the Indian subcontinent. TamilRockers has a user-base around the world as it is available in English.

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Alexa Rank: 2557

18. Torrents.io


Torrents.io is a meta-search engine that links the torrent files and magnet links from other torrent sites. It shows you mixed results for your search from different torrent websites. Torrents.io has gained popularity because of its easy to use interface and widespread over various sites.

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Alexa Rank: 13262

19. YourTorrent


YourBittorent is the successor of one of the oldest Torrent sites, MyBittorent. MyBittorent had been in existence since 2004, making it one of the oldest torrenting sites, until 2009. Over a decade ago, MyBittorent went offline after a dispute between the two founders. The two founders had agreed to go their separate ways and shut-down the site. Until one of the founders came back with a brand new Torrent search engine.

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Alexa Rank: 33645

20. TorrentFunk


TorrentFunk has been on the internet for a while now. It has a friendly to use interface, and it has a vast database of torrents from all the categories. TorrentFunk is one of the sites which allows users to review the torrent. It also has a verification status indicator, which helps the users to skip the fake links.

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Alexa Rank: 21409

21. TorrentGalaxy


TorrentGalaxy came into existence after the dysfunction of ExtraTorrents. As the creator of this site are the former members and staff of the ExtraTorrent. It is gaining popularity slowly, but TorrentGalaxy is no stranger to the game of torrents. With the interface and operation quite similar to ExtraTorrent, the site is reliable.

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Alexa Rank: 6424

22. MagnetDL


Torrent search engine MagnetDL has been around since 2012. The torrent website grew to become one of the top torrenting websites worldwide. The administrator had shut down the Website at one point in time, but it took a week barely for it to return with its full capacity. The Website is among the most popular torrenting sites around the globe.

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Alexa Rank: 5256

23. SkyTorrents


SkyTorrents is an ad-free torrent hosting site. It has a database of torrents from every category. SkyTorrents is not the most popular Torrent website, but it does have its share of loyal users. What exempts it from the rest of the sites is that it has a clean and ad-free user-interface.

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Alexa Rank: 38731

24. BTDigg


BTDigg is the very first BitTorrent DHT search engine. It was launched in 2011. Unlike other torrent hosting sites, BTDigg does not bank on torrent files; it instead uses BitTorrent’s DHT to search for new files. The website fashions a minimal, retro look.

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Alexa Rank: 44860

25. GamesTorrents


GamesTorrents is a dedicated Games Torrents website for several platforms (Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.). It has not shone to the limelight yet, but it is only a matter of time until it catches the eye of the community.

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Alexa Rank: 4495

These are the top 25 torrent websites that are active right now. The thing to keep in mind when downloading a torrent is that the Torrenting community is based on sharing, and it doesn’t mean that all the stuff available via Torrents is always legal. That is why few of the major Torrent sites have gone down, because of legal issues, in the past few years. Keep reading to know more about Torrents.

A brief guide about Torrents

A torrent is a file containing metadata about other files and folders that are to be distributed, but it does not contain the actual file or folder that is to be distributed. A torrent file has the extension .torrent.

The metadata or information carried by the torrent file is used by a BitTorrent client/software such as uTorrent, Fluid, or BitTorrent for the actual distribution, which essentially allows the users to download the Torrent files to their devices conveniently.

Due to convenience and ease of use of BitTorrent technology, umpteen torrent users end up downloading the copyrighted material unknowingly, which is, of course, not acceptable in many countries, and a few have illegalized the use of Torrents.

How a Torrent works

A torrent file works as the key to initiate the downloading of the actual content. When someone has an interest in receiving a shared file/folder, they must obtain the corresponding torrent file first, by either downloading the .torrent file or using a magnet link.

The BitTorrent client/software then needs to open the link/file. After the BitTorrent client scans the torrent, it then needs to find the locations of seeders who are sharing the proportional file. To do that, it will then attempt to connect to a list of defined trackers (from the metadata of the torrent file) and try to establish a direct connection. When it’s successful, the corresponding content will start transferring.

How to download a Torrent

Downloading torrents is very easy. Following are the steps to download a torrent.

Disclaimer: Before you download a torrent or access a torrent website, it is necessary that you are using a secured VPN, you will read further in this article why a VPN is necessary.

These are the best VPNs to use right now:

  1. ExpressVPN:
    The reason why ExpressVPN is the best solution for torrenting is that it doesn’t impose any restrictions on the content or the website that you want to access. You can visit any website, download data, stream videos online without any restrictions whatsoever.
  2. NordVPN:
    is an excellent solution if you want to use a VPN for safe torrenting. Besides having servers set up expressly for P2P, it offers the features necessary for anonymous and safe torrenting.
  3. CyberGhost:
    is an above-average VPN for downloading torrents. It is a zero-log provider and does allow BitTorrent and other P2P network traffic. It’s very useful to add a 2nd IP-hop for the torrent traffic and can easily be configured in uTorrent.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used for streaming movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. We do not endorse nor promote illegal activity tied with streaming or downloading copyrighted material. The end-user shall be the sole responsible for media accessed through any of the services or apps in reference to this Website. This site does not host referenced applications or addons, and this guide is for educational purposes only.

Step 1. Find a torrent tracker website:

There are many torrenting websites you can choose from. Above is the list of the Top 25 torrent websites. You can select any of them according to your preference. Although there are two major types of torrent trackers, public trackers, and private trackers.

Public trackers are available to everyone, while Private tracker requires invites. The results you see in your web search results are public trackers, because of their public nature. Copyright holders track many public trackers, so downloading them may result in action from your ISP.

Private trackers are not accessible until another member has invited you. In most cases, they have requirements, such as an equal amount of sharing of what you have downloaded. Private trackers are less likely to result in cease and abstain letters from copyright holders.

Step 2. Find your desired file:

Most of the public trackers have all the new movies, shows, albums, games, and some popular old files.

You can use popular shorthand for finding the file you want. i.e., you want the third episode of a show, search for <show name> s02e03.

Step 3. Download a well-populated torrent.

The number of seeders available determines the speed of your download. A seeder is a Torrent user who has the entire file available for sharing.

Most torrent websites allow you to sort the search results by the number of seeders. Look for the file with a more significant amount of seeders. Not only will it download faster, but it means that the file is not fake or infected with a virus.

The number of leechers affects your download speed as well. A leecher is a user who is downloading that file but hasn’t finished yet and not currently seeding. Once the download is completed, a leecher becomes a seeder. If there are more leechers than seeders, the bandwidth you will receive will be lower, which may result in slower downloads.

Step 4. Pick a torrent with a good size vs. quality.

This is essential for video files because the compression can affect the quality of the video. Smaller files will look and sound weak compared to the larger sized same video.

Although it might take longer to download the bigger file depending on your internet connection.

Read as many comments as you can and see if other users feel that the quality of the file is worth your time or not. Some of the trackers have a rating system that allows the user to vote if the file is good or not.

Step 5. Download via magnet link if available.

Magnet links are slightly different than a standard torrent file. They match the content-based a unique identifier, which can then be accessed without the use of central trackers. A magnet link is just a text line, and you don’t need to download the torrent file.

Step 6. Make sure you can access the content.

Torrents can transfer any file type, which means that the file you download may be the one that you are not familiar with. Read the file description and make sure that you have the required programs/applications to run the file.

Step 7. Beware of viruses.

Torrents often exist in a legal grey area because of which there is no oversight as to what kind of files are made available, which means that hackers may embed viruses or ransomware in torrents that they hope to spread to other users. They are often included in popular searches to get as many victims as possible.

Downloading the actual file to your device via the torrent.

Step 1. Download and install a torrent client.

After you have downloaded the torrent file or to download via a magnet link, you will need a torrent client/software to transfer the desired data/file/folder, with the BitTorrent protocol, over the internet. The data is downloaded from the seeders, as there is no central server involved. There are many paid and free torrent clients you can choose from. Some of them are:

Step 2. Open the torrent in the client.

The torrent you downloaded is tiny. The size is generally in a few KBs in size. The file acts as a guide for downloading parts of the file from other clients. Use the Torrent client/software you installed to open the file. You can do it by only running the torrent file. Your torrent client should be configured to open the torrents files or magnet links automatically. If that’s not the case, you can drag your torrent file into the client window to add it to the download queue.

Step 3. Set the download location.

You may be asked where you want to download the files depending on the configuration of your client. Select the location, which is not hard to find or your preferred location. Once the download is finished, you can open the location you selected to view or access the file.

How is Torrenting Dangerous

Downloading Torrents can be dangerous because other peers will be able to see your IP address. Many of the production and record companies hire people to work in and report the IP addresses that are found downloading torrents so that they can be passed along to the ISPs. The ISPs then liaises with the law enforcement agencies to prevent the file from being downloaded further, which can mean the incarcerating of the operators and users.

It also depends on the client or the software you are using to download the torrent, and what you want to download over the BitTorrent protocol. Take uTorrent. For example, uTorrent is full of adware unless you remember to un-check a few boxes during install. uTorrent may compromise the security of your computer, as it loads advertisements from the web in an application that may have the Administrator privileges.

The advantages of downloading a torrent

Torrent uses BitTorrent communication for P2P sharing, which means that the file you will be downloading is not hosted by any central server. If you can’t download from one source, you can approach other sources to complete your download. Meanwhile, if you’re downloading something in the traditional way, your download won’t be able to complete if the primary server is down.

A torrent never expires, since it only contains the metadata and information about the file and not the file itself. You can resume your downloads any time because even if one of the sources has gone down, there are many others to support your download.

Disadvantages of downloading a torrent

If the file you want to download has no seeders you won’t be able to download it. Seeders mean the people or the computers that have finished downloading that file, and they are seeding the torrent for the people who wants to download it after them. They work as the source for the transfer of your file.

One thing you should consider while downloading a torrent is that it downloads and uploads at the same time. If you have a limited internet plan, you might want to reconsider the idea. The speed of your download might slow down if the trackers of the torrent in question are not good even if you have a fast internet connection.

The torrent technology is safe otherwise, but you don’t want to expose your IP address to anyone who can potentially attack your computer. Using a secure VPN is a must when you are downloading torrents.

How a VPN works

A VPN, which means Virtual Private Network, creates a private network from a public internet connection to give you online privacy and anonymity. A VPN masks your IP (Internet Protocol) address so that your online actions are virtually untraceable. And most importantly, a VPN establishes a secure and encrypted connection to provide you with greater privacy than even a secured Wi-Fi hotspot.

A VPN essentially creates a data tunnel between your local network and an exit node in another location, which is potentially thousands of miles away, which makes it seem as if you’re in some other place. Benefits like this give you online freedom and the ability to access the app and websites of your choice, which might not be available in your region.

Elaborating on how VPNs work, VPNs use encryption to disorganize data when it’s sent over a Wi-Fi network, which makes the data unreadable. Data security is important when you’re using a public (Wi-Fi) network because it prevents anyone from spying on your online activity.

Your internet service provider can review and track your entire browsing history through your IP address, and you can prevent that from happening by using a secure VPN. Your browsing history is hidden with a VPN. That is because your history will be associated with the IP address of the VPN and not yours. A VPN service provider has servers all around the world, which means that your browsing history could appear to be associated with any of those. The same goes for the search engines. Search engines can also track your browsing history, but again that information will be related to the VPN’s IP address and not yours.

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