25+ Best Torrent Sites In 2023 That Still Works like a charm!

Best Torrent Sites In 2021 That Still Works like a charm

Nowadays, the world of torrenting is a bit complicated to understand because of some obvious reasons, like law firms and government authorities banning these sites all over the world.

But hey, do not hesitate. That’s where I’ll be helpful to you in finding the best torrent websites that work.

I don’t want you to check each and every torrent site, wasting your time, which you otherwise can use for something very important to do in your life.

Google search is no longer the same as before. It gets better. You’ll not simply find the best torrent websites that actually work just by Google search.

Don’t worry, I’m here. I have spent my precious time doing extensive research about the best torrent websites available online for torrenting.

I have checked all the torrent websites mentioned below for safe downloads and it is only possible when you use a secure network and use a VPN that will save you time and money. It will save you from the legal troubles that are knocking at your door.

Let’s dive deep into the world of torrent websites

First, we’ll see the top 10 best website’s quick list and then we’ll check out a total of 27 of the best torrent websites. Cool?

If you don’t want to download anything, then you need streaming sites. Do check Sites to Watch TV Shows, Free Movie Websites, and Free Sports Streaming Sites.

Quick List – 10 Best Torrent Websites

#1 The Pirate BayThe best torrent site available / All-rounder
#2 1337xBest for applications and Software
#3 RARBGBest for high-quality movies
#4 YTSFor movies that you can’t find elsewhere
#5 Kickass TorrentsOld Is Gold
#6 TorlockBest for Ebooks and anime
#7 Torrentz2Best torrent search engine
#8 ZooqleBest for TV Shows and movies
#9 LimeTorrentsWorks almost everywhere
#10 TorrentDownloadsHuge database for everything

27 Best Torrent Sites That Still Work

Here are some of the most secret and safest torrent websites which work like a charm!

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB) – The best torrent site available / All-rounder

Iconic TPB logo with torrent files

The Pirate Bay is by far the most popular and valuable torrent website available in the market. Everyone with the least knowledge of torrent websites would surely know about the best torrent website – The Pirate Bay.

Founded in 2013 to provide a variety of torrents for FREE, to date, it is the most premium torrent website with a variety of categories like Movies, TV Shows, Games, Software and the list goes on and on.

The user interface of the Pirate Bay makes it unique among the others as it is very easy to navigate through the websites from one page to the other.

The search bar provides the best content one can ask for. You don’t need to go to various categories to find what you are interested in.

Just simply search the keywords of the stuff you are looking for and get those stuff by the full working links like magnet links to get going.

Some users may find difficulties accessing TPB because of the ban of the site in their respective countries, but further you can always use a VPN and access the site from the other country’s IP address.

Still, if you are unable to access the Pirate Bay then you can try the alternatives or mirrors of the website.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

2. 1337x – Best for applications and Software

1337x home page

When you see 1337x written on your computer, it gives you the kind of comfort and belief that you will not return empty-handed. You’ll surely get what you are looking for whether it is Movies, Games, Software, etc…

That is why it is one of the favorite torrent sites or movie torrent websites available online.

It was founded in 2007, and since then it has gained a lot of popularity among torrent website users. 1337x is almost available in the world except for Australia, the UK, Austria, and Ireland.

The cool feature of this torrent website is that it has a fashionable user interface with an extensive guide to the directories for smooth and perfect navigation.

Whenever you are downloading from this torrent website it is easy to use the links provided by the moderators, or you can say it is a great benefit to download a torrent from this site that you’ll be able to find the magnet links the same as the pirate bay.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

3. RARBG – Best for high-quality movies

RARBG home page with torrent files

RARBG is also an old torrent website founded in 2008, one year after 1337x.

Users who perform the process of torrenting usually know that this torrent website is popular and among the greatest torrent websites available.

RARBG has millions of visitors per month on its main torrent website so you can imagine the amount of popularity this site has because it also has alternate sites and they also get a tremendous amount of traffic per month.
It also has content from different categories to choose from like the above two, and you’ll easily find useful links like magnet links to download your content for use.

One and only problem with RARBG is the site blockage and in the major countries of the world India and Greece also joined that list in recent times.

So if you are living in a country where RARBG isn’t available then I recommend you use a VPN to access this best torrent website.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

4. YTS – For movies that you can’t find elsewhere

YTS home page with torrent files

If you are a high-quality movie lover, I am assuming that you know about the YTS. It is by far the best movie torrent website available online.

You will find from new to old, from classic to retro, from Hollywood to Bollywood every type of and every kind of movie is available in YTS with a variety of quality options available you can choose the movie quality as per your need.

The best torrent website, YTS has millions of visitors per month. The ease of navigation through the website and user interface is quite comfortable.

But in recent times, the site has become part of an anti-privacy scheme under which it transfers the user data to third parties or law firms.

As it is a niche-based torrent website for movies and by considering its practice I strongly suggest using a VPN for the extra added safety to your devices and to your data.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

5. Kickass Torrents – Old Is Gold

KickassTorrents hoem page

Kickass Torrents was founded in 2008, and it is one of the oldest torrent websites that faced continuous bans and blockage from the firms.

It was running smoothly until 2016 when its founder was arrested by the authorities for the violation of the law and privacy; since then the site has been taken down. However, the team of Kickass Torrents have revived the site and started the mirror links for the users.

Once upon a time, it was the best torrent website among its competitors, even though it was better than the Pirate Bay.

Today, it contains a high risk in accessing the Kickass Torrents or its mirror links, so I highly recommend you to look for alternative sites to Kickass Torrent.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

6. TorLock – Best for Ebooks and anime

Torlock home page with torrent files

Founded in 2010 and to date, it is running smoothly with the lowest bans possible. Right now, it is banned in India, the UK, and Australia. It comes under the list of top 10 torrenting websites.

It is a safe torrent website for first-time users it doesn’t require any complicated process to follow.

Has a good user interface with a minimalist design and effective torrents categories so that there’s something for everyone who visits the site.

TorLock is always ready to pay you if you spot any fake torrents, so you can have an idea about how seriously they take the safety of any users and torrent website visitors.

When it is compared with the big names in the industry, it is a small database torrent website with a macro niche down in Movies, TV Shows, Ebooks, etc…

A VPN is a must if you are accessing this website from the banned regions for further safety.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

7. Torrentz2 – Best torrent search engine

Torrentzr search engine home page

2003 was the year Torrentz was founded, and it was the only torrent search engine getting different content from most torrent websites.

Until 2012, the site was immensely popular among torrent users, and this site was like everything to them because they were able to get anything they wanted.
Sadly, it closed its doors in 2016 after the many bans on the site and because of some legal issues going on with the torrent website.

During the same year, its clone was launched as Torrentz2, and it still works for Movies, TV shows, Games, and many more.

It has a crystal clear user interface with white space around the content so the user gets used to it and can easily digest the content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

8. Zooqle – Best for TV Shows and movies

Zooqle site with torrent files

The top torrenting website Zooqle works in most countries, including India.

It is one of the most trustworthy and simple yet vastly categorized top torrent sites available online, just like the Pirate Bay.

And if you are looking for Movies from this torrent website, then BINGO! It just works fine and is best for movies.

You’ll find various Movies and TV Shows on the homepage of this website, from where you can easily download your desired content via useful links like magnet links.

And if you are not able to find your desired content on the home page, you may visit its vast categories for the movies you’ll definitely find your content over there.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

9. LimeTorrents – Works almost everywhere

LimeTorrents home page with torrent files

LimeTorrents website welcomes first-time users or those new to the torrent world with its trustworthy and large database online with verified torrents hence it is the most trusted torrent website online.

LimeTorrents also has the TAG of minimum bans of a website since 2009. Three countries including the UK, Australia, and France have banned this torrent website from their respective countries. However, users can still access the site with the help of a VPN.

Except for those three countries, LimeTorrents works perfectly fine where users can download high-quality and verified content with high download speed, which is a necessary thing while downloading a torrent.

Finding your desired content in LimeTorrents is as easy as finding your keys when attached with Apple AirTag.

While downloading a file from LimeTorrents, It shows all the data and necessary files that a torrent contains so that you can choose from that data to download.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

10. TorrentDownloads – Huge database for everything

TorrentDownloads home page with torrent files

One of the top 10 torrenting websites – Founded in 2007, Since then, it has maintained a low profile in the eyes of the official authorities, and being on a low profile has saved this site from bans.

However, the UK has banned this site from working in their country, but the user can easily access this torrent website via VPN.
With a large database with over 15 million torrents to play with, you can easily find your desired content, including Movies, TV Shows, Games, anime, and many more to come.

While using this torrent website you’ll feel comfortable navigating through the categories that are mentioned in a vertical manner which really makes the process easy to find your desired content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

11. Torrends.to

This website changed its domain from torrends.io to torrends.to recently.

There are various Bittorrents platforms available in the market; likewise, Torrends also gets a huge success rate and traffic to their search engine that gets the files from different torrent sites when you search for your desired content and the file contains both direct and magnet links making it even easier to download a torrent.

Every time you perform a search on torrends.to you’ll get detailed data about the torrents containing information like date, size, uploader’s name, seed and links health.

Torrends.to outranks many sites and search engines by its user interface, it has a great quality interface to give to its users, and users are enjoying it like nothing else.

You don’t require to visit one by one niche torrent website to download your favorite content, just simply search for your desired content here and get quality content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

12. EZTV

EZTV home page with torrent files

This is a micro-niche torrent website for TV Shows. If you are looking for a TV Show and can’t find it anywhere else then give it a try you’ll probably find it here.

As this is a niche-based torrent site for TV Shows, you’ll not find Ebooks, music, Games etc here.

Always use VPN and Ad Blocker to be extra safe from the authorities, law firms, and hackers because this torrent site shows the ads to the users.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

13. Torrentfunk

Torrentfunk home page with torrent files

This is another torrent website with a great collection of torrents with diversified torrent categories. It also has a great user interface to help pro and noob users of torrent websites.

You can easily perform a search in Torrentfunk torrent website for your desired content, it provides the torrent file with important information like Size of the file, Seeds, Date of upload, link health etc so that you can easily choose from the torrents.

You can have torrent files from direct and magnet links for a better experience of torrent websites.

Get all your desired content from Torrentsfunk, Its user interface allows you to search it with ease and have a nice and comfortable torrent time on Torrentfunk.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

14. ETTV Torrents

ETTVTorrents home page with torrent files

Guess What? It is also a niche-based torrent website In TV Shows like EZTV but it is not popular like EZTV, which doesn’t mean that it is less in any performance or collection of torrents.

You will surely find the best TV Shows around the globe on ETTV Torrents and it is very simple to use in terms of usability to a user from new to old every user can access this torrent site very easily.

If You are a TV lover, the collection of TV Shows at ETTV Torrents will amaze you because it has such a huge and diversified collection of TV Shows in various genres.

It is one of the top torrent websites, the only issue with ETTV is that it can not satisfy your need for a new release of episodes from your favourite shows.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

15. Nyaa.si

Nyaa.si home page with torrent files

Now, nyaa.si replaced its original platform as it was banned in 2017, since then, nyaa.si is working with its replaced version and dealing in niche-based torrent sites for anime and audios and videos.

It is a Japanese torrent website only for anime. You’ll find your desired content for audios and videos and it makes this site a top torrenting website.

As it only deals in anime audios and videos it has a limited collection of torrents and mostly from Japan, Korea and China.

Navigating through its torrent collection and its user interface is actually pretty good for an anime lover.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

16. SolidTorrents

SolidTorrents home page with torrent files

You are going to save a lot of time from surfing from one torrent site to another if you use this torrent search engine. You’ll find your desired content here with its minimalist design of a metasearch engine having indexes from all other torrent sites.

If you love design-oriented websites then it’s more likely you’ll not like this search engine’s design as it has an orthodox design element only focusing on getting you the content you need.

Today, it is a safe site to search, but in the past Google had marked this site as suspicious but it is safe to search on this site.

But, do not forget to use a VPN and while anti-malware installed on your devices.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

17. BitPort

BitPort home page with torrent files

BotPort is a unique torrent website with the best feature inbuilt to download your desired content without the help of Torrent clients.

All you need to do is create an account on the site and start downloading your favourite content in a few clicks.

What really excites me about this torrent website is that you can save your torrent files in the cloud drives for ease of access.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now, just sign in to your account and start downloading files to the cloud and access them later from anywhere.

One disadvantage of this torrent site is that you have to purchase their subscription plan to access or store more data or files in the cloud.

With a free account, you can save up to 1 GB of data to the cloud storage after that in order to save more you have to purchase their premium plans.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

18. iDope

idope home page

Founded in 2016 with the mission to provide quality torrents to users and it does its job quite well by providing direct magnet links of torrents for safe

This site has some unofficial mirrors for users who can not access the site directly for torrent downloads.

It’s because the site has faced some major bans from most of countries, including Australia, India, the UK, and many more, but if you want to access this site from the country that banned it, you can easily do it with the help of a VPN.

It is a mediocre torrent site from which you can download torrents of different sizes and quality.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

19. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents home page with torrent files

It is an all-rounder torrent website like many best torrent websites available online, including the pirate bay, 1337x and many more.

It has a clean interface for users to search their desired content very easily and it feels great to use a clean interface, it gives a positive vibe.

It searches users’ query very well and provides the asked information about the torrents with some extra information about the torrents like seeders and leechers, size, links health and many more.

SkyTorrents ( top torrent websites ) has a huge collection of torrents with over 25 million torrents to offer to download torrents including Ebooks, Games, Softwares, Movies torrents, Music and whatnot.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

20. TorrentsGalaxy

TorrentGalaxy home page with torrent files

As the name suggests it literally has a huge database of torrents collections ranging from Movies torrents to Ebooks torrents and Music torrents to TV Shows torrents plus any skill development courses you wanna learn then you can definitely download it from here with the direct link.

Link others, it has very simple navigation and interfaces in the torrents website for the users to navigate through the categories, section and search bars.

In short, it is a multipurpose torrenting platform to have in your list when you are in a way to find your desired content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

21. Toorgle

Toorgle home page

You are now looking at the Google of Torrents. Toorgle’s mission is to become a one-stop solution for all kinds of torrent requirements.

The platform has indexed over 450+ best torrent websites which simply means that there will be no reason to miss this site from our list of best torrent websites.

This site currently indexed over 55 million torrents which is a huge number when it comes to best torrenting websites.

If you are a noobie and don’t know about the torrents and technicality of a website then also it is cool to have surfed here on this website, you can feel a sense of Google when searching on this site for your content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

22. BTDigg

Btdigg home page with torrent files

BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine founded in 2011 with the mission to provide healthy and free content to the BitTorrent network.

Generally, it has a simple yet interesting interface of the site for users to download torrents and access the content easily. Content comes with multiple links including direct and magnet links.

This site is neither a database nor a tracker, it is a unique torrent website amongst the other best torrent websites.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

23. DirtyTorrents

DirtyTorrents home page with torrent files

Don’t go after its name, there’s nothing like its name in this torrent website, actually, it is a great torrent website with a clean and neat interface for the user to access it.

You can download torrents and find your desired content like Movies torrents, Apps, Softwares, Music and many more torrent files with the help of DirtyTorrents.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

24. YourBittorrent

Link: https://yourbittorrent.com/

YourBittorrents home page with torrent files

Again, Torrenting is made simple for Movie lovers by YourBittorrent because it is one of the best torrenting websites.

The best torrent websites for movies, however, you can download Ebooks, Games, Softwares etc. The interface is quite simple as you can hover around the site very easily. For sincere users, this torrent website also allows you to sort the torrent according to the requirements.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

25. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrents home page with torrent files

ExtraTorrent is here to offer some Extra reasons to do Torrenting on one of the best torrenting websites.

Founded in 2006, it is a very old torrent website with nice features and little ads that pop up during the session.

It had to suffer a sudden demise in 2017, but the team has managed to pull off its mirror links which are functioning well to date with minimalist design and user interface and with all you need as a torrent lover.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

26. GloTorrents

GioTorrents home page with torrent files

It doesn’t matter if you are old or new to the torrenting world, GioTorrents helps you in every way to satisfy your torrent needs with its simple yet effective design and interface for the users.

The main reason all its users love to do torrenting on this site is that it shows all the torrent links on its homepage which makes it super accessible for the user to use.

Size of the file, seeder/leecher, uploader’s info, download links everything is mentioned over there. You can use this info while downloading your desired content like Movies, Softwares, Ebooks, Games, Tutorials, TV Shows and many more. Overall the best torrenting websites in 2023.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

27. Demonoid

Demonoids home page with torrent files

Last but not least in our list of best torrent websites is Demonoid.

Founded in 2003, it is one of the oldest torrent websites available online. You can imagine the number of quality torrents available on this site as it has survived almost two decades in the field to provide its users with their desired content.

And like every other torrent website it also has faced some legal issues and was shut down for two full years. However, it did recover its legacy and continued in 2019 and now it has its mirror also working.

Major countries users have access to its website except for the UK and Ukraine. It offers content in vast categories and the download speed is also good so that users have no longer to wait for their content.

Main WebsiteMirror 1Mirror 2Mirror 3

4 Major risk of using torrents

Everything in life has two aspects attached to it, one is positive and the other – you know it. Negative. While torrenting for the best torrent websites on the internet, like – Downloading or unloading the torrent file, you may have to take some major risk to do it.

Risk Of Malware

What you see from the outside generally isn’t necessary to be the same from the inside. It applies to the torrent file as well and one of the most common risks that torrent users have to take is Malware. I don’t know why it sounds like Marvel but hey I love you 3000 times tony.

These threats of Malware could be dangerous if not taken seriously. You have to take precautions while downloading the torrent file from the site because it could contain a deadly virus that can damage your devices very badly.

Anti-virus software will help you identify the threats in the files that you have just downloaded from the torrent websites. So, better be ready to scan the torrent files once you download from the best torrent websites.

Risk Of Data

Data is everything in today’s world. If the authorities or hackers have your data, think about what possibly could happen to you. You may lose all your hard-earned money. You may lend into legal troubles with the law firms etc.

There are millions of ways to use your data and there is only one way to protect your data, which is to have a well-secured VPN.

Risk of Vulnerability

While torrenting in the best torrent websites or simply when downloading a torrent file from the best torrent websites, you become vulnerable to hack attacks. It may not offer a direct threat to you or your system but the GOLD here is your data.

When you download a torrent file from the torrent websites, hackers become active and try to collect your valuable data about your activities, these hackers use your information for their advantage.

A VPN will be your guardian here and it will be the only one who can save you from these threats.

Risk Of Legal Troubles

What you can expect from the Best Torrent Sites? Only the Best right? And these best torrent sites contain the copyrighted content in the torrent files that you will download.

Your ISP and legal authorities monitor a user’s online activities. If they find any torrent file that you have downloaded from a source that contains the copyrighted content, then you are liable to face legal charges.

And these legal charges look like — Impositions of big fines and suspension of an ISP’s license or issuing the legal notices to users or moderators for piracy.

How to avoid these risks?

If you are new to the world of torrenting and don’t know how to hide your identity or how to avoid the risks of being online on the best torrent websites then use VPN.

It will save you like hell, I mean from being in hell. You may wonder how?

Let’s see how.


There are tons of free and paid Virtual Private Network (VPN) available.

It simply establishes a strong and secure network between you and the internet. All your data is dispatched through an encrypted tunnel so no one can find out your original location and IP address.

Hence, you are safe to go.

Top 5 VPNs

Is It Legal?

The country you live in will mostly give the answer to the heated question. If your country has nothing to do with the best torrent sites then you are in a heaven of torrenting But, If your country will not bear a single file of the torrent within then you better use the safe ways to access the torrents sites.

So make sure you use a trustworthy VPN that 100% hides your activity on the internet.

Check Safety Of Torrent

Now you are pretty much aware of using the VPN while torrenting, it is also advisable to check the safety of torrents before downloading.

Because once a virus is on your system it will be very hard to remove it from your computer.

The best practice is to look for a high seeder/leecher ratio and do not download the recent movies or pre-release movies; it could be fake.

A Quick Guide To Choose The Best Torrent Sites

You must be wondering how we managed to pull off this extensive list of useful 27 torrent websites, Aren’t you?

Let me answer your query ( This time, without the short story because it becomes long every time I explain a short story )

Below mentioned important points make these sites’ appear in our list of best torrent websites.

Let’s find out what makes these sites’ best torrent websites.

Seeders/Leechers Ratio

The download speed majorly depends on the seeder/leecher ratio. Seeders and leechers are like hero and villain, we always want to see our hero wins like that we always want to have our seeders higher than leecher for better download speed and smooth torrenting in the best torrent websites.

For Example, A torrent with 30 seeders and 70 leechers (30% seeders) will be faster than one with 100 seeders and 1000 leechers (10% seeders).

Download Speed

Slow download speed can annoy you very easily, especially when I’m about to download our favourite content or software from these top torrent sites.

What you can do is use a VPN service to boost up your download speed effectively. A fast VPN service can actually help you increase your download speed.

Number of Torrents

Availability of a number of torrents on torrent websites can help you find what you are looking for except it is a micro niche torrent website like only for Movies.

The factor of availability plays a big role in finding your torrents in these top torrent websites.

Alternate/Mirror Links

You know how these torrent sites work in the world. These are banned in many regions of the world so alternate sites are there for you to continue your search for a torrent.

Didn’t you know that? It’s okay, now you know.

Year Of Establishment

The ‘Founding Year’ shows the faith to the users that even after 5 to 10 years it has not been banned from any region of the world so you can easily trust these websites.


I hope you had a good time reading the best torrent websites in 2023 that actually work and are available for their user base across the globe.

All you need to do in order to download your desired content is to have a torrent client on your devices like uTorrent or BitTorrent.

Always use these websites in a safe and healthy manner, use a VPN and anti-malware to be protected from the authorities, law firms and potential hackers all the time.

I have tried our best to fetch you the best torrent websites so that you can use these sites for the betterment of yourself and others, never use these sites to download copyrighted content; it might lend you to legal trouble.

Again, don’t forget to protect yourself and use a VPN.

Happy Torrenting, Goodbye!


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