10 Best Showbox Alternative Apps in 2023 – Works like a charm!

Since Showbox is not working anymore, everyone is looking for the best apps like Showbox for their devices to stream movies and other programs without any problems. Don’t worry! We have brought you the selected list of the 10 best Showbox alternative apps.

First of all, let’s have a brief idea of what Showbox is!

The Showbox app was built for people to watch and download TV shows and movies for free directly to their Android and Jailbroken iOS devices under a movie box.

Because of the pressure from movie studios and TV producers, Showbox has been completely banned in many countries of the world.

The free torrenting service has always been targeted for intellectual property rights breaches and copyright violations. Even though Showbox tried to rebrand, it has become difficult to access the service in many countries.

The reason why many people liked using Showbox was not only its vast collection of free-to-watch media content, which included movies, TV shows, and even animations, but it was also had something to do with its design and functionality.

Now that Showbox is not available, we searched for the best alternatives for you. As Showbox and Terrarium TV were much alike, their options are also not very different.

We have collected the ten best alternatives to Showbox in this article. With the help of the following apps, you can enjoy the same experience as you did with Showbox.

Let’s get started!

10 Best Showbox alternative apps


Stremio is the ideal alternative to Showbox. It is designed for Windows, Android, macOS, and Linux. Plus, it is very easy to use. Just like other Showbox options, You have an advantage for APK installation, too.

One interesting fact about Stremio is it doesn’t let you stream illegally. Instead, it branched out to most conventional streaming services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more to collect all kinds of TV shows and movies available in their libraries.

It then continues to give you the best options for streaming such content legally. The reason why we’re suggesting Stremio is that many people already have active subscriptions to various streaming services like Netflix or HBO, but usually don’t know where to look for their beloved TV shows or movies.

Since Stremio is absolutely legal, it is one of the apps on this list that you can find on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store to download on your iPhone and Android.

The great thing about utilizing Stremio is that you will always find the most high-grade quality of content, regardless of which medium you use.


Hulu also earns a place in our best Showbox alternative apps list as it is widely known as a service that regularly renews its content list very quickly and without delay.

It is an on-demand video streaming stage allowing entertainment lovers to stream their preferred movies and TV series on almost any device.

According to the official website of Hulu, the service is available on a wide array of gadgets. The list of devices includes Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, iOS, Mac browser, Apple TV, Android TV, and many more.

Walt Disney and Comcast co-own Hulu, which is active in the United States and Japan, while preparing to expand its reach worldwide in 2023. It stresses primarily streaming fresher TV series along with its original productions.

Moreover, its collection comprises of popular movies, kid’s shows, and many successful web series. It allows a monthly subscription to customize spectators’ streaming experience. Hulu is compatible with Chromecast, making your streaming experience even better.

With a single click, you can begin your binge movie streaming sessions, but it is a web-based service that might cause you to grind your teeth. Still, it justifies being included in the Showbox alternatives list.

Let’s move toward the next app!

Popcorn Time

The next fantastic Showbox app alternative is Popcorn Time. This streaming service instantly streams TV shows and movies from torrents.

Popcorn Time is as unique and efficient as its title itself. It is one of the fantastic Showbox alternatives and is very useful too.

Popcorn Time offers prompt playback of its vast catalog of movies and TV shows. It is a popular torrenting service that is continuously adding new content.

There is no limit on how much content you can see on Popcorn Time. It is active when it comes to performance, and you can also modify its settings within minutes.

Like Showbox for PC, Popcorn Time is also accessible for Windows, Linux, Android, Android TV, and macOS.

Popcorn Time app is the king of the castle when we talk about streaming, yet with opponents snapping at its heels, that lead isn’t as guaranteed as it once was.

You can learn more about Popcorn Time or download it for your Windows, Android, or Mac device by clicking the link given below.


Another great Showbox option for the Android operating system is Crackle. It is one of the well-established movie and TV streaming services with a couple of unique characteristics.

Crackle is one of the favorite apps of viewers, with more than 20M enrolled users. Crackle enables you to stream TV shows and movies without any hurdles. Another useful point is that it comes with Smart TV support that allows you to connect your equipment with your TV.

Crackle has the best interface and viewer participation on this list, as you can quickly scan your search by artist or genre. Signing up for this app allows you to generate individual watch lists, but you don’t have to do so to watch films and shows on Crackle.

The content quality of streaming is beyond satisfying with this service. However, one downside of this service is that it is currently available only in the United States. No worries, you can bypass this limitation with the use of a VPN with US servers.

Click Here to learn about our top 10 VPNs for your Fire Stick!

Sadly, since it renews its movie and TV show library every month, it probably means that you won’t be able to watch the latest media for a minimum of 30 days.

In terms of usability and content, it is one of the best Showtime alternatives in the market.

Cinema APK

Next on our best alternative list is Cinema APK, a very simple app that lets you stream films and TV shows on your Android device for free.

Cinema APK is widely popular as a Showbox alternative for torrenting films. You will not feel any difference using Cinema APK in place of Showbox.

We have discovered the best reviews about this app, but you should still be cautious while installing direct APKs since it can be difficult. We always recommend you to keep an eye on what permits you’re allowing to the app while connecting.

The app has a massive library of the most successful TV shows and movies you can think of. The app also runs flawlessly for Firestick 4K and other Fire devices that support Android apps.

With a huge collection of content and ease of use, Cinema APK is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives for Showbox.

Movie Box

Movie Box is basically the iOS version of Showbox, but there are also variants available for Windows, Android, and Mac. It is similar to Showbox in looks and user experience and even has the same design. If you were enjoying using Showbox, you would have no problems when transitioning to Movie Box.

The app installs utilizing the same APK install process, runs smoothly, and makes it easy to find the latest content to stream. Moreover, there is also a decent search option, which can be useful at times.

It has a comprehensive library of TV shows and movies, so Movie Box should be on your priority list as a great alternative to Showbox.

When we talk about the disadvantage of this app, the primary reason is that the app only provides two languages English and Russian. Plus, it’s an obligation to watch a trailer before starting any program or movie stream.

Even with such drawbacks, Movie Box is an excellent option for former Showbox users who want an effortless streaming solution on iOS.

Tea TV

Tea TV is an all-time favorite ShowBox alternative for many users. When Terrarium TV was shut down, all of a sudden, TeaTV rose to fame, though it had been around for reasonably a while. Now that Showbox is unavailable, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a try.

We’ve examined that this service app is one of the best alternate options for Terrarium TV too. Use it, and you’ll know why it earns a space right here on this list of top Showbox alternatives also.

Like most popular apps, you can find many popular films and TV show names. The design of Tea TV gives you more command over your viewing experience and is also very accurate in its overall layout.

We also appreciate the ability of its tools that get you almost all the links from over the internet.

The playback speed is just not as fast as we have seen in Cinema APK; however, the streaming quality is satisfactory. TeaTV often pulls 720p and SD links. However, you can get a 1080 also. With Real-Debrid, you may add on high-quality streams.

Catmouse APK

Catmouse APK enables you to stream your favorite films and TV shows right on your Android tool. Keeping the polarising title aside, the app really works well if you have a reliable internet connection.

The streams are updated with numerous different sources to secure the best playback in your region. The list is also well organized and sees frequent updates every time there’s a new tech release for a movie or aired episodes for a TV program.

What impresses us, even more, is how fast CatMouse gets the streaming links from a wide array of online sources. But that’s not it! It also fetches you the links with high- quality.

You can also install Cat Mouse APK on your Amazon Firestick 4K and Fire Stick. The app works in over several different languages, and the in-built video player has quite the host of settings to play around with while streaming a movie or TV show.

Even though CatMouse APK is comparatively new related to the other apps on this list, it has already made its appearance felt quite distinctly. It is indeed one incredible Showbox alternative you can have.

Unlock My TV APK

Unlock My TV APK is a favorite app of many users, and it is said to be a fantastic alternative to Showbox. We personally view this app among the most suitable replacements of the Showbox for streaming service for movies and TV shows.

If you’re familiar with cinema HD, then its UI is related to cinema HD. Technically, it’s a replica of a cinema HD app.

However, cinema HD itself is a great free movie app for Android. Whereas Unlock My TV is a bit lower in file size, and the user interface is much comparable to cinema HD. So, we weighed it in second place rather than considering the cinema HD app.

What distinguishes Unlock My TV app from the others is when you move to the TV shows. It displays all the available seasons of a particular program that you opened. It also displays all the episode list and has an autoplay option on the right corner.

If you tick the autoplay option, Unlock My TV will automatically obtain the next episode of the show and start streaming right away.

Additionally, Unlock My TV has a few extra links, which further helps you have a better user experience.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an enjoyable movie streaming application that has an appealing interface. This app allows users to stream movies and shows for free online. The viewer needs to sign up for the free service and must give a name, email address, and date of birth while signing up. It will help if you confirm ownership of the email address as well.

Tubi TV has a vast content list, with almost all the new releases becoming accessible on the platform every week. The content is very thoughtfully organized based on the class, like classic, actions, documentaries, horror, and comedy.

This allows the ease of quick navigation. This service is ad-supported, but the streaming quality is HD, and the interface is easy to operate.

The major drawback of Tubi TV is that it is only available in the US. You can easily bypass this difficulty with the use of a VPN that can connect to US servers.

You can count on this app to do the best one in the market. The app is undoubtedly trusted as over a million people have installed it. If you are in search of the best Showbox alternative app, this is it.

That’s it! You’ve got some great Showbox alternatives to continue streaming movies and shows. We hope you liked our list of some of the best Showbox alternatives can try in 2023!


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