10 best Kodi sports addons 2023 that actually works

Kodi Sports Addon

Let’s watch your favorite sports today! I know you love to watch live sports matches with your friends, especially live football matches or football highlights.

So, I have come up with a great and well-researched article about the best Kodi sports addons that you can use on your fire TV stick. Searching for an additional sports add-on to Kodi offers many possibilities.

But most of these sports add ons are shut down and not working. So I have done great research for sports add ons that you can install on your device and take more advantage of the same.

I will discuss the detailed research on the best Kodi sports add ons, and I have tested many add ons before writing this article. I have wasted many hours on this research and have come up with the top list of Kodi sports addon for you to watch live TV, live games, live matches, or live channels of your favorite sports.

So, read till the end to find each sports add-on that you can use it. Watching live sports with friends is fun, and I will double that fun for you by providing the secret sauce of sports add ons.

If you want to be safe while watching live sports, then I highly recommend you use ExpressVPN. It will improve your protection and hide your original IP Address to save you from ISP and hackers to steal your important data and save you from losing your hard-earned money.

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ExpressVPN will allow you to stay safe while surfing online for your favorite sports channels. I will list down the best top 10 Kodi addons for sports lovers to enjoy live sports events or anything that you like in sports.

But you have to be aware of the pirated contain add ons, and to avoid that, a VPN will help you out. Let’s jump into the list of best Kodi addon for sports lovers, and do not forget to read each Kodi addons mentioned below.

Let’s start with the devil itself.

Kodi Football


Frequent Kodi users would agree with me on hearing the name of SportsDevil long back. It is one of the famous sports addons and works for many years and provides the best sports content to its users.

Content includes live sports matches, sports replays, live TV channels, live events, news, sports documentaries, major sporting events, free movies, NBC sports live extra, and many more.

Sports lovers only want to watch sports on their favorite device with their favorite people but let me tell you something special that sports devil provides for free.

You can watch various sports on the sports devil addon, including NBA, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Hockey, and many more, so you will never get bored while using this free addon for your entertainment purpose.

One of the best benefits of using the SportsDevil is that you can access the best streaming quality up to 1080p. And it is not limited to only 1080p you may get the link for the resolutions of 4k without installing to doing the integrations with Real-Debrid.

If you are a fan of cricket and follow all the ICC events of men’s and woman’s cricket, then SportsDevil can provide you with the same streaming. Some of the biggest events SportsDevil cover is Olympic Games, IPL, PSL, ICC Events, many more.

SportsDevil is not limited to the only old versions of Kodi. It can be used with Kodi 18 Leia and 17.6 Krypton. And when the latest version of Kodi will be released, which will be Kodi 19, this Kodi addon or sports addon will also support that new version.

Limitless Live IPTV

The name suggests its limitless approach to streaming content and providing the best streaming content to its audience.

Limitless Live IPTV is one of the best sports add ons in the market with which you can enjoy several live sports and live streams. Sports news about the sports world is also an added benefit of this best add on.

You will not get restricted while watching your favorite live streams, live football, live TV channels, and any other sporting events or live events because it genuinely provides great services to its audience.

If you are a fan of Netflix and Amazon Prime like many others and love to watch your favorite shows and movies on that platform, you will easily watch it on Limitless without any restrictions.

There is a dedicated section in Limitless. Video-on-demand from this section, you can easily watch web series and movies from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Isn’t that cool?

And if you don’t want to watch content from video-on-demand, then there are other new channels available as well that are available to watch 24/7 without any disturbance.

Limitless offers this content for free, but if you want to move to higher resolutions, integrate a Real-Debrid account with Limitless and enjoy the higher resolutions content and faster link.

If you don’t have a Real-Debrid account, then the free account of Limitless offers great content, so it is better you stick with the free version of Limitless Live IPTV.


Maverick is the new player in the game and has been launched recently in the market, and because of that, many people may not know about the maverick.

I am listing these third-party Kodi addons here because it has a great source of entertainment in it and includes various shows like UFC, WWE, and many other sports that people love to watch for free.

These sports are very famous globally and have been followed by almost every young sports lover, whether young or old, every person loves to watch these sports content.

It is one of the best sports addons, and watching live channels, and sports is very easy and entertaining in these Kodi sports addon. Watching highlights of any match in high resolution will require a Real-Debrid account; otherwise, it will not work.

Maverick is an all-rounder best sports addons, and I am saying this because you can enjoy sports, movies, and shows. It provides content like Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and much more other than just sports, and this feature makes it the best sports addons in the market.

It is an all-rounder sports addon with the great experience of watching your favorite content with the help of fast links and the best quality video streaming facility. It is a must-have sport Kodi addon in your list, and you should give it a try.

However, this addon is new in the market, but it will not disappoint you in terms of content and quality. So, you can install it on your device, and don’t hesitate much while installing this on your device, thinking about its new to the market.

The integration process with Real-Debrid, Trakt, and many other is smooth and works well. And the installation process is quite easy.


Kodi TVTap

If you are looking for an all-in-one option for your daily need to watch with your friends and family on weekends, you should give this sports Kodi addon a try.

It is one of the best sports addons, and you are gonna get impressed by this addon and what it provides. You can enjoy Live TV channels, watch Highlights, Live games, Worldcup matches, and many more. And If you have a mood of watching Movies instead of sports, you can easily watch movies, tv shows, tv channels, live tv, Documentaries, and news or sports news.

TVTap is also available in the form of an application, so if you are looking for entertainment from anywhere globally, it might be helpful.

TVTap provides content from all over the globe and covers major countries’ content and live tv channels for the audience. Countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Philippines, Pakistan, and Japan.

This application could be the best option for you to consume content regularly through its app from anywhere in the world.

cCloud TV

Kodi cCloud TV

cCloud TV is also a popular addon in the market and among Kodi users. Like TVTap, you can watch live tv channels, live matches, tournaments, live events, live sports, and many more.

It is the best Kodi addons to use on your device and consume daily basis. It also provides various other categories of entertainment to its users like, Documentaries, family, top 10, and even there is all channel section which you can visit to have more options for entertainment.

You can also choose from which countries you want to watch the content for free. It includes the USA, UK, France, the Middle East, and many more around the globe.

The USA is a very strict country. You can experience some problems while streaming the content. It happens because this app does not have its own content to show but instead, it scraps links to show content to its audience. And by watching from scrap links, you may get pirated content links.

It can damage your online reputation, so you should always be aware and use ExpressVPN. For Kodi. Best free VPNs


Kodi Mobdro

Mobdro is published in various forms like applications for android and addons for Kodi Leia and Kodi krypton. You can enjoy your favorite content on live channels, and that content includes Movies, TV shows, live tv channels, news, sports news.

This Kodi sports addon streams live sports for sports lovers. And it also has a separate sports section for sports lovers to consume the live matches and highlights. You are not required a Real-Debrid account to have premium and fast links with high resolution. It offers you the best resolutions of content without buffering.

It comes with great features of searching for anything or everything, including your favorite content and shows from the search bar plus, you can watch the latest videos from all over the world with your friends and family.

This Kodi add-on and sports channels can be viewed on the add-on and downloaded from its official repository. It is advisable to avoid third-party Kodi addons and use a VPN for safety. An ExpressVPN will help you protect from ISP and will hide your original IP address from potential hackers.

Mobdro App is a great way to stream content for free, and there is no restriction over the streaming of content for your entertainment. The app provides the best content to watch and, even more, content to watch so you’ll never get bored.

NBC Sports Live Extra

Kodi NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports is a very famous and popular Kodi addon among lovers of sports. Frequent Kodi users already know this addon as it is very famous for consuming sports content.

You can watch various live tv channels, tv shows, sports tv channels, and particularly in sports you can watch Football, Cricket, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, and many other sports.

On NBC Sports, you can also watch highlights, live channels, replays, live events, and many other forms of content.

Accessing the content from NBC Sports is easy. You can either access it from its official website or the Kodi addon. But I strongly recommend you to use Kodi addon as it has a better user interface, and you can also have the benefit of the search bar to search for your favorite content whenever you need it.

NBC Sports is well organized and has different categories to watch sports like Football, Tennis, Cricket, NBA, and many more.

This feature’s been there for too long, and you can take benefits of all the categories. You can install NBC Sports from the Kodi repository, and when you install it on your device, you can enjoy unlimited content on your device.

RedBull TV

Kodi RedBull TV

Let’s talk about the most popular and best Kodi addon RedBull Tv. It is the best streaming add-on for Kodi, and many people worldwide use this Kodi add-on.

RedBull TV is available on a website, and you can access its content through its app. It has unique content that people love to watch all day. RedBull TV has its website and an app, but it has also launched its Kodi add-on.

One of the best and main advantages of using the RedBull TV for your entertainment purpose is its own content, so there’s no chance of piracy issue, and you don’t need to use a VPN. Though I will strongly suggest, you use a VPN If you are not using RedBull TV.

Kodi already has this addon in its repo, so you don’t need to hesitate to install it on your device.

It has a great feature of video on demand, so you can watch any video from this feature and spend quality time with your friends and family.

You don’t have to worry a lot while using this Kodi addon because it provides the best and fast premium links without the help of Real-Debrid.

You need to install it on your device and start using it for your daily need of content.

iPlayer WWW

Kodi BBC iPlayer

It is the most famous addon in the UK, and almost everyone in the UK is aware of this Kodi addon. It is the best addon of BBC iplayer.

It is free, and anyone can watch a live stream of matches, including Cricket, Football, Tennis, and many more sports. And other live events, live tv channels, replays, highlights, and many more.

iplayer not only provides sports but also provides Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, and many more. It will never let you get bored. BBC owns many TV channels, and the content it provides is not that much old, so you can watch it whenever you crave it.

The only disadvantage is you can’t use it outside the UK So if you want to use this addon outside of the UK, you have to use a VPN, and ExpressVPN does its job very well.

Rising Tides

It is the last Kodi addon on the list, but it is also the best sports addon. The Rising Tides is a third-party add-on that Is also the best IPTV service provider.

The best and the main benefit of using this Kodi addon is that you can watch 201+ live tv channels from around the globe. Everything you watch on Rising Tides is free, and there is no country restriction like iPlayer WWW.

You can use rising Tides to watch NFL, NBA, Badminton, Tennis, and many more live sports. And there are some special sports available that you can view only on Rising Tides which are horse racing and dart.

It is providing its services for too long now and can be used on Kodi 18.8 Leia. A VPN is a must while using this Kodi addon to be protected from ISP and hackers.


Everyone wants to watch their favorite sports and TV shows on weekends and for that this article will surely help you figure out things and above mentioned sports addons are worth a try.

I have tested all the addons and have written this article to enjoy your favorite sports. So if you have any questions, please comment down below to interact with each other and solve your query ASAP.

Have Fun!

Ways to watch Live Sports on Kodi?

Above mentioned sports addons are worth a try. And all the sports addon works perfectly fine to provide the best live sports. You will not be disappointed after using the mentioned sports addons as it fulfills all the requirements of a sports lover to watch different sports from around the globe.

A reason to require a VPN on Kodi?

A VPN is a lifesaver, or you can say a money saver tool to have on your side. And while watching your favorite sport or TV shows on Kodi, it may contain pirated links that may lead to the unexpected amount of loss of money as the hackers and ISP can track your movements over the internet.

VPN is a must while using Kodi to watch your favorite shows and sports. I strongly recommend you use ExpressVPN. It will save you a lot of money and also from ISP to get into some legal troubles.


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