15 Best Kodi Skins For Stylish Kodi Interface In 2023

If you’re bored with the standard layout of Kodi, read the following article where I’ve created a list of the best Kodi Skins that you would love to try!

Kodi is one of the most used apps for open-source media platforms.

In addition to stream the latest movies and TV shows, the most impressive feature I like about Kodi is its versatility of themes (commonly known as skins), add-on support, plug-ins, and much more.

With Kodi skins, you can change the way your interface looks. It also allows you to customize the themes the way you like them.

Isn’t it amazing?

You can change the color, outlook, and menu according to your preference. Not many apps offer this kind of feature, right?

You will find many Kodi skins that seem appealing. But beware! choosing the wrong one might ruin your thrill.

Don’t worry!

I’ve tried and tested many Kodi skins on my devices and created this list of the top 15 best Kodi Skins just for you!

By the end of this article, I’ve also added a small guide to answer all your queries regarding Kodi skins.

So stick around and enjoy the ride!

Top 15 Best Kodi Skins You Must Try in 2022

As I mentioned earlier, there are many Kodi skins in the market, choosing the best is difficult.

Here are some of the best Kodi Skins I recommend using that will change the way you use Kodi:

Aeon Nox – Best Kodi Skin in Looks

1 - Aeon Nox Kodi Skin

If you like a modern interface that highlights the future of interface, go for Aeon Nox!

When I first tried Aeon Nox, I was like…

Can any interface look more attractive than this?

Among all the other Aeon themes I tried, Aeon Nox is one of my favorites, and that’s why it’s on the top of the list of best Kodi skins.

This skin offers many settings that you can change as per your liking, be it color, theme, or fonts.

The most amazing feature I like about this Kodi skin is that the interface of this theme is simple yet stylish. You can see a large grid of posters that you can swipe in different ways.

Above all, the main thing that separates Aeon Nox from other skins that even if it provides these many facilities, it doesn’t occupy much space and is compatible with almost all kinds of devices.

With the futuristic design and exciting features, Aeon Nox is a perfect choice for beginners and experts alike.

Confluence – The One For Old Kodi UI Fans

2 - Confluence

I tried Confluence when I was a beginner, and trust me, you won’t find any other Kodi skin better than this if you’re new to Kodi.

Earlier, it used to be the default theme of Kodi. And now, it is highly popular among Kodi lovers as it combines the best features of many other Kodi skins.

The first element that will attract you to this theme is its beautiful interface with shiny bright UI segments and lots of gradients.

Let’s talk about its visuals!

It has a verticle menu with sub-categories, making it an easy-to-navigate skin.

Confluence also offers metadata of the movies, TV programs, and other media files to display related information for each category.

Compatible with all kinds of devices, Confluence should be on your list to give your Kodi attractive looks with ease of use.

Did you know?

Confluence is still the default skin for Kodi 9.11 and above versions except for Kodi 17 Krypton that has Estuary as its default theme.

Black Glass Nova – Best Kodi Skin For Aero Fans

3 - Black Glass Nova

Being best in class, Black Glass Nova offers customized options with plenty of features.

I tried Black Glass Nova on my HD TV, and it gave a phenomenal result!

It carries excellent visuals aids that resemble Window’s Aero esthetics. By default, it has a menu bar that you can see horizontally with big thumbnails.

As you swipe right or left to explore different categories, you will see the pictures representing each category.

Moreover, you can change the glass effects as this skin offers two types of glass modes: Black Glass Mode and Black Glass Nova.

In Black Glass mode, you’ll see each tile displayed in dark black glass. The Black Glass Nova mode contains smaller tiles, posters, and a menu.

If you have an HD TV or device with an HD TV screen with Kodi in it, I insist you try Black Glass Nova once you won’t regret it!

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Amber – Best Kodi Skin for Customization

4 - Amber

Amber is one of the old players in the Kodi skin market. I tried Amber a year ago, and I must say I’m a fan!

For Kodi users who love customizing your Kodi interface, Amber is the one!

With an easy-to-read UI, clear and smooth tiles, Amber is in my top 3 best Kodi skins list.

The home screen of this skin has a horizontal menu where you can see the main categories right in the middle.

If you don’t like reading it horizontally, don’t worry! Change it to vertical; it’s that simple!

I prefer watching the menu vertically as it allows me to have more grids of movie posters and TV shows. However, you won’t be able to see a row of posters in a separate list, but a line of titles will be there.

The best part?

You can customize almost everything with this Kodi skin. The list includes the main screen, home menu, and background.

As I mentioned before, If you don’t like ready-made interfaces and want to create your own, go for Amber!

ReFocus – Best Kodi Skin with Ease of Use

5 - ReFocus

I wondered how Kodi skins would work on touchscreen devices? And then I found ReFocus!

ReFocus is one of those Kodi skins that works best with TV screens as well as touch screen devices.

Cool, no?

Let’s see what it offers!

ReFocus has a verticle menu with touch support, artwork downloader, skin widgets, and many other exciting features.

You can clearly read the fonts on its menu, even on a tablet!

It has built-in efficiency that makes it a perfect choice for even smaller processor devices. Don’t worry; it won’t hang on any of them as it is lightweight skin.

The reason I like ReFocus is that whenever I launch Kodi, it notifies my history of recently watched media. Not only this, but it also sends some recommendations based on my records.

The only downside of this Kodi skin is that you cannot use this skin for Kodi Krypton and higher versions of Kodi.


If you are using an old variant of Kodi, it would be the best Kodi Jarvis Skin!

Arctic: Zephyr 2 – Best Widgets-rich Android TV Skin

6 - Arctic Zephyr

Are you looking for a Kodi skin that is attractive and works great? You’ve found one!

With the Arctic: Zephyr 2, you will get almost everything a Kodi skin needs to have.

This Kodi skin will change the way you use Kodi and takes it to a whole new level. It is a lightweight Kodi skin that has a classy look with a minimal interface.

The home screen of this skin is clear, with smooth tiles with menu and sub-categories in a round shape.

You can see a large bar set at the bottom of your Kodi screen having the main list of media content in its default settings. You can add shortcuts to your favorite media on the home screen.

Not many Kodi skins offer this, right?

I tried Arctic: Zephyr 2 on Android TV, and it works exceptionally well. Even Firestick and Fire TV users have not reported any complaints regarding this Kodi skin.

The only negative point I found in this skin is that you cannot use it on touch screen devices as it doesn’t have touch support.

Otherwise, the theme of this skin is a great option for both, Firestick and Android TV users.

Chroma – Best Lightweight Kodi Skin

7 - Chroma

I came to know about Chroma when I was experimenting with Kodi 17.6. I tried this Kodi skin on my Firestick, and it made my day!

This popular Kodi skin presents a horizontal menu with HD images in the background.

What I like the most about this skin is that it automatically adjusts the color of the theme according to the changes I made on the home screen.

With Chroma, you can see different media files along with its genre, ratings, artwork, and synopsis!

Chroma allows making changes according to your preferences, and you can see all your favorite movies on its interactive wallpaper. 

Yes, all at once!

It is one of those best Kodi skins that are fully featured with a modern interface where you can add or delete items on the home screen.

However, navigation is a bit tricky with this Kodi skin, even with a mouse. But you’ll get used to it once you use remote controllers.

If you love watching your favorite movies and TV shows in HD quality, you must try Chroma once!

Bello 7 – Best For Third-party Service Integration

8 - Bello

For people who are old school, Bello is a perfect match!

Even if it is one of the oldest players, Bello has kept itself upgraded every now and then.

It offers the best streaming experience by providing Bello 7 for Kodi users.

It is some of the best examples of beauty with grace. (I know it’s beauty with brains, but I used my version of it!)

If you want to enjoy your favorite film or TV show on a big screen, Bello 7 is a must-try!

With subtle typography and lots of animations, it brings nothing but satisfaction while using Kodi.

The purple interface gives it a rich look with cleverly organized add-ons that make your search operation easier. The red cursor and smooth menu icons make it even more elegant for people who love featured visuals.

Bello 7 allows you to filter your favorite media file by typing it in words related to its title or description.

If you don’t want to take that trouble, you can search them in different categories like Latest Movies, Most Popular, and Box Office Movies.

What Makes Bello 7 Unique?

This Kodi skin offers a detailed TV guide for people who want to watch and record their favorite media content on Kodi using the PVR feature.

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Mimic – Best Skin for Cross-Platform Usage

9 - Mimic

Most people look for a Kodi skin that prevents buffering while streaming their favorite media. I was also looking for the same, and my search ended with Mimic!

Mimic is a Kodi skin that is popular because of its ability to prevent buffering.

The interface of this skin is very basic. It doesn’t have any flashy images or violent colors that fill up the home screen. Instead, it has soft blue shades that go with any background image.

You can customize the theme if you don’t like this simplistic view. You can change the default color and the overall appearance of Mimic.

What I like the most about this Kodi skin are its usability n multiple devices. It has touch support so that you can use it on your tab as well.

Want more?

It allows fan art, which you can use to customize the home screen.

If you’re a fan of the original Estuary Kodi skin, you will love the simplicity of Mimic.

Eminence – Best Kodi Skin for a Simple Interface

10 - Eminence

Do you want a Kodi skin that has a smooth experience? You’ve got one with Eminence!

Eminence has a simple interface that has minimal yet modern UI. It has an easy-to-navigate system that will change the way you use Kodi.

Since it offers a minimal design, it works fast, offering high-quality streaming. You can easily find your favorite movies and TV shows from the main menu.

The tiled icons make the home screen more futuristic and appealing. As Eminence includes details with each category, it becomes easy to scroll and find your media content.

What I liked the most in this skin is that I created shortcuts of my favorite media and placed them on the main screen for quick access.

I tried adding lots of add-ons, and it still worked great. So if you want to stuff your Kodi with multiple add-ons, you should try Eminence!

Nebula – Best For Old Kodi Versions

11 - Nebula

If you own a smart TV, with Nebula your Kodi experience will be like never before!

The main aim behind creating Nebula was to offer all at once. Don’t worry! It doesn’t have a complex UI.

Nebula is one of the best Kodi skins because of this feature. It offers maximum possible features visible simultaneously so that you won’t have to scroll much to find.

Once you apply Nebula, your Kodi screen will turn into a snowy white with gray fonts!

You won’t have any trouble finding the content as the main menu is right in the middle of the screen, scroll left or right, and you can find your favorite film or TV show.

Once you hover over your preferred category, a small box appears with the sub-category at the top and bottom of the screen.

You can customize the skin as it has salient features like touch support, fanart, and many more.

The interface works great with large screens, so if you have a big screen, go for Nebula and see the magic!

Pellucid – Simplest Kodi Skin with Stylish Look

12 - Pellucid

I came to know about Pellucid through a friend, and I must say it is one of the best Kodi skins for beginners.

Pellucid, with its simple yet rich interface, have stolen many hearts and still popular among Kodi users.

It has a unique outlook with radiant colors, a simple design, responsive icons, and a delicate widget choice.

This skin is an excellent combination of a simple yet spontaneous interface.

I like the way they’ve designed the home screen. It has minimum options but enough to get you started! Music, Movies, TV shows, Games, Images, you name it Pellucid has it!

From the setting option, set right at the bottom, you can change the default setting of this Kodi theme.

Best part?

Pellucid offers you the facility to create shortcuts and supports add-ons, making your customization more exciting!

It is some of the best Kodi skins for those who love to stream Live TV on big screens!

BOX – Best Kodi Skin For Modular Interface

13 - BOX

As you might have guessed, BOX is all about flexibility. If you are using Kodi for a while, you would remember popular Kodi skins called nBox, and LightBox.

BOX is a perfect combination of the best features of both of these skins, making it an ideal choice for any Kodi user.

I got excited when I first saw the home screen of this Kodi skin. Rather than having a long list of items, it has tile with stylish icons.

What makes this Kodi skin unique is that it uses different navigation for different categories, taking your Kodi experience to the next level.

For example, if you see the posters for the Movies category, there will be a list of artists and a playlist for Music files along with the ratings, meta-data, and much more!

Isn’t it exciting?

Moreover, it has touch support and mouse support, making it an ideal option for tablet users.

Having these many fantastic features, it is an ideal option for any Kodi user.

Unity – Best Kodi Skin For Material Design Lovers

14 - Unity

My list of best Kodi skins will be incomplete if I don’t mention this Kodi skin!

Ever since Google launched materialistic design, I searched for Kodi skin that would resemble the design, and I found Unity!

Unity is a fantastic skin for Kodi users with a sophisticated and materialistic design.

This Kodi skin doesn’t offer complex and shiny graphics. It highlights a basic and simple interface.

Finding your favorite movies and TV channels is much easier with the search bar on the main screen.

Unity is some of the best Kodi skins that have brought the material design to Kodi.

The most wonderful function of Unity is as you find your content, it will recommend related add-ons and movies on the upper side of the screen.

Titan – Best Kodi Skin For Netflix Lovers

15 - Titan

Are you also some of the Kodi users wondering how do I make Kodi resemble with Netflix interface?

I was one of them and found Titan as one of the best Kodi skins that looks like Netflix.

Just like Bello, Titan is an old player but has been updating the features for years.

It is one of the Kodi skins having a perfect balance of performance and visuals.

What makes it different from other Kodi skins is its layout and the way it entertains users. You will find all related information on this Kodi skin’s main screen.

Everything seems so well organized and connected that you won’t have to replace this one with other themes.

Just like Netflix, when you click on a particular media, it opens up with the information.

You can also customize the home screen and make changes according to your preferences.

How to Install Kodi Skins

  1. Run Kodi.
  2. Go to Kodi Settings.
  3. Select the Interface option.
  4. Choose Skin on the left and then select the Skin option on the right side.
  5. Pick your favorite skin. If the skin you want is not on the list, click Get more.
  6. Decide the skin you wish to apply and wait for the system to download and install it.
  7. Select Yes when you see a pop-up notification after installation.


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How to Change Kodi Skin

At times, it happens that you don’t like your current theme on Kodi. Follow the steps below to try different Kodi skins for a stylish interface:

  1. Start Kodi.
  2. Select the Settings option.
  3. Choose the Interface Settings tab.
  4. From the left-side side menu, tap Skin.
  5. Then on the right side, pick Skin options under the Look and Feel option.
  6. You will see a box with two choices, e.g., Estuary and Estouchy (the default ones). If you want other Kodi Skins, select the Get More button.
  7. Choose whichever Kodi Skin you want, and the system will apply it.

How Do I Restore the Default Kodi Skin?

If you’re not satisfied with the chosen theme, you can quickly return to the original one. This is how you can do it:

  1. Run Kodi.
  2. Go to Settings from the main menu.
  3. Choose Interface.
  4. Select the Skin option.
  5. Find the title of the skin you’ve currently applied, and click on it.
  6. When you see a notification box, Choose Estuary.

And your Kodi is back to its default theme.

How to Uninstall Kodi Skin?

To uninstall a Kodi theme you don’t want, follow these steps:

  1. Run Kodi on your device.
  2. Select the Add-ons option.
  3. Go to My Add-ons.
  4. Click on Look and Feel.
  5. Select the Skin option.
  6. Click on the name of a skin.
  7. Click the ‘Uninstall’ tab to remove it.

Closing Thoughts

And here our list of best Kodi skins ends!

I tried to find some of the best ones in the market. I hope you would have found your favorite among these best Kodi skins.


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