30 Best Kodi Builds in 2024

A Kodi Build is a collection of video streaming add-ons and utilities. It usually includes a cosmetic makeover of the software called a skin modification to make your entertainment center look cool. In this article, we round up the best Kodi Builds that you have to have.

This list consists of the best Kodi Builds that include third-party collections as well. A good internet connection is all you will need for entertainment to keep going uninterrupted and buffer-free. There are a few things you will have to take care of; you will read about that further in this article, so keep reading.

30 Best Kodi Builds Of 2024

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Kodi or a veteran. A build will give you a totally new and exciting Kodi experience. It completely transforms the player’s visual with a new layout, a more appealing interface, and a more interactive navigation system.

There are hundreds of Kodi builds out there, which makes it super easy to find the best one for you. For those who couldn’t sense the sarcasm there, well, now you know. Kodi is an open-source media platform that allows developers of all kinds to show off their knowledge and talent.

While it is handy, competitive, and provides users with a consistently upgrading user experience, it may not be possible for everyone to rummage through every single one of these builds to land on the best that is out there. Don’t worry there; we have your back.

If you use Kodi for the first time, you will see a blue and black interface when you run it. While the interface is not very complicated, it can prove to be challenging to figure out the first time you use it. It doesn’t come with anything preinstalled; you have to install everything by yourself, according to your choices.

If you are new to Kodi or any addon or build you are about to install, make sure that you do not violate any copyright policies. While it is entirely legal to avail of the services listed in this article, some may provide illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

Your Internet service provider and government are monitoring all your online activities!

Streaming copyrighted content may create some legal troubles for you!

Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

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1. Xanax

Best Kodi Builds

Xanax Kodi Build has emerged as the best Kodi build according to our research. After the Durex Build was discontinued, which was one of the most used and popular Kodi Builds that were available at that time, there was a huge upset among the Kodi users. History is witness that the best of services see an unexpected end.

Many of the Kodi users experienced a big blow because of the shutting down of Durex and started looking for an alternative, a build that is at least as good as Durex. Xanax Build came into existence at the same time when the people were desperately looking for a replacement for Durex.

Xanax is designed by the creators of the Durex Build. You can say that Xanax is a re-branding of the very popular and dearly missed Durex. The developers of Durex had decided to shut it down for some reason, only to launch a new Build with the same if not better features. It’s possible that Xanax was launched due to high public demand.

This Build is very similar to the old Durex, as you would expect it to be. Both the builds have a very similar layout and very much alike interface, although you cannot call it a fork or a clone of Durex, because it’s not that similar.

The Build comes with a good collection of Kodi Addons. Some of those add-ons include Exodus Redux, Deathstar, The Magic Dragon, and Yoda. Use a secure VPN when you’re using Xanax, have a good internet connection, and get pretty much everything you need to kill days, weeks, and probably months.

2. Titanium

Best Kodi Builds

Kodi is an open-source media player that requires add-ons if you plan to stream online content. Without any add-ons, Kodi will be just another media/video player that lets you watch videos on your device. It will be no use if you want to watch content online and don’t have any add-ons installed.

Check out our list of the Best Kodi Addons to find the best-suited addon for you. Now you have a video addon that lets you stream movies and shows online, but wait, is that all you want to do in your Kodi? I will come to the point now. Even after finding a well-suited addon for your use, there is no way one addon will work for all purposes for you.

You have to install different add-ons for different purposes, making it a little challenging to keep your Kodi interface minimal and simple. Not to mention the time & effort it will take to look up for each addon separately and install them individually.

Thankfully, Titanium Kodi takes care of all this for you. Titanium is one of the widest used Kodi Builds right now. The Build is dearly liked by experts and users alike. It gathers all your favorite and necessary addons in one place and makes the interface more appealing.

Titanium’s addons library includes some of the best Kodi Addons, including Gears TV and Vader Streams for TV Shows, Neptune Rising and Placenta for Movies, Sports Devil and Sports Hub for Live Sports, and few other addons as well for Cartoons, News, and Adult content.

It was a fierce battle for the top spot between top two, Xanax winning by a tiny margin because of its Addons. Nevertheless, Titanium is still one of the best Kodi Builds to make your Kodi experience great.

3. No Limits Magic

Best Kodi Builds

No Limits Magic is third in our list of Best Kodi Builds. With a combination of top of the line addons and user-friendly interface, it should not be shocking to many users that this Build is in the top three of this list of the best Kodi builds.

The addon is no stranger to the World of Kodi. It has been around for quite a while now and has made its place permanent in the hearts of many Kodi users. A medium-sized Kodi build with a fluently working interface, even in the low-specs devices, is what makes No Limits Magic’s more appealing to a broader audience.

The layout of the Build looks very modern and futuristic. It has the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin, which ensures the smooth and fluent feel of the interface. The developers of this Build have made it their priority to provide regular updates to its users to ensure a satisfactory experience.

No Limits Magic comes with some of the most popular addons in Kodi, including Yoda, Copy & Paste, Pulse Fitness, cCloud TV, Sports Devil, and The Magic Dragon, etc. These are the few addons that have the ability to complete your Kodi experience with the content they provide.

4. MisFit Mods Lite

Best Kodi Builds

If you are an old (regular) Kodi user, you might have heard about MisFit Mods Lite build. It is one of the most popular Kodi Builds ever. Many blogs have awarded it the Kodi Build of the year. MisFit Mods Lite has all the reason to be in our list of the Best Kodi Builds.

There are many builds available for Kodi, and all of them are different in some senses. Most of the builds are lightweight, that is to say, that installation files of these builds range from a few MBs to a few hundred MBs in size. This Build is kind of light in size, so we can call it a lightweight Kodi build.

MisFit Mods Lite feels premium when you get to use it. It comes from the MisFit repository that has given other notable builds like MisFit Mod Build. The lite version is basically a smaller version of the original Build that acquires less space and is more optimized.

The Build comes with a bunch of great addons, some of them being one of the best Kodi addons out there right now. Some of those addons are Deathstar, The Magic Dragon, and SportsDevil.

The reason MisFit Mods Lite is in our list is that it is packed with some of the best features and almost everything you would expect to be in the Best Kodi builds. It is undoubtedly not the best Kodi Build right now, but it is one of the best Kodi builds at this size.

5. Streamline

Best Kodi Builds

Talking about lightweight builds, the next in our Best Kodi Builds is another lightweight Build. It’s been a while since 18.6 Leia update has been ousted. As far as addons are concerned, the transition from Krypto to Leia has not been that challenging for them, but for the builds, the scene is slightly different.

Many of the Krypton addons offered forward compatibility and an error-free operation on Leia. Although the builds were facing some challenges adapting to the new update. Even the builds that were recoded for the Leia update before its official release.

It is not the same with Kodi Build Streamline since we are talking about it. Streamline has not faced any difficulties whatsoever transitioning from the Krypton to the Leia update. It’s been running flawlessly and error-free ever since, ever.

The Build is a lightweight build that targets the audience from all kinds of user groups. It runs very smoothly even on the low-spec devices. It is developed by the Whiz Kid Wizard, and the Build was explicitly created for Kodi 18 Leia.

Streamline comes with a wide array of welcome addons like The Magic Dragon, Supremacy, Deceit, Yoda, Maverick TV, At the Flix, Planet MMA, Mancave, etc. The Build is an option to consider when you want something optimizable and well-performing to get you going.

6. Slamious

Best Kodi Builds

Out of tons of builds you may find out there right now, there are only a few that you will genuinely like, while I have mentioned a few above, Slamious is one of the finest builds you will come across right now.

As you may know by now, that the war for the top spot will never end for the Kodi Addons and Builds. Although there is no official Kodi website that ranks the addons or builds, there are many enthusiasts like us who work non-stop to figure out which are the ones who do the best to satisfy an average user.

Slamious is one of the best builds you can have for your Kodi. The Build is not very big in size; hence it will run very smoothly on almost all devices. It comes from the catalog of Slamious Wizard, which happens to offer some other builds apart from this one, but Slamious Build has been the best so far (from Slamious Wizard).

Slamious comes preloaded with plenty of addons like you would expect from a build. Some of the addons that come with it are The Magic Dragon, Yoda, cCloud TV, SportsDevil, etc.

7. Blue Magic

Best Kodi Builds

Blue Magic is one of the newer additions in the list of best Kodi Builds. This Build comes from the Luxury Wizard. Blue Magic has done well after the Leia update since the transition from Krypton to Leia wasn’t very smooth to many Builds.

It has a very sleek and nice feel about it, and the interface is quite user-friendly. The Build comes preloaded with some very decent addons like Yoda, Deathstar, Monster Munch, cCloud TV, The Magic Dragon, etc.

You may want to consider giving it a try; it is best known for its good interface and sleek design.

8. Plutonium

Best Kodi Builds

Plutonium may not be a new name for you if you have been using Kodi. It is one of the very well-known builds from EzzerMac Wizard. The Build is packed with addons of all genres like Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Kids etc.

The main reason you want to install a build is because you don’t want to have to download addons individually for different use. Plutonium comes with plenty of great addons to keep you entertained all the time. Some of the addons that come preloaded in the Build are; Medusa, Limitless, Deathstar, The Magic Dragon, The Loop, Selfless, etc.

The Build is available for all devices that have Kodi 18 Leia or higher. It is a lightweight build with a bright purple theme. The interface and organization feel good on the eyes. It is definitely a considerable build for your daily use in Kodi.

9. OneNation

Best Kodi Builds

One Nation Portal is very well-known in the Kodi community. It offers a wide array of addons and builds to fulfill your beastly entertainment desires. With this bad boy installed in your Kodi, you will be able to stream almost all kinds of content.

It does an excellent job in streaming content like Movies, Shows, Sports, Live TV, Music, etc. It is supported in every Kodi device, so you won’t have to worry about availability in your device.

Unlike the other entries in this list, One Nation Portal is a portal that is a collection of over 20 builds. I will be surprised if this portal ceases to satisfy you.

10. Grindhouse

Best Kodi Builds

Grindhouse is once again, a collection of Kodi builds that offers great content individually. It provides different kinds of builds for different types of devices; all of them work great. While you may have to try out different builds in this one, it is very likely that you will run into some of the best Kodi builds you may want to stick to.

One of these builds is Blue Lite. It is very compact and extremely lightweight. It comes with some of the very popular Kodi addons, some of which are the first choice to many when it comes to streaming online content. The Build does not have any dedicated option for Live TV, but they do offer addons which you can install separately.

11. Nova

Nova is one of the newest and more reliable Kodi Builds in 2020. It has a lot of top of the line addons to offer that would help you enhance your Kodi experience to its maximum. One of its biggest selling points would be that it comes with this amount of quality addons.

Most of the Kodi builds have a very similar layout, and Nova build is not an exception in that area. It does have a unique theme, which is quite appealing and will feel good when you use it.

Its Addon library has some big names in it, some of which are Placenta, Plex, Oculus, Not Sure, Movie Mania, Maverick TV, Project M, Death Streams, Extra Vault, Kidz Corner, Kids Tube, Pulse Workout, etc.

12. Diggz Xenon

Xenon is one of the many Kodi Builds from the Diggz inventory, in fact, the best of their lot. The Build works smoothly on all the devices and does well on providing entertaining content.

The interface and user-experience of the addon are very friendly to use. With addons like Exodus Redux, Yoda, and 13 Clowns, Xenon delivers good quality links for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Music, Kids Programs, Documentary, Reality Shows, and a wide variety of content from different genres.

13. Diamond Build

Formerly known as Diamond Dust, the Build has been in the limelight for a while. Rebranded as Diamond Build, the Build has been made some changes to make the experience more versatile and satisfying. It is now smaller and lighter in size, which is kind of nice to see.

There are plenty of preloaded video addons that come with this Build, some really nice ones. You can stream Live TV, on-demand Movies, shows, sports and a lot more. The moderate and compact size of this Build is one of the best things about it.

14. DaButcher

DaButcher is a collection of quality Kodi Builds. It has a variety of builds from lightweight to feature-packed. DaButcher allows you to choose the builds according to your needs and your device’s capacity. One of the best builds in its collection is DaLight Build.

All of the Builds in DaButchers inventory are great, but DaLight stands out with a very lightweight and friendly design that I actually enjoyed using. DaLight comes with a few best addons preloaded to get you going; you can add more heavyweight addons according to your requirement.

15. Xontech

One of the new-comers is what Xontech Kodi Build is. It hasn’t been very long since the Build was thrown out for public use, but it has been embraced by the public. The navigation and interface of the Build are very fluid and fluent.

The Build cannot be called lightweight, but it is still one of the best builds that offer some of the best addons and a very good user-interface. There are a few options on its home-screen that allow you to get to the content you want to access quickly.

16. Two Kingdoms

Two Kingdoms is a collection of different Kodi builds working best for various devices. Two Kingdom comes from the T2K Wizard, which is a part of the T2K repository. The Build has a very minimal look to it; in fact, it’s been cut down to barely the essentials by the developers to keep the Build running smoothly over devices.

The builds offer you some of the best video addons to keep your entertainment going. Some of those addons are Deathstar, SportsDevil, Fladnag, etc.

17. Grind

Grind Build is another creation from the makers of the old Guru (FTG), which was discontinued. Guru was very popular in the Kodi community, and like many popular services, it was also shut down. With their new Grind Build, the developers have tried to bring back the old glories of Guru. The experience and feel of the two are very similar and satisfying.

Grind Kodi Build is a decent option for your Kodi player because it comes preloaded with some of the best video addons at a moderate size that won’t require a high-spec device for the Build to run smoothly. 7 of 9, Limitless, Venom, are some of the addons you get preinstalled in the Build.

18. Silvo

Silvo Build comes from the Multi-build Wizard. It’s not been very long since the Build was made available for the first time, so there is possibility that you may not have heard about it yet. There are lots of builds out there with some of the best builds getting lost in the crowd. That is so because there are lots of good builds coming every day.

Silvo is not just some good build though; this list is for best Kodi Builds, Silvo is one of the better Kodi builds out of thousands that you can install in on your Kodi player.

Silvo runs smoothly and elegantly on all kinds of devices since it is a lightweight Kodi Build. Now there are faster builds out there right now, but they are already mentioned above. You’d be down here looking for other builds only if you weren’t satisfied with the ones listed above.

There are plenty of options in the addons library that you can choose from when you want to watch movies or shows or access some other entertainment-related content. The interface is rather minimal and basic, with no flashy theme, simple wallpaper, etc.

19. Insomniacs

Insomniacs is a collection of a few Kodi builds. It is not a very big collection of builds, but it’s a great collection, to be frank. It has some of the better builds to offer that will work smoothly and provide you with entertaining content. Insomniacs is a viable option if you are exploring different builds and just wondering what your options are.

The size of this Build is not very big that will freeze your low-spec device (if you’re using it on a low-spec device) nor too small, so you won’t miss out on some of the good features that you don’t want to miss out.

The Build is packed with some of the very good addons for tv shows and movie streaming. Live TV experience is not that great on the Build, but you can install a different addon of your choice.

20. Innovation

Innovation is a build Wizard that offers a couple of builds at the moment; one is Innovation Colors Family and the other is Innovation Colors Adult. As you might have figured out by the name of the builds themselves, one of the builds is for a mature audience only that offers adult content. The other one is for general usage.

The sizes of these builds are fair and will allow you to run them smoothly on an average device. In short, Innovation Builds will let you stream content like Movies, Shows, and live TV conveniently.

21. The Beast

The Beast is next in this list of best Kodi Builds. It comes with some of the great addons preinstalled, which will let you stream Movies, Shows, etc. You won’t have to look for addons and install them separately unless there is a particular addon that you prefer to stream.

In short, the Build saves you all the trouble of installing addons for different content and provides you with some of the best addons there are for content streaming. One drawback of the Build is that it requires registration for use, other than that the Build works quite well.

22. Maze

Maze Wizard is another collection of a few Kodi builds. One of its builds is called Maze Family Build. The unique thing about this Build is that it is incredibly lightweight (about only 125 megabytes) which cuts a huge deal of ram usage and allows you to use it smoothly on low-spec devices as well.

The interface of the Build is very user-friendly, and the layout is minimal and easy on the eyes. It comes with some of the best addons for video streaming, such as Deathstar, Venom, The Magic Dragon, etc. These addons will keep you entertained throughout the day; there is no doubt about that.

23. Kryptikz ZT

Kryptikz ZT Build is one of the bigger Kodi builds in terms of size. It occupies about 375 megabytes of storage in your device when installed. You can find this Build in the TeamZT Wizard. The Build comes with preinstalled addons from which you can watch online content such as TV Shows and Live TV.

Although the size of the Build is quite big, the user interface is not very complicated. It is minimal and easy to get used to. The main menu is located at either bottom or the left of the display, depending on the device. The icons are not very flashy, and the category they show includes Movies, TV Shows, Explore, Music, Recent, My Lists, Doc Zone, System, Cartoons, etc.

24. Doomzday

Doomzday is a collection of a few quality Kodi Builds. It has many Builds in its directory from which you can choose according to your requirements. Whether you want a lightweight or a feature-rich build, Doomzday Wizard may not disappoint you. The builds come with some very good addons that offer almost unlimited streaming choices.

Doomzday Wizard Builds offer you some of the best addons that are available. One of these builds is Easy Rider; it is by far the best Build according to what I have experienced so far. I haven’t checked every single Build in this Wizard, but Easy Rider would be pretty tough to beat.

The Wizard has over 20 builds, not all of them work great, but some of them are really nice and does a pleasant job of delivering the entertaining content. I would say that if you are an explorer and if you’re always looking for something new, give Doomzday a try; you may find something meaningful here.

25. EzzerMacs

EzzerMacs is one of the bigger libraries of Kodi builds. It has dozens of Kodi Builds to offer, and it offers Builds for both Kodi Krypton and Kodi Leia. EzzerMacs has Builds for all kinds of users, whether you want a lightweight Kodi Builds for your low-spec device or a feature-rich build for your high-end device.

This catalog has two wizards in its index, EzzerMac Wizard and EzzerMacs Wizard. Both of these Wizards host the same in-house Kodi Builds. However, EzzerMac has a completely different interface, and it also lets you access builds from other Wizards such as Vodka and One Nation.

Out of dozens of builds that EzzerMacs offers, one stands out rather tall, Art Nouveau Kodi Build. As the name might suggest that the theme of this Build is inspired by modern art. While the theme looks artsy, it does not necessarily enhance the user experience.

26. CellarDoor TV

CellarDoor TV is one of the best Builds offered by the CellarDoor TV Wizard. The Build is designed with a sleek and professional-looking interface for convenient navigation. The Build is quite stable and well-organized that won’t necessarily need a lot of time for you to get used to it.

Most of the CellarDoor TV Build’s developers are independent coders, and they do a pretty good job at keeping the software up-to-date, considering that they do all the work out of their love and passion for the community. That is the main reason that this Build is open and free with rich-features and qualities.

CellarDoor TV Build brings a whole world of entertainment to your house with a nice eye-catching UI. The great addons that provide premium content for free make it one of the best builds for your Kodi.

27. SG Wizard

SG Wizard Builds are developed and created by the same developers as the EzzerMacs Builds. The developers chose to create a separate Wizard instead of indexing all of their builds together. SG Wizard offers a few very good and efficient builds.

SG Wizard offers a wide variety of builds. From small and efficient to feature-rich builds, SG Wizard has almost everything. You don’t get the best of UI experience when using SG Wizard builds, but the builds are very responsive and snappy. SG Wizard Builds may not be the most popular of the lot, but they are really good.

28. Equinox

Equinox Kodi Build comes from Genie TV Repository. It has gained its share of following since its release in 2018. You may have come across Genie TV if you spend a lot of time streaming online video content. It provides premium services of their own, and you know more about it at http://genietv.co.uk/.

The size of the Equinox is huge. It occupies over 400 MBs of storage in your device when installed. Hence you can expect it to have an enormous addons library. And it does have tons of addons, mind. The Build is good enough to feature in our list of Best Kodi Builds; you may want to give it a try.

29. Hard Nox

Hard Nox Build is a creation of the developers of MisFit Mods. The Build has some of the best addons for on-demand video streaming and more. I have covered every area of the basic things that a good or a great build has I would spare you another round of that crap and let you move on to the next one.

30. The Joker

Joker Wizard is another collection of a few Kodi Builds, some of which are lightweight, and some of them are feature-rich. There are some very good builds in this Wizard that offers addons which provide a good experience of online content streaming. There is a reason why this thing is at the bottom of this list; it’s not that great. Although it is very good, it won’t be a part of this list if it wasn’t good.

Wrapping things up, I have done my best to bring you the Best Kodi Builds that you can use to inflate your Kodi experience. I humbly apologize if I have missed your favorite Build, or it has a rank you don’t agree with.

I hope you found the information provided in this article useful, and I hope to see you around.



Ans. That generally happens when the addon in question streams from a single source. Most probably, the source is down, and you’ll have to wait for an update.

If the addon has multiple sources, there are several reasons for the addon not to work. Like; If you haven’t installed the addon directly from the repository, you are selecting an uncommon video that has no streams available. are a couple of them.

It won’t be possible for you to know the precise problem until you troubleshoot. You can uninstall and reinstall the repository and the addon and see if that works. Otherwise, run diagnostic.


Ans. There is no one simple method you can do that with. There’s a couple of things you can take care of to make sure that the problem is not your internet connection.

Make sure that your Kodi box is hard-wired. Wireless connections get a fraction of the speed from the same wired connection.

Make sure that you have a good speed internet connection for what you’re using Kodi. 10 Mbps should work for minor tasks like streaming.

Try using a different source. For a live event, the stream can easily get overloaded and start buffering no matter what. For movies and shows, try different file hosts. They have different speeds in different regions, try out a few, and see which one works the best for you.


Ans. When a new movie is released, it is recorded by a camera set up at the theater, and these are the first prints that come online and picked-up by Kodi addons. There is nothing you can do about its quality, but to wait for a proper print to be released, I advise you to wait for a proper print to come out.


Ans. You will see links to the World’s most popular sports if you float over the Kodi Sports in the main menu. If you are looking for a one-time PPV or an event airing soon, check out the main page for recent articles containing information.


Ans. Scroll up and read the full article.


Ans. Check out our list of Best Kodi Addons.


Ans. Kodi Player is entirely safe and legal. However, there are some addons and repositories that stream copyrighted content illegally. You might stream a copyrighted content by mistake. Make sure and use a secure VPN to make sure that you don’t get into any legal trouble, even what you did was unintended.


Ans. Kodi is safe most of the time unless you are using an addon that doesn’t come from a reliable repository. That may lead to torrent links accessing and exposing your privacy. It is best to use a VPN if you use torrent links for streaming.


Ans. Do check out our list of Best Kodi Addons. There are plenty of addons that offer live TV, and there is a good guide to help you figure out which of these is best for you.


Ans. The addons use back-end websites to list the content, so every movie and TV show will be there. When you click on a particular video, the addon scrapes the internet for streaming links for that file. Sometimes it doesn’t get any links, which is why it shows you “no streams available.”

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