Best IPTV Services in Jan 2023 to replace your Cable

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. The name itself explains quite a lot about what it actually means. IPTV makes the Television/Satellite channels available for live streaming on a media device with the help of a (good) internet connection. You will read more about the Best IPTV Services further in this article.

Best IPTV Services to Ditch your Cable TV Subscription

Best IPTV Services
Best IPTV Services

In most parts of the world, the conventional method for watching television is via a Cable TV connection. You have to pay a subscription fee to access the channels or services you want. In the digitizing world, a major percentage of the population has an internet connection and still pay for their cable TV connection.

IPTV can be set up through a LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network). These are types of internet connections; you might be familiar with them if you like gadgets and technology. IPTV lets you watch Live Television on your Smart TV, Smartphone, Computer, Amazon Firestick, etc. In short, almost all media devices.

There are a few things that need to be explained before we get started on the Best IPTV Services. These things are important in the sense of legal rights and law. So, don’t skip this part if you don’t want to end up in Judicial Custody.

There are a few things that need to be taken into account if you are installing a third-party app to your device for media streaming.

Third-party applications are not verified by the official app-stores of devices’ respective app-stores. They may be containing Malware, Ransomware, or harmful Trojans. To protect your device from such threats, you need to take some precautions to make sure that your device and your privacy is secured.

It is essential that you use a secured VPN when using third-party services that are not verified by trusted app stores here are the major reasons why VPN is important.

1. Live Net TV

Best IPTV Services

Live Net TV is a free streaming service that offers satellite channels via the internet. Cable TV may cost you a good deal of money when you subscribe to premium services/channels. Live Net TV is entirely free and lets you stream those channels/services free of cost.

The app provides you with dozens of live TV channels from all around the world in various languages. It is one hundred remote-friendly, and you won’t face any difficulty while using it on your Firestick.

Live Net TV has plenty of options you can choose from. It categorizes channels according to their genres—for example; Movies, Sports, Entertainment, News, TV Shows, etc.

There is a new option added by the developers in the recent updates, which allows you to stream Movies & Shows on-demand. The library doesn’t have much to offer as of now; the content is very limited. But it’s always nice to have more.

Live Net TV has everything you’d want in an app in which you want to watch Television. If this does not satisfy your inner beast, we have more for you, keep reading, Best IPTV Services.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Firestick.

2. Kodi

Best IPTV Services

Kodi is an open-source media player supported over various devices. It’s been one of the most popular media streaming platforms since its release. Kodi has evolved over time; it has made many improvements with its software and productivity since its release.

This app is widely known for the availability of pirated from all around the web. Still, it is completely legal to use Kodi and stream open to public domain content. Kodi doesn’t have any service provisions of its own. It uses third-party addons that you can install according to your preference.

To know more about Kodi Addons, check out our list of Best Kodi Addons.

Using third-party addons can expose your device’s security to potential attackers, but if you have already installed a VPN as discussed earlier, you have nothing to worry about.

Many Kodi addons provide unauthorized access to the copyrighted content, which you might not even realize when you are streaming. Your ISP can monitor your activity, and you may face legal actions from the authorities and your ISP. If you still haven’t installed a VPN, there can’t be a better time than right now.

Kodi provides all kinds of media content that you can think of. Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids Shows, News, Music, Adults Corner, History, Infotainment, Video Game Streams, etc. Kodi has addons for all kinds of media content and can satisfy your wildest dreams.

You can also customize your Kodi experience by installing different Builds from different repositories. Kodi offers loads of Builds you can choose from according to your preference. Kodi Builds are popular amongst Kodi users because it comes with some of the great preinstalled addons and a more appealing layout.

Check out our article on Best Kodi Builds for more.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Firestick.

3. Exodus Live

Best IPTV Services

Exodus Live TV is an application that offers over 850 live TV channels from around the US, UK, and other countries. This app offers a great number of channels with a buffer-free HD experience, which makes this one clear winner when comparing it to other apps out there in the market.

But, yes, there’s a “but.” Exodus Live TV is not free. You will be required to join the Online TV club to access all the uninterrupted services provided by this app. The subscription can be monthly, yearly, or lifetime, with the monthly plan costing $5.99, annual plan costing $49.99, and the lifetime plan costing $99.99.

The main reason why this app is not at the top of our list of Best IPTV Services is that it is not free. Even after you pay such amount of money, your safety is not ensured. The app is not official. It is a third-party app and may provide illegal access to copyrighted content.

Having said that, the app is not totally useless. If you don’t mind running through some extra money on trying out something new, this might be something you’d want to consider.

Supported Platforms: Android, Android TV, Amazon Firestick.

4. Mobdro

Mobdro is a free IPTV service application. It provides access to TV channels from around the world for free. It has a decent library of satellite stations that include Movies & TV Shows, News Broadcasts, Music Channels, Sports Network, Infotainment, Documentaries, etc.

The Application is exclusive to Android devices as of now. There are a few clones or duplicate apps in the Apple Store, don’t get fooled by them. Mobdro is not available on iOS.

Mobdro is very popular among IPTV lovers from all around the world. It proffers TV Channels from around the world in different languages for free. It allows its users to download their favorite content and watch it offline.

Mobdro constantly refreshes its video library to make available the latest content that may be available. You can use Mobdro for free. It doesn’t cost anything for the services it provides, but if you are going to use it often, buying a premium subscription is recommended for an Ad-free, non-stop entertainment experience.

Supported Platforms: Android, Android TV, Amazon Firestick.

5. ShowBox

ShowBox has been one of the most popular third-party on-demand video streaming services, and one of the best IPTV services. The app has been in the limelight since its release. ShowBox is among the first third-party apps that provided Movies & Shows on-demand along with Live TV channels from different regions.

The content library of this app is still regularly updated by a team of active developers. The app is free to use and proffers media content from all kinds of genres. It allows the users to stream the content in SD, HD, and Full HD resolution.

The service is free and may provide illegal access to copyrighted content. So be careful about what you are choosing to play. A VPN will save you from these mistakes, but it is still recommended that you do your research before playing anything.

Supported Platforms: Android, iOS, Android TV, Amazon Firestick.


Is there any difference between IPTV and Internet Television?

Internet Television means television or video service delivered over the internet. For Internet Television, the content it provides is streamed from the web just like other multimedia services. The internet is distinguished by the lack of guarantee about its bandwidth. The variability is lesser in cases of mobile networks.

Internet TV uses unicast point to point streaming technology because it’s accessed by individual users from all around the network.

On the other hand, IPTV (generally) uses a controlled and reliable medium such as fixed-line broadband, or a cable as the medium of transmission. IPTV implements IP multicast over a controlled network for a set of users subscribed to that service specifically.

Is there any difference between IPTV and Mobile Television?

Mobile Television offers regular television channels to stream on your mobile. The bandwidth is variable in wireless networks. The sizes of mobile devices are not standardized; that’s why the technology will require support to adapt to these conditions.

On the other hand, IPTV (generally) uses a controlled and reliable medium such as fixed-line broadband, or a cable as the medium of transmission. IPTV implements IP multicast over a controlled network for a set of users subscribed to that service specifically.


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