The Best Free VPNs for Firestick in 2023 [Tested]

I hope you are enjoying your favorite shows on Firestick. The Fire TV app you want to watch with friends is unavailable in your region?

I understand the exact feelings about not watching your favorite shows and movies and desired content with your friends and family. However, we all want peace in our life and to spend time with our loved ones.

And If you are getting any hurdles between your peace and loved ones, you need a solution ASAP. Here, the best solution you will get for your Firestick to run smoothly without interruptions is the help of the best free VPNs.

Trust me. You can enjoy lots of content that you somehow could not watch due to any valid reason and will now be available to watch with one simple modification.

Here the magic is FREE VPNs. If you think it is free and will not work properly, let me tell you it is free and works pretty well.

But every free VPN has certain limitations to work with a Firestick or any other device. This VPN service will let you enjoy your desired content over the internet that you could not watch it.

There are many best free VPNs for Firestick available in the online market that can help you. I recommend you ExpressVPN for your Firestick.

Is it risky to use free VPNs for Fire Stick?

Firestick and a VPN is a great combinations to have by your side to enjoy great content on the internet. If you use FREE VPNs, then there will be some limitations to it.

If you have an amazon fire tv stick and want to watch shows and movies that are not available in your region, free VPNs will work smoothly, but it is free to keep that in mind.

Think, if you are using a free service, then what will they get? “There’s nothing free in this world.” You have to compromise on something else, but that doesn’t mean that free VPN services won’t work.

Let’s talk about why they are providing VPN service for free

Free VPNs limitations are listed below.

  • Offers quite low speed and less number of servers
  • No unlimited bandwidth
  • You have to see unwanted ads
  • Sells your logs to third-parties

Premium VPNs do not have any of the limitations mentioned above that a free VPN has. It also provides a great security feature to protect your important data.

Top 5 The Best Free VPNs For Fire Stick in 2023

  • – Best free VPN for Firestick as it provides large data transfer of up to 10 GB
  • Hotspot Shield – Superb free VPN with 15 GB of free data
  • Windscribe – It offers support of 4k Fire Stick video quality for Fire tv apps with 10 GB of data
  • VyprVPN – provides great security and a military level encryption
  • Speedify – Best free VPN that provides great speed to stream content on Firestick

Why do you require a free VPN for Firestick [that works]

As you already know that many streaming apps require premium VPN services to enjoy their content as it provides better solutions to watch geo-restricted content on your Fire stick.

Many streaming apps available on Fire stick stream their content to some of the selected countries in the world, and the USA tops that list.

Free VPNs come with limitations and restricts you from getting premium services for free. These limitations are listed below. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Security & Privacy

Free VPNs are very useful for enjoying streaming services, but security and privacy in these free VPNs are higher than in premium VPNs. Fire tv devices are the best in class and come with great streaming ability, but using free VPNs takes away your security and privacy.

Bandwidth Limit Data Cap

The bandwidth limit is important in streaming your favorite videos on amazon prime video or using any other free VPN. This limit is maxed at 1 GB, which is quite low, and you would empty your data rapidly by streaming your favorite videos.

Server Location

It is very important that the servers of VPN service providers are in large quantity and located in most countries to serve better.

But free VPN servers provide one or two servers to the users, which could be a big hurdle in watching content from gro restricted countries.

To watch any restricted content, you should use the best premium VPN, which is ExpressVPN.

Now, let’s dig deep into the best free VPNs for Firestick that actually work.

The Best Free VPN For Fire Sticks In 2023

The best free VPNs that actually work are listed below. You can simply download them and start using them. It will work fine with a Firestick. Free servers will be limited for your use as it is free, but these free servers work fine for limited data.

You can also create a free account in these free fire stick VPNs, but you will never get premium VPN service in the best free VPN

Let’s see each free server and VPN for firestick listed below for more detailed information.

Hide.Me – Offers 10 GB data

Hide.Me Is a free VPN provider, and it has an app for users. Users can access the service easily. This app works with Fire TV and/or Firestick.

Talking about the free servers it is located in the United States, CA, Germany, and the Netherlands.

It offers a great and reliable app for Firestick that can be downloaded from Amazon App Store on your Fire Tv.

Hide.Me is one of the free VPN providers, and it is a completely free VPN to use, but it only gives 10GB/Month of data usage. So, if you are using Hide.Me as your free VPN, then you’ll be able to watch a maximum of 10 hours of your desired content in standard definition (SD).

This means you cannot get unlimited data usage to use dedicated apps and enjoy your content on Fire TV.

Privacy is taken seriously in Hide.Me for users, and it has a no-logging strategy in dedicated apps. You will adore this service provider. If you want to unlock Fire stick streaming applications for free of cost, it’s you just have to neglect its bandwidth limitation and server data list.

With Hide.Me, You can easily choose between the app you want to pass through with VPN and the app you want to use your local network. It is known as the split tunneling feature. DNS leak protection is also there for you.

If you ever experience low speed while using Hide.Me a free VPN service, then you can not do anything to prevent it because it’s free and free means compromise.

Now, let’s see Hide.Me’s Pros and Cons to understand its features better.


  • Great security
  • Protection of IP, DNS, and Kill Switch
  • Provides great support for torrenting
  • No-logging strategy
  • 10 GB Bandwidth


  • Limited servers with a free account
  • Untrustworthy customer support
  • One connection per one account

Hotspot Shield – Offers 15 GB of data with high-speed streaming

Hotspot Shield VPN users will not have to worry about its streaming speed because it offers its users a high-speed streaming ability with 15 GB of data.

It offers its users 500 MB of data per day to use, but it only provides its servers in the US. You can easily connect to Netflix US as it lets you connect with US-based servers, and you can stream your favorite content easily.

You get lots of features and benefit while using a free account, but you have to see those unwanted ads while using its service. They also make money by letting those advertisers target you to show annoying ads, to be better ready to use this free VPN.

As mentioned earlier, it offers 15 GB of data per month. When you do not have your daily limit, you have to wait for the other day.

So, it is another totally free VPN for Firestick, and it doesn’t matter what streaming device you use. It will provide the best free service.

Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons.


  • No-logging strategy
  • Added security as Kill switch
  • Easily supports torrenting
  • Provides 5 Synchronized connection


  • One server location per free account
  • Unwanted ads

Windscribe – offers 10GB of data per month

It is another totally free VPN that works perfectly fine with the Amazon Firestick. It is one of the most popular streaming services out there you can trust.

It uses new technology to give high security to its users. It also supports high-speed streaming of content, and you can even run 4k streaming at that speed, but you will quickly burn your data if you run 4k streaming.

It offers 10GB of data per month, from which you can enjoy around 10 hours of content for free. There’s bad news for Netflix lovers. You can not unblock Netflix while using a free account on Windscribe. But you can easily watch the BBC iplayer app and Amazon Prime Video app.

If you want to access Netflix, it would be better if you shift to its premium VPN service called Windflix.

If you have any doubts, you can simply create your concerned problem with their support staff, and the customer support executive typically replies via mail. You will not get 24/7 live chat support in a free VPN.

However, it is a great free VPN that provides 10GB of data/per month with good privacy settings.

Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons.


  • Neat and clean interface
  • Provides multiple user access
  • P2P support
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Fastest free VPN


  • HQ in Canada
  • Does support live chat and slow reply time
  • 10 server locations for free users

VyprVPN – Secure VPN for Fire stick

VyprVPN is a reliable free VPN for Firestick as it unblocks most of the restricted sites worldwide. It is one of the best VPN services in the online market. It also allows you free streaming from 700+ servers. This VPN is not completely free as it provides a 1-month free trial and a 30-day money return guarantee. So you can cancel anytime from anywhere.

It has a whopping amount of 700+ servers all over the world. These servers provide great stability hence making it a great free VPN for Firestick.

Using the VyprVPN service, you can enjoy streaming services like US Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and BBC iplayer.

It offers 5 connections at one time to access the geo-blocked applications on Firestick. It is very easy to use. Just download it on your device and enjoy your desired content.

Whenever you are stuck on something or something is not working well, you can take advantage of its live chat support.

VyprVPN comes with great military-grade security and privacy, so so don’t have to worry about privacy or data leak.

Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons.


  • Unlimited data
  • 5 simultaneous connections
  • 700+ servers
  • Can use Netflix


  • Not a free VPN ( 30-day free trial)
  • No torrenting

Speedify – Fastest free VPN for Firestick

This free VPN version is another good and speedy free VPN in the market that you can trust. The name itself suggests its main benefit of using which is speed.

If you are looking for great speed while using a VPN, then a speedily free VPN won’t disappoint you at all. This VPN is known for its performance and speed over the internet.

It has a high channel bonding of up to 10 – which means it gives maximum bandwidth to its users.

Talking about its usage may disappoint you because it offers 2GB of data per month to its users to use on 1 device only. You do not need to create an account to use its service, just start using it, but the server access to its users is limited.

Your disappointment may continue after reading this line because this free VPN provides the worst unblocking performance.

You could face major difficulties while accessing streaming platforms like BBC iplayer, US Netflix, etc. You can also upgrade to a higher plan for Firestick with 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can cancel this plan anytime.

Let’s discuss its Pros and Cons.


  • 2GB of data per month
  • It can use multiple devices easily
  • Channel bonding option
  • Streaming mode available


  • US-based servicers
  • Logging issues of user information
  • Not well-secured / No maximum security

Here is a quick guide to choosing the best Free VPN for Firestick

Finding a free VPN for Firestick is not an easy task as it includes many terminologies to keep in mind and other factors on which service is measured. I have tested tons of free VPNs before writing this article, and I have come up with the abovementioned 5 best free VPNs for Firestick in 2023.

Let’s discuss some important factors when choosing a free VPN for Firestick.

App for Firestick

If a VPN service provider does not have a dedicated Fire TV app, it is not worth it. All the free VPNs mentioned above are compatible with an app for Fire TV that can be downloaded from an Amazon app store. So do check this feature while searching for a free VPN for Firestick.


It is the most important thing to check in a free VPN. If the speed is not high, you will not enjoy its services and your content better. All above mentioned free VPNs are fast and reliable to use. But if you are comparing free VPNs with paid ones, then this comparison does not have grounds to compare.

Logging policy

It is possible that these free VPN service providers could track your presence and behavior on the internet, and then they sell this data to other marketing agencies. They collect your information in the background, and you can not know if the VPN is tracking you and your data or not.

It is recommended to check before signing up for any free VPNs online to hide important information and data. Do check for a good logging policy while signing up for any free VPNs.


When it comes to the security of a free VPN, it is commonly questioned the same, and it should be as well. Because if they are providing it for free, then anyone can question its security.

All the above-mentioned free VPNs are highly encrypted and give AES 256-bit encryption which is not easy to break virtually.


If you find it difficult to install it and use it, then you should delete that thing right away. A free VPN must be easy to install on Fire TV, and it should have a smooth user interface with the app.

All the above-mentioned free VPNs are easy to install, and it has a smooth user interface to use on Fire TV.

Three steps to get a Free VPN for Firestick

It is the easiest thing to do on the internet, and If somehow you do not know how to get a free VPN for Firestick then just follow below three steps.

  • Go to a free VPN provider’s website.
  • Sign up for a free account by registering your Email address
  • Once you are done signing up, Just download the app for Firestick and move on.
  • Now you are agreed with the statement I have given earlier that it is the easiest thing to do on the internet.

Once you got the free VPN app for Firestick, it is now time to install that app on Firestick. To learn the procedure of installing a free VPN app on Firestick, then please read along.

How to Install New And Free VPN on Fire TV stick?

  1. Launch your Fire TV stick, and select Search from the Home screen.
  2. Type the VPN’s name you want to install and select it from the below list
  3. Now, click on GET to start the download and install of a VPN for Firestick
  4. Now, launch the installed app and select your choice of server
  5. Once you complete the process, open your favorite streaming app to avoid geo-restriction

Now, you’ll be able to install a free VPN on a Fire TV stick for sure, and still, if you find any difficulties installing a free VPN, then comment below.

Experiencing Netflix Errors code while streaming with a free VPN for Firestick?

Netflix provides great content on the platform and is popular all over the globe. Everyone wants to enjoy their desired content on Netflix with their friends and family.

And using a free VPN on FIre stick to watching geo-restricted apps or sites like Netflix and many more, you can see this type of error message:

“Whoops, Something went wrong.”

Many popular sites, including Netflix, have blocked access to VPN services and its users, meaning they can not access Netflix and can not enjoy their favorite content on popular apps.

Because of the blockage by the apps, most of the free VPNs can not work to remove geo-restriction.

If you are experiencing this type of error message, you can simply perform some steps to use the app. The steps are mentioned below.

Go to Settings and clear all the data and cache or cookies.

And try other VPN service providers because some of them offer optimized streaming servers to use Netflix and many other popular apps.

If you cannot watch Netflix, I recommend you try a premium VPN. ExpressVPN can solve your problems very quickly, and it is the best-paid VPN in the market and gives you a 30-day free trial to use the VPN and test it yourself.


Now, let’s discuss some important questions users have while using or downloading a free VPN for Firestick.

Is there a Free Firestick VPN available?

r Fire TV stick can be used to watch your favorite blocked apps in your region. These VPNs are mentioned above but only paid VPNs, as ExpressVPN can fully unblock the content on US Netflix and many other popular apps.

Is Free VPN Fire stick safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use free VPNs for Firestick, but it is not 100% safe as many free VPNs track user information and sells it to third-party apps and marketing agencies. But above mentioned free VPNs are safe to use as they use military-grade encryption security.

Which free VPN provides large data to use?

Windscribe and Hotspot Shield are two free VPNs that provide many free data to use on Fire TV stick. Windscribe provides 10 GB of data per month, and Hotspot Shield provides 15 GB of data per month with the limit of 500MB per day.

Will free VPN work for Fire stick?

Some free VPNs will not work for Fire stick because they are not designed to support the Fire stick and devices. Only some of the free VPN services listed above will work with the Fire TV stick and its devices.

Wrapping up!

I hope you know some of the best free VPNs for Firestick in 2023 and how to use and install them on your device easily.

These free VPNs are obviously free, so you can not expect the work best paid VPN ExpressVPN provides. These VPNs do have their own limitations and low capabilities to perform on your device and to provide geo-blocked apps and sites to watch.

You will also need to compromise in bandwidth and server locations and their count. They offer limited bandwidth and server counts.

If you want to experience a true VPN that can help you stay secure while streaming your favorite content, then you should sign up for the premium VPN service ExpressVPN.

And please ask questions in the comment section I would really appreciate your efforts, and it also encourages me to write this article and help you resolve your problems with the internet.

Have a good day!


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