Top 4 Best Alternatives For IcDrama Not Working – 2023

You are here because Icdrama is not working. Am I right? Don’t worry, guys. I am here to provide the best alternative to the Icdrama Kodi addon.

And you will love it.

So, the Icdrama was the best Kodi addon, Asian people loved it because of its range.

The Icdrama Kodi addon had the best content for its crazy audience worldwide, especially Asian content lovers, i.e., Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc.

So, recently, the news came up that Icdrama is not working, which is why I am writing this article to help you guys find the best alternative for your daily content requirements.

To double-check the issue, I tried to install the Icdrama Kodi addon on my device, and guess what?

It failed. I got the error of installing Icdrama on my device, and I could not continue further due to that error.

I was experiencing that error because the owner of this add-on has discontinued the service, and it is no longer available for the use of the general public.

There’s nothing to worry about. I have very exciting Icdrama alternatives to share with you guys today To use instead of the Icdrama Kodi addon.

The alternate addons that I will provide you in this article will be great for you to consume your desired content with friends and family.

Now, let’s talk about the real issue.

Why Icdrama Kodi addon is not working, and will it work in the future or not?

These two questions are the most asked in my mail inbox, and people want to know the answers to these questions.

I will try to deliver the answers, I hope you are satisfied with those answers. And these answers are pretty simple. There are nothing complicated or technical answers to the addon that is not working.

Why is Icdrama not working?

The Icdrama Kodi addon was by far the best for Asian content lovers. And it is not working now, so there would be many people sad about it, and they should be.

This is why I am here to provide the best solutions possible as an alternative to the best Asian content provider.

This add-on was shut down because of its pirated and copyrighted content, and it is discontinued now.

This issue is very common among these addons as they don’t have their own content to publish, so they scrap the link from the internet and try to deliver it to you for free.

But it is illegal, and no country will bear this type of illegal activity in their country.

It harms the identity of the original publisher as they have invested hard-earned money in it to make this content for the audience, and these Kodi addons provide that content for free, so it is an illegal activity that no country in the world will bear.

When the government shut down any add-ons, there would be a video or a post from the developer’s side to confess or provide information about the topic. Still, in this case, there is no such video available from the developer’s side.

Will Icdrama be available in the future?

As I have told you earlier in this article, we have not received any words from the developer’s side so you can hope for good.

It can return with a big entry into the market again, but you can say nothing now. And the name of the addon doesn’t need to be the same.

It could change it depending on the situation in the market, but it can return as the developers have not said anything about the suspension of the addon.

These events have occurred earlier so that we can forecast the coming days.

For example, one addon was shut down by the government a few years ago named Exodus, and after some months, it appeared again but with a different name called Exodux Redux.

Likewise, another Kodi addon called Genesis was also banned, but after a while, it got reborn, and the new name is Genesis Reborn.

That is why I am predicting the future of the Icdrama could be the same as others, and it could become reborn again.

It is also very common in the addon business that developers stop working on it or the Government shut down it due to copyrighted content they publish and violate the rule of privacy.

That’s why it’s mandatory to use a secure VPN for your and your data’s safety.

No one is safe in this globally exposed business of the internet, and everyone has their own unique identity to surf on the internet, which Is called an IP address.

Anyone can track your movement on the internet and can hack your system and data.

This is the common mode of fraud nowadays globally, as hackers are active, and internet usage has increased rapidly all over the globe.

Isn’t it scary?

It can damage your online reputation, and you could be exposed on the internet just because you used these free add-ons and cheap scraped links that they provide for free.

It is better to have a secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

This VPN will surely help you protect your online identity and hide your internet protocol address to be protected.

What to expect from alternatives

The alternative I will share with you will be the best replacement for the Icdrama Kodi addon due to its unavailability in the market.

Here are some of the features of the services you can expect from these alternatives are mentioned below.

  • The latest version of addons will be there for your use
  • You can run these addons on your Android TV
  • This video addons will provide the latest version of the content
  • Without installing the Icdrama addon, you can enjoy the latest content
  • Video add-ons or video add-ons will deliver Asian movies, Japanese movies, Chinese movies, Live channels, and TV shows.
  • You can select video add-ons as per your need.
  • Kodi devices and Firestick devices will be able to be installed from a zip file and will deliver great performance.
  • Kodi users will love this current version of add-ons
  • So, yeah. This is what you can expect from alternatives that I will share soon.

Stay tuned and read along.

Exciting alternatives are coming up!

Best alternative to Icdrama

Since you cannot watch your favorite Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and many other foreign language content from Icdrama, It is the best time to introduce alternate add-ons that can help you watch your desired content.

So that you can watch your favorite content on new add-ons and can forget the Icdrama add-on because, yeah, it’s unavailable.

Assuming you are not considering the Icdrama addon and moving forward with the alternatives.

I am also assuming again that you are using a secure VPN like ExpressVPN to protect yourself because the add-ons I provided could contain pirated and copyrighted content, or it could not work due to the geo-restrictions.

I have earlier told you the importance of a VPN, so please use one. In case you don’t have a VPN, Check ExpressVPN out.

So, If you are done installing ExpressVPN, you can install a new Kodi addon along with Kodi.

Please find below-mentioned Icdrama alternatives that are working with Kodi 10.9 Leia.

YouKu TV

Youku TV is the best alternative to the Icdrama addon, and it provides great and high-quality content compared to the Icdrama addon.

This add-on is an alternative to YouTube as well. YouTube is prohibited in China. So, It can also serve as an alternative for Chinese people to consume videos daily.

And this is the main reason behind creating their own video-sharing platform to help Chinese people with video consumption.

It provides various kinds of entertainment, i.e., Movies, TV shows, Videos, News, and many other contents. However, the main disadvantage of this add-on is for dubbed users, as this alternate add-on doesn’t provide that feature.

Another disadvantage for people outside China who don’t understand the Chinese language is that this add-on is not for you guys, as it only delivers content in the Chinese language.

YouKu TV is made for Chinese people to enjoy the alternative to the Icdrama addon and YouTube.

Catch-Up TV & More

This add-on is on top of our list of alternatives because of its true service for many years and is also delivering right now when other add-ons are shutting down.

Catch-Up TV & More is an IPTV service that provides various TV channels and shows in many languages, including Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.

This add-on is so helpful in streaming different video and live channels that it streams many live TV channels. Not only that, but it also streams Movies and other TV shows.

Catch-Up TV & More is not like YouKu TV. You have to watch content in only Chinese, but it also provides services in other languages.

In fact,

There is one option for the category to select from different countries and choose the content you want to watch/stream.

And the servers of this add-on are so good that it stream videos directly in Kodi without any disturbance. Servers are super fast in speed and deliver content with great quality.

Plus, the developers of this add-on are technically sound and frequently check for dead links in the add-on.


Viki is another best add-on and an alternative to the Icdrama add-on. It streams videos in different languages, i.e. Chinese, Korean, and many others.

Rakuten is a famous company that owns the Viber messenger app for Android users and this add-on service.

This add-on service is like an OTT service where users stream videos through the internet and don’t require a wired connection.

Viki is a paid platform. You have to pay to watch and stream movies and TV shows in this addon, just like the popular OTT platform Netflix.

And it’s the same as Netflix. The user interface and similarity are very high between these add-ons. But it would help if you confessed that Netflix is more popular than Viki.

It’s not like you can not see movies and TV shows in this addon as it is paid. It’s not a fully paid addon. You can watch your desired content for free, but there would be some limitations in those movies as it is free.

And you may encounter some ads while watching for free.


“I don’t like Netflix” is a statement you’ll never hear from anybody.

It is the most popular OTT platform globally, and it has users in millions. It has a global reach due to its international content and is followed by many people.

So Netflix can make its way to the alternatives of the Icdrama addon.

Netflix is a paid service, and unlike many others, it provides great high-quality content in the form of movies, Web series, TV shows, Documentaries, Limited Shows and series, Interviews, and the list goes on and on.

You have to purchase its paid membership to watch this content, which is worth purchasing.

But if you think that you want to try before purchasing, then they provide a 1-month free trial. You should check out that as well.

Every popular title is there on Netflix, and you won’t disappoint yourself after purchasing this service and an alternative to the Icdrama Kodi addon.

As usual, It is banned in China, and if you are from China and want to watch Netflix, then a VPN service will be your only hope.

You can easily watch Netflix in geo-restricted areas and enjoy your favorite content and popular movies and TV shows using a VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is VPN for real debris Required?

Real-Debrid is all encrypted, and you don’t need a VPN for that, but that doesn’t mean you are completely fine and safe. Yet, the Government can track your movement of IP address, but they can not see what you are doing. Please use a VPN, but it’s not necessary to use it.

GitHub repository isn’t manifesting zip files in Kodi?

It’s quite simple: check the zip URL – HTTP or HTTPS?
If ‘S’ is not there in HTTP, add and try again.

Addons for sports?

There are tons of add-ons available in which you can enjoy sports better.
Check out – 10 Best Kodi Sports Addons 2023

Finally, we are here in this part of the article, and if you are still reading this line, I genuinely want to thank you for reading this amazing and full info guide.

The Icdrama was perhaps the best addon in Kodi, and everyone loved it for its content in different languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, etc. This type of variety in the content and language can not be seen very often in add-ons and Kodi.

But yeah, it’s a fact that it has been shut down due to illegal activities performed in the addon, and people are sad globally.

Yet, in this article, I have listed some of the best alternatives for Icdrama not working, and every addon listed above has its own pros and cons. Still, you’ll be able to watch live TV channels, Movies, TV shows, Music, and many more for your personal entertainment for free.

So, If you can’t get over the loss of the Icdrama Kodi addon and want to watch in Icdrama, I suggest you visit their website for further entertainment. It is still working so you can take benefit of it.

But please use a VPN while surfing these sites and have a secure profile for great protection.

At last, If you have any questions and want customized answers, you know the drill.

Have Fun!


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