35 Best Apps for Jailbroken Firestick in 2024

Are you ready to elevate your streaming experience? This comprehensive guide introduces you to the world of jailbroken FireStick, offering an array of apps that unlock unlimited entertainment possibilities. Whether you own the latest FireStick 4K Max or the classic FireStick 3rd Generation, our insights are tailored for every device, including the popular Fire TV Cube.

What is a Jailbroken FireStick?

Contrary to popular misconceptions, jailbreaking a FireStick is not akin to the complex processes of rooting Android devices or jailbreaking iPhones. It’s a simple modification within the FireStick settings, enabling the installation of third-party apps not available on the Amazon App Store. This safe and legal method keeps your device’s warranty intact while opening doors to a vast array of content.

Why Opt for Jailbroken FireStick Apps?

Ditch expensive subscriptions and embrace the freedom of choice. Jailbreaking allows access to a treasure trove of apps for streaming Live TV, movies, sports, documentaries, and more, all without the hefty price tag of monthly subscriptions. From popular streaming giants to niche content, the variety is limitless.

How to Jailbreak Your FireStick Safely

Jailbreaking your FireStick is straightforward and safe. By simply adjusting your device’s settings to allow apps from unknown sources, you can sideload verified APKs without any risk to your device or its warranty. Follow our step-by-step guide to unlock a world of unrestricted content.

Your Internet service provider and government are monitoring all your online activities!

Streaming copyrighted content may create some legal troubles for you!

Your current IP is, and it’s visible to everyone!

You must get a Good VPN for your Firestick device!

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Best Apps for Your Jailbroken FireStick In 2024

Our curated list of the top apps for jailbroken FireSticks ensures a superior viewing experience. These apps are not only user-friendly but also offer high-quality links for seamless streaming. Dive into this treasure chest of entertainment options and transform your FireStick into an ultimate media powerhouse now!

1. Kodi: Best App for Jailbroken Firestick

Kodi is a top choice for FireStick users in the USA, and here’s why. It’s a well-loved app that lets you watch all sorts of videos, from movies to TV shows and even live sports and TV channels.

Here is how to install kodi On Firestick!

It’s at the top of the list of the best FireStick apps in the USA because it’s like a one-stop-shop for entertainment.

It is perfect for keeping your family entertained.

Before 2015, you could find Kodi on the Amazon App store. However, it was removed from the store because it was used for illegal activities and copyright violations. This incident led to the practice of jailbreaking Firesticks becoming more common.


If you’re looking for some third party apps to use with Kodi for the best entertainment experience, here are some recommendations:

(i) PlutoTV

PlutoTV is like a treasure chest for your streaming device. It’s a Kodi app that lets you watch live television. Imagine having access to more than 250 TV channels, all in excellent quality, covering every type of TV show you can think of. Whether you’re into drama, comedy, news, or even cooking shows, PlutoTV has you covered.

(ii) TVOne

TVOne is a fan-favorite Kodi add-on, and it’s easy to see why. It offers a fantastic streaming experience in multiple languages, making it great for a diverse audience. Plus, there’s plenty of content to keep the kids entertained as well.

(iii) The Oath

Tired of waiting for your movies and TV series to load? The Oath is the Kodi add-on you need. It works with all versions of Kodi and tirelessly searches for high-quality links to ensure your entertainment is uninterrupted. No more buffering frustrations – just smooth streaming.

(iv) Asgard

Asgard is unique among Kodi add-ons. It serves as a versatile tool, enabling you to stream not just movies and TV shows, but also sports events, news, documentaries, and even live TV. Asgard offers a one-stop solution to fulfill all your entertainment needs in a single, convenient app.

(v) ApeX Sports:

If you’re a sports enthusiast, ApeX Sports is the way to go. It’s a reliable, lightweight, and easy-to-use Kodi add-on designed specifically for live sports streaming. Whether you want to catch the latest game or watch replays of your favorite matches, ApeX Sports has you covered.

(vi) Mad Titan Sports:

Mad Titan Sports is your go-to destination for all things sports. You can even follow your beloved European soccer teams in action with MTS. Say goodbye to missing out on your favorite sporting events.

2. Cinema HD: Free Movie App

Cinema HD app is a top recommendation for FireStick users seeking an easy and versatile streaming experience.

What’s even better is that Cinema HD lets you use external players like VLC and MX Player. This means you can enhance your viewing experience by adding subtitles and accessing additional features.

What sets Cinema APK apart is its dedicated team of developers who continually work to improve the app. They regularly release updates to ensure smooth and reliable performance.

In summary, Cinema HD APK is a fantastic choice for FireStick users, offering convenience and a team committed to making your streaming experience better, Here is how to install Cinema HD on FireStick!

3. Cyberflix TV

It’s super reliable and offers lots of sources for high-quality movies and tv shows stream.

One cool thing is that it works with Real-Debrid, which means you can easily watch premium content.

The best part? It’s ad-free, so you won’t be bothered by annoying ads while you’re trying to enjoy your content. Plus, it supports subtitles, so you can understand what’s being said, even in different languages.

In a nutshell, Cyberflix TV is a simple and reliable way to stream your favorite shows and movies on FireStick, making your viewing experience smooth and enjoyable.


4. Tea TV

Tea TV is a fantastic choice for those who enjoy staying up-to-date with the latest movies and TV shows. This app is a treasure trove of content, and it gets fresh updates daily, featuring top-notch 4K video streams.

What’s really awesome about Tea TV is that you can save content to watch offline. This is perfect for folks with unreliable internet or for creating a playlist for binge-watching without interruptions.

Another cool thing is the app’s user-friendly interface. The built-in search bar makes finding your favorite content a breeze, so you can quickly go from searching to watching.

In a nutshell, Tea TV is your go-to option for staying in the loop with the latest movies and TV shows, Here is how to install Tea TV on your Firestick Device!

5. UnlockMyTV

This app is like a twin of Cinema APK. It brings you movies and TV shows from around the world, right to your USA screen. It looks and works just like Cinema APK, so you can enjoy high-quality content.

UnlockMyTV does not annoy with too many ads, that means you can watch your favorite stuff without those pesky interruptions.

Plus, it plays nicely with Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv, so you can watch all your content in beautiful HD quality.

No ads, just pure entertainment, and the bonus of HD streaming with Real-Debrid and Trakt.tv. What more could you ask for?


6. BeeTV

Now, let’s talk about BeeTV, another great streaming app for your FireStick. While it might not be as famous as Cinema HD or Cyberflix, it’s definitely worth your attention.

It’s like a handy tool that hunts down streaming links to movies and shows from various file-hosting websites and neatly organizes them into different categories right in the app.

I appreciate how the app brings in HD posters of the content, making it super easy for you to see what’s available.

In a nutshell, BeeTV is a solid choice for streaming on your FireStick. It may not be the most well-known, but it certainly deserves a spot on your home screen for its quality content and user-friendly features.


7. HD Streamz

Let’s talk about HD Streamz, a streaming app that’s all about high-definition TV channels. It’s got a huge collection of satellite TV channels, plus loads of movies and TV shows from different parts of the world, like the USA, Canada, the UK, and Europe. It’s like a treasure chest of entertainment.

Now, here’s the thing to keep in mind. While HD Streamz has awesome content, some folks might find its interface a bit old-fashioned.

In short, HD Streamz is a fantastic choice if you want high-quality TV channels and a variety of shows.



IPTV services are becoming super popular because they offer affordable and dependable entertainment online.

When you get the right subscription, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) can bring you loads of entertainment choices you didn’t have before. The only downside is that different IPTV services have different packages, which can make it tricky to find the most reliable one.


9. CatMouse

Let’s talk about CatMouse, the new streaming app that’s catching the eye of folks who like to watch TV without a cable in the USA. It’s got a familiar look, like Terrarium TV, and it offers high-quality movies and TV series.

It won’t bother you with ads while you’re watching your favorite stuff. You’ll find all sorts of updated content on this app.

But one thing to keep in mind is that new content might show up in the CAM version first, and you might have to wait a bit for the HD version.

It’s a simple way to bring more entertainment to your screen without any fuss. Enjoy your shows!


10. TVTap

TVTap is a great choice in my list of top streaming apps for jailbroken FireStick. This app offers a good selection of live TV channels from the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, so you have a bunch of options for what to watch.

The company behind TVTap even made a special APK file just for FireStick, which is pretty cool. This means it’s super easy to use on your big screen, and you can control it with your remote without any trouble.

What’s even better is how they’ve organized everything. You’ll find movies, TV shows, and channels neatly sorted into categories like Kids, News, Sports, Documentaries, Movies, and more.


11. Live NetTV

Live NetTV is like a TV treasure chest for FireStick users. It’s an IPTV service that brings you more than 800 live tv channels, plus movies and TV shows in different categories like News, Kids, Entertainment, Sports, and Adults.

What’s awesome is that they’ve got a huge variety of shows and channels, and they’re always bringing in new stuff to keep things exciting. So, if you like having a ton of choices for what to watch, Live NetTV is a top pick.

You can find all sorts of content that suits your mood, whether it’s news, kids’ shows, sports, or something more grown-up.

It’s a one-stop shop for entertainment, right on your FireStick. So, if you’re all about having lots of options, give Live NetTV a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


12. Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV APK is a great choice among the top streaming apps for jailbroken FireStick if you’re into streaming. With this app, you get access to more than 250 live TV channels, offering a wide range of content, from entertainment to news and sports.

It’s not just for adults – kids can have fun too, with over 30,000 on-demand movies and TV shows.

When it comes to having a huge variety of high-quality options, Spectrum TV APK is right up there with the best apps for jailbroken FireStick or Android TV boxes. It’s all about bringing a world of entertainment to your fingertips with ease.


13. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TV is a cool app that doesn’t need Real-Debrid to play high-quality movies and TV shows. It’s a bit like Terrarium TV, which isn’t around anymore, but the best part is that it doesn’t have any annoying ads.

The great news is that it works completely on Amazon FireStick 4K and other Amazon fire TV devices. This means your streaming experience in the USA will be super smooth because the videos load quickly. You won’t have to wait for things to buffer, so you can dive right into your favorite content.

In a nutshell, Typhoon TV is all about giving you top-quality streaming without any extra hassle. It’s like a breath of fresh air for your FireStick, making sure you can watch all your stuff without any interruptions. Enjoy your shows!


14. Ola TV

Ola TV is another fantastic app for your jailbroken FireStick, and it’s all about the huge variety of channels it offers.

It’s quite special because it gives you access to an impressive 50,000 live TV channels. You can find sports, entertainment, news, kids’ shows, and more all in one place.

But that’s not all – Ola TV also has a great collection of on-demand content, including movies, premieres, and TV shows. You’re sure to discover some of your favorite movies on the app.

The best part is that Ola TV is designed to be user-friendly, with a clean layout.

So, don’t wait. Download this app today for free to stream your favourite TV shows and movies. It’s all about making your entertainment easy and fun.


15. Real-Debrid

Real-Debrid is like a super-speed service for streaming apps and Kodi addons. It’s here to save you from those annoying buffers while watching your favorite stuff.

This service is all about finding the absolute best links for streaming from the internet. When you use Real-Debrid with Kodi addons or streaming apps, it’s like unlocking a treasure trove of new sources to watch or download content.

In simple terms, it means you can enjoy your shows and movies without those frustrating pauses to load. Real-Debrid makes everything smoother and faster, so you can dive right into your entertainment.


16. Silk Browser

The Silk Browser app is like your go-to web tool for Amazon Android operating system, including your Fire TV device and Fire HD tablets. It’s all about making web browsing super easy on your big screen.

With this app, you can do pretty much everything you’d do on your phone or PC’s browser, right from your comfy sofa using your TV.

Whether it’s surfing the web, streaming events, shopping, playing music, or more, you can do it all without getting up.

If you’re someone who enjoys exploring different corners of the internet, Silk Browser is your best friend.

It makes your online adventures a whole lot more convenient and enjoyable, all from the comfort of your living room.



17. Mouse Toggle

The Mouse Toggle app is a handy tool for Firestick users, especially when you’re dealing with apps that aren’t very user-friendly.

Don’t let its 17th position on my list fool you; it’s still quite popular because it adds a cursor to your Firestick remote, making streaming on your Fire TV Stick much smoother.

You might think that asking for a cursor is a little much, but it’s a game-changer. The Firestick remote doesn’t come with a built-in cursor, and some third party apps for jailbroken firestick have tricky interfaces. It makes using these apps much easier, almost like magic.

So, if you want to enhance your Firestick experience and make navigating those tricky free apps a breeze, Mouse Toggle is your secret weapon. It’s all about adding convenience to your streaming adventures.


18. Rokkr

Rokkr is a great choice if you want to step up your Firestick streaming game. This free streaming app doesn’t come with content already loaded; you’ll need to add a link to get started. After completing this process, you can experience the free movies and TV shows.

What makes Rokkr awesome is its straightforward design and easy scrolling. It’s super user-friendly, making it one of the best apps to use. So, if you don’t have the technical knowledge then also you can still enjoy the movies.

In a nutshell, Rokkr is all about simplicity and making your Firestick experience better. Just add a link, and you’re on your way to enjoying lots of movies and live TV. It’s as easy as can be!


19. Downloader App

Once you’ve got your jailbroken Firestick, you’ll want a way to install third-party APK files. That’s where the Downloader app comes in. It’s a great choice because it’s free, easy to use, and won’t give you any unnecessary trouble.

To get Downloader app on your Firestick, you first need to dive into the Developer Options and allow Apps from Unknown Sources.

You just have to visit the correct website for downloading your favourite apps, download and install the apk file you searched for. This process won’t take your much time!

If you’re after endless entertainment, the rest of the apps in this list have got you covered. Get ready for a world of fun with the downloader app!


20. CKay TV

CKay TV is a pretty famous app for live TV channels, and it has different categories like Sports, Kids, Movies, Music, and more for your entertainment.

When you choose a section, you’ll see a few options to start streaming in the USA. Even though it doesn’t offer HD quality, CKay TV is one of the best free FireStick apps, and it even gives you the latest movies to enjoy.

One important thing to remember: when you’re streaming video content, make sure to select Android Player for the best experience.

This way, you can get the most out of CKay TV and have a good time watching all your favorite shows and movies. It’s simple and fun!


21. VLC Media Player

You probably know about VLC Media Player – it’s a well-known media player.

VLC Media Player is super handy when you’re using jailbroken FireStick apps because it plays all kinds of media on your FireOS devices. Most of the videos and audios of different format supports by it.

Here’s a cool thing: VLC Media Player has its own library for your audio and video files. You can easily access it using your Fire TV or FireStick.

You can officially download it from the official Amazon App Store. So, you can download and use it without any trouble. It’s a straightforward way to enjoy your media on your FireStick, and it won’t cost you a thing. Easy, right?


22. Swift Streamz

If you’re on the hunt for a new streaming app, Swift Streamz is a fantastic choice. It’s packed with over 700 live channels, covering all sorts of categories like Sports TV, UK TV, US TV, Punjabi TV, Canada TV, Kids TV, France TV, and more.

One cool thing is that Swift Streamz comes with its own video player, but it’s also flexible enough to work with multiple players, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

In a nutshell, Swift Streamz gives you access to a ton of live channels with various options, making it a great pick for anyone looking to expand their streaming horizons. It’s all about adding more entertainment to your FireStick without any hassle. Enjoy!


23. Dream TV

Dream TV on FireStick operates much like how Terrarium TV used to before. If you’re in the USA and looking for the best movie apps for FireStick, this one is a top choice.

It stream Movies and TV Shows in 4K quality and has the same interface as Terrarium, making it a perfect alternative.

In a nutshell, if you miss Terrarium TV and want a similar experience, Dream TV on FireStick is your go-to. It offers high-quality streaming and a familiar interface.


24. ExpressVPN

While jailbreaking your FireStick itself might be legal, using third-party apps to stream content from unverified sources can potentially lead to legal issues. I strongly advise against violating copyright laws. However, i also understand the importance of your privacy.

It’s essential to know that your local government and internet service provider (ISP) can monitor the content you access through your IP address. To protect your privacy and enjoy your favorite content discreetly, i recommend using a reliable VPN service like ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN offers high-speed connections and robust security features, and they even provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. It can be easily download from the Amazon App Store.

It’s all about staying safe and responsible while making the most of your FireStick.

Get Express VPN

25. RedBox TV

RedBox TV is a fantastic choice for your Firestick. It brings you over 1000 channels in both SD and HD quality, so you have plenty of options to pick from.

People all over the world, from Canada and the UK to Australia, the USA, and Italy, use this app to enjoy content from different places. It’s like a global entertainment hub right on your Firestick.

One really cool thing is that RedBox TV lets you pick your favorite video player, so you can watch your shows and movies just the way you like.


26. OneBox HD

OneBox HD is the go-to choice when you need an alternative to Terrarium TV. It’s your ticket to streaming movies and TV series in HD quality right here in the USA.

You can have the feeling of theatre at home to due to its high definition quality

Plus, finding what to watch is a breeze with the “recently added” movies and TV shows. It makes your search quick and simple.

In a nutshell, OneBox HD is a great option for enjoying top-quality movies and TV series on your Firestick. It’s all about high-definition entertainment, and it’s right at your fingertips.


27. TVZion

If you’re tired of those annoying buffering pauses while watching videos on your FireStick in the USA, TVZion is the solution you’ve been waiting for. It’s your key to smooth, buffer-free viewing, making it the top FireStick app for the job.

TVZion is basically the same as Terrarium or CyberFlix, and it’s all about streaming free movies and TV shows. What’s really cool is that it has all the latest media content you might not find anywhere else.

In a nutshell, TVZion is your go-to app for enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows without those frustrating buffering interruptions.

It’s all about keeping your streaming experience seamless and hassle-free.


28. Stremio

Stremio is a lot like Kodi, but it comes with a cool twist. Instead of keeping add-ons on your device, Stremio stores them right in the app. That means once you download an add-on on one device, you can easily access it on all your other devices.

This feature is super handy, especially if you tend to forget which device has which version of an app. Storing everything in the app itself takes away that problem, making things much more convenient.

In simple terms, Stremio simplifies your life by keeping all your downloads in one place, so you can enjoy your favorite content without the fuss of dealing with multiple devices.


29. Movie DB

The Movie DB is a top-notch movie app for FireStick users in the USA. It’s like a treasure chest full of TV shows and movies, and the best part is, it’s all free to enjoy.

When Terrarium TV got banned, The Movie DB stepped in as the leading alternative. It’s a third-party app that you can easily load onto your FireStick using the downloader app.

In simple terms, The Movie DB is your ticket to a massive library of entertainment. Whether you’re into TV shows or movies, this app’s got you covered, and it won’t cost you a dime.

So, if you’re in the USA and want to keep the good times rolling on your FireStick, give The Movie DB a go.


30. Morph TV

Morph TV is a handy app that comes with some cool features. One of them is offline viewing, which is a lifesaver when you want to watch something later. And if you’re a fan of subtitles, you’re in luck because Morph TV has you covered.

The subtitle feature is pretty impressive. It supports up to 20 different languages, so you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with subtitles in the language you prefer.

In a nutshell, Morph TV is all about making your viewing experience flexible and accessible. You can watch content when it’s convenient for you, and you can understand it better with subtitles in your language of choice. It’s all about enjoying your favorite shows and movies your way. Happy watching!


31. Morpheus TV

Morpheus TV is a standout app for FireStick users in the USA, especially in 2023. It’s a fantastic alternative to Terrarium TV and comes with a sizable collection of TV shows and movies.

Even though it’s a free movies streaming app, the streams you get with Morpheus are top-notch. While it’s originally meant for Android, it works seamlessly on FireStick and is super easy to control with its remote.

So, if you’re a movie buff and you’ve jailbroken your FireStick, Morpheus TV is the go-to app for you in the USA in 2023. It’s all about enjoying high-quality content without any extra cost.


32. Mobdro

Mobdro is like a treasure trove for users, giving you access to a huge library of content from not just one, but two different sources.

Just like other software, Mobdro lets you stream content from various TV channels, so you won’t miss out on your favorite shows.

Mobdro also opens the door to content from YouTube and webcams, broadening your options and making your entertainment choices even more diverse.

It’s TV channels, YouTube videos, or webcams, it’s all there for you to enjoy.

So, if you’re all about having options when it comes to your streaming experience, Mobdro is the way to go.


33. ESPN

ESPN is a well-known sports channel from the US. It’s your go-to place for live sports action, and it comes with over 13 sister channels, offering a wide variety of sports coverage.

If you’re in the USA and you love sports, ESPN is undoubtedly one of the best sports apps for your FireStick. It’s where you can catch all the latest sports videos. Experts share their insights about matches, and you can even watch highlights if you’ve missed a live game.

In a nutshell, ESPN is your sports companion. It’s all about giving you the latest on the sports scene, expert analysis, and the chance to relive the best moments with highlights. So, if you’re a sports enthusiast, don’t miss out on ESPN for your FireStick. It’s where the action happens!


34. BBC News

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has a news app for FireStick, and the best part is, it’s free. If you’re in the USA, this app can keep you updated with news alerts in a flash.

Not only does it offer live news, but it also lets you customize your news feed with thousands of topics. This way, you get the news that matters most to you.

There’s one small catch, though. The live news feature is available only to users in the UK. But, no worries! You can see the news from any corner of the world by using the VPN.

In a nutshell, the BBC News app is all about keeping you in the know, delivering news alerts quickly, and letting you tailor your news feed. And with a little VPN magic, you can even enjoy live news from across the pond! Happy news reading!


35. YouTube

YouTube is the ultimate app for FireStick users in the USA who enjoy watching videos and listening to music. When you’re streaming on your TV’s big screen, it makes the experience truly extraordinary. It’s a must-have app for your Amazon Fire TV Stick that consistently delights users.

With YouTube on your FireStick, you have instant access to millions of videos. Whether you’re into music, tutorials, or just want to relax with some entertaining content, YouTube has got you covered.

In a nutshell, YouTube is your one-stop destination for videos and music on your FireStick, you can enjoy it to the fullest. It’s all about endless entertainment right on your TV!



In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best apps for a jailbroken Firestick, there are some fantastic options available.

These apps can help you unlock the full potential of your Firestick, allowing you to stream movies, TV shows, and even access content from around the world. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, sports, or productivity apps, there’s a wide range to choose from.

However, it’s important to remember that jailbreaking your Firestick can have legal and security risks. Always be cautious and make sure you are using these apps responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. Also, keep your device secure to protect your personal information.

Ultimately, the best apps for a jailbroken Firestick can enhance your streaming experience, but it’s important to use them wisely. Be sure to explore and enjoy the world of possibilities that these apps offer


What are the top apps for a jailbroken Firestick?

Some popular apps for a jailbroken Firestick include Kodi, ExpressVPN, and Cyberflix TV. These apps offer a wide range of streaming content and customization options.

Is it legal to use apps on a jailbroken Firestick?

Jailbreaking itself is not illegal, but using apps to access copyrighted content without proper authorization can be against the law. It’s essential to use these apps responsibly and adhere to copyright regulations.

Can I install these apps on a standard, non-jailbroken Firestick?

Most of these apps are designed for jailbroken Firesticks to access a wider range of content. While some may work on standard Firesticks, their functionality may be limited, and it’s recommended to use them as intended on jailbroken devices for the best experience.


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