Amazon Firestick Continues To Lose Internet Connection – [Solved]

Sometimes, Amazon Firestick continues to lose internet connection for no reason. And it could be so frustrating while watching your favorite movies, TV Shows with your loved ones.

Suppose you have bought the Firestick recently or using it for a very long. In that case, you’d know the problem of losing internet connection anytime while using the Amazon Firestick is for real and should have a quick solution.

So, If you have faced this type of problem, you have come to the right place where you will find the exact and quick solution to the current issue, and those solutions are the researched solutions, not the ones that won’t work.

I have invested many hours in the research to find out the best and working solution for you. All the solutions listed in this article are genuine and can be used on your Firestick that keeps losing internet connection.

Many amazon Fire tv stick users have raised the same concern about the losing connection of Fire stick. These connection issues may occur due to various reasons, including the network settings, WiFi router-related issues, HDMI extender or HDMI cable issues, Ethernet adapter or power adapter issues, and many more.

Above listed issues are real and can occur in your Amazon Fire stick, so If you want to solve this issue of losing internet connection, read this article until the end and read all the methods mentioned here.

If you feel that one of the methods worked for you, don’t have to read this article further, then do not make the mistake of not reading the article further. Any information can be of tremendous help for you in the future. A situation doesn’t come by saying in advance; It comes, and then you have to deal with it. So these methods will save you If you have read all the procedures mentioned here, and you can also share these methods with your friends If they have the Amazon Fire stick.

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Let’s crack the problem by simple methods to apply on the Amazon Firestick.

Make changes in the Router’s Default Settings.

Wi-Fi network or WiFi connection is the most powerful network in the world, and you can do almost anything with the help of this WI-Fi network.

You can use this network with the help of a router. A router will create a connection that you can connect with your multiple devices like Mobile Phones, PC, Smart TVs, Tablets, etc. You can even use the most famous and content consumer’s favorite stick, the Amazon Fire TV Stick that helps many people enjoy their favorite movies and TV Shows on the smart TVs.

The router’s default settings may cause the problem, and to solve the issue or check the case, follow the steps given below.

  • First, Take your router and find the Default Gateway Address on the back of the router.
  • Now, type the Default Gateway address into a web browser to open the router’s online interface from where you can access the settings and make changes as well.
  • If you have already set the Username and Password, then enter them and log in, but If you haven’t, consider your Username and Password to be Admin.
  • Once in the router’s interface, select the Wireless Settings from the panel.
  • Now, you will see all the settings related to a WIFI network. So, now you have to select the WiFi band as 5GHz.
  • After selecting that option, hit Save and Apply.
  • Then you will receive Settings Saved notification on the browser. So, reboot your WiFi router.

After the robot is done, connect your Fire TV Stick with a WiFi network and try using your Fire Stick to check If it’s losing connection or not.

If it isn’t working, then do not disappoint. I have attached many other methods to try and solve the issue of losing internet connections.

Using Ethernet Adaptor

This is the second method to solve the issue of continuously losing the connection to the internet on your Fire TV Stick device.

And we already know that a prolonged internet connection causes the problem or WiFi bands are not strong. This problem could be anything or because of not getting the proper signals from the ethernet adaptor.

If you are using your fire Tv stick in your private room and the WiFi network connection is placed outside of the room, you will not receive signals that will help you continue to watch your content.

So, the best option, in this case, is to use an ethernet cable or adaptor to avoid this situation and watch your favorite content without any disturbance.

The ethernet adaptor is obviously, a wired connection that will be very fast compared to the wireless network or wireless connection.

There is no dedicated ethernet port available in the amazon fire tv stick. But do not worry about that, because I have a solution for that problem also.

Amazon has also provided a solution for this problem in that it offers a feature to connect ethernet adaptor, but you have to buy it separately. Or you can also buy a third-party ethernet adaptor.

I am sure that you will not use Wi Fi connection once you use the ethernet connection because it provides the solution to losing internet connection issues and provides excellent high-speed internet.

HDMI Adaptor

When you buy the Amazon Firestick, you get an HDMI cable with the box. Some people use it, and others plug the firestick directly into the HDMI port. So, in this method, we will talk about the HDMI extender.

Now, directly inserting the stick into the port could be the biggest reason for the problem. So always use the HDMI extender from the original box.

And even after using an HDMI extender, you are getting the results. Then it would have been broken or not working correctly, so check twice before making any decisions.

So, buy another cable or wire from the local shops near you, or you can order it online from amazon’s official site. But, make sure to check its compatibility with the firestick.

It’s because the device does not support the local cables, so that you will face further issues. It’s essential to check the compatibility with the device. Otherwise, the 4K resolution won’t work on the device.

Updating The System

Amazon is a massive company, and they keep update their software and systems now and then. So, as the user, it is your responsibility to be up to date whenever an update comes out.

And they keep updates their software to fix the bug issues or anything else that the software update can solve.

So, the problem that we are facing here could be an issue of bug or glitch. And by updating the system, we could solve it. So first, you need to see there is a system update accessible or not.

These updates will give your system a new look because whenever an update comes, it brings more and new features along with the bug fixing issues. Overall, you will get many improvements from the previous version.

To update your system, please check the below-mentioned steps.

Launch your Home Screen on FireTV and open Settings from the menu.

Now, select My Fire TV from the list.

Then open the about section from the menu.

Now, scroll down all the way to Check any Updates and press on that option.

As soon as you click on Check For Update, you will see an update. If there’s any available to show otherwise, it won’t show any updates to update.

If you see an update, click on Install System Updates. This action will start to download the update and install it on your Fire TV Stick, and your TV will reboot after the completion of an update.

After a while, your TV will automatically turn on, and then you can check the version number of the update by clicking on the Settings> My Fire TV> About

By following this flow, you will be able to check the latest version of that system.

And after the completion of an update, you can check the original problem of losing internet connection by connecting your Fire TV with WiFi and check If the trial is continued or not.

If you are still facing the same issue of WiFi losing internet connection and network settings, you are now only left with one method to follow, which is mentioned below.

Resetting your FireTV

After trying all the methods mentioned above and still facing the problem of losing internet connection, I feel sorry for you. But don’t worry about this method of resetting the device.

This method will work 99% as it removes all the data, glitches, and restores the device. This method will work for you.

So, as we move forward to perform the factory reset on your system, one thing should be clear about the factory reset, and that is, It will remove all the downloaded apps and saved settings from your system. So, it is highly recommended that you take a backup of your data and settings to protect from the reset.

Once it’s gone, it’ll never come back like Humans.

Would you please follow the below-mentioned steps to perform a factory reset?

Assuming that you have taken the backup of your system, so now, from the Home Screen, select Settings.

Now, select My Fire TV from the listed menu.

Then, from the listed menu, click Reset To Factory Defaults.

A warning message will pop up. Just ignore it and press the Reset button.

After pressing the Reset button, your Fire TV Stick will be powering Off, so you need to wait for some seconds as this process will delete all the information from the system and delete each downloaded app from the system.

And while it is resetting, your device may reboot or restart several times, so do not hesitate and have patience.

Once it’s done, now is the time to set up your Firestick again and connect to a WiFi network. And It will resolve the issue of losing the internet connection as we have performed the factory reset on your device.

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How can Ethernet Adaptor help solve the issue?

Ethernet Adaptor can provide you high-speed internet connection, unlike a wireless connection. It uses a wired connection to give the service. When you are using a wireless connection, and you are in your room, but the router is outside, then a poor signal will ruin your network. This connection problem in electronic devices is real and can ruin your mood for watching favorite movies. Instead, use a wired ethernet cable, which will provide you the best high-speed internet connection, as it uses a line to transfer the data.

Why does my Amazon Fire TV Stick keep losing internet connection?

This article is about this question, and I have done my best to give a great solution. I have mentioned several methods to solve the issue, including changing the router’s default settings, using an ethernet adaptor, using an HDMI cable, updating the system, and finally performing a factory reset. These methods will work for you to soler the issue entirely, and then you can connect your device to a WiFi network to check if it’s working or not.


There are no proven methods exists to solve the issue of losing internet connection. But I have conducted in-depth research about the topic and have developed the methods mentioned above/solutions to fix the problem.

Whether it is solving by using an ethernet adaptor or by performing a factory reset on the device, all the methods will work for everyone. If it is not working, then try another way mentioned in this article.

I would recommend you use the Ethernet Adaptor even if you have solved the issue, and it is because the Ethernet adaptor is a robust network. It provides the best and high-speed internet connection. And do not forget to use the HDMI cable that comes along with the original box.

So, I hope you find all the methods working and solve your issue ASAP.

Have Fun.


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