5 Airplay Apps For Firestick 2024 | Best Mirroring Apps

Today, we will look into some of the best problem-solving airplay apps for Firestick that you can use to cast or mirror your entire screen on big screens.

If this is the problem you have been facing recently and have not been able to solve it pr find apps that can solve it, don’t worry, I have something that might help you.

Casting or mirroring your Macbook or iPhone’s screen on the big screen has been real trouble for many users as they cannot find the best solution to do so. Nowadays, most devices come with the option to cast the screen on your smart TV or Fire TV.

But, If you are using an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, you will be required to use its Airplay option to cast the screen. For example, you can mirror your full screen on a non-Apple device. For example, if you are a Fire TV user or using Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can easily mirror your screen on big TV screens with the help of the best Airplay apps, and you can have this app on Firestick from Amazon App Store.

One of the easiest ways to mirror your Apple devices to Firestick and big screens is to use a screen mirroring app and Airplay app. And to use those screen mirroring app, you can install them on Firestick directly from the Amazon app store or Google play store if you are using it on your android device.

I tried to connect my Macbook with TV to cast the screen on the big screen, but I couldn’t connect it with the TV. And when I connected my windows laptop with the same TV, it got connected easily, so It is obvious that I was having some errors and issues while connecting my Macbook and iOS devices.

So, I started searching for solutions to connect iPhone or iPad screen to TV and learned that the Apple device screen would only be connected when you have Airplay apps on the system.

Many apps can literary help you cast your Apple device, but not all of them work fine. However, only a handful of apps are good, so that we will look into those apps in detail in this article.

Those apps will help you cast screens of iOS and macOS very easily, and you can enjoy your work on big screens. So, read the full article until the end and find out all the apps that can help you cast your screens.

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Airplay Apps On Firestick?

So, before we move forward with the Airplay Apps on Firestick and discuss all of them, we should look into the basics. So, If you are wondering what Airplay is, and have been looking for the answer, keep reading this guide.

Apple has created its own interactive system to share files, including videos, music, photos, etc., with other Apple devices. And this system is available on almost all Apple devices to connect with each device and share files easily.

Firestick works on the Android OS, so its apps will be according to the Android versions. And If we talk about Apple’s Airplay, it’s based on completely different technology as it has a different operating system and can not support any Android free apps from Android devices.

So, to connect these two different devices and operating systems for screen mirrors, you will need these Airplay Apps that can work as a medium and let you share the apple screen and apps for Firestick on the big TV screen.

It’s an ancient system as it was launched back in 2010, and the developers have worked on it and have come up with an improved version in 2018.

And before They launched these apps, life was difficult as there was no other option available to cast the screen on big TV screens. But when Apple provided the sources to third-party apps developers, they have developed many apps that can support screen mirroring between Apple and Android devices.

Fantastic Airplay Apps For Firestick

Now, we have understood every possible term of Airplay apps and screen mirroring, so we can move ahead and look for the apps that are the best option to cast the screen of the iOS device to big screens.

So, now we will look at the best Airplay apps available to share your iPhone screen with big screens. And all these apps are going to be slightly different from one another, so you need to look into their positives and negatives carefully. It will help you decide and choose the best Airplay apps to stream movies or watch anything on the television screen.

And do not just read each apps’ positive signs, do look for its flaws. It will help you understand the apps’ capability and whether it’s a perfect choice according to your needs or not.

If it’s not the perfect choice for you, don’t worry. We have other apps that you can use as per your requirements.


The first app that we will talk about is Airscreen, and it is available on the App Store for free but with limited features to use on the app. And it usually happens because it is a free app; developers do not share more features than paid apps.

However, you can easily use this app on your Apple devices to share your personal screen to big screens. And surprisingly, it also supports other systems like Chromecast, Miracast, Google Cast, etc.

AirScreen app is available on various other app stores like Google Play Store and Apple Play Store so that everyone facing the problem of casting their screens can use this free app and share the screens.

It is highly user-friendly, and anyone can use this free app, as its user interface is quite simple and easy to use. So, it doesn’t matter if you have given the task to your young child to connect your Apple devices with Firestick. They will probably do it with ease.

And suppose your device isn’t supporting Airplay or screen mirroring in general, and you want to cast the screen, don’t worry. You can use this app on devices that do not support any screen mirroring activities and perform the casting of the screen very easily on that devices.

Airscreen app is a great app, and you can use it on your device to cast your device screen with smart TVs.

AirBeam TV

It is the best app to use on Apple devices, including iPad, iPhone, etc., to display the screen on TV, and when you display your screen on TV, you can easily view the gallery and watch videos from your phone that are saved on your device.

You can do even more interesting things like surf the internet, watch YT online on TV, and watch movies and TV shows from the apps on your phone. In short, you can do everything you do on your phone, but the fact is that you will view it on the big screen instead of the small screen of your phone.

AirBeam App is fully available on the Amazon App Store for free, and you can use this app very easily and wirelessly because you won’t require a wired connection to use this app. So, wireless mirroring will work best in this app.

To get the most out of this app, download the AirBeam app on iOS devices and connect t with the same Wi-Fi network you are using on your TV to start the mirroring process. And you can easily mirror Apple devices by using this app on iOS devices.

So, when you connect your iOS device with the same WiFi network as your TV, you will be able to see your TV’s name on your Apple device, so tap on it and connect it with your TV to cast your entire screen to your smart TV.

It is a straightforward process to connect your phone’s screen with FireTV, and you won’t need to open screencasting on your FireTV to connect.


It is the best Airplay app to cast the screens from iOS and macOS operating systems. This app also supports the Android operating systems and Android mobiles, tablets, and Windows operating systems.

It is a versatile application that can be used with different operating systems and allows the users to connect with different devices, not only Apple devices.

ApowerMirror app provides the best in class resolution for a better viewing experience. The resolutions would be up to 1080p, and it also provides the best frame rate of 60 fps.

The best part about this app is that you can connect and cast the screen even if you don’t have access to an active internet connection. A USB cable will help you connect in that case.

And you also don’t require to download other apps to connect it, see the same WiFi network as your TV, and you will be able to cast your entire screen to the big screen very easily.

As discussed earlier, it’s a versatile app that can support any OS. Users have different models of phones and laptops, so it will be straightforward for you to get this app and use its services to cast your screen successfully to the big screens.

Airplay Mirror Receiver

It’s a paid application, but it will provide you with the best experience using an app for screen mirroring. It has more features than other screen mirroring applications on the market. It offers various features like document viewing, photo viewing, and videos from YouTube screen, and you can even use this app to view the slideshow of your photos.

And this app is compatible with almost all FireTV devices, including FIrestick 4k, FireTV 2nd, 3rd Gen, and many others. But the application is not available to free of cost because it provides way better features than any other casting apps.

If you have the coins in the app, you can purchase this app by spending 499 coins in this app, and if you don’t have any coins, you can spend $4.99 to make a purchase and enjoy your Apple device screen on the big screen.


The Airbuddy app is the most used screen share app in a while, and it also provides the best features of screen sharing applications compared with other same category applications.

Using this app, you can easily mirror your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, and many other Apple devices to the big TV screens connected with the Amazon Firestick. In addition, you will be able to play many types of content on the big screen, including music, photos, movies, and other apps like YT in HD resolutions.

This free app allows the users to play the videos continuously for fifteen minutes. If you want the playback time to be unlimited on the app, you need to buy its premium version, which will allow you to share the screen and watch unlimited content on the big screen.


Now, we will look into some of the most asked questions about the topic and Firestick to understand the topic better and implement the steps and process in your system pretty well.

You can go through these FAQs and clear all your doubts and if you are still left with some of the doubts in your mind, let us know, we will try to solve your doubts asap.

How can I share my iPhone’s screen with Firestick?

iPhone uses a different operating system compared with Android mobile. If you want to share iPhone’s screen with Firestick connected TV, you will require applications that you can download on iOS devices and allow you to do screen sharing and screen mirroring activities on the app. To connect with the TV, you need to open any of the above-mentioned apps from the article and connect the device with the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. and search for the TV’s name on the app and when it appears, tap on it to connect and shart screen mirroring.

What can I share from my phone during screen mirroring?

When your phone is connected to the big screen, you can share multiple files on the big screen to watch and enjoy them. Those files could be photos, documents, music, videos, and videos from different apps on your phone. Like this, you can use the Airplay apps to view your own content on the big screen. So, start the screen mirror and enjoy your own videos from the phone to the big screen.


So, in this article, I have shared some of the best Airplay applications that you can use to cast your Apple device screen to Firestick-connected TVs. All the mentioned apps are working perfectly fine and will work for you. All the different apps have different screen mirroring icons to differentiate them.

But some of the apps will ask you to buy the premium version of the app as there are no free versions available to use those apps. In such a situation, If you are looking for that particular app to use, you have to buy the app to use it.

My personal favorite apps are Airscreen and ApowerMirror, as both of the apps are user-friendly and provide the best features to the users to use on the app and have their screen mirrored on the big screens easily.

While the ApowerMirror app can provide you the customization option and let you change the screen’s resolution and refresh rate, if you don’t have access to a WiFi network in any situation, you can connect it with a TV using a USB cable.

And if there’s any other app you think I have missed in this article and haven’t mentioned, you know where to comment. I will surely look into those comments and try to improve according to the suggestions if I find those apps helpful. Till then, watch and stream your favorite movies and TV shows on big screens and have fun.

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